Bubblechild: Hey guys I'm finally back! I know there is no excuse for absence but HS got in the way and I'm in a major in HS and stuff… BUT YEAH IM HERE NOW AND I WILL FINISH A STORY THIS TIME.

Rod: Sure you, will like all the other times right?


Nicky: Rods right. But question since you change your nickname all the time what will it be now?

Bubble: I shall be known as Panda. THIS SHALL BE THE LAST TIME I CHANGE IT! Girl Scouts honor.

Rod and Nicky: But you were never a Girl Scout.

Bubble(panda): oh whatever. Let's begin the story! ;)

Rod: Wait the disclaimer!

Panda: Oh crap thanks for reminding me! Ahem 'I do not own any of the character. All rights go to the creators and actors' …meh good enough. Ok nooooow we begin. Summons door. Pushes Rod and Nicky in. Slams door and hits it with wand. let's go!

A is for amazing.

It was simply wonderful how just his presence made Nicky happy. It was glorious how with just one look-one touch from Rod gave him goosebumps and chills. It was amusing how Rod would insist that he had a girl friend from Canada when clearly he didn't. But out of all thing it was amazing how even though he was jobless and a slob at times Rod still let Nicky stay with him. Even after all this time he still took care of him.

Panda: Ok done.

Rod: That was quite an umm short story you have written there you sure that's all.

Panda: Ush. Look one step at a time and I have really bad writers block so yeah PLUS IT'S A ONE SHOT LEAVE ME ALONE! Anywhoooo Read and review guys and don't worry this time imma put up more chapters and finish this. Byenee~