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Chapter 3 - The Great Failure

Insulted Fronkan, General of the Wuas Empire, annihilator and enslaver of the Gods, The Loathing Death, was scared.

He was not scared of his life. He had considered for his death to be unexpected. He was not scared for his honor. The Wuas will know he died in the soothing symphony of battle. He was, uncertain. Yes.

He was scared, because he was uncertain for his peoples future. Although, even as ocean blue fluids poured forth from the husk of a flimsy body he had come to know and enjoy, he had to admire his enemies gumption.

He was to proud to call for reinforcements at the time. His victory was all but assured.

But alas...

He could only revere in memory at his defeat.

He was confident as first, with his drones and their weaponry, so sure they were nothing but mindless primitives. His drones were customized for planetary invasions like this. To Fronkan, this was a textbook operation. And who knows, he may get a reward for "uplifting" another species. He had superior technology, superior weaponry, numerical superiority, and he was the best of the best.

This was an obvious win for him.

And yet...

Then the missiles came. They seemed crude and not designed for prolonged exposure to space. But they didn't have to with his main Fleet stationed near the planet. He sent two groups of troop transports along with a small cadre of Dreadnoughts to reinforce the fortified outpost fighting the indigenous species.

And yet...

These "Kyrannazor" as he had learned to know them as, were barbaric, brutish, powerful Beasts. Physical prowess beyond what he thought them capable. They were like the primate mammals he used to tease and torture when he was younger. But without the all hair. They adorned primitive but deceivingly strong armors that seemed to be made of some sort of metallic rock. The majority, common ground troops from the looks of it, wore this. It covered vital areas of their bodies, ranging from their torso, limbs, forearms, feet, and head. They wielded unsophisticated swords and shields, but they did their jobs quite well. Shielding them from harm, and destroying most non-melee drones at close range. The Fire Drones seemed to burn their hard skins easily enough, but only for a time before they just used some sort of ice projectile against them. His Drones fought without halt, and eventually, won a chunk of battles due to superior technologies and attrition. There were noticeable but small gaps in between their durable armors, but that wasn't what gave him such a hard time. The wuas laser weaponry, cannons penetrated their armors with ease.

What had concerned him at the time, was their weapons and biology.

Firstly, Fronkan had engaged the kyrannazor on multiple fronts, entrenching his drone armies and having them slowly entrench upon their territories. But these savages were using sciences he had never before witnessed. They often fired balls of blue flames from their hands, hurling them at his drones, or created some abominable rock creature to fight for them. They began to push back his thousands upon thousands of legions of Power Drone armies with sheer relentless, forcing his forces to hold onto their currently established outpost.

Still, his hold was strong on the world. Fronkan had successfully identified the primary leader of the defensive forces, a bright pink skinned kyrannazor with some sort of ability to boost her warrior's combat potential. He found her extremely annoying, but not potentially dangerous. But if given the opportunity, he would have killed her just as easily.

Now that he looked back on it, he should have made the call to end her as soon as possible.

One of the power drone units grabbed one of the Kyran corpses after a harsh battle, one with the more common set of cream colored skin and black tattoos, for study.

What he discovered would have made him feint if he had the ability to.

These "tattoos" on their bodies acted as some sort of "conduit", which seemed to allow them to use such bizarre abilities. He wished to learn such a power. He also learned that they had high concentrations of radiation within their bodies. Again, he wished to wield such a power.

Key word being 'wished'.

Days soon turned into weeks, and weeks into months. It was an unyielding deadlock.

By this time, if the dying general recalled correctly, this was where the kyrannazor moved to break the deadlock.

He wasn't too persnickety with the details. They launched some sort of missiles from a deep cavern within one of the desert canyons. Though it was only five, five was all that was needed. The explosion and force of the radiations crippled the Fleet, but it wasn't game ending just yet. It was only when his crews were being eaten alive by tiny tiny bugs that the General knew he had been outplayed.

Just as the missiles hit his primary fleet, at least he still had the small cadres of transport fleets. But no. Oh no. The Gods just decided to say "Fuck you buddy " and present the General with such a profound shitload of absurdities, he was gonna needed a therapist.

The missiles, already devastating enough with their power, radiation destroying the ships heavy Armor, the shields not even having a chance. The very fragile fleshy crew of the vessels were quite literally being eaten alive. He could only watch in horror with nonexistent eyes upon nonexistent ears as he hears the agonizing screams of his crews death.

The suddenness of an explosion knocked the General out.

Meanwhile, upon a Wuas Dreadnought

"I can't belieeve this shit actually worked!" A warrior sighed in relief. One of the few that had on a helmet.

Shepard smirked "It's almost as if you didn't think the Portal inside here would work Jenkins."

Jenkins didn't really reply.

"I just can't wait until we find the squishes!" A male called out "All we've gotten to kill is some damn drones!"

The soldier looked to reply, but the shaking of the ship halted his response, halting the group briefly before they resumed.

Shepard, Jacob, Miranda, a small cadre of Mega Warriors, and a Placer were currently running down a rather long, oval structured corridor. This was one of five strike teams assaulting the five of seven massive Wuas Dreadnoughts, infiltrating the lower levels and working their way up.

The plan was simple. While the General was preoccupied with his forces on the ground, led by his mate, the missiles would launch, destroying his other seperate suppression fleets. Meanwhile, the main Fleet that the General commanded, was to be boarded and conquered by shock teams. The Normandy required close proximity to teleport in the teams, which took a while as it took a bit of time to get on the teams ready while keeping the stealth field up.

Shepard was counting on the General being too proud to call for reinforcements he very well could use to annihilate his people. Hopefully the plan payed off.

On the surface of Korhaven.

Battle was waged in ways beyond imagining, blood and circuitry coating the once lushes green jungle floors.

"Artillery! Pound their guns! Don't let them get those cannons into position!"

"Yes ma'am!"

"Warriors! Contain them! Do not let them break past the barricade!"


The pink skinned wife of Shepard glanced briefly at the sky, hoping, praying that her husband brought her back some of that Wuas lubricant everyone apparently wants.

She smirked. Now was not the time. She had a war to win.

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