Long time no write! Haha yes I am back, and I have actually been watching a lot of As Told by Ginger. So I thought I'd right a fic about her and Courtney cause dude...I ship it. Anyway, hopefully I update better than I did in the past and I hope you like this story of mine. Glad to be back friends.



Ginger always seemed to be around when Courtney needed her, so now that she was back out at that art school, Courtney was lost again. What could she do? Dodie and Macy were truly no replacement for Ginger, and Miranda hated hearing her whine about how Ginger wasn't there. Courtney sighed and tried to focus her attention on whatever Blake's new antic was about.

They were all in High School now, and things were different. Sure Ginger still went to their High School, but she split her classes between that, and the art school a few miles away from that dingy lodge that Courtney secretly adored. But she would never truly admit that to anyone, but maybe Ginger. After all, she did have a massive crush on the redhead, and was known to do anything for her. Even if it was frowned upon, Courtney didn't care, as long as it helped Ginger.

Ginger, Ginger, Ginger, that's all that seemed to been on the blond teen's mind lately. Courtney was still head over heels for the girl, but afraid, god she was deathly afraid to tell the other girl her feelings, and often found herself wondering if her feelings would be reciprocated. She wished they would, but somewhere deep inside, Courtney truly doubted it. After all she was with Darren, so why would she have feelings for the blond? Or could she? Perhaps, due to the fact that lately Ginger seemed to be only half as committed as she used to be with Darren, or that he wasn't even close anymore. He seemed to be leaning back towards Simone anyway. Sure, maybe Courtney had caught the peculiar looks that Ginger had been throwing her lately, and the art school Ginger was at was known for it's welcoming attitude towards openly bi and gay students. So…maybe it's not all that impossible that she and Ginger could be together.

Again, it came back to how afraid the blond was. She was worried about acceptance, and could she even handle a relationship like that? God, did she feel like a lovesick fool.

"Did you hear me Courtney?" Her mother said cheerily.

"Hm? Sorry, what was that Mama?" Courtney mumbled.

The family was gathered at the dinner table and Courtney had just tuned out the entire conversation that was apparently going on.

"There is just too much on my mind right now Mama, sorry I can't explain it to you, but you wouldn't like it anyways." She thought.

"I said, would you like to accompany your brother to go up to that dingy lodge for a ski trip?" Her mother patiently repeated, after all, sometimes you have to tell a Gripling twice.

"Oh boy this is just what I need, an excuse to get out of the house and a little closer to…ugh stop Courtney. Just accept so you can take your mind off of her, even if you're going to be a few hours away from…..STOP!" Courtney thought in agony.

"Yes, of course Mama, I would love to!" She said as enthusiastically, and Courtney-like as she could.

"Well then, it's settled. You're going to go next week, don't worry about school, I've already got an excuse ready." Her mother chimed.

Courtney nodded and forced a smile, sure she wanted to go, but at the same time she was just so overwhelmed lately and had no escape from the feeling. Maybe this is what she needs; sure she will be close to the one that makes her heart sore, at the same time Ginger won't be there, she'll be in school . The confused blond excused herself from the table and, after thanking the chef, walked back up to her room in mulling silence.