It was awfully dark out on a crisp cold night of March. A little girl snuck out from a small alley way and started to dash towards the scent of blood. No one could see the little girl running past them, for she was not a human. In less than a minute, the girl reached her destination. She carefully peered around a corner, absorbing the sight in front of her.

She saw blood. Lots of blood. Standing in front of the source of the blood was a person with long red hair. The person began chuckling and turned around, facing the girl hiding behind the corner.

"Hey kiddo. This is my last one for the night. I couldn't bring you any food this time. I'm sorry. My boss won't let me take food out, because of the incident I had this morning."

"What did you do mister," the little girl asked, coming out of her hiding place.

"Heh heh... You won't believe though."

"I'll believe you!"

"Alright, so here I was..."

~Mystery Man's Flashback of that Morning~




Screams were shouted and directed at the man who made the mess. The one and only Grell Sutcliff. A man came up behind Grell and smacked him upside the head.

"Ow! What was that-" Grell began to say.

"Mr. Sutcliff," the man said after sighing.

"Yes Willy?"


Grell panicked and started to think of excuses about the reason why he frantically grabbed more food than usual and made a complete mess at the same time.

"Well... You see my Will... My stomach was just deadly hungry this morning, so I decided to get a lot of food that I was in the mood for."

"Whatever. You are to clean up this mess," Will said before leaving.

Just about before Will left the room, he said over his shoulder, "And no bringing food with you while you are work later tonight as a consequence for your actions this morning."

Grell gasped and sighed before grabbing a mop to clean his mess.

"So that's what happened this morning. How about this? You wait here and I'll run back to Headquarters. I'll bring back some food for you," Grell said before sticking his hand out.

"Okay," the little girl said as she shook his hand.

"This won't take long," Grell said before jumping up on a roof and running out of sight.

The little girl waited in silence for a minute before a noise interrupted the peacefulness. The sound came from her stomach. She decided that she couldn't wait for the man to bring back food for her. She jumped up on the roof and started following his scent. A minute later, she found him jumping into a portal. She sprinted for the portal as it was about to close. With luck, she managed to slip inside of the portal.