Aloha! My name is Darkshadow, and this is story numero uno in a series. The series as a whole will be about a group of friends working together to put on fantastic shows, and who knows, we may learn some life lessons along the way. ^-^ For those of you who will miss the old story, hopefully you like this one better!

A small, sky blue building with large windows sat on the corner of Thunder St. and Lightning St. People were passing it on their way to various things. Five people turned in, the bell ringing above the door.

After half an hour of bickering, the four friends sitting in a booth finally decided what to order, they called over a waitress in Daisy's Homemade Foods.

One of the people, a young woman with thick black hair and green eyes, awkwardly clambered over one of the people in the booth. She looked around before snapping her fingers and walking off.

"Remember what I want to order!" she called back over her shoulder, whisking around the corner.

A young man with flat gray hair and bright green eyes sighed. "What did she even order?"

A large, orange haired young man with amber-brown eyes sent a glare at the other man before replying, "The Sauteed Frog Legs. Shadowstar always gets them."

"Thanks," the man replied tightly.

Yet another man with wavy silver hair said calmly, "Skystar, Thunderstar...I don't think we want to fight right now."

Thunderstar glared at Skystar, "He makes it hard not to argue with him Riverstar."

"I know. But what example would you be setting?" Riverstar replied, waving his fingers at the groups of people gathered in the small building.

At this, both Skystar and Thunderstar settled back into their seats. A young girl with dirty blond hair walked to the table, pencil and notepad in hand.

"Hello, my name is Blossom. What would you like to order?" she asked cheerfully.

A wiry brown haired young woman with yellow eyes quickly answered, "Grilled rabbit, with a side of fried crickets."

"Breaded finch," Skystar stated firmly.

"Mouse Burrito, and Sauteed Frog Legs," Thunderstar replied.

"Trout Stew," Riverstar told her.

"Thank you for your order! They'll be out in about half an hour," the girl told them, writing on her pad and bounding off to the kitchen.

"Windstar, what's so great about fried crickets?" Thunderstar questioned.

"Nothing," the wiry woman replied. "I'm just on a loose diet right now."

Skystar snorted before being pinned by Windstar's yellow eyed glare.

Shadowstar trotted back into view and leaped across Thunderstar into the booth. "What's going on?" she questioned with a sigh, black hair pulled up into a sensible bun.

"Well, I'm going on a diet, and Skystar thinks it's just so funny," Windstar replied, grimacing.

"You are quite scrawny already," Skystar returned, chuckling.

Letting out a sigh, Shadowstar let her green-eyed gaze wander around, hoping for a distraction for the arguing two.

"You're slower than a tortoise!"

"At least I don't look like I never have any food!"

"I bet you would never...!"

Shadowstar leaned over the table putting an arm between the fighting pair, "Hey guys, don't fight! Let's talk about something else, did you hear about that new movie?"

Riverstar looked up from his phone, "The one with Lionardo Di Catrio?"

Shadowstar smiled, "Yeah that one!"

With that, the argument was forgotten.

"Look, our food is here!" Thunderstar exclaimed.

The same girl from earlier returned, carrying their food.

"Breaded Finch?" she questioned.

"Over here!" Skystar replied, waving a beckoning hand.

"Coming right over!" Blossom warned, setting the plate on the table.

"Thank you," Skystar said, taking it and grabbing his fork.

"Grilled rabbit and fried crickets?"

Windstar clapped. "Right over here," she answered. The girl stretched to deliver the plate.

"Trout Stew?"

Riverstar quickly answered with, "Here."

"Mouse Burrito?"

Thunderstar nodded. "Right here," he replied.

"Sauteed Frog Legs?"

"Right here! Thank you," Shadowstar replied, waving her tail.

Once all the food had been dished out, and Blossom had refilled their drinks, she left with the comment, "Better get going back to the kitchen, and I'll be nearby if you need something!" With that, the girl turned around and trotted away.

Around halfway through their meal, a young, brown haired toddler tottled up. "Simba! Momma, look Simba!," he babbled.

A woman rushed over and picked up the boy, "I'm sorry, so sorry about him. We saw an off-broadway production of Lion King, and your hair sticking up like that, I guess he just…" She trailed off, flustered, before turning and walking back to her table.

Thunderstar shrugged. "Must've meant me," he said, touching his spiked up ginger hair.

Everyone else glared.

"Actually, I've seen The Lion King on broadway, his hair kinda does look like the costume." Shadowstar piped up.

"I stand correct," the spike-haired guy said.

Windstar suddenly piped up with, "Hey, I've heard there's this theater!"

Shadowstar grinned. "Yeah, I know what you're talking about!"

"What?" Riverstar questioned. He was the 'out of the loop' man out of the five.

"Think we could pull it off?" Thunderstar asked.

"Probably," Skystar replied.

And with that, they went to track down Blossom.

"Hey, here's the payment for the meal," Skystar said, handing her the payment.

"And could we have some take-home containers?" Shadowstar asked.

"Uh...sure," Blossom replied, hurrying to go and grab five. Returning, she went to their table and dropped them off before heading back to the kitchen.

Riverstar shrugged before scraping everyone's food into separate containers.

"Ready?" Windstar asked, hyped up on crickets.

"Yeah," Riverstar replied, setting all of the containers in a plastic bag.

And with that, the five friends rushed off.

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