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The aftermath of the assault on Lianos left the planet in devastation. Lianos star fighters frozen in ash, dead bodies of soldiers littered in the streets and all ways to call for reinforcements cut off.

"My lord, our spies have discovered a Jedi making her way through the town of Lusis, should we cut her off." Kerry Klingston suggested to Asajj. She was angry at the droids for causing this much of an uproar and giving away the location of her base. She and Grievous knew they would need to act fast before news of this would reach Dooku.

"We don't have time to dance with Jedi." Asajj shot down the idea. Kerry looked meek and pale, her hands shaking as she held the datapad.

"Yes, mistress." Kerry disagreed, the Jedi from what she's gathered from the data tapes looks serious and not to mention two other Jedi are running around the planet as well.

"Klingston," Asajj monitored the new batch of prisoners coming into the complex. "Recall droids in the Hoyiz and order them the city of Lusis." She ordered. The young red head was confused, but did what she was told before questioning her.

"Yes, mistress, but why Lusis?" The apprentice turned rouge looked at Kerry impatiently.

"It is where the militia holding the two Jedi are." She hissed with distain. If Klingston was of no use to her, Ventress would have already burned her.

"I thought you said we have no time for the Jedi?" She asked, immediately feeling like a fool for asking the Sith another question.

"We don't have time to chase, but we have time to kill." She answered.

"Yes, mistress. It will take some time, but they will be moved." Kerry swore to her master.

Before Asajj went to interrogate Obi-Wan again, she said one more thing to Kerry. "Tell Grievous to ready the bomber frigates. We are pushing the drop date closer." Asajj growled, not wanting to wait for word to reach Dooku of what his "apprentices" are up to.

"And I think I know of a way to deal with our Jedi friends."

Kerry nodded and hid the thought from Ventress that she was insane. She knew where Asajj was going with this. Her and Grievous were going to speed up the nuclear weapons development for all the consequences that came with it.

City of Lusis, Lianos

Arturo and Ashoka rummaged through the hospital in Lusis, finding no trace of anybody ever being in here.

"Okay, what is this?" Ashoka now very mistrustful for Arturo. "I told you I didn't need any medical help and you drag me here to an abandoned hospital." She chastised Arturo for wasting her time. He looked just as befuddled.

"I don't understand...how could they evacuate so fast?" He asked himself. Contemplating, Arturo snapped his fingers as a light bulb went off.

"I think I know who could ransack this place and why." Arturo urged Ashoka to follow him. Seeing her limp and hold her sides, her head started to bleed a little bit too.

Frightened, Arturo took a crutch laying against the wall and placed it under Ashoka's arm. He helped her out of the hospital, walking beside her. Arturo knew she didn't trust him and vice versa, but he couldn't stand to see someone in such struggle and pain. It only worsened with the stress she put on in fighting the battle droids.

"You know, you'd have allot of saved up energy if you just gave me a blaster." He playfully mocked the Jedi. She rolled her eyes and wanted to elbow him right in the ribs, problem being she'd tumble to the floor immobile.

"Even if I wanted to give you a weapon all I have is my lightsabers." Arturo raised an eyebrow, Ashoka knew where he was getting at and immediately shot him down.

"No...no...no...no!" She said over and over again, her reluctance only made Arturo pester her more.

"You have multiple lightsabers, you won't miss it!" He half-joked to her. "I've already handled one so I got experience." He tried to convince her.

"Yeah, I seen it and Artoo told me about the parts I missed." She evaluated Arturo's performance. "You looked scared and were filled with self-doubt." She felt Arturo wasn't trusting his instincts and that lead him to his near death.

"So what, you wanna be my teacher?" He sarcastically asked her. "Cause I doubt you're that much better than me." He said. Ashoka wanted to roll her eyes again, but feared they'd fall out of her sockets.

Arturo took Ashoka to the old coffee place in the middle of Lusis. Dashing his right fist against the steel door, Arturo heard a crunch in his hand feeling pain in his right knuckle.

"Should have seen that coming." Arturo lamented his shortsightedness. Ashoka looked at him with a smirk.

"Yes, you should've." She made fun of him, hiding her smirk. The peephole slid open showing a pair of beady navy blue eyes.

"Arturo?" The man said, not believing his eyes. He opened the door. "I thought you were dead." He said, shaking the boy's hand and bringing him in for an embrace. He eyed the Togruta, his facial feature shifted to distain.

"Who's this?" He asked, circling Ashoka, seeing her lightsabers attached to her waist belt and tried to snag them. Arturo stepped in and prevented this.

"She's cool, she's with me, Kaliph." He assured the human.

"She is a Jedi. Do you know what hell this will bring upon us!" He lashed out. Arturo tried to move Ashoka in back of him, but she wasn't scared by the Rodian.

"What hasn't been unleashed on us, Kaliph, you tell me?" He countered. "Besides, she needs some attention and we need another bodyguard." He tried to convince Kaliph this could be used to their advantage. Ashoka knew what Arturo was trying to do.

"Okay, Arturo, but make sure you watch the Jedi." Kaliph warned. Arturo walked away, calling for medics to assist the Togruta.

"And that honey, is how you get things done on Lianos." His swollen-head allowed him to patronize Ashoka. She always ran the word 'honey' in her mind.

"First:" She held her index finger in front of Arturo's face. "Don't call me honey. Second: Don't be so confident. Without me you'd be in prison." She kicked back the claim Arturo was the one in charge here.

"Okay, you're right." He said. "Listen, you're about to meet my father. This club is is filled with Republic loyalist, but they are no so fond of the Jedi" He cautioned Ashoka to be aware of Vernon's bias.

"Why do they hate the Jedi?" She asked. Finding it hard people could like one and hate the other.

"People like my father don't respect the Jedi, how are are soldiers and not peacekeepers." Arturo knew this from listening to his father's speeches about the atrocities of the clone wars. How men and women shouldn't lift a finger to help either side despite their political positions.

"If this war is between robots and clones, then let them all kill each other!" He remembered Vernon speaking proudly to his mates late at the pub. The patrons would cheer and yell out "Pointless! Pointless!" till sunrise.

"Arturo!" He winced at the ear piercing holler from his elder. "You've returned." He said, giving his son a good slap on the back, then eyed Ashoka. "Who's this?" He asked, pointing to her.

"Somebody I found in the wreckage in the Calco fields. She needs medical help now." Arturo cut to the chase. Vernon noticed she was a Jedi and became squeamish like Kaliph.

"Come with me child." Vernon said. Arturo was about to help Ashoka walk, when she shooed him away and began to limp behind Vernon.

"Stubborn like a...like a...stubborn animal I cannot think of right now." He walked next to the limping Jedi and his slowed down father.

"What have you seen in your travels, son?" Vernon asked. Arturo ushered to his father to hand him one of the pistols attached to his waist. Vernon handed it to him.

"Just a bunch of droids and burning buildings." He said. "There are deserted now. The separatist either took them away or they evacuated." Arturo worried about a possible third outcome that involved slaughter.

"We've found out the separatists took the prisoners to the correctional facility west of here." Vernon enlightened. "Grievous converted it to a military jail. It holds up to 2,500 citizens of Lianos."

Arturo pounded his fist against his palm, ready to go at the drop of a hat. "Let's go get them then." He jumped at the chance. Vernon's facial expression changed to disenchantment.

"You still never listen!" He barked. "I said 'don't get involved' and you get involved at every turn." Arturo didn't have anything to say, he usually ignores these pleas and that's what he did here, much to Vernon's disfavor.

"Let's just get Ashoka bandaged up, alright?" He put a pin on the conversation. Vernon reluctantly agreed and walked away.

"What was that about?" She asked, mildly surprised she would even care enough to.

"Eh, my father always preached neutrality in the Clone War. He prefers none of his kids get involved and keep their heads down." He said feeling Vernon never really had an eye for the big picture.

"And you?" She wondered about Arturo's thought on the matter.

"My thoughts on the Clone War?" He asked if that's what she was inquiring him about, she nodded. "It's a mess of things, but anywhere is better than here. I wanna do my part for the Republic." He tried to condense his entire mind of intricate thoughts in one short sentence.

"Your thoughts?" He asked her. Ashoka never thought about the whole politics of the Clone War. The Galactic Republic has been unified for a thousand generations under the Jedis protection. The Separatist movement seemed to undo that and rise their empire.

She shrugged. "I'm conflicted on what side I'm on." She quipped and limped off to her quarters.

"Ha ha, really funny." He said in a good natured sarcastic way. "Hey, I got friends to check up on, so I'll catch you later." He said before leaving.

Lianos Milita Medical Ward

The door slide open showing the two Jedi masters being tended to. Anakin had a cast around his shoulder and Mace was unconscious.

"Master." Ashoka was grateful that her master was still alive. She wanted to rush up and hug him, but tried to keep things professional. Meanwhile, Anakin breathed the biggest sigh of relief in his life.

"Snips!" He didn't hide his joy; he embraced his Padawan tightly for a second, then changed his expression instantly to mild anger. "You shouldn't have defied the council and me, Ashoka!" He chastised her. Ashoka held her head low, knowing now he was right and she only succeeded in possibly jeopardizing the mission.

"I know and I'm sorry, master." She kept her head down, ashamed of herself and her recklessness that didn't accomplish a thing.

Anakin's look softened. He seen the scratches on her headtails and immediately shifted focus. He also felt a bone chilling sensation, followed by dread and pain. Anakin began to worry about his master, knowing the horrible state he has yet to save him from.

"Come on, let's get you looked at." Anakin just wanted to get Ashoka bandaged up so he could focus on the larger mission.

War Room

Arturo found Margot wrapping bacta tape around her left lekku, staring at the Holomap of the correctional facility.

"Hey, Myra, what you doin'?" He asked, looking at the Holomap with her. "That the jail where they're keeping everybody?" Arturo asked.

Margot nodded and stayed in deep focus. "Your father made me general, he instructed me to keep you faraway from the mission as possible." Arturo eyed her like she was kidding.

"And?" He asked. Margot smiled at him, knowing she'd never be able to keep the young kid out of the fight.

"We'll figure something out." She said, assuring Arturo he'd be present for the deployment.

Cell block 0021

"So, you're bombing Coruscant." Obi-Wan still restricted, took in the information Asajj was giving him. "Why are you telling me this?" He asked, not believing she'd randomly dish out the details of her plan.

"My master will soon find out through his moles, so I thought it be only right to inform you." Ventress said. Grievous took the electro staff and shocked the Jedi right under the rib section. He yelped at the sharp pain.

"This is fun, Kenobi." Grievous released a hearty laugh.

"Is the Impact ready?" Asajj asked the general. He nodded and turned right back to shock the Jedi, who's voice was too horsed at this point to scream. What came out was labored puffs of breath.

Unable to stop himself from spitting up on his beard, his mouth began to numb. Kenobi tried speaking. "The ways of the Sith is no loyalty towards a master; only contempt and a lust for blood." Obi-Wan hissed bitterly at the Sith ways. "You're better than this, Asajj." He half-meant. He had respect for the female assassin, she had it in her for a fight, rather than Grievous.

Ventress chuckled. "Why I'm flattered, Kenobi. But I'm taken." She looked to Grievous, taking the electro staff from him. "Why don't you take care of our other problem, general." She ordered the droid. He begrudgingly left the cell.

"Grievous is extremely meek around you." Kenobi noted. Asajj took ahold of Kenobi's chin and looked at him with her beady grey eyes. "A woman knows what she wants. He commented, trying to get her to let her guard down, but failed.

"Flattery will get you everywhere but out of here, Kenobi." The Jedi shivered that the thought, then got shocked again. The assassin cackled in laugher, hoping Skywalker and his pet would feel his masters pain.

Lianos Milita Base

Margot was going over the plans to storm the Oryii fortress with Vernon. Ashoka was bandaged up, the bleeding stopped in her headtails. Anakin was right beside her, still in a cast, but he planned on ripping it off. He just didn't tell anybody that.

Arturo looked on from the side, keeping his ears wide open to soak in every detail without his father getting a whiff of his intent.

"The Oryii prison is guarded heavily on the outside, luckily its roof does not have any cover and there is no way to get to it other than climbing a latter, so we don't have to worry about any snipers. We do have to worry about B2 Super Battle Droids and their B2-RP counterparts and Droideka's." Margot told the militia and looked directly at Ashoka and Anakin.

"Anakin, you take up team 1. Your mission is to find Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and get him out. Ashoka...though you are a Padawan, I insist to you Master Skywalker that she be given responsibility on this mission." Margot asked of her. Arturo's posture perked up.

Anakin looked to his humbled Padawan. He knew she has been craving responsibility like this and that one day he'd actually have to trust her. "I assure you General Cia, my Padawan is ready." He said proudly. Ashoka eyed Arturo, wondering if he put in a good word for her.

"Very well. Padawan Tano will lead the second team tasked with finding the prisoners from cell blocks 1-20. I'll lead the third team that will free the rest of the prisoners and break into the weapons vault, we'll arm the prisoners and get out." She finished laying out the simplistic parts of the plan. The team looked uncertain as to how this would happen.

"How can we be sure that the prisoners are trustworthy?" Anakin questioned the Twi'lek.

"They are prisoners, they want out of that place and will do what ever it takes." She simply said. Leading to the next question.

"What about the sensors and how will we open the cells?" Vernon asked her.

"That's where the astro droids come in." She began to explain. "Skywalker's droid R2-D2 has transmitted the codes to the cells to two fellow R2 units that will join us in the rescue mission." Margot answered Vernon's question.

"But, with all due respect general, how did you get this information?" One man asked.

"A smuggler Mario Fullmer was sent in as a mole many months ago had a Lobot headset on him, transmitting the codes to all the sets after hacking into the facilities computers. He destroyed the headset before capture." Myra told them. Looks of mistrust and worry were exchanged by most the men that weren't the two Jedi's.

Vernon took the stage, looking at the doubling faces. "If anybody has second thoughts about this, then the doors right there!" He gave his team one chance to exit out of this. "No hard feelings!" He promised them. Their moods didn't lighten, but they didn't leave either.

"This is war. People die. That's how it's supposed to be. We all gotta go one day and we get to choose how do we want to be remembered and how useful our lives were!" He eyed his son looking at his father do his two-face act. One says how great it is to live with purpose. The other speaks of how you should do anything but keep your head down.

"We all got choices to make and I've made mine to save my family. Many of you have friends and family in those cells I am sure. Wouldn't you go the extra mile to save them?" He asked the men. Captivated, they applauded Vernon and swore their allegiance to the cause, much to Vernon's pleasure.

"Thank you, men!" He held back a tear of joy. "I wouldn't go to war with anybody else!"

Margot left the Holomap and went for Arturo, seeing Vernon being swarmed by soldiers, Margot knew he wasn't going to get clarity from his father.

"Hey," Margot seen the look of resentment on Arturo's face, seeing Vernon being hailed as a hero. "You're still going with us." She promised him. Arturo shook his head.

"It's not about that." He said, reaching into his pockets. "He knows I've been wanting to join the Galactic Military since I was 14, yet he tells me I shouldn't get involved while he tells others to." Margot looked at the teenager with somber.

"He doesn't want you to get hurt." She defended Vernon, while she disagreed with his ways of dealing with the issue, she did understand his motivations.

"Maybe I wanna get hurt!" Arturo shot back. "What is here for me to live for on this planet other than running for my life to hold some chump change to feed my sister?!" He became irate. "I'm tired of walking around race tracks on my knees looking for a winning ticket, I'm tired of using my force abilities to manipulate card games and dice." He confessed to the wicked things he's done with the force as his ally. "Most people living like I do don't live to see 30." His look was that of misery. Tired of all the running and repetition.

Margot was about to respond when her wrist bracelet began to blink red. "I got a Holoprojection coming in!" She rushed to her quarters to answer it. Arturo was right behind her, feeling something was off.

When they entered her quarters, Margot flipped the switch and accepted the call. It was Asajj Ventress standing next to a battered Obi-Wan. The Sith's look of confidence was replaced by rage.

"Where is Skywalker?!" She demanded the Jedi show himself. Margot knew who that Jedi was.

"He isn't here right now may I take a message?" Myra said, adding. "And please, be a little more kinder in your tone." She mocked the Sith. Asajj resisted the urge to force choke Myra and took a breath.

"I have Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi here, he is not in the best shape as you can see." She gestured to his limp limbs being held up by restraints, the blood pouring down his cheek and shaky voice. "He will die with the complex and everybody in it by 0500 then this whole place will be in shambles." She gives the two an ultimatum to save the prisoners before the bombs go off.

"Forget about me and stop Grievous!" Obi-Wan warned, babbling and a slur in his speech. He was electro shocked again by Grievous to stay quite.

The transmission cut, leaving the two baffled and confused listeners.

"We gotta tell the Jedi!" They said in unison. "What's the time!?" Arturo asked with panic in his voice.

"2300, we got six hours!" Margot grabbed her things and went to meet the Jedi, Arturo followed suit.

Cell block 0021

"I still don't know what you hope to accomplish with this, mistress?" Kerry asked Ventress. The Sith chuckled, still thinking about the fear on the two punks faces.

"We will place the nuclear weapon aboard the Impact, the storming of the prison is to just keep the fighters busy long enough so we can gain a big enough lead to bomb Coruscant." Ventress answered.

Obi-Wan struggled against his restraints, the little strength his had left was being spent Ina futile endeavor. "Asajj, this isn't the way!" He couldn't think of anything to say, she was demented and hellbent on bringing down the Jedi. Long dissatisfied with her masters ineptitude.

Without even saying a word the two assassins and their assistant left the holding cell. Kenobi sensed Klingston's doubt and left her with a parting word. "Genocide is never the answer!" Before the door closed, cutting off all the sound.

Kerry didn't sign up for this, she wanted to further weapons development in the hopes of ending the bitter war for a new era of peace. This wouldn't bring peace. It would only bring chaos. And such is the way of the Sith

LIM base

After hearing the message on playback, Anakin was anything but anxious. "We don't know for sure that there are charges placed around the complex." He broke down the threat. "This is a simple ploy to draw us out of our defenses unprepared and cast a blind eye to her actions." Anakin finished dissecting the argument. Arturo felt like a fool for panicking. Margot, however, had a different angle.

"It isn't the threat that scared me, it is the fact that we have officially entered her endgame. Whatever her and Grievous have cooking it's about to be served soon." Margot said. She never bought the threat as real, she's seen enough of these tactics on her travels to know when something random is tossed into the winds to effect the oppositions thinking progress.

"I think we need to delay the rescue of Master Kenobi." Margot suggest to the Jedi. "You are wounded, our guns are rusted and old and Master Windu is in critical condition." She explained how they weren't in any condition to mount multiple offenses in their current state. "Instead, I say we hunt her down in the various air bases where she could possibly be planning to escape or carry out the final phase of her plan." Myra laid out her idea, advocating expanding all their assets to finding Ventress.

"We need to find Obi-Wan. I don't want to risk his life for a hunch." Anakin shot down the idea, before shifting. "Me and Padawan Tano will head up the search for Ventress. You will focus your energy on freeing the prisoners. It is too dangerous for anybody else to encounter the Sith." Anakin said.

Margot admitted the plan seemed like a good meeting in the middle. A good make sure no stone is left unturned measure. The Twi'lek agreed to the plan.

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