Hello ere'body! I know this chapter is short, and also kind of a filler, but the next one is going to be good! i really like writing relatable, slice-of-life moments, so the next chapter is going to be perfect for me.

"Echosong, right?" Asked Thunderstar.

The girl on the stage nodded.

"Well," Thunder wiped the tiredness from his eyes, "You can start whenever you want."

Thunderstar turned and eyed his fellow judges.

They all looked terrible.

Shadowstar could barely keep her eyes open, Windstar's eyes were glazed over, Skystar was slumped over in his chair, and Riverstar was leaning against the orchestra pit wall for support. And, to be honest with himself, he probably wasn't looking too great either. At least, he didn't feel great, he felt like a semi truck had run him over, and then ran him over again in reverse.

A sharp cough brought his attention back to the stage. The girl was standing awkwardly next to the microphone. "So, what did you think?"

"Oh, uh," Thunderstar blanked, he hadn't even realized she had been singing, "It was great." He made a checkmark on her form and placed it back in the music stand. "You can go sit down now."

The girl ran back into the audience and Thunderstar turned to watch her go. With a dawning horror he realized the crowd hadn't seemed to have shrunk at all, in fact, it seemed to have grown.

The ginger glanced back at his tired friends, and then back at his watch, it read 7:30.

Alright, I can't stay here for another six hours. He grabbed the megaphone and turned to the audience, "Everyone, I'm sorry, but it seems auditions have gone on longer than we thought. I'm going to have to ask you to leave." He heard a couple of groans from the audience. "Now, if you really want a part in this musical, then you'll have to come back in tomorrow at one in the afternoon. Make sure to be here on time and have a good night!"

The audience slowly made their way to the elevator, piling in about ten people at a time. A group of people marched out from backstage, not even looking close to tired.

Thunderstar did a quick double-take, They've been working back there just as long as we've been working out here, how are they not tired? He waved down Sandstorm as she passed. The dirty-blonde girl jogged over to him, "Yeah, Thunderstar, what is it?"

Thunderstar looked from the judges to Sandstorm a few times, "How are you not as tired as we are?"

Sandstorm laughed, "I brought in a few friends of mine, most of them work in construction, like Dustpelt over there, and a few of them are just general outdoors-men, like Lionheart. We don't tire easily."

"I can see where that could be useful."

"Well, anyways," Sandstorm said, jabbing a thumb at the elevator routinely getting packed with people, "I'd better get going then." With that, she hurried off to join her friends in waiting for the elevator.

Thunderstar slumped back into one of the chairs and looked over at his friends, "I sent them home you guys." This statement incited a half-hearted cheer from the four.

"But you guys do realize we have to do this all over again tomorrow, right?"

This statement incited a colossal groan from the four.