Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo

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"So, we're really back."

Vader sat in a seat aboard the Slave 1, not even glancing to the Mandalorian entering the area. "I take it we are already outside Coruscant's atmosphere."

"And on autopilot. We'll arrive in less than twenty minutes," came the response, the bounty hunter keeping his attention fully on the injured Sith Lord. "Not going to explain anything?"

"What is there to explain, Boba Fett?" Vader retorted.

"Let's start with how we, apparently, time-traveled," Boba retorted pointedly.

"You've been aware of this for several days now," Vader retorted knowingly, his eye glancing to meet Boba's visor. "But you couldn't accept it until you saw it."

Boba stood there for an instant, body tense and coiled. Without warning, he turned and punched the metal wall of his ship, the bang echoing throughout the room.

Vader regarded the outburst with patient disinterest.

"You're telling me, that you have no idea what this is? That this isn't the work of your precious Force?" Boba spat out. "And that you just so happen to appear on Naboo, right then and there?"

"Calm yourself, Fett," Vader said firmly. "You are not taking this situation well, I see."

"Vader, I am not you," Fett reminded sharply as he looked toward Vader again. "I don't have the Force. I have no way of knowing this is real, that this isn't some illusion or chemical hallucination."

Vader sympathized with that to some degree. The situation was surreal beyond belief, even with the Force confirming it was all real. "And yet, you remained. You continue to aid me."

Boba picked up on the question and sighed. "If this is real, this means everything I've ever done, ever worked for is undone," he said, tilting his helmet to Vader meaningfully. "I can guess that someone like you welcomes something like this, giving you a chance to change your past. Even if you don't get to live it."

"But it is far more bitter than sweet for you," Vader said in understanding. "Still, you remain."

Boba finally seemed to regain his usual self now, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. "If this is reality, I have to either make the most of the situation or find a way back. You're my ticket to either of those, I imagine," Boba reasoned. "I'm still expecting my payments until then."

"And I expected nothing else," Vader assured. "Do you not wish to save your father?"

"I came to terms with that a long time ago. And changing things here doesn't seem to affect anything for us," Boba answered, tilting his head down. "That said, if the chance comes up somewhere along the way, maybe I can convince Jango Fett to play it safe and have a few more years with his son."

"You may have to rename this ship after you two meet," Vader commented idly.

"Slave 1, Slave 2, who cares," Boba said dismissively, observing the Sith Lord's condition. "You look worse than I've ever seen you. I guess it's fortunate I was never stupid enough to take a bounty on the Emperor."

Vader didn't comment on that.

"Last question: Without the Emperor, does this mean the Clone Wars won't happen?" Boba questioned curiously.

Vader gave him a searching look. "How much about the true nature of the Clone Wars do you know?"

"Nothing official, per say, but I put the dots together," Boba answered with a shrug. "The Chancellor created the war, or at least helped it along, so that he could become Emperor."

"That is the shortest explanation," Vader confirmed, glancing to the floor in thought. "But the Republic has been plummeting towards such a war even without Palpatine's influence. The nature of it may change, but war is all but inevitable."

"Yeah, I figured as much," Boba said, turning to make his way towards the cockpit. He paused though, glancing back at the cyborg. "And Vader? I'm hardly an altruist, but here's the honest truth: I think this entire situation is less likely to implode the longer you stay alive."

"I suspect that as well," Vader agreed ominously. "Are you going to ask why I killed him?"

"I don't care. I just hope you have a better answer ready than you hating him."


'This is Yinda Nuz, reporting live from the outskirts of the Works. Three days ago, our beloved Coruscant was devastated by an unknown weather phenomenon that people have dubbed the "Ahaci," which the weather control systems were unable to nullify. As you can see, the storm hit with such devastation that the Works has turned into a hazardous scrapyard of destruction, with damage done to the outlaying areas as well. Unseen still is the damage done to the lower levels. Yes, as hard as it is to believe, this storm was able to reach the two levels below it.

The official death toll has risen to the current, sobering number of one million. Most of which were killed in the lower levels from horrific cave-ins. The number of missing and injured is far greater, at least triple the former number. Relief stations and emergency on-site medi-centers have been set up to treat those with minor injuries, or whose situation is too dangerous to move, as the various medi-centers across Coruscant struggle to keep up with the increasing number of patients. For the first time in several centuries, the Galactic Senate has called for another emergency session while in the midst of a previous one, as officials organize efforts for relief, rescue, and relocation.

As a result, the Vote of No Confidence against Supreme Chancellor Valorum has been postponed for one month, but many senators and activists are suggesting to allow the Chancellor to finish his term, which ends mere months from now, as this will be his final term regardless.

Yet still, the mystery remains: what caused this storm? Speculations from scientists have been varied, but many citizens point to the fact that, just prior to the event's inception, we had a live broadcast of what appeared to be Senator Palpatine of Naboo, being rushed by a group of Jedi, along with the mysterious figure that assaulted the temple the day prior. By series of anonymous tips, it is believed the name of this figure is "Darth Vader."

While some have begun to fear that this was the doing of this unknown figure, we have received countess recordings, many sent in by locals that survived the event. While the quality often varies, the many angles seem to show that the dark figure may have been attempting to, for lack of a better term, contain the storm itself, while standing beside a small figure believed to be Yoda, the Grandmaster of the Order.

The Jedi have not responded to a request for an interview or a statement regarding these events. All that is known is that Senator Palpatine is confirmed missing by the Senate and that the Queen of Naboo, with her own alleged crisis happening upon her homeworld, has left the republic capital. Many are left devastated and confused without answers, some locals are even planning to leave the planet for fear that the entire atmosphere of the planet may collap-"

"I wonder, who leaked his name?" Padme mused as she leaned on her chair, with the "Queen" sitting nearby and listening intently.

"Who knows," Brumel commented, pacing idly amongst the "command center" or as much as the meeting room passed for one. "I don't pretend to understand the Jedi, or those like them. Perhaps Vader did it himself."

Padme considered that option. "I can't say it's impossible, given his character."

"Still, I'm more interested in what the reporter said about Naboo: Alleged crisis, they still insist," Duke Brumel noted idly. "This tragedy hasn't stalled the Trade Federation propaganda and influence from seeping through."

"I'd be surprised if it were any other case," Padme noted pensively. "What are the scouts saying?"

"The blockade has been reduced, but there are still three Lucrehulks," Brumel answered grimly. Destroying one would be challenging, but three? "Cifo, have you decoded the Pak Pak chatter we've been picking up?"

Cifo Klatt grumbled in distaste, holding a headset up to one of his ear holes. "There are some slang and cursing I won't bother to translate, but it seems that Nute Gunray is refusing to answer any communications, even from others in the Trade Federation," Cifo explained with interest.

"He's cut himself off from any more support," Sol Sixxa summarized, feet resting against the table as he leaned back in his chair. "If your senator really was behind this invasion, then Gunray may perhaps be going into full coward mode."

"This may be the chance we need," Brumel said in contemplation. "If we actually capture or kill Gunray, the Trade Federation will be prone to dissolve into squabbling over who should they feel the need to replace him. Even if it's only a short time, the Trade Federation in chaos will be a boon."

"I'd prefer alive if possible, so that he might stand trial," Padme comment with a scowl. "I feel that killing him will give too much credence to the idea that the Trade Federation wasn't lying, making us appear to be assassins."

"I'm not an idealist, but it may work this once," Cifo commented. "Gunray's actions have worried the higher ups in the Trade Federation. They'll likely abandon him if they believe he's mentally unsound on top of being a liability."

"We're getting too far ahead of ourselves," Brumel reminded warily. "We have managed to secure enough ships through our friends in Sienar Systems, but the droids still have a numbers advantage in a dogfight."

"They also have poor quality in everything," Sixxa reminded. "You've been far less cheap in arming us. Between my people, the Vulps and the mercenaries, we should at least have a decent shot."

"Which brings us to this subject," Padme remarked, looking down at the table, where the communicator Vader had given her sat, almost ominously. "This is my world that is at stake, but you have given all your efforts to aid me. I won't make this decision alone."

"Sod Gert spoke to his fellow patriarchs," Brumel commented with a scowl. "They are in favor of accepting this Vader's aid."

"This is all or nothing for them," Sixxa mused sympathetically. "What about you, Duke?"

Brumel scowled. "I am less inclined to agree. We don't know this being's goal or intents in offering us assistance, or what he expects in return. And with his powers, we would have little in the ways of stopping him if he turned against us."

"All the more reason to contact him," Cifo said pointedly. "He has vanished since Coruscant. We can't learn more of his true intentions with him in hiding," he said before smirking. "And I will enjoy seeing his powers used against the droid army."

"Ha! I'm with you on that, Klatt!" Sol agreed before turning grim. "Our plan is sound, but it's fifty-fifty even in the best case scenario. This Darth Vader may be the edge we need."

Brumel sighed. "It seemed I am out voted," he said in acceptance.

"If we fail, truly fail here, we might never gain the momentum for another attempt," Cifo said with a scowl. "Queen Amidala?"

Padme nodded shortly, reaching forth to press the button on the device. A beeping sound filled the room, the tell-tell sign of such a device waiting for an answer. It dragged out for so long that Padme grew concerned while Sol shared a look with Brumel.

*Kuuuuuuh Kerrr*

Padme suppressed a small smirk as she noticed the three men shift uncomfortably at the familiar breathing. Finally, a hologram flickered to life, revealing Darth Vader.

"Your Highness," Vader greeted in his usual fashion. "I assume your associates have accepted my aid."

Cifo eyed the hologram suspiciously, but remained silent.

"You assume correctly," Padme answered with a nod as she took in what details she could through the hologram. Vader's armor appeared to be repaired in full, or replaced. Where and how, she didn't ask. "They are planning an assault on the blockade, which now only consists of three Lucrehulks."

"They. Not you."

It wasn't a question.

"Someone wants to speak with you," Padme said as Sol moved closer, leaning over the communicator as the cyborg's projection glanced to him.

"I am Sol Sixxa of the Mere Resistance," Sol introduced, all humor bled away in this moment. "Our strategy is three fold: an attack on the blockade with our starships while a ground force attempts to deal with the Droid Army, allowing a small force to slip into the capital."

"If the Droid Army is defeated, Nute Gunray will not be able to defend himself for a time. If the droid control ships are destroyed, the droids will not operate. And if Gunray is captured, he will trade keeping his life for leaving the planet in a heartbeat," Vader summarized.

Sol nodded grimly. "This operation is too important to put all our eggs in one basket. That said, I imagine you'd be the edge we need in taking out Gunray."

"I require only one thing, Sol Sixxa," Vader said ominously. "Stand down."

Everyone looked confused, even worried, until Cifo's headset went off, making him frown as he listened to the message. "Duke Brumel, a ship has exited hyperspace and is requesting to come aboard. They are reporting it is a...Firespray, I believe?"

Sixxa refixed his eyes on Vader before glancing to Brumel, who nodded in confirmation. "You have permission to come aboard, Darth Vader," Sixxa said neutrally.

With that, Vader's hologram faded away.

"He's used to getting his way, isn't he?" Sixxa asked rhetorically.

"Do you care if it deals a blow to the Federation?" Padme countered.

"No, no I don't," Sixxa acknowledged with some viciousness. "Come on, we best go meet him, before someone causes an incident."


"Explain something to me, Vader," Boba said idly. "How, by Jabba's nonexistence balls, is there an Acclamator before the Clone Wars?"

Indeed, they were approaching the hanger of what appeared to be an Acclamator, but one intimately familiar with those crafts like Vader was could see that it was smaller and less well armed.

"Amidala has made some impressive allies, to have Kuat grant them the use of a proto-type," Vader answered as an observation.

Boba accepted the explanation at that. "Just so we're on the same page, am I going for Gunray, the ships, or the army?"

"That depends," Vader answered vaguely.

"On?" Boba asked as he landed the ship within the hanger.

"Where they need my aide more. But I will most likely be deal with the Droid army," he answered as he stood up, leaving the cockpit.

"Sure, it's just a thousand or two clankers," Boba remarked with a tone that could be sarcastic or genuine, before turning to follow the Dark Lord.

They exited down the ramp of the Slave 2, taking in the sight of the hanger, filled with ships being checked over and worked on by vulptereens, humans, and a few meres.

Boba resisted the urge to grimace beneath his helmet. His instincts told him this battle would go side ways for this mismatched group. All they had were A-6 Interceptors, some modified to work as bombers. And this carrier itself was underwhelming. But he had to keep reminding himself that he wasn't trying to work with pre-Clone Wars tech in the age of the Galactic Empire, he was truly in a time before the Clone Wars. This wasn't state of the art, but it was more than most had. This carrier was still a proto-type, these ships were still the main starfighters in use for the Republic.

This was truly surreal. Boba didn't know how Vader was able to adjust to it so well.

He pushed his thoughts aside as he saw a group approaching them: a mere, a neomidian, and some humans. One of which was obviously the queen, judging by the overly ornate dress and makeup.

So, this was the Queen of Naboo. He remembered her, briefly, from the day his father died on Geonosis. She had been captured with two Jedi, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Their execution eventually evolved into the first great battle of the Clone Wars. And here she was, fourteen year old and already having to save her planet from an invasion. The galaxy was warped like that sometimes, he knew first hand.

Yet, Boba couldn't help wondering, what was so important about this woman? To Vader, at least. Was she an important asset to his plans, or something else? It was hard to say. After all, despite some hunches, Boba had no idea who Vader was before the Empire. And he wasn't one to pry about his client's motives and reasons if they didn't impact the job.

What he did note, out of habit, were the other humans with her. A dark skinned male human as a guard with some handmaidens. Boba's instincts told him that one of those was more than she appeared, one of the two closest to the queen. He was guessing a secret bodyguard.

"Darth Vader," the Queen of Naboo greeted. "Welcome to the Clamator."

"Your Highness," Vader retorted in kind, glancing to others in her group. "I see my advice was helpful."

The Queen nodded as she motioned to her allies. "You've already met Sol Sixxa. This is Duke Brumel of Dargul, Cifo Klatt. There are also the Patriarchs of the Forlorn Clans of the Vulptereen, who are-"


The group paused as one of the short aliens came up to join them. "Sod Gert," Brumel greeted with a nod.

"Apologies, our Feeorin friend got into an argument with an engineer," he explained before nodding to Vader. "A pleasure to meet you, Darth Vader."

Vader had a hard time remembering when someone ever said that to him and actually meant it. "I believe we have some plans to finalize."

It was in short order that the group came to the meeting room again, the lights darkened as they stared at a hologram showing Naboo, three dots around its orbit indicating where the capital ships were.

"Before we get started," Sol Sixxa said with a scowl, looking towards Boba Fett. "What's the Mandalorian's stake in this?"

"I'm on his payroll," Boba answered bluntly. He didn't bother to clarrify what that meant: Bounty Hunter, Bodyguard, Soldier. He wasn't sure what angle Vader was spinning this, but he'd play along.

"Boba Fett's loyalty is not a matter of concern," Vader answered with finality. "And we need him."

That was a lie, Vader knew. This Battle had been won in the original timeline by a lot less than what this motley crew of Anti-Federationists possessed. But there was no need for them to know that.

"The capital ships will be teeming with Vulture droids. The Vulptereens and the rest of our fighters can best them in one on one dogfights, but the numbers will take their tolls eventually," Cifo started, deciding to move this along.

"But if we can destroy the Lucrehulks, the droids won't be able to function," Sixxa reminded with a frown.

"I'm not that familiar with Federation freighters," Boba stated, not completely a lie. He was unfamiliar with pre-Clone Wars ones, at least. "But could destroying their communication relays accomplish the same thing?"

"No," Sol said with a head shake. "At least, not at this range. They have an internal transmitting system for the droids. If they weren't in orbit, it could work, but as is..."

"I didn't believe it would be easy, but someone had to ask," Boba accepted.

"Our plan is to focus on the one closest to Thebes, limiting their air-support on the surface," Sol continued. "This ship will pull out of hyperspace within Naboo's system, but far enough from the planet to not be detected. We'll approach at sublight, so that we're in range for our fighters to strike."

"I saw starfighters, but few soldiers," Vader commented pointedly. "What is your plan for the ground offensive?"

Everyone looked to the false-queen, who steeled herself. "While we have some of our own, we intend to enlist the help of the Gungans, in a mutual effort to repel the Trade Federation. Along with them are a small resistance group my people have formed member's from Sixxa's own resistance group, and those hired by Duke Brumel."

"So, you have no guarantee that your main army will even show," Boba remarked frostily.

Sabe and Padme both frowned minutely but didn't counter that.

"A small force will be infiltrating Thebes to neutralize Gunray, improvising as they go," Brumel pressed on.

"We have an ace up our sleeves though," Sod Gert interrupted. "A pirate by the name of Nym."

"That's a name I know," Boba remarked under his breath, recalling tales about the famous pirate. A pirate that primarially targeted the Trade Federation. Though, he did team up with Sol Sixxa at some point, the same one standing in this room. But had that happened before or after the Battle of Naboo?

The bounty hunter found timetraveling to be an increasingly confusing situation.

"We caught him while we were scouting Naboo's current situation, and found his crew ransacking a Federation convoy," Cifo remarked with a smirk. "He hates the Trade Federation as much as any of us, and is surprisingly competent as a leader, for a brute."

Vader let the silence come over the air, making everyone wondering if he was letting the tension build or simply pondering the situation. "We have three fronts, and three generals. If the Gungan Army aides us, this Nym may be the best suited for this task. If not, I will need to take the field."

"You think you can take on a thousand and more droids?" Brumel questioned.

"Yes," Vader answered without hesitation, making everyone pause to take that one in. None of them doubted it, not after what they had seen and heard of this man.

"What about you?" Sixxa asked, his gaze resting on Boba.

"Seismic charges," Boba answered flatly, causing all except for the Queen to look surprised, who merely looked confused. "Me and my ship can level the space battle, maybe even take out one of the freighters. If your pilots are careful."

"Thank you for the warning, I'll be sure they all are aware," Sod Gert said, sagging in relief.

"Vader, I take it you will be aiding the third group, if Nym is with the army?" Sixxa guessed.

The dark Lord nodded. "Gunray is a coward, and he has grown paranoid. Even with an army marching against him, he may choose to keep many of his forces at Thebes for his own protection," he reasoned, knowing the logic was sound.

"In short, our final plans revolve around if this army of Gungans is real, and willing to help us," Sixxa acknowledged. "It can work without them, but..."

"In war, there is no such thing as having too many advantages," Vader agreed. "However, it is best to be prepared for if and when this plan fails."

"What are you suggesting?" the Queen asked, raising a refined brow.

"If the battle in orbit becomes unsalvageable, the goal should shift to destroying the first Lucrehulk, then distracting their Starfighters, to prevent them from gaining air superiority. Boba Fett will be able to assist with either of the other operations if so," Vader explained. "If Gunray escapes or is otherwise unobtainable, we may be needed to extract the infiltration team. I can assist either of the other fronts, leaving Gunray defenseless by the end."

"And if the battle with the Droid Army fails on its own?" Sod questioned with a scowl.

"It doesn't matter," Boba Fett answered simply. "That is mostly a distraction. If even one of the two other operations are a success, then the Droid Army will become a non-issue."

"He's not wrong," Sol Sixxa remarked, looking deep in thought. "You should go with the Queen in either case, Vader."

The Dark Lord said nothing, merely turned to glance at the Mere.

"I saw what you did against the Jedi Temple, we all did," Sixxa remarked. "If we pull a majority of the Droid Army away from the city, there is still a chance Gunray will call them back once he realizes that he has enemies in the city. But if they try to return to the city, andyou're already there, they'll likely have to face you head on," he explained with a smirk. "I imagine that you could deal with them quicker if they were all coming in from one direction."

"It would simplify matters," Vader conceded. He didn't fear this meager army of droids, but while he detested the Jedi's limiting their actions, he did agree that this endeavor would mean more if Padme and her allies were putting their full efforts into it instead of merely relying on his own powers to save them.

"Then I believe that is all we need to discuss for now," Brumel said, glancing around. "Unless there is another matter any of you feel the need to address."

None spoke up, leaving the room silent sans the ever present breathing of Vader.

"We will depart for Naboo in six hours," Sol Sixxa finished with a nod before leaving.

Slowly, others followed suit until it was just Vader, Padme, her body double, Panaka, and Boba. The bounty hunter, despite not knowing Vader's interest in the monarch of Naboo, read the room and left with a nod to Vader.

There was a long silence after the door slid shut before Vader turned his gaze completely onto Padme. "I see my advice was beneficial."

Padme almost smirked but nodded instead. "And I see you've managed to repair yourself," she noted as she observed him.

He wasn't much different than when she first saw him. The dark mask was restored, his black cape hung about him like a shadow, and none of his machinery was visible. However, she noted that he had modified, perhaps upgraded his suit to some extent. His forearms and hands, rather than just covered by gloves, had armor on them. The control box on the front was replaced, now being smaller and covered by another layer to prevent someone from tampering with his suit mid-combat.

Perhaps there was more, or more to come, but that was what Padme noticed.

"I trust you were not forced to barter too much for their aide?" Vader inquired, breaking her out of her thoughts.

"Less than I expected. Most are in this just to fight against the Trade Federation. Though, I imagine I shall be expected to return the favor in their overall quest against the Trade Federation," Padme remarked. "Or my successors will, in any case."

"That is the nature of most alliances, mutually assuring one another's objectives," Vader comment before changing the subject. "Did anything of importance happen on Coruscant after I left?"

"You mean besides the media frenzying over in attempts to explain that disaster?" Padme asked rhetorically. "No, nothing I am aware of. Shmi went to the Jedi Temple, after they offered to remove the bomb in her neck," Padme said, suppressing the discomfort the entire concept caused her. Slavery was bad enough, but with explosive devices in them to ensure obedience? "I believe there were implications from Qui-Gon Jinn that he would find a place for her if I was...unable to help her further."

If she died and failed to liberate her planet, obviously.

Vader was internally relieved by that, to some extent. He was sure his other self would appreciate another few days with his mother. Assuming the Jedi allowed them to meet in the temple.

"Everyone, myself included, is trying to determine what and who Palpatine really was," Padme answered simply, frowning at the thought. "But my instincts tell me he was not the only one manipulating things."

Vader narrowed his gaze behind his mask. Was she accusing him or had she figured something out...?

"Palpatine was twenty-two when the Trade Federation's involvement in Naboo began. I know that, because when he was appointed as Senator, I always thought it was curious how Palpatine had stayed in public service far longer than most did, until he was twenty-five," Padme commented. "Which would imply that either Palpatine somehow took control of the Trade Federation between then and now, or...someone else was controlling it before him," Padme reasoned. "I take it that Siths, like Jedi, normally have a unit of a teacher and a student?"

Vader almost smiled as he listened to Padme's clever mind work. He doubted any Jedi would have pieced that together, not yet at least. It was something that a native of Naboo would have worked out more easily. Still...

"Careful, Your Highness," he cautioned. "That is a rancor you are not ready to awaken."

Padme's eyes widened minutely. "So, Palpatine was the student, and the teacher still lives."

Vader's warning stare had a physical presence to her, prompting Padme to nod slowly.

"I will let that matter lie for now. Naboo can't handle another disaster, especially after this," Padme said reluctantly, changing the subject. "Your ally is a Mandalorian."

"And a bounty hunter," Vader confirmed.

Panaka frowned at that. "Can he be trusted?"

"For this endeavor, yes," Vader assured vaguely, knowing he couldn't reveal too much. "He has an invested interest in my plans. He has no intention or inclination to side against us."

"Your plans," Padme remarked. "I don't suppose you'd be willing to share those?"

"One matter at a time, Your Highness. I will be willing to speak of such things when the Trade Federation is expelled from your planet," Vader answered in compromise.

"Fair enough," Padme agreed. She already had enough on her mind with the coming battle. "I suppose I should be saying thank you."

Vader's head tilted ever so slightly to indicate his confusion.

"As much as I hate how many people suffered and died as a result of your conflict with Palpatine, I dread to imagine someone like that in the office of the Supreme Chancellor," she said with a sigh.

Vader elected to remain silent on that topic.

Still, that ultimately was something he'd have to give thought to: With Sidious dead, who would be Supreme Chancellor?

But that could wait until this skirmish was done. Because after all the years of war he had seen, that was all the Battle of Naboo felt like to him in comparison. A skirmish.

End of Chapter

There we go, and we are almost to the end. Yes, it was Boba Fett, he came back in time with Vader. And, as an interesting twist, he's not thrilled with the prospect. He's making the most of it, but its kind of fun writing someone that isn't just not happy about timetravel, he's also a good way to point out how confusing it would be to remember things that amount to "wait, when did that happen? Has it happened already or not?"

And yeah, the first Acclamator's were being designed and everything back in 32 BBY, so a proto-type seemed fairly reasonable. And yeah, Nym is here, just not on-screen yet. And, due to butterflies, the situation on Naboo isn't as good as canon, as Gunray kept three Lucrehulks in orbit instead of just one. I'd say he's paranoid, but its kind of warranted.

The Anti-Federation group has, basically, a better version of the plan from canon. And their discussing the plans, and the contingencies, is also an acknowledgment that I could put Vader and Boba in any of the three fronts, along with Nym filling in the final spot. They're all veteran badasses, enough said.

Oh, yeah, and Sidious's storm killed a million people at least. Yeah, we all knew Sidious was going out with a bodycount after unleashing that storm.

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