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Rodney: Yeah like a whole year later…
Panda: Shhhhhh college is a pain in the ass. Necessary. But still a pain.
Nicky: Ignore the sourpuss. I'm glad to have you back
Panda: Deadass my son T^T thanks. OKAY let's get this party started. AHEM PANDA DOES NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS NOR AVENUE Q summons door. Throws in Rodney and slams door shut. Door disappears have fun guys

D is for Death

Rodney didn't know if it was the way he said things with an unintentional purr or if it was how he got so up close and personal with you that you can smell the toothpaste on his breath. Or was it the way how early in the morning, he'd side right up you
from behind and press up to you and grumble into your ear with his husky early morning voice. Maybe it was because Nicky had no problem being half naked-hell fully naked in front of you. But could it be that way he "accidently" cops a feel
on your ass.
Though he couldn't place it he knew that Nicky was going to be the death of him.

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