Hola, here es la doce chapta!

Innocent civilians leaped out of the way of the charging group of five, causing people to shout and cuss.

"Are..we...almost...there?" Shadowstar questioned, falling to the back of the group.

"Almost!" Thunderstar called over his shoulder, suddenly swerving left and coming to a halt. Surprised, everyone ran into the stocky man, causing a pile of very annoyed people.

Thunderstar grinned, standing over his pile of friends. He pointed at the stone gray building in front of him. "Figured the best place would be Yellowfang's Theaters of Extreme Grumpiness, or YTSEG"

"Wasn't she our old health teacher?" Riverstar mused, glancing at the group.

"Doesn't that give you kind of a...bad feeling? With it being extreme grumpiness and all? Or is that just me?" Skystar questioned.

"Just you!" Thunderstar replied.

"Don't argue with him," Shadowstar suggested. Letting out a sigh, the others agreed.

After they had gotten untangled and looked up, the glass door was swinging closed behind a green shirt.

"How did he get away from us so fa-,"

"AFTER HIM!" Windstar yowled, cutting off Riverstar. With three of them attempting to get through the small door at the same time, a traffic jam built up. Outside, Riverstar spotted a revolving door. Jogging over, he pushed on the wooden bar, causing the door to slowly rotate in a circle. Bounding out into the lobby, Riverstar couldn't help but snicker at the predicament of Windstar, Shadowstar, and Skystar.

Taking a look around, the Riverclan leader took in a cabin type build, with two staircases running up along the left and right walls, leading to a large indoor balcony. "There's another door," Riverstar finally informed, deciding that the battle had gone on long enough.

With those three words, Skystar and Shadowstar pelted for the other door, leaving Windstar to take the shorter route. The speedy girl sprinted face-first into the desk on the farthest wall, bumping into a flower pot balanced on the edge of a desk. It teetered for a few moments, seeming unable to make up its mind.

"Looks like we're safe," Shadowstar commented before it came down with the loud crash of pottery."Or not..." Shadowstar finished, wincing.

Skystar sighed. "You're never supposed to say stuff like that until you're out of the area! I thought you would've learned from all the times it's happened over the years." Shadowstar simply rolled her eyes before a DING resonated throughout the lobby, and two metal door slid open to reveal a raggedy haired, wrinkly, pug faced old woman.

She slowly waddled over to the desk with the help of her cane. After heaving herself behind the desk, she sat there, seemingly waiting; everything was silent. "I'm assuming you're looking for a theatre, so just come to the third floor when you're ready," she explained. "And in no way think you'll be getting off easy for wrecking my doors!" She slowly slid off of the chair behind the desk, taking some papers with her; and made her way back to the elevator. Everyone looked back, only to see one of the revolving door bars broken off, and the regular door's glass all scratched up."Whoops," Thunderstar muttered.
When she had left, Windstar looked to the others in surprise. "Who knew she had a recording studio?"

Hola again, hoped you liked it! Adios!