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"Well it seems that this trip just got infinitely more interesting now that we have a Mikaelson on the trip," one of the witches Emmeline was standing next to said.

Emmeline raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me?"

A young warlock smirked and said, "Well, considering your family history and all…"

She smirked back, "Then if you know my family history, you need to realize that we have similar temperaments." She glared, "Do not piss me off."

It was silent for a moment before the girl said, "Well, my name is Melody," the boy and Emmeline gave her looks and she just sighed. "I honestly do not know what my parents were thinking when they named me."

"Obviously they weren't," the boy said and Emmeline nodded along, while looking at observing the other supernatural in the room. "I'm Lucas."

"Then you obviously already know who I am, Emmeline Mikaelson," said girl replied.

Melody put a hand on her hip, "How is that by the way?"

Emmeline, confused, asked, "What?"

"I think she means, what is it like to be a Mikaelson in the supernatural community," Lucas looked at Melody for confirmation, who just nodded.

She pursed her lips and thought for a moment and then shrugged, "There is only one witch in my town and she tutors me, but I wear my family crest," Emmeline took a necklace out from beneath her shirt out. "So it wards off any unwanted supernatural attacks."

"So you haven't really been out amongst other witches and warlocks before, have you?" Melody asked.

"I did not say that," Emmeline smirked. "I am just not allowed to say," total lie, but she couldn't seem weak here.

"Then you should fit right in," Lucas said. "I'm part of a rather large coven and all of my age group had to apply for this program."

"My friends at home don't know I'm a witch, so they were just jealous when they heard I was travelling," Emmeline shrugged. "But alas, I came."

They were about to continue their conversation when Marie startled them out of it and the trio noticed there were ten others gathered, "Everyone is here now," she smiled. "Tonight we will be staying at a hostel because the London witch community does not have accommodations for us, but tomorrow we will meet with the local witches."

"I wonder what we will be doing after that," Lucas mused as the group began walking out of the airport.

The girls shrugged, "Maybe some sightseeing before we go around Great Britain to observe Druidic magic," Emmeline looked at her new friends. "That is the local magic here, right?"

Melody nodded, "There are other small branches, but we'll probably just be focusing on Druidic."

As they began walking to their transportation, Emmeline looked around her and saw that there were about 7 others. She wasn't expecting such a low number for the program, but it was probably better to have smaller groups.

Emmeline, Lucas and Melody climbed into the back of the shuttle and almost immediately Lucas looked at the girl, "Did you know that there are wand-wielders in London?"

Melody's eyes went wide, but Emmeline kept her face smooth, "I knew, but my mentor didn't know any specifics."

The warlock smirked, "Well, because my coven is so large, I was able to get some inside information on their community."

Emmeline raised an eyebrow and drawled in her natural accent, "Well go on Skywalker," he scowled at that. "Don't keep us hanging."

He looked at the people I front of them to see if any of them were listening and then back to them, "The entrance to their shopping center is located in a bar called 'The Leaky Cauldron' on Charring Cross Rd."

"We're allowed to wander today, right?" Melody asked her new friends, they just nodded. "We should try to find this place and check it out."

The trio smirked, "Sounds like a plan to me."

They were all silent for the rest of the journey to the hostel with each being lost in thought about the wand-wielders.

Time passed quickly, because it seemed like only minutes later that they reached the hostel that they were staying at, "Have you ever stayed at a hostel?" Melody asked her new friends.

They shook their head and Lucas said, "Should be interesting." They all began walking behind the rest of the group as Marie checked them in.

When the group was settled into the room they would be sleeping for the night, Marie began speaking, "Now that we're all settled, I can tell you that today you are allowed to make your way around London but I recommend you do this with at least one other person," Emmeline, Lucas and Melody looked at each other. "The thing you have to remember is to be ready at 10AM tomorrow because that's when we set off to meet the local witches," she looked at the group. "Any questions?"

Lucas raised his hand, "Should we eat breakfast before we meet each other?" Melody and Emmeline rolled their eyes, such a guy.

Marie nodded, "Yes, anything else?" When she received nothing she said, "Well, then you are dismissed."

Emmeline got a disgusted look on her face and as soon as we were out of hearing distance said, "She makes it sound like we're at school."

Lucas suddenly got a thoughtful look on his face and stopped walking towards our destination, "I just thought of something."

The youngest Mikaelson raised an eyebrow, "Yes?"

"Aren't we missing a whole year of school?" Melody and Emmeline nodded. "Does that mean we'll have to repeat the school year?"

Emmeline got a horrified look on her face, but Melody kept calm, "Didn't you read the packet?" The other two shook their heads, sheepishly. "Well, the program doesn't want to schools to know about the supernatural, so the excuse is that we're on a study abroad program."

Lucas and Emmeline let out relieved breaths, "That's good, I do not want to be in the same grade as my baby brother and have no classes with my friends."

They all nodded and then Melody said, "Okay, so how do we get there, Lucas?"

He dug out what seemed like a simple rock out of his pocket and spelled it, "This rock will point us in the right direction," he looked at Melody and Emmeline. "When we get to a street, the rock will move the direction that we need to walk."

"People will be wondering why you're holding a moving rock," Melody pointed out.

Lucas smirked and said, "It's spelled so that only the supernatural can see it."

With that they began walking with the guidance of a simple rock.

Coming Soon: The trio at Diagon Alley and how Mystic Falls is (that may be in a chapter or two though)