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"Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic"
The magic of Cinderella has alway enchanted me.
Enjoy the happily ever after

The king was seated on his throne with both a confused and resigned look on his lined face.

Before him stood Kane with his bride Hannah, and Kurt with his bride Kitty.

The king was trying to decide which of the brides was the most beautiful, and thus determine who would be his heir.

Even though Hannah was beautiful, she unnerved him although he couldn't say why. The girl had been perfectly polite, her manner impeccable and her words flawless and sweet. But the king's heart was warning him against her, saying her heart was frozen.

For Kurt's choice, Kitty, he felt more uneasy but less panicked. She seemed bubbly and innocent and pleased with everything but his heart again protested, saying her heart was mercenary and selfish.

Julius was anxious and kept urging him to make a decision but his heart kept protesting.

"Come now, sire, either one of them would make a beautiful bride. You must pick your heir soon." Julius was desperate for the king to pick one now before Kit came back.

"The simpleton won't find a bride in the woods so you best pick now to spare him the embarrassment when he retires to the stables."

The king nodded in agreement but his finger kept wavering between the two.

As for Kit's friends, they kept eyeing the door, praying that Kit would come through.

Hannah reminded Alistair of a spider, weaving her web.
She caused Edmund to think of a of a siren, luring men to death with her beauty and song.
She was a good match for his Kane, with his calculating nature but as a queen, she couldn't be trusted.

Kitty irritated them both with her babbling and their eyes watered at her pink dress.
She would be a big, spoiled baby as queen, throwing hissy fits.

Just as the king seemed to sigh in resignation, Kit appeared with an angel on his arm atop the grand staircase.

The court gasped at her beauty and how much more Kit looked like a prince now.

They seemed to glide down the stairs and at the bottom, Kit bowed and Cinderella went into a deep curtsy.

The court parted as they approached the throne.

Kane and Kurt gasped at seeing Cinderella.
Hannah's eyes narrowed though she put on a polite smile while Kitty frowned and stepped on Kurt's foot.

The king himself leaned forward but Julius spoke up before he could say anything.

"Sire, the beauty on the simpleton's arm is not of this world and certainly not of this kingdom! He has cheated and disgraced you yet again!" Julius' voiced was high pitched in his panic and he squeaked at the end.

The king silenced him with one hand and looked seriously at Kit but he had a twinkle in his eyes.
"He is right my boy, the beauty on your arms is not of this world."

"She is of this kingdom though. She comes from the forest just beyond the castle. Both her mother and father have passed away so, she was on her own. Her name" Kit gestured her forward. "is Cinderella."

She curtseyed again and then spoke. " I just wanted to say, Your Majesty, your son Kit is the most lovely person I ever met. So kind and brave. I hope you know how much he loves you. Excuse me for speaking out of turn."

Kit grasped her hand and they smiled softly at each other.

The king was taken aback at first but then recovered and said, "It's alright, my dear."

Julius interrupted the moment, "But sire, surely you can't-"

The king cut him off with a gesture to the musicians to begin.

As the first notes wandered through the ballroom, Kit turned to Cinderella.
"Your highness, if I may…that is, it would give me the greatest pleasure, if you would do me the honor, of letting me lead you through this. The first…"

The youngest Prince hesitated as he got lost in her beauty once more.

Cinderella finished his question with a bright smile, "Dance?"
Kit laughed, "Yes, dance. That's it'
Cinderella smiled and nodded her head, suddenly shy.

Kit put one hand around Cinderella's waist and she gasped at the feel of his strong hand on her.

They began to dance around the room. She was nervous since she had never learned how but she trusted Kit wholeheartedly her and followed his lead.

They hadn't been this close to each since he treated her wounds and now all he could think about was how beautiful she was as they glided around.

Cinderella looked around and said nervously, "They're all looking at you."

Kit shook his head and smile warmly. "Believe me, they're all looking at you."

Indeed, the court was enthralled by their grace and poise as they whirled around.

But what attracted the most attention was their sheer happiness and how well they seemed to fit together.

Neither Kit nor Cinderella had never been so happy as when she was in his arms.

They were in a world all their own, no one else exited beyond the music and the touch of their hands and the brilliance of their smiles.

The king saw their happiness and called them forward as soon as the song had ended.

They each needed a moment to come down from their cloud of happiness and reawaken to the presence of other people in the world but then they approached the throne cautiously.

The king put his sternest expression on and asked Kit, "I have heard what she thinks of you. I know you have already told me about a maiden, whom I presume is this maiden. But what will she bring to the kingdom?"

Kit looked at Cinderella and smiled. Though he could go on for hours about her, he decided on a simple response.

"Father, Cinderella sees the world not as it is, but as it could be, if only one believes in courage, and kindness and occasionally…just a little bit of magic."

Cinderella blushed prettily and beamed at Kit as she touched his cheek.

The king smiled and his heart warmed. "Just so. You've become your own man, Kit. Good. And perhaps with the little time left to me I could become the father you have always deserved. You must not marry for advantage, that Julius always goes on about."

Julius gaped at the king but the king was done listening to Julius.

"You must marry for love, you must marry this girl, the one in the glass slippers." Cinderella giggled and Kit hugged his father, so glad that he saw him as he was now, a man in love with a wonderful girl, a man ready to handle the burden of the crown but most of all his son who loved him dearly.

"I name Prince Kittridge as my heir and your future ruler."

The king turned to Kane and Kurt. "You are hereby subject to Kit's rule and will." Ignoring their open mouths and mutters of disbelief, he turned to Kit and gestured him forward.

Kit addressed his brothers. "Brothers, we have never been close-"

Kurt and Kane tried to protest but Kit cut them off. "Still, I love you and forgive you for what you have done."

They looked at each other with relief. Maybe there was still a chance-

"But" Kane and Kurt looked up with dread on their faces. "You have each wanted the throne for too long to get over it overnight. So, I propose that you take a voyage away somewhere and return when you are content with your lot in life and when you can provide a service to the kingdom."

Cinderella squeezed his hand. She was glad Kit forgave his brothers and gave them a chance to return.

Kane scowled at Kit. He and Hannah walked haughtily out of the throne room. They would go to the Southern Isles where Hannah hoped to regroup before trying a different kingdom for the throne.
However, Hannah's brothers kept Kane and Hannah in line and he and Hannah spent most of their time trying and failing to sway the court to their side, to little avail.

Kitty and Kurt walked away too, arguing all the while. They ended abroad Mudd's ship where Hannah joined the business while Kurt provide the muscle. Life wasn't easy or clean much of the time but they grew to like the exotic dancer business.

The king was finally able to rest and he did so quite content to train his hawks and read his books and smell the roses.

His health improved once Kit fired Julius and sent him packing. Julius ended up working as a valet to very a deaf lord who took to yelling at him, both since the lord couldn't hear his own voice, and because he wanted to keep Julius in line.

The king soon always seen while a content smile on his face, especially when he saw Kit and Cinderella together.

And so, Kit had faced all of the challenges and with courage, kindness and a little help from Fate, he became king.

Kit and Cinderella were married on May Day in a lovely ceremony where the very flowers seemed to be prettier that day, and blooming all over and many animals took part in the wedding ceremony.

Their kiss as they became husband and wife was a kiss of true love, the kind powerful enough to break any spell and that showed their love was last far longer than forever.

They were counted to be the fairest and kindest rulers the kingdom had known and they heralded in a new golden age of hope, courage, kindness and love.

"To be seen as we truly are, is the biggest risk we will ever take. Will we be enough as we really are?" I was scared to publish my story, for I felt like I was being seen as I truly was. Thank you all for helping me to see it's not as scary as I thought and for accepting my attempts.

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