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Italics are Jackie's thoughts.

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~The Next Day~

Excited for the next day, Jackie woke up just a little before 6 am and got ready for the morning. She couldn't stop thinking about becoming a Grim Reaper. She remembered what happened the night before.

~Flashback of The Night Before~

Grell and Jackie were the only people left in the cafeteria around 8 pm. Ronald Knox had left earlier to go prepare for his job that night.

"Jackie," Grell said.

"Yeah?," Jackie asked as she grabbed a churro (Don't ask) from the plate of sweets that she had arranged earlier.

"You are going to have to stay here overnight. Since you handed in your application, you might as well stay here. You will just have to room with me until they approve of you wanting to join us."


"Miss. Jackie," someone said aloud.

Jackie turned her head and saw William.

"Hey boss-man," Jackie replied while waving her churro.

"Will, my love," Grell shouted while lunging at him.

William dodged Grell's "attack" and walked up to Jackie.

"I looked over your application, and it seems to be of satisfactory. I have already notified the Board about this. They request that there is to be a meeting about you become a Grim Reaper and a field agent. The meeting is tomorrow at noon. Be there and do not be late."

After William's little speech that night, Jackie was just way too excited to sleep or get the proper amount of sleep. Once she finished showering and other morning routines, only about a half hour had passed. Jackie glanced at Grell and debated whether or not to leave a note. Screw it. She decided to quietly leave Grell's room and ventured outside.

As Jackie ventured outside of Grell's room, she saw many doors that she believes to be other dorms like Grell's. Once she found the exit of the dorm building, she looked to see the heavens. And by heavens, Jackie looked to see the glorious cafeteria in her sights. It was early enough so there shouldn't be a lot of people in the cafeteria. Once she entered the cafeteria, the cafeteria was packed. It wasn't even 7 in the morning, and the cafeteria was filled with so many Grim Reapers. She gasped in awe as she saw many different types of Death Scythes.

"HEY! DOES ANYBODY SMELL A DEMON," someone shouted really loudly.

Soon, everyone's head turned towards Jackie. She felt a bit of a panic when everyone noticed her. Stay calm and act like nothing is going on. Jackie attempted to walk calmly towards the buffet area. Once she got close, someone blocked her way.

"Well lookie here. We have a little demon here. What shall we do with you," the man who shouted early said creepily.

"Excuse me sir. I'm getting some food. That's what I'm doing. Go and eat your food you racist," Jackie said sternly and pushed him out of the way.

Great, Jackie's day was already ruined. She grabbed a plate and starting piling some food onto the plate. The man that she just pushed glared at her and raised his Death Scythe over her head. Just as the weapon was about to collide with her head, she caught the weapon in time between two fingers.

"Hello Mr. Racist Reaper. I have done nothing to you yet. Since I am way younger than you, I will say this as politely as possible. I HAVE YET TO EAT A SOUL, BUT YOU WILL BE THE FIRST IF YOU MUST PERSIST TO BOTHER ME," Jackie said while disarming him of his Death Scythe.


Everyone turned to see William T. Spears at the entrance of the cafeteria.

"Mr. Spears, I was simply getting rid of a vermin. This demon is in the wrong here," Mr. Racist said.

"Oh. Hey boss-man," Jackie shouted, waving the weapon in her hand.

William sighed and facepalmed.

He cleared his throat and said, "Miss Jackie here is applying to become a Grim Reaper and a field agent. She was simply getting breakfast."

"BREAKFAST?! Demons don't normal food! This vermin is in the wrong here," Mr. Racist shouted and complained.

"Excuse me Mr. Racist! I guess your sense of smell is awful, but do you smell anything else? That's right. You smell a demon AND an angel. This vermin here is a half-blood. Due to the technicalities, I can also eat normal food. If I choose to do so, I can eat souls. So watch yourself," Jackie said, poking him in the chest repeatedly.

"Miss. Jackie," William said.

"Yeah boss-man?"

"Shut up."

"Got it."

"Mr. Jackson, Miss. Jackie is the first case that we have seen that is half demon and half angel. She will be observed to see how she will do as a field agent. If she fails and consumes a soul, she knows what is bound to happen. She has a meeting at noon. If you wish to propose your ideas, please do so at the board meeting," William said his usual stern voice before leaving the cafeteria.

Everyone who was in the cafeteria was in shock. Jackie grinned and eagerly piled some more food onto her plate. When she finished, Mr. Jackson, he is still going to be Mr. Racist, stood there and attempting to grasp at the situation at hand.

"Mr. Jackass... I mean Mr. Jackson, do Grim Reapers eat flies? If not, you might want to close your mouth," Jackie said in a cute and innocent voice before choosing a place to sit and eat her breakfast.