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My disclaimer is that any lines or people you recognize belong to Disney (bless them for their brilliant live action adaption and for the classic tale). Anything unique is mine. I was partly inspired by the fanfiction piece "Fate Likes to Play" and by a German movie adaption of "The Three Feathers" but I hope I put my own spin on the tale.

It also is a bit slow as I build the background so if you want to start in the action, skip to Chapter 4 and then come back and read the intro chapters.

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Once in a time, not so far go, in a kingdom not so far away, there lived a good king who had three sons.

The King was a fair and kind ruler and his kingdom had lived in peace and prosperity during his reign.

However, he was growing older and wished to retire to spend his final years training his hawks and reminiscing of his late wife.

One night, the aging king had a dream. In his dream, he went to the pearly gates of Heaven where Saint Peter praised his just and fair reign. The king then asked Saint Peter if it was just and right for his firstborn to become king simply because he was born first. Saint Peter frowned and shook his head no. Then, the king awoke suddenly just as three feathers fell from his favorite stuffed hawk. He collected the feathers, feeling like something important had just happened and he might need them later on.

The King then remembered the promise he made to his wife when their youngest son was born. He had promised his wife that he would pick amongst his sons the one best suited to rule when the time came to pass on the crown. He had always counted on her being there to help him decide and was uncertain of how to choose on his own.

His chief trouble arose from the fact that his sons were so different from one another, especially his last-born.

The eldest son, Prince Kane was a strong, well-muscled man with dark brown hair and eyes. He was handsome in the way that a bird of prey is handsome: powerful, graceful, and dangerous. He was suave and charming and well versed in the art of manipulation. He greatly desired the throne and the power that came with it. He spent most of his time with his father's chief advisor, training, or playing his own mind games on the courtiers. Many ladies of the court longed to be on his arm and become the queen one day.

The middle son, Prince Kurt was as strong as a bull and built like one too, with large muscles, a larger nose, and a face that easily turned red with anger, with a head full of mud brown hair. He was forever getting into brawls and bullying others, especially his younger brother. What he lacked in intelligence, he made up for in brawn and might. He wanted the throne because he wanted to be the most feared and respected man and claim the glory of every battle. Several ladies and many servant girls swooned over his muscles.

The youngest son, Prince Kit, differed greatly from his older brothers in both looks and temperament. He had rich brown hair that always seemed tousled about even if he combed it and brilliant blue eyes. His frame was tall, lithe and wiry. His smile truly lit up his face. However, very few got to see it. He was quiet and observant where his brothers were loud and attention seeking. He preferred to spend his days reading or exploring outdoors. He was a curious child who was forever wondering how and why. He also loved animals and they loved him for his gentle touch, soft voice, and caring heart. Sadly, due to his quiet nature and humble appearance, he was ignored by the court and tormented as being a simpleton and a weakling by his brothers. He did not desire the throne but only wanted a way to help the people and animals of the kingdom have happier lives. The ladies of the court paid him no mind and very few of the servant girls swooned over him.

However, Fate rather fancied Kit and had other plans for him.
Soon events would unfold to reveal the true power of kindness, courage, and magic.

Hopefully I got the fairy tale vibe down with the intro. Let me know in the comments below