A Red Dragon's Tale

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Chapter 1: A New World.

I woke when I felt something pulling me. At first my mind discarded it as a dream, but when I literally felt myself no longer touching my bed, my eye's shot open and my vision was filled with nothing but blackness. I screamed as I felt myself thrown into the darkness. My body instantly felt as if it was on fire. I felt myself dropped from the air before coming to an abrupt stop.

I groaned as pain shot through my back. I instantly knew I was lying on the ground but I didn't know why. I pushed against the ground trying to right myself, I felt the somewhat damp soil and grass, and I could smell the scent of rain in the air. I managed to sit up, but then pain went through my body.

Immediately what I first felt was my legs started to swell. I looked at it and almost yelled; the skin on my legs was changing into scales! I tried to stand up, but when I lost my balance, instead of falling backwards I fell forwards and pushed against the ground with my arms. I looked at my legs and found that they were turning into scaled legs, just like… a dragon! My mind registered what was happening to me, and I knew that this was just the start. I was somehow undergoing some sort of metamorphosis.

I watched as my fingers turned into claws, and I could feel my head changing as well. Then, the end of my spine seemed to grow, and a red tail shot out from it. Pain went through my upper back, before two leathery wings came out of my back. My legs and arms changed, forcing me into an animalistic stance. My chest gained plated scales, (I guess that's what you would call them in that way) and my skeleton changed according to a dragon. My neck grew longer, and scales covered my neck as it grew. My mouth extended, growing more teeth. Horns grew out of my head, and small spikes jutted out of my spine from my head to my new tail. My tongue was now forked, as my change finally finished.

My freak out took hours to fade, during that time I had cried, screamed and tried to convince myself that I was only dreaming. I had hit my right wing on a tree, thinking it was not real, and I regretted doing it. When sanity started to return to me, I noted with regret that I had worked myself into a hunger. The pain of an empty stomach was slowly starting to get annoying, and my parched throat did little to help the situation. Eventually I had to lift myself up.

I needed to find something to eat, maybe some berries, or at least something to drink. My right wing; for I slowly realized that it was now mine, still throbbed with pain, but I could do nothing to ease it. As I walked, with no clear destination in mind, I began to wonder what had happened to me.

It was clear to me that I was a dragon. A form which was somewhat appealing, considering that I had always been a huge fan of the mythical beasts since I was a child, though the sudden change in species still unnerved me to no end, but despite the pain in my wing, and stomach, I had to admit that I… I was happy. It's odd to think about it, but being a dragon had somehow made me happy.

Eventually though reality reared its ugly head, replacing joy with confusion. During my walk I found that several plants didn't look right. I had been able to identify almost every plant, but now I could tell that some of the plants seemed odd. I couldn't exactly place it, but some just seemed too large. The trees at least looked somewhat normal, their trunk thickness though had me amazed.

I stopped for a moment thinking I had heard something, before I started to run. I could hear the sound of rushing water, and the faint sound of a waterfall. My wings bounced painfully, but I ignored it for now, too relieved to quench my thirst to care about the pain. Just as I thought I would run out of breath I saw the shimmering blue waters ahead of me. Falling to my knees at the shore, I dipped my cupped hands into the water before pouring it down my maw. I repeated this several times, not caring if some water rolled down my face.

When I had finally stopped drinking I pushed myself up, my legs shaking a bit as the blood slowly started to flow again. I quickly examined my surroundings, before sighing to myself as I faced the truth. I had no idea where the hell I was, of course this was only a minor realization, from the very beginning I figured as much. 'Do I want to find someone?' As I looked myself over, the question became apparent.

If I found any humans, I certainly didn't want to stay, the chances of getting attacked were high to say the least. I groaned as I face-palmed myself. I didn't know what I was going to do next, and I cursed my short sightedness.

"Now what?" I mumbled to myself.

"Do you require help?" I heard someone say behind me.

I quickly turned around, looking at the creature behind me. Whatever it was, it could only be described as a cat. It stood on two legs, and wore some type of hunters outfit, the cat had the markings of a cheetah, I also spotted a quiver sticking out from his right shoulder, as well as a bow. I gulped a bit before I spoke my voice a bit shaky.

"W-who are you?"

"I am Hunter, member of the Cheetah tribe." He sounded calm, but I saw his eye's move to my wings; a look of worry instantly flashing through his eyes. "Are you alright? Your wing appears to be damaged."

I gave a nervous chuckle, still unsure about this creature. "What, no it's-it's fine." I said, taking a not so subtle step backwards.

"I don't wish to harm you further, please allow me to look at your wing." Hunter asked, his voice somewhat pleading and...was that hurt? Was he hurt that I was scared of him?

I shook my head to dislodge my wondering mind. In the time since I had finished drinking, my wing had begun to hurt more, and while it was not crippling, it still drew a large amount of my attention. I weighed my options as I watched him closely. Strangely, the longer I watched him, the more I felt like I could trust him. Sighing I relented.

"I-I think I might have dislocated it." I replied as I turned a bit allowing Hunter a better look at my wings. Sensing I was still a bit hesitant, I watched as Hunter raised his arms slowly towards my wings. The fur and leathery pads of his paws, brushed the bones of my wing, causing me to shiver just a bit.

It was weird being able to feel something that I hadn't been born with, and it was even weirder feeling his paws move up and down my wings. When his paws stopped moving up my wings, he gave a gentle squeeze which made me flinch just a bit. He hummed to himself as he felt around my wings a bit more, constantly squeezing, eliciting varying amounts of pain. Finally his paws stopped before I felt him removed them from my wings. I gave a slight shudder and rolled my shoulders, trying to get over the oddness of the whole deal.

"Your wing is indeed dislocated, and I don't have the knowledge to fix it myself." Hunter said. I groaned, both in pain and annoyance. "I could however take you to Warfang. They'd be more than capable of fixing your wing for you."

"Warfang? Wait, isn't that the dragon city?" I asked, sounding as if I knew what it was.

Honestly I didn't know what, or where it was. But if Warfang was a dragon city then it was safe to assume that it was a safe haven for dragons. Just the place I needed if I was going to find some information. Now that I thought about it, it did sound familiar. Like I had heard it from a game or… it then came to my mind. 'How dare I forget my childhood memories of playing The Legend of Spyro! I loved those games, and I just forgot about them! Of course Warfang is a dragon city! I wonder if Spyro's there.'

"Yes. We can leave right away if you wish. I was headed there myself when I found you." I nodded and Hunter smiled before quickly leading the way. "So, dragon, what is your name?"

I hesitated for just a second, as I cast my eyes to the ground, and thought. A name popped into my head, seemingly out of nowhere. Without thinking I lifted my head. "Drago." I said. He seemed to smile.

"A pleasure to meet you, Drago."

I was at least thankful when he bought the name, but I began to question myself why I had lied to him. My name was fine, but I was where dragons didn't have normal names like humans. I needed a new name.

Our walk was minimally short, before we came upon a tunnel carved into the side of a mountain. Hunter had to do something to open a door, that had a tribal paw carved into it. Past the door the long tunnel had torches lining the walls every few yards or so ensuring that the tunnel remained lit all the way through. I was, however, a bit hesitant to go inside.

"Is there any other way to Warfang?" I asked, not feeling comfortable with walking into what could essentially be a trap.

"There is but you would need to circle the mountain. This is far quicker." He stated as he grabbed a nearby torch off of the wall.

I sighed as I decided to trust Hunter, all the while mentally telling myself that if I ended up dying I'd kick my own ass for my stupidity.