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May 2, 1998

In the middle of what used to be the courtyard stood a man no longer a boy; with his messy hair and torn clothes. The silence was the only emotion he could explain how he felt at the moment.

There was motion going on around him as they had just won a war but he wasn't physically apart that is till someone threw their arms around his shoulders.

"You prat!" Hermione scolded the man. "I thought you actually died!"

Pulling his friend into a hug Harry replied. "Well, it's a good thing I didn't." Thoughts of what happened in the Forbidden Forest raced around in his mind.

Unaware that Ron had found them; he was able to startle the both of them as he threw his arms around the duo, feeling his best friend's' arms around him Harry thought they don't need to actually know. Together the three of them stood there taking in the comfort of the other and knowing they had made it out.

Squished between her boys, Hermione asked. "It is really over?"

Ron tightened his arm around her replying. "Hard to believe."

Harry looked over Ron's shoulder, "We did it? Didn't we?"

The motion around them grew as people started to bump into the trio causing them to break their hug and move over to the side. The professors and Aurors were working on ringing in the remaining Death Eaters and helping the injured.

Hermione stood there watching as everyone continued to work announcing "I'm going to help with the rebuilding. It sounds like it could start tomorrow."

Ron grimaced. "You see I would help expect my family needs me." Pausing to blink a few times. "Especially George with you know" he whispered, "with Fred."

At the mention of Fred; Hermione's eyes had welled with tears and Harry gave Ron a sad smile.

Squeezing his shoulder Harry informed him, "Go. We'll find you later."

Trying to master a smile Ron hugged both of them as he became overwhelmed with emotions wondering how he got so lucky to have them as friends. Though his smile wasn't convincing Ron wasn't worried. Lifting her head to stop the tears from falling Hermione noticed Ginny out of her eye pacing between her family and them; she even saw Ron stop and look back at them.

Harry was confused as to why Hermione was suddenly pointing at him going, "You."

Pointing to himself, he also asked, "Me?"

Harry didn't need to look behind him to know that Hermione was pointing at Ginny; who he also saw the pacing between them and her family, however, he didn't know what to say or even do.

"Go." Hermione urged him. "You haven't been able to see her and she's been worried sick about you."

The duo turned sharply and with smooth movement pointed thier wands at whoever chuckled behind them. Standing there with their hands up stood Bill Weasley and Charlie Weasley; both who had guilty expressions.

Bill apologized as the duo lowered their wands except neither bothered to put them away.

"Should have known you would still be on edge" Charlie commented.

Harry frowned at the pair not pleased at being startled. Charlie noticed the glare and gave the boy a cheeky grin showing off the single dimple causing Harry to blush

Bill brought the conversation to their sister's pacing "Hermione is right though. Please go see our sister. She's been driving us all crazy."

Ginny paced faster the longer it took Harry that Hermione shoved him in her direction. Stumbling on his way Harry frowned but Hermione simply smiled while waving her hand.

"Shouldn't it be the boy-who-saved-everyone?" asked Charlie placing his hands in his pocket.

"Oi!" The oldest Weasley children chimed as Hermione suddenly hit them.

"Honestly!" Hermione expressed. "What" *hit* "Were" *another hit* "You" *and another* "Thinking?!"

Charlie threw his arms around Hermione's shoulders not wanting to be hit again. Together they made their way towards Kingsley and Minerva following behind them Bill was laughing as Hermione complained that Charlie smelled like sweat and blood.

Reminding her, "Little lioness. Char is hardly clean working with dragons: being dirty, sweaty and covered in blood is in his name. Though don't let Mum hear that I said that."

Charlie looked over his shoulder sticking his tongue out as he couldn't shove his brother.

"Very mature of you Char."

Minerva and Kingsley's conversation came to a halt as they heard bickering coming their way; what they saw and what they excepted didn't match up. Hermione had Charlie's arm around her shoulder and they were disagreeing about something with Bill following laughing. Minerva could see the twinkle in Hermione's eyes as she lectured the second oldest of Molly's children.

"Mr Weasleys, Miss Granger," Minerva greeted smiling softly.

"Professor." The boys greeted back while Hermione asked "Do you know when the rebuild will start?"

Looking over at Kingsley; who shrugged, Minerva replied, "It isn't officially planned but some will begin tomorrow. You are welcome to come back."

The trio agreed right away all for the same reason. They were not use to being around a lot of people; Hermione just spent a year in a tent with two boys, Charlie worked with a small group of dragon tamers and Bill worked alone. The days blurred together as funerals happened and the wizarding world was rebuilding itself. It was clear to anyone that the Weasley family didn't know how to move on without Fred; Hermione and Harry took it upon themselves to look after the house.

At one point Harry had asked Hermione if she had talked to Ron which she replied that she hadn't. Early one morning Molly wake to pots and pans clanging together; walking down the stairs slowly as she didn't know who or what was in her kitchen.

"Hermione?" Molly asked standing in the doorway.

Hermione not expecting anyone to be awake; jumped. As she jumped she twisted pointing her wand at whoever was behind her.

"Mrs Weasley," she asked confused.

Molly nodded causing Hermione to cough sightly as she placed her wand back in her hair. Neither bothered to comment on her actions though the mother of seven smiled sadly at the young witch.

The kettle went off causing Hermione to ask. "Would you like a cuppa?"

Peering into the kitchen Molly was amazed at how clean it was; even with magic she could never get it as clean, everything seemed to sparkly.

"Sure," Molly answered sitting down.

Humming a cheery tone Hermione poured the tea; walking over she explained, "I hope you don't mind me making breakfast. There wasn't much so I sent Harry for some groceries."

Outside the house stood Harry listening to Molly and Hermione talking. He was surprised to hear Molly; however, he wasn't about to ruin any progress she had made.

"Harry is back," He announced walking through the side door. Leaning down he placed a kiss on Molly's cheek greeting, "Good Morning Mrs Weasley."

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Hermione shifting her feet. Rolling his eyes with a smile; Harry announced "Yes Mione. I got everything."

"I wanted to make sure," Hermione commented as Harry started pulling small bags out of his pocket.

No matter how long she had known she was a witch; Hermione was still fascinated by what magic could do. Drinking her tea Molly settled for watching the pair; she noticed the tension in their calmness. Their backs weren't facing the doors and their wands were close to them as Molly noticed Hermione's in her hair.

The pair jumped as Molly asked, "Have either of you been sleeping?" reminding them of her presence.

Nobody was able to reply as Molly had sprung from her seat; Harry jumped out of the way leaving Hermione in the path.

"Mrs Weasley." Hermione tried again expect Molly wasn't having any of it as she took in the dark marks around the girl's eyes and the underlying hint of yellow that made Hermione's normal pale colour look horrifyingly sick.

Harry held his hands up as Molly turned towards him. Though he tried assuring the worried mother that he was fine; he still jumped when her hands landed on his cheeks.

Turning his head, Molly responded. "You're fine you say?"

Taking her hands in his, Harry once again reassured her while grinning sheepishly at her. "I am a bit jumpy, but I am sleeping."

Looking at the pair and at their grins; Molly herself smiled. She had seen those grins more times than she could count; however, she hadn't seen them much since Fred's funeral.

Kingsley sighed. Being an Order member and a friend of the Weasley family; he understood where Hermione and Harry were coming from, but it would look bad if he was seen playing favourites right after a war.

"I see your point," He told the pair. "Look from my position. We just came out of a war and it wouldn't be good if one person got a better funeral especially for a family that doesn't come from money."

Hermione went to argue that money didn't matter but Kingsley stopped her. "Hermione, wizards pride themselves on their family wealth."

Harry managed to convince Kingsley to hold a public funeral and afterward have a private one at where Fred's final resting spot would be. Kingsley agreed to that as he did believe the jokester deserved a beautiful funeral.

George wanted nothing do with planning the funeral. Ginny cried every time it was brought up and Molly refused to talk to anyone. It came to a point that Arthur along with his three oldest were planning everything with Kingsley. No matter how much they consider the Weasley to be family; it didn't feel right to Harry or Hermione to sit in on them planning the funeral.

Laying on the roof; Harry asked. "If you could go in the past, would you?"

Hermione had cast a Silencio in order for their conversation not to be heard. Looking up from her spot it was clear she was confused.

Repeating himself slower, Harry asked again. "If you could go in the past, would you?"

Hermione placed a hand on his stomach sighing. "Oh. Harry."

Holding his hands up, Harry explained. "I know messing with time isn't something that should be messed with." Rolling to his side; he continued. "Think about it. Teddy should have his parents. Fred is supposed to be here."

Hermione smiled softly hearing the anger in her friend's voice. "We've both messed with time. You know it can get messy."


Sighing. "No, Harry. Even if I was the last person in London I still wouldn't do it."

Harry frowned as Hermione left. Though he still believed it was worth it; Harry let the topic drop for now. It took a couple of days before Hermione would find Harry again.

It did take Hermione more than a few days but she eventually found herself walking down the path to the Quidditch pitch. Up in the air, Harry was doing a little jiggly when he saw the muggle born.

This is utterly ridiculous, Hermione thought before calling up to Harry.

Harry had stopped his mini celebration as Hermione got closer, but he couldn't stop the half smirk half smile from forming. Down on the ground, Hermione knew he was smirking at her.

Harry's half smirk half smile only got bigger hearing Hermione, "Wipe that smirk off Potter."

Harry was still chuckling as he got closer to the ground; leaving his broom against the tree base, he threw an arm around Hermione's shoulder teasing, "Admit it. I was right."

Turning so he couldn't see her smile, Hermione responded, "I don't know what you're talking about Potter."

Grinning Harry wrapped Hermione into a bear hug. "Don't be that way, Granger."

Hermione spoke into Harry's shoulder, "We really are doing this?"

"Yeah," Harry answered looking at the Burrow, "We are."

Together they made their way to the house wanting to talk to Minerva as quickly as possible. They didn't get the answer they were looking forward but it hadn't stopped them before and it wasn't going to stop them now.

"Tomorrow," Minerva had told them, "In the morning."

Early morning couldn't come fast enough for the former Gryffindors. In their rush to get started; Hermione wrote a note for Molly letting her know where they would be as they weren't sure when they'd be back.

Expecting her former students to be in her office early; Minerva was waiting for them to come through the fireplace. They didn't disappoint as Hermione barely moved out of the way before Harry stumbled through.

"Professor," the pair had greeted with smiles. Sleepy smiles in Harry's case. Minerva gave her small smile as he reminded her of James.

Minerva sighed with affection. "I have told you both to drop the formalities."

Hermione looked horrified at the idea of dropping the formalities.

Harry pretending to think it over before replying, "Sorry Professor but no can do."

She had finally gotten Neville to drop the title. He was working with Professor Spourt and they had seen a lot of each other. "Longbottom, at some point we will be working together. Please drop the professor," Minerva remembered telling him. Out of all her Gryffindors; the two in front of her was the most stubborn, darn she says even more than the Marauders.

Leaning her bum on the desk behind her; Minerva asked the pair. "You did know what you are asking is extremely risky and dangerous."

The pair shared a look before nodding. They knew what they were asking but knew it needed to happen either way.

Walking towards her bookshelf Minerva spoke out loud tapping on a few books, "There is something. Something very dangerous as you know."

Looking at the pair over her spectacles, "A possibility you both know there is no backing out of."