Chapter 1: Wedding Bliss

Castle Acorn's private chapel, June 21st 3239, 12:30 pm

"Relax, Sonic." Roman said as he helped Sonic adjust his bowtie for the umpteenth time. "Everything's going to go fine."

"Are you sure?" Sonic asked. "I'm not so sure."

"Marriage jitters, sonny." Uncle Chuck said as he patted his old friend's son on the shoulders. "Happens to everybody, including your parents. Goddess, you should have seen your father when he married your mother. He was almost peeing himself with nerves."

"Chuck!" Sonic pleaded. "You're not helping!"

"He kinda has a point, Uncle Chuck." Tails said to the older hedgehog, who had a bushy moustache covering his mouth and was a lighter shade of blue than Sonic. Like Sonic, Tails was wearing a tuxedo, though unlike Chuck or Sonic, two cylindrical objects hung from his hips: Lightsabers.

"Yeah. Your anecdote about his old man nearly pissing himself because he was so nervous won't exactly do much to help Sonic's nerves as you think, Chuck." Roman said. Like Tails, he was wearing his lightsaber on his hip, just so that in case something did happen, they'd both have something to defend themselves with. Sonic of course, had his speed.

The attention of all four individuals was caught when the doors to the chapel opened, allowing numerous people to step through, some of them members of the Freedom Fighters: Antoine D'Coolette, Rotor Walrus, Team Rose, Knuckles and the Chaotix, and several dignitaries, including some members of Sally's extended family, and the holy man who was to perform the ceremony.

Tails, who was Sonic's best man, turned to Roman and Chuck and said: "Better get to your seats, boys. Party's about to start."

Both men nodded and gave Sonic one last congratulatory hug before taking their seats: Chuck with the dignitaries, and an old friend of his: Dr Ellidy. Roman took his seat alongside the Freedom Fighters, but most of all, he took his seat next to his girlfriend and the love of his life: Ashley the Cat.

"I was wondering if you would ever join me." Ashley said as she lay her head on Roman's shoulder

Roman wrapped his arm around Ashley's waist in response. He hoped he looked alright because Ashley, as usual, looked absolutely stunning.

She was wearing an elegant light navy-blue gown that hugged her figure, accentuating the parts of her body that she knew most males in the room had their eyes on. The dress itself also showed a bit of cleavage, more than Ashley would have preferred, but it was better than nothing. For her feet, she was wearing high heels of the same colour.

Suddenly, the familiar notes of 'Here comes the Bride' began playing, and everyone rose, with many turning their attention to the entrance, and gasping at the sight of the beauty that came from behind them: Sally.

Roman, even though he had an equally beautiful woman at his side in Ashley, could not help but be entranced by the sight of the angel that stood before them.

Sally looked absolutely amazing, to say the least. She was wearing a simple strapless white dress that trailed behind her, so much so that were the Maid of Honour, which was Bunnie, been walking any closer, there would have been an accident, and the wedding would be ruined. Furthermore, the dress left most of Sally's body to the imagination, save for the chest area, as the dress showed off a hint of cleavage, enough so to have everyone's attention on her. Additionally, for the most part, Sally's dress hugged her figure, save for the lower parts of the dress, which were the parts of the dress trailing behind. For the occasion, she had grown her hair long, so that it reached past her shoulders, though it still remained in the style she had long had it in. Her blue eyes brimmed with happiness. The day she had awaited for so long had finally arrived.

Next to her, arm in arm with his daughter, King Acorn stood resplendent, in full royal dress, that being a blue tunic that reached his knees, blue trousers, a red sash crossing his chest and a ceremonial sword at his hip. His golden epaulettes now had a new addition: A red cape that hung from his shoulders. Atop his head rested his crown, signifying to all that he was king. His eyes brimmed with prideful tears.

Finally, the two reached the altar, where the holy man, as well as Sonic and Tails, awaited them,

Sonic allowed himself to face his soon-to-be wife, and for a while, he was lost for words. "Sally…" He finally managed to say, but was interrupted, as Sally herself replied:

"I know, Sonic. I know."

Thus, the wedding began.

About half an hour later…

Roman fought off the threat of dozing off once more as the wedding proceedings continued. He was easily bored at these occasions, which was no surprise, as he was a person of action, not of sitting around doing nothing. Yet right now, he would not wish himself elsewhere, as he watched two of his best friends in the entire galaxy finally tie the knot after nearly three years of being together. To pass the time, he occupied it by looking at a random Freedom Fighter, or Knuckles, or one of the Chaotix, and pulling a silly face. Though he had avoided Charmy for now. The last time he had done it to Charmy on an occasion such as this, Charmy had burst out laughing. So for now, he wasn't going to do it to Charmy.

Ashley noticed her boyfriend's antics and whispered: "When are you ever not messing around?"

"Battles." Roman replied in a calm whisper, kissing Ashley on the forehead.

"I meant apart from battles." Ashley replied with a raised eyebrow.

Roman shrugged. "Depends on the seriousness of the situation. This isn't a serious situation. It's a happy moment."

Ashley rolled her eyes. Roman never ceased to find his way out of a rebuke. Be it through the threat of a prank, or through his sheer wit. Then again, his wit was one of the factors leading to her falling for him. With this thought, she once again leaned her head on his shoulder, wrapping an arm around Roman's waist and placing another on his chest, feeling his heart beat beneath it. She wondered sometimes how it was still beating, considering the punishment Roman had taken during the Clone Wars, and most recently, their little street war with her father, Frederick the Cat, who was now in prison. She trembled at the thought of her father. Even though he was far away from her, locked away in G.U.N's Maximum Security Prison, she still had nightmares about the night he had nearly achieved his aims. The night he had nearly killed Roman, and her.

Roman felt her tremble, and looked to his girlfriend. "Something wrong, Ash?"

Ashley nodded. "Just thought about him." She whispered.

Roman frowned. Stroking his girlfriend's head-fur, he said: "Relax, Ashley. He's far away from us now. He can't hurt us."

"I know." Ashley said. "But it hasn't stemmed the fear I still have of him."

"Ashley, as long as I'm here, you have nothing to be scared of." Roman whispered. He added to this with a gentle kiss.

Ashley held her boyfriend's lips against hers as she returned the kiss, before breaking it just in time for the vows:

"Do you, Sonic the Hedgehog, take Princess Sally Alicia Acorn as your lawfully wedded wife?" The holy man asked Sonic.

"I do." Sonic replied, without even thinking. He was too busy looking at his beautiful bride, Sally.

The holy man then turned to Sally, asking her: "And do you, Princess Sally Alicia Acorn, take Sonic the Hedgehog to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." Sally said, not even thinking either.

"Then, by the power invested in me by the Goddess Aurora, I now pronounce you husband, and wife." The holy man declared. "You may now kiss the bride."

Sonic wasted little time, lifting Sally's veil and kissing her every bit as passionately as he usually did, as a single tear of joy fell down his cheek.

Sally returned the kiss as well, multiple tears of joy falling down her cheek at finally marrying her knight in shining armour.

Roman got to his feet and started clapping, followed by the rest of the congregation, who erupted in ovation at the sight of the newlywed couple. Getting out from the pew and walking over to the newlyweds, who had broken their kiss, he gave Sonic a fierce brotherly embrace, before doing the same with Sally, tears of joy crawling down his cheeks. "Congratulations, guys." Roman said as he broke the hug. Turning away, he walked over to Ashley and wrapped an arm around her, watching the newlywed couple.

"Getting any ideas, Roman?" Ashley asked her boyfriend coyly. "We have been together for a year."

"Maybe." Roman replied. "I don't feel ready for marriage yet, but when I am, you'll know."

Ashley smiled before pulling Roman closer and kissing him on the lips, sighing as she did.

Castle Acorn Gardens, A few minutes later…

Roman grimaced as he felt something he hadn't felt in a long time, that being a major disturbance in the Force.

Ashley, who was seated next to him, noticed this and said: "Are you alright?"

Roman nodded. "Just felt a major disturbance in the Force." He whispered. "Something's not right."

Ashley sighed before taking her boyfriend by the shoulders. "Whatever it is, leave it be for now. Don't let it bother you. Like you said, this is a happy occasion."

Roman nodded again before feeling himself get tapped on the shoulder from behind. Turning to see Tails, he asked: "Yeah?"

"I sensed it too, Roman." Tails whispered.

Roman frowned. If Tails had sensed it, things were surely not good. After only a year of training, Tails had shown skill in most Force abilities, mastering them in a day at least. He was still not skilled enough to be on the level of Roman, which Roman had said would take a few more years, but Roman had assured Tails that one day, Tails would be equal to him in skill. And both of them had sensed the disturbance in the Force. He looked to Tails, who was now being told something by one of the king's men.

Tails nodded and stood up, tapping a spoon against the glass he had in front of him to get everyone's attention.

Promptly, everyone fell silent, looking at Tails expectantly.

Tails swallowed as he began: "Afternoon. Now, being the best man, I'm supposed to give some sort of speech. Those of you that know me well, will know I'm not exactly the best at this, so bear with me." He took a deep breath as he said: "I've known Sonic for effectively my whole life, ever since he found me as a baby. Since then, I've shared some amazing moments with him and the Freedom Fighters, such as a little prank me and Roman here pulled on him a few Christmases ago, before Sonic started dating Sally, which involved a lot of mistletoe, and Sonic getting shoved into Sally. That… Didn't end well. Especially for Roman's private area."

Everyone laughed as Roman rubbed his privates while Sally winked at him.

Tails continued: "Furthermore, I was lucky to be present when Sonic and Sally got together." He paused and then said to further laughs: "Finally." After the laughter had died down, he continued: "Over the next few years, I watched as Sonic and Sally went down a rollercoaster of a relationship. It had its ups and downs. But eventually, Sonic slowed down enough to allow Sally to catch up. And now, they're married." At this, Tails shrugged. "I guess my point is, that while Sonic may like to keep on moving, once he starts to really care about something, or someone, such as Sally, or me for that matter, he takes the time to let them catch up. I wish both Sonic and Sally all the best, but I hope they don't have too many children. I'm still too young for that many nieces and nephews!"

Everyone burst out laughing and gave Tails a round of applause as he hugged Sonic and Sally before retaking his seat.

Once seated, Tails looked to Roman, who gave him an a-ok gesture.

"Awesome job, Tails." Roman remarked.

Tails smiled as he lay back, happy that for the most part, his role for the day was done, and the celebrations resumed.

Half an hour later…

"Easy now, Sally…" Sonic said as he and Sally cut the cake, his hand on hers as the knife sliced into the cake, causing it to bleed crumbs ever so slightly.

Roman was nearby, waiting for a prime opportunity to do what he had been planning ever since the wedding date had been set. It had become a habit of his whenever he attended a wedding to pull a prank on someone. Now, it was all a case of waiting for the opportune moment.

With a gentle movement, the first part of Sonic and Sally's wedding cake was cut from it, with it rapidly going onto a plate nearby. This continued until everyone had a slice.

Roman instantly began to eat his slice, finding the sponge delicious. Then again, it had been baked by Vanilla, Cream the Rabbit's mother, who was widely regarded as the best baker on Mobius. To Roman, who had never partaken of any of Vanilla's deliciously baked goods up until this point, it was the stuff of dreams, baked to just the right degree.

"I hope you're enjoying that, Roman. Because it's the only taste you'll ever get from my baking."

Roman turned to see Vanilla standing there, glaring at him. She was wearing a burgundy dress that left much to the imagination, and a burgundy hat that looked flimsy and could fly off any minute. "True. But I won't stop pranking you unless you laugh. We discussed this last year. So, either get a sense of humour, or just continue to let me prank you. Simple." Roman said before eating the last of his cake, handing it to an attendant and walking away. Seeing Ashley nearby, talking to Amy and Cream. Walking over, he surprised his girl by jabbing her under the ribs.

Ashley jumped before turning to face Roman. "Will you stop doing that?"

"Nope." Roman replied before kissing her. Breaking the kiss, Roman bumped knuckles with Amy before patting Cream on the head. "Enjoying the day, girls?"

"Yeah." Amy said. "I may have been upset that Sonic's married Sally instead of me, but now, I'm over Sonic. I just hope I find someone."

Roman smirked and took the sakura hedgehog by the shoulders. "Amy, there will be someone. You just have to start looking. Someone with your looks shouldn't find that hard." Patting Amy on the cheek, he said to Cream: "Tell your mother her cake was delicious, by the way."

"I will." Cream replied, her brown eyes sparkling.

Roman ruffled her head fur before sighting his prank target, in the perfect spot, in front of everybody. Kissing Ashley on the cheek, he whispered in her ear: "Here goes." Before stepping into view and clapping his hands together to get everyone's attention. "Yo!"

Suddenly, everyone's attention was on him. The expression of the Freedom Fighters was a collective look of Here we go…

"It's become a habit of mine that every wedding I attend, I prank somebody. But who that person is, is another matter." Getting out a vial, Roman raised it in the air, so that all could see it. "This:" Roman said, "is a concoction containing a smell so bad that if you get it on you, no-one's gonna go near you for a week. Capiche?"

Everyone nodded.

Roman uncorked the bottle, and after teasing throwing it on several people, including the king, then threw it into the face of the last person anyone expected him to: Knuckles the Echidna.

"OOOOOHHHHH!" Everyone exclaimed as Knuckles staggered back in surprise, wiping the liquid from his face as the most infernal stench began emanating from him. Even he smelled it.

Knuckles then looked up at Roman. "You son of a…" Knuckles began before charging Roman.

Roman knew this was coming, and promptly legged it, much to the laughter of everyone.

Knuckles chased him all around the gardens, eventually losing sight of Roman. Cursing himself, he looked about himself and groaned: "Great. Now I'm definitely not getting laid by Shade tonight!" He suddenly felt a tap on the shoulder. Turning around, he saw Roman, who shrugged before then kicking Knuckles in the crotch and running away. Grimacing at the feeling, Knuckles cursed again before rising to his full height, resolving to get Roman back later as he walked back into the party, spotting Roman smirking. Ignoring Roman, Knuckles once again resolved to get Roman back at some point. Instantly, Knuckles walked up to his girlfriend, Shade who recoiled at the stench:

"Geez, Knuckles. You're definitely taking a shower when we get home." Shade remarked.

"Uh, you're forgetting that that shit will stay on him for a week." Roman said as he walked by, smirking as he added: "So, that means he ain't getting laid!" At this, he laughed and walked away.

Knuckles watched him go, muttering: "I'll get him someday."

"I'm sure you will, Knuckles. And regardless of how much you stink, I'll still stay by your side." Shade said encouragingly to her boyfriend.

Roman watched this before walking up to Sally, who had retaken her seat alongside Sonic. "Enjoy the prank?"

"I did." Sonic answered. "Even the Guardian of the Master Emerald needs to be made fun of sometimes."

"I agree." Sally replied. "Though I get the feeling that Knuckles will eventually get you back."

"The key word in that phrase is eventually, Sally A- I mean, Hedgehog." Roman replied.

Sally giggled. "Looks like my new name's gonna take some getting used to."

"Yes. By everyone." King Acorn remarked from nearby.

Roman smirked. "That's for damn sure, Your Majesty." He added. "Seen Ashley anywhere?"

"Unfortunately no. Haven't seen her since you pulled the prank on Knuckles." King Acorn replied.

Turning to Sally, Roman asked: "You seen her?"

"Yeah, she's over there, talking to some of the other guests." Sally said, pointing over to where Ashley now stood, talking to several dignitaries, which included Uncle Chuck.

Roman thanked Sally as he walked over and took Ashley by the waist, turning her to face him. "You okay?"

"Yeah. But now I'm in your arms, I feel a lot better." Ashley said. Looking to the people she had just been in conversation with, she said: "Sorry, but I'd like some alone time with my boyfriend."

Everyone voiced their understanding and left the two alone.

"Something wrong, Ashley?" Roman said, knowing full well that could be a reason Ashley wanted to be alone with him.

Ashley shook her head. "No. It's the complete opposite. It's just, the wedding dance is about to begin. And I just wanted you by my side as they started."

Roman smiled as he hugged his girlfriend, holding her close as they watched Sonic and Sally begin to dance.

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