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Note: The setting takes place AFTER the Chunin Exam Invasion, but BEFORE the Sasuke Retrieval Mission.

World 1 Scene 1: Shinobi of Winx

Within the Hokage Tower, Tsunade, the current Hokage, was at a tough battle against an enemy of ancient times...paperwork!

(A woman's scream was heard)

Her eyebrow was twitching immensely, as her patience level was nearing its end. Glancing to the side, her eyes widened when she saw the former small pile left, multiply into a HUGE pile.

"That's it!" She shouted, and stood up. Glaring at the papers, she began doing handsigns for a Katon jutsu. During which, a knock came at the door. It opened to show Tsunade's apprentice, Shizune.

"Tsunade-sama, is everything okay?" She asked.

Suddenly, the two women began to glow, and before they knew it, they vanished in a flash of light, stopping Tsunade from burning the paperwork. The room was empty, leaving only the piles of paper, which somehow a low menacing chuckle was sounding from it.


Outside of the village, Team 7 consisting of Jonin instructor Kakashi Hatake, and his genin, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha, were walking back to the village after finishing up another C-Rank mission. It was an easy one, merely stopping a group of bandit from attacking a small town.

As they walked, the group did their own things. Kakashi was reading his precious Icha-Icha book, Sasuke was thinking on how to adapt his training to grow stronger, Sakura was thinking about going shopping, maybe inviting her rival Ino, and Naruto was drooling at the thought of going to Ichiraku for ramen and maybe hang out with Konohamaru and his friends.

However, before they could react, they began to glow.

"What the?!" Naruto shouted in surprise. Before Kakashi could react, the group vanished in a flash.

In their training ground, Team 8 consisting of Kurenai Yuhi, Kabi Inuzuka, Hinata Hyuuga, and Shino Aburame, were traing hard as Kureani supervised her genin with a proud smile on her face. Suddenly, the team began go glow, making Hinata gasp, and Kurenai curse, thinking it was an attack. Before they knew it, the vanished.

Meanwhile, the same thing happened to Team 10 and Team Gai. Along with several other individuals around Konoha. And no one was the wiser of their disappearance.

In a large flash of light, the taken individuals appeared in the sky and fell down with yells. Before their shinobi instincts to save them, the crashed down hard into the ground in a pile of tangled limbs.


"What the hell?!"

"What's going on?!"


"Ow! My youthful behind!"

"...Naruto, please remove you hand from there."

"Ah! S-Sorry, Kurenai-sensei!"

After managing to get themselves out of the pile, the group stood up and looked around in caution and confusion. The place they found themselves in was nothing but a blank of white. Literally nothing around.

"Where the hell are we?!" Kiba asked, sounding the question everyone was asking.

Tsunade looked at Jiraiya who stood at her side. "What is this Jiraiya?" She asked, to which the toad sage shrugged. He had been pulled from his 'research', so he too was a bit mad. Along with him, were Anko Mitarashi who was chatting with her best friend Kurenai, Konohamaru, Moegi, Udon, who were talking with Naruto, and Iruka, who stood next to his favorite former student and current ones with a smile.

"You guess is as good as mine, Hime." He stated, looking around with narrowed eyes. Tsunade growled, and turned her anger-filled eyes to a certain orange genin.

"Naruto! If this is another one of your pranks, I will shun you from ramen forever!" She growled, making the whiskered blonde pale. He raised his hands, waving them frantically.

"I didn't do this! I swear!" He shouted.

Suddenly everyone heard a chuckle, making them sense. "Now, now, Tsunade-chan. No need to bite the gaki's head off." An echoing voice sounded out.

Tsunade narrowed her eyes at the voice as she looked around. "Are you the one who brought us here? Show yourself!"

The voice chuckled again, but this time, it sounded closer. "As you wish." It came right behind them. Snapping around, everyone saw a figure wearing a black cloak and hood that covered their features completely standing behind them. Tsunade glowed at the figure and took a threatening step forward.

"Who are you?!" She demanded. However, her threatening didn't seem to work, as the figure merely chuckled.

"Calm yourself, Trigger-chan." He said, making a vein appear on the busty blonde's forehead at the name. Holding his hands up in defense, the figure continued. "The name's Shin."

"Shin?" Jiraiya repeated.

"Well, officially it's Juubi no Shinju." 'Shin' said making a certain fox inside Naruto widen his eyes. "But for your sake, just call me Shin...or Juubi-sama! Whichever works for you. And as for where we are, well...where at the border."

"The border of what?" Asuma asked. Impossible, a whitey and large toothy grin appeared from the shadows of the hood. Shin raised his arms high and wide.

"The border of the Naruto-verse!"

"The what?!" Naruto shouted in surprise and confusion, along with everyone else. Naruto-verse? What the hell did that mean?!

Shin nodded, and with a snap of his fingers, many picture frames appeared around the group. However, instead of pictures, they showed clip, which featured,

"Me?!" Naruto asked. Indeed, in the frames, showed Narutos, but they were all different.

Shin nodded. "Yes, you see gaki, your existence is the center of this part of existence. Just as other focused individuals are the center of their own universes. In this part of the universe, there are many alternate dimensions, each holding their own Naruto Uzumakis. Each in many shapes, sizes, or forms. You could be a boy, a girl, an animal, even be born in a different family; hell, even good or evil, but each Naruto is the center focus of their realm. Hence the title Naruto-verse."

"Woah!" Naruto muttered as he looked at one frame, that showed a red haired Naruto leading a group of strange people, a dark haired teen in a weird outfit, an orange skinned girl with red hair, a man that had his body covered in metal armor, a young boy with green skin, and a girl wearing a dark blue cloak. He watched as they fought many bad guys of shapes and sizes.

Kakashi hummed as he looked at a frame that showed a Naruto with black hair that shockingly enough, possessed the Sharingan. Everyone else looked at the frame, holding different reactions. Kiba scoffed as he saw a Naruto wielding a sword of light cutting through strange metal things. "No way this isn't real." He muttered. Hinata was blushing as she looked at a scene where a Naruto was wearing the Hokage outfit and at his side was a grown up version of her, holding his hand. She looked ready to pass out.

Jiraiya gasped when he saw a teenage Naruto wearing a red coat with black flames at the bottom standing with his arms crossed on top of a large Gamakichi, who stood on top of Gamabunta. However, the thing that shocked the sage the most, where his eyes. They were golden with a toad-like bar for pupils. "Sage Mode." He muttered in shock.

Tenten was drooling, as she looked at a frame of Naruto piloting a LARGE humanoid machine, firing weapons that were able to destroy entire ships the size of a continent. "I want one." She muttered, having hearts for eyes. Lee and Neji saw this, and went pale, praying to every Shinto God that their trigger-happy, sharp weapon loving teammate never got her hands on one of these 'Gundam' as they were called.

Tsunade's eyes widened when she saw herself holding a young Naruto, no older than 5, in her arms, the two holding large smiles on their faces. 'Naruto...as my son?' She thought in shock, before softly smiling, tears gathering in her eyes. She had always saw the little gaki as a younger brother, but the idea of having a son to raise...

Shin nodded at the group as they each looked at the different version. "The Universe is a place of immense possibilities. Anything and everything is possible."

Kakashi looked away from a frame displaying a red haired Naruto with strange grey eyes with rings in them and looked at the being. "But why bring us here?" He asked, making everyone look at the cloaked figure. Though a red faced Naruto had a hard time looking away from a frame which showed him with many women around him, several holding him in a tight hold and kissing his face. It was worse due to the fact that ALL the women had breasts that rivaled Tsunade's.

Shin looked at them, before snapping his fingered. Instantly, a sphere appeared in his hand. It was a shiny silver, like it was made of stainless metal, and was the size of a basketball. "In this realm, I am a God." He stated, making the older shinobi tense. "And I have decided to allow you to be able to see into the other alternate dimension as a form of entertainment."

"Really?" Anko asked, a bit skeptic. She would admit that seeing all the versions of the gaki intrigued her. Not to mention that seeing a black haired version of the shrimp with red eyes and fangs sucking the blood of several people turned her one a bit, and wanted to see if there were more of him. 'How knew a dark gaki could be so hot?' She thought with a grin, thinking of what fun she could have with him. For some reason, Naruto felt a shiver do down his spine, feeling a sense of dread.

Shin nodded. "Yep! Besides, I'm not the only God doing this, so I decided 'What the heck?' and screw the rules a bit. So, you game?" He asked with an unseen grin.

"I'm in!" Naruto quickly said, wanting to see more cool versions of himelf. Konohamaru and his friends raised their hands as well. Looking at one another, the group figured it couldn't hurt and nodded in agreement. Though Kiba wondered if they will see cool version of him.

Nodding, Shin threw the sphere at Naruto, who caught it. "Great! Now, the process is simple. You just need to place your hand on top of the sphere, and the room with change to show the dimension. They will appear at random, so expect the unexpected. Also, the images will basically be holograms, er genjutsu." He explained after getting confused looks at the word. "Meaning, you can see and hear what is happening, but you can't interact and the people don't know you're there. It'll be like a movie theater. Speaking of which." With another snap, chairs and a long couch appeared. "Time here is at a still to the outside world, so don't worry about the village going into panic at your disappearance." Tsunade nodded in thanks. "If you get hungry, snacks and drinks will be served, and yes Naruto, ramen too. Breaks can be given if needed. Any questions?" He asked, getting head shakes. "Then let's get started. Naruto, if you would please." The blonde nodded, and put his hand on top of the sphere. His hand sunk in a bit, showing the sphere was like liquid metal, and felt smooth and cool to him.

Instantly, the area changed, and became a different scene. Looking around, everyone saw that they were in some kind of neighborhood, with a ruined house made out of stone and bricks near them. The scene zoomed in a bit, and showed two girls, one with long red fiery hair, and the other with long blonde hair. The two seemed to be surround by strange goblin like creatures. There were also two large ugly creatures. Everyone watched as the scene played.

Bloom managed to lure the tiny little ghouls from Stella to the outside, but the fairy princess that she helped earlier that day was smashed through the window of her house. It seemed to start as a normal day until she met Stella of Solaria and unconsciously used magic. The blue skinned troll that attacked them moved out of the house towards them.

"Did she say 'magic'?" Ino asked, as the group took note that they could also hear the thoughts of the girl.

Kuranai shrugged. "Well it is a different realm, so such things could be possible." She said, though she too found the existence of magic to be a stretch.

'We really need some help.' Bloom thought as Stella smirked and said, "Don't worry, I called the heroes." The ogre that was there had been tossed out by Stella, right on the miniature monsters. Bloom started helping Stella up, but the troll was right next to them until from out of nowhere, a purple colored whip end restrained the beast. Bloom looked to where the end of the whip was and saw five boys her age in semi-tight uniforms and capes in the same color with transparent swords of different looks and colors.

"Whoah!" Naruto and Konohamaru shouted in awe as they saw the group fight the strange creature, practically having stars in their eyes.

"YOSH! Such youthful outfits!" Lee shouted as he looked at the outfits the males were wearing. It made them look so youthful! Gai was the same as his students, and wondered on making the attire his team's uniform. Neji and Tenten shivered in dread.

"Guys I'm ready." Said the brown haired boy with the glasses, Timmy, as he held a gun-like device.

"Let's take this beast to jail where he belongs." Said the blonde haired boy next to him, 'Brandon', as he readied his phanto-shield and longsword.

"What's the rush? I say we have some fun first," The purple haired boy, Riven, said as he held the whip with a short blade.

"This our first mission Riven, so I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you." Brown Haired Sky said as another blonde, with cat like slits in his bright blue eyes and three whisker marks on his tan cheeks, added, "Sky's right Riven. Stay focused on the mission." He held his phanto-katana at the ready. Bloom watched the heroes fight but she could not take her eyes off the blond boy with the whisker marks on his cheeks.

"Boss look! That's you!" Konohamaru pointed out. Hinata's face turned red at the heroic look the alternate Naruto held.

"I look awesome!" Naruto said with glee. Sasuke scoffed.

"To bad you can't be like that." He mocked, making the blond glare at him. The others ignored the arguing duo and focused on the scene. However, Iruka had a thoughtful look as he had seen the way the red haired girl looked at the alternate Naruto.

The one that had the troll in the whips was pulled and thrown over its head and he landed on his back. The troll can charging and the Brandon use his shield to block all of the blows sending shock wave around from each hit. Sky jumped and slashed the ground causing it to split. Timmy fire three blasts from his gun and the troll was off balance trying to keep from falling into the new canyon below it. The last boy that Bloom was watching the most then jumped high into the air and did a bicycle kick right on top of the trolls head. It fell into the ground.

As the guy high five each other Riven got up and attack the ghouls as he threw one off him the orge punch him sending him flying. As the orge turned to the other boys he was knock to the ground but the energy blast by Bloom and Stella.

Tsunade raised a brow at the strange attack the two girls did. It looked like a pure energy attack, very much different from their jutsu.

He got up and saw the he was surrounded. He then clapped his hands and teleported himself and some ghouls away.

Stella the said, "Bloom these are the guy from Red Fountain I was talking about, Riven, Timmy, Prince Sky, Brandon," then she turned to the blond one, "And this is Naruto."

"Nice to meet you Bloom," Naruto said as he held out his hand. Bloom blushed as she shook his hand. Then the troll started to climb out of the hole rubbing its head. One of the boy placed a collar on it and ring appeared and trapped him. They made it float in the air and Bloom asked, "Where are you guys taking him?"

"Back to Red Fountain. See you at Alfea, Bloom," Naruto said as they heroes and the troll disappeared.

"Wow! That was so cool!" Naruto said. Shikamaru had to agree.

"Still, too bad that other one got away." He said. Asuma nodded.

"True, but at least no one got hurt." He said. Suddenly the scene shifted again, and everyone saw it become day, and they appeared in what was no doubt the inside of the house. There they saw a blonde haired man.

It was morning as Bloom's father was sweeping up the mess that happened with the ogre and the troll.

"You know, it would be easy for me to fix this with a spell." Stella offered as she walked in the door. The man shook his head and said, "Thanks, but I prefer it the old fashion way."

The jonin nodded. Somethings the old way was the best way. The genin however grumbled, wishing they could be allowed to use their jutsu to finish their dreaded D-Ranks faster.

"Bloom's ready to go." His wife said as she appeared with her daughter, with a big suitcase all packed up. The man looked at his daughter and said, "Are you sure about this sweetie?"

"Yes dad. I'm going with Stella to the Alfea School for Fairies in the realm of Magix." Bloom said softly, but determined.

Ino blinked. "Did she say 'Fairies'?" She asked. Everyone also caught that and looked at Shin, who nodded.

"In this world, the realm is one of magic. Those fairy tale stories actually hold truth to them, coming from fact. Stuff like fairies, pixies, goblins, and magic are actually realm in some worlds."

"Whoa, who would have thought?" Kiba muttered, getting a nod from Shino.

"Call us as soon as you get there, and let us know everything. I still can't believe we agreed to this. What if you get sick? What if you meet these monsters again?"

"Dad I'll be careful. I promise." Bloom said stopping her father's worried rant. Her mother hugged her and said, "Bloom, we love you very much, and please come home as soon as the session's over next summer. We'll miss you."

"And I'll miss you both so much." Bloom was getting ready to go when her father said, "Did you really think I'd let you go without checking the place out for myself?" She was happily surprised at this.

"It's not usually allowed, but rules were made to be broken." Stella said after Bloom's father got his firefighter's jacket.

Naruto and Konohamaru nodded with a grin. They loved break rules. Their looks and visible thoughts earns them slaps to the back of their heads from Iruka, who scolded them with a look, making them pout.

Stella then used turned her ring into a long, rod like scepter and transported herself, Bloom, and Bloom's parents to a forest just outside Alfea. Bloom stared up at the school, she was sad her parents could not get a closer look at this place because of the barrier, cause those images did not do Alfea any justice.

The shinobi were in awe at the size and beauty of Alfea, some of the girls wishing they could go there.

She then notice on of the teachers checking students names off a check board as they come in. "Stella my name is not on the list."

"Don't worry, my friend Princess Victoria was going to come here but decided to home school instead. I was going to give a letter to the head mistress but I think we will just keep this to ourselves. No one here knows what she looks like so we are golden." As they got closer Stella said, "That is Griselda, the head of discipline."

"As you should know Stella. How we let you back in I will never know." Griselda said spying them.

"Maybe it was the new Computer lab my parents sent?" Stella said with a smile.

"I'm getting an Iruka-vibe from this woman." Naruto said. Iruka's eye twitched and pulled the blonde into a headlock.

"Oh really?" He asked and rubbed his fist on top of Naruto's head, who tried to get out of the hold.

"I wonder what Stella did." Ino asked, but didn't get an answer.

Griselda glared, after getting checked out and the new class got the directions to their dorms, Stella and Bloom found their room. "I hope we get better roommates then I did last year, talk about major problem with their wardrobe. I shouldn't have that problem as I will be getting a single room."

"Um, Stella," Bloom said before she pointing to the sign which had Stella's name as well as another name on it meaning…"What!? I have a roommate!?"

"Mom's willing to give you another chance but she thought that I could keep you out of trouble." Said a voice behind them. They turned to see a girl about there age with long bright pink hair. "Name's Sakura."

Sakura's eye widened when she saw the alternate version of her. She took note that her other had a more slim figure, making her a bit jealous. But she pushed it back as she gave a fist pump. "Yeah! I get to go to this school! Take that, Ino-pig!" She gloated, making the Yamanaka grumble.

Hinata frowned, a bit jealous of Sakura, and wondered if her version will appear. "Um, Sakura? Did your other say that your mother works here?"

Sakura blinked when she remembered that. She wondered how that was.

"I'm Bloom, uh I mean bloom is a name I like a lot, but it's not really my name. I'm Victoria vi Valisto." Bloom said hastily as she shook Sakura's hand. Sakura looked at her oddly, but didn't say anything else.

"Smooth, girly. Almost blew your cover there." Anko muttered with a chuckle.

"Let's go meet our dorm mates Victoria-san, and Stella, just because the school got a new mystic computer lab doesn't change the damage done to the potions lab." She then got scarily angry as she put her emerald eyes right up in Stella's brown, "You caused so much damage that the school is STILL cleaning up, and the lab won't be used for another month!"

"What's all this commotion?" A girl with magenta colored haired asked as she exited a room with an Asian looking girl with black pigtails.

"Yeah, it's messing with my groove." the pig tailed girl said as another girl came out with long brown hair and a kind expression.

"Sorry, but miss genius here was bitching me out about the potions lab." Stella said as Sakura was a little sheepish.

Sakura's eyebrow twitched a bit at being said she was 'bitching'. She took a deep breath and called herself. Nothing she could do since as Shin said, she couldn't touch the people.

"Sorry about that." She said as she then got a serious look and added, "Now, please place your luggage in your room and follow me so we can be on time for orientation. It's only the first day so no real classes. My name's Sakura and I hope you enjoy your education at Alfea."

"Name's Musa." The pig tailed girl said as the brown haired one came up next, "My name is Flora and I'm happy to meet you all."

"I am Techna, and it is a pleasure to meet you." The girls introduced each other and followed Sakura and Stella to the auditorium where the various teachers where there as an elderly woman with a kind hearted appearance stood at the podium and began her speech, "Hello to one and all new students. I am Faragonda, the headmistresses of Alfea College for Fairies. This castle shall be your home for the next five years, and as you study the powers of your magic you may find your life's calling. Many of you may use your magical powers to fight evil, aid the sick, or even aid others in all sorts of situations. While most of you have received a student handbook that lists your classes, and has a guideline for behavior as a student of Alfea, there is one thing I must press as extra precaution: stay away from Cloud Tower. There is no punishment as the witches may come up with something far worse then anything that Griselda, head of discipline, or myself would ever hand out. As there are no classes for today, you are free to explore to be more familiar with Alfea. You are all dismissed, and have a pleasant year here at Alfea." She ended the speech with by teleporting out in a flash of light, taking many students by surprise as they left to explore the place.

'She kinda reminds me of the old man.' Naruto thought, a faint smile at the thought of the deceased Third Hokage.

Anko whistled at the move. "Sweet teleportation." She said, with Kurenai nodded in agreement.

Bloom decided to hang out with her new dorm mates. They dorm mates all talked and gotten to now each other before Stella suggested that they head into town for a pizza. Bloom was nervous; she did not like lying to all her friends but knew she could not stay if she did not. The town was not what she expected. It was almost normal and futurist at the same time.

Just them the scene changed and they appeared in front of a familiar being.

"Hey! It's that yellow creature!" Naruto said. Ino had a deadpanned look.

"What is he doing?" She asked as the group watched the creature...trying on glasses?

In a store that sold eye glasses Knut was trying on different pairs, as he did not like his frames too well. His pair was pink and had flower on the side, "How are these? Do they bring out the color of my eyes?" he asked the sale person as he looked in the mirror by the window. Due to the glasses he notices that Stella and Bloom were walking by. "Did you see that?"

The sale man said he also saw the girls and the orge ran out the shop, the sale man scream for him to come and pay for those. In an ally he made a call on his cell the woman on the other line answered, "You better have a good reason for calling or I will turn you into something you did not think possible."

The group narrowed their eyes at the dark voice from the device. They had a bad feeling in their guts.

"I saw the princess with the Solaria Ring and the Earth girl in town." Knut said.

The woman grinned, "Good met us in Witches ally."

Bloom groaned as she nearly blew her cover again with her cell phone she gave to Techna. She was offered Techna's calling card before a voice behind them said, "So the rumors are true, Sunspot is back in Alfea."

With the seen change, they group appeared back with the girls. Hearing the voice, they looked to the side. Sasuke's eyes widened and gasped. "Mom?!" He asked, taking everyone by surprise. 'What is she doing here?! Did she survive the massacre?!'

Naruto looked at his rival in surprise. "You mom?!"

Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Iruka narrowed their eyes as they looked at the approaching female. Something felt wrong here. They took in her young appearance, way different than the beautiful and mature woman they knew.

"Um, Sasuke...I don't think that's you mother." Iruka told the young Uchiha. He knew Mikoto from when she picked Sasuke up from the academy and teacher-parent meetings.

Sasuke looked at his former teacher in confusion before turning back to the young girl that look very much like a younger version of his mother. 'Than who is this?'

"What do you want Sasuke?" Stella asked as the girls looked over to a new girl that had walked in next to them. She as an attractive girl with curves that seemed to be accented by her outfit of black denim pants and a dark blue shirt with a red and white fan woven on the stomach area. Her dark eyes were seen as she lowered her shades just a tad. She had a tomato in her hand as she bit into it.

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

Sasuke was frozen as a statue, pale as Orochimaru with wide eyes and an open mouth, the same with Sakura and Ino. Naruto and the other boys struggled to hold in their laughter, but failed, and began howling in laughter. Even Shino and Neji began chuckling. The jonin were not sure what to say, except for Anko, who was on the floor laughing. Tsunade raised a brow at the strange event. Jiraiya was struggling between writing in his book for the inspiration, or have a seizure at the trap man thoughts invading his mind.

"What...the...hell?!" Sasuke muttered, before glaring at the laughing boys. "STOP LAUGHING!"

"Oh man!" Naruto gasped as he struggled to breathe. Even the Kyuubi inside him was laughing, haven been watching what was going on. The fox found the Uchiha's humiliation too funny.

"So, Sasuke's a girl in this world? Does that me we're still friends if we aren't fighting over him?" Ino muttered to Sakura, not sure how she should feel about this. The pinkette shrugged.

"Don't know. We could still be rivals over another boy, or ever be gay for the female Sasuke." Sakura replied, equally confused.

Ino pursed her lips in thought. "We might even be fighting over Naruto, since his version looks like he's less annoying and a bit cute." She muttered and the two glanced over at the still laughing Naruto, to which Sasuke grabbed him by the front his jacket in anger. At the moment, the whiskered blonde sneezed over the Uchiha's face, erupting a fight between the two.

Sighing, Tsunade stopped them with punches to the head, separating them. They turned back to the scene, though inwardly, Naruto had to begrudgingly admit that the female Sasuke was a bit...cute. 'Arg! I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth!'

"I just decided to check out the fresh fairy meat for Alfea. I'm not as surprised as I should be that your back. Considering what you did to the potions lab." She said with a smirk. Bloom and the others were curious about this, except Sakura, but Techna spoke, "I have two queries: 1: Isn't Sasuke a man's name, and 2: What exactly happened to the potions lab."

"You better not tell them you witch!" This shocked most of them as they started whispering to each.

The group raised a brow at that. "A witch? That's interesting." Anko muttered, while Sasuke looked to be in thought.

"We're not supposed to be associating with her." Musa whispered, but Sakura stopped it.

"Look girls. We're all freshman here and Sasuke's been my best girl friend since we started living here."

Sakura was surprised by that. She didn't think that her relationship with the Uchiha would be so big to be best friends. She glanced at her teammate and crush, seeing him crossing his arms with a huff, already not liking how things were going.

"It's rude to whisper about me when I'm right in front of you, and as for what happened to the lab, sunspot over there blew it up trying to develop a new shade of pink. It also got her expelled for the year. Heard it was so bad that the staff's still trying to clean it up. Thanks blossom, tomato?" Sasuke said the last part to Sakura and offered part of the tomato. Sakura shook her head while saying, "No, but thanks anyway." She then thought about something else, "I'd ask if you'd join us for pizza, but we already ate."

Naruto pouted. "That's it? I was hoping for something a bit bigger than just trying to make a new color!" He grumbled.

'I'm pretty sure you would have done the same thing to discover a new shade for orange.' Kakashi mentally deadpanned, knowing his student's love/obsession with the color, similar to a certain redhead. 'Like mother like son.'

"It's cool Sakura. Besides I better be going. Don't want to be seen hanging with a bunch of loser fairies. Sayonara." Sasuke said before conjuring a portal of pure darkness and stepped through it.

Sasuke raised a brow at the technique. "Okay, that was cool." He admitted. Maybe this female version of him wasn't as bad as he thought. Still didn't mean he had to like the fact his gender was swapped.

"She gives me the willies." Musa said as she shivered a bit.

"She seems nice for a witch, but she is scary." Flora said seeing the better side of things.

"She is just plain creepy, and I have no idea why she was so nice to Sakura and let us go like that." Techna said, adding her two cents in. Sakura sighed at this before talking, "That's just how she is. We've been friends since we were kids, and she's really sweet once you get to know her."

"Yeah, deep down in that black hole she calls a heart." Stella said as she huffed a bit. Sakura was mad that her friend was being insulted, "You're still pissed at the idea that Naruto preferred a witch over you? By the Dragon you need to grow up!"

Naruto and Sasuke's eyes widened as they turned a bit green at the fact that their versions might...have something! They gagged a bit, before glaring at the other.

Shikamaru sighed at the two. "Troublesome. Calm down you two. It's not like what's happening here will affect your lives." He said. Holding their glares a bit more, the two turned away with a huff, making everyone roll their eyes.

Bloomed remember something and said, "Shoot! I need to call my parents. Techna, can I borrow that card?" Techna nodded and handed her the card. Bloom said a quick thanks and dashed off to the nearest interdimensional phone. "Yeah mom it has been great nothing really change since I last called you…two hours ago." She then spotted Knut walking by and said, "Hey mom wouldn't it be better if I call you tomorrow? No it's nothing I am just using a friend's calling cards so I think I should just call tomorrow bye."

Bloom hung up the phone, pulled the card out, and then followed the orge to an ally way and hide behind two trashcans. Three witches waited for him the tallest one with a high white ponytail muttered, "Well?"

"I saw the princess and the earth girl down Wand Avenue." Knut said point towards Bloom, who ducked thinking she was spotted. The one of the witches sense something, "Girls we have an uninvited guess."

Naruto grew worried for the redhead. "Oh crap!"

The leader smirked, "Take care of it," she ordered. The first witch made a sign and a violet outline was around her before splitting from her and became a copy.

Bloom figure that she was not spotted tried to look over the trashcans but the ogre blocked her view. She did not see a witch was now behind her. Bloom grinned as the ogre moved before she was blasted in the back but an energy blast and was knocked in front of the witches. "That's her! That's the Earth girl!" screamed Knut.

"Who are you?" Bloom asked as she was brought before the three witches, one of them being the longhaired witch that attacked her.

"We are witches from Cloud Tower." Said the leader, an older girl with icy silver hair, Icey.

"And we're senior witches. Nobody messes with senior witches." Said the attacker. They talked in a mocking tone as the silver haired one said, "If you tell us where your friend, Stella, is then we might forgive you." Bloom was trapped between the ogre and three witches.

Naruto growled a bit at seeing Bloom in trouble. He really liked her and hoped she will be safe. He wished he could help her, but wasn't able to since he wouldn't be able to tough the witches, much less punch them.

"Back off, I have magic powers!" Bloom said as she sent a bit of magic in the form of dust towards them. Unfortunately, the magic failed to reach them.

"That poor girl barely has any winx. Let me show you what real magic looks like!" The silver haired one said as she started her own magic up. It was shining much more powerfully then the dust that Bloom sent. Icicles formed and caged bloom as one of them said, "It's witch up time" and the long, brown haired one added an attack that shattered the ice and sent Bloom flying back. The last witch, who's hair was dark blue and frizzy, sent a miniaturized Tornado at Bloom while she was down. Bloom was sent flying and grabbed on a ledge.

The genin gasped at seeing her in trouble.

"Get down here!" The silver haired witch said, causing Bloom to fall before she spoke once more, "I hate to be a total witch about it, but I'm running out of patience." She then put Bloom in a coffin of ice and chuckled before saying, "Fairies can't last long on ice. So you better start talking now. Tell us where Stella is." She even scratched her nails on the ice making a sound equivalent to nails on a chalkboard.

"Oh no! Bloom!" Naruto shouted. Iruka put a hand on his shoulder to keep him in place.

"Nothing you can do Naruto." He told his student, even though he too wished he could do something.

"I'm right here!" Stella, Techna, Musa, Flora, and Sakura where there in the alley ready to fight.

"Let her go right now!" Sakura said as the silver haired witch looked at them.

"Yeah right. Knut, time for you to crush those losers." Knut the ogre roared at this command, but the girls wouldn't let him crush them. He rushed them and the managed to dodge and transform at the last minute. Techna's clothes changed to a one piece with cybernetic wings on her back and a helmet for the futuristic look, Musa's new outfit had wings with a red top and skirt with boots, Flora's outfit changed to an elegant flowery dress, Stella's change included an orange top with shorts with her hair becoming twin ponytails, and Sakura's transformation was a cherry blossom pink short kimono with shinobi sandals with a cherry blossom chocker and pinkish, transparent dragonfly wings.

Naruto blushed at how beautiful the other Sakura looked. Not that he didn't think the one here was any less in his eyes. "Wow Sakura-chan! Your other looks great!" He said, making his teammate blush a bit.

"Thanks Naruto." She said with a grin, agreeing with him. She memorized the outfit to see if she could find one like it when they got back home.

Hinata frowned a bit, hoping Naruto would saw something similar when her version appeared, if she ever.

The jonin and seniors were amazed at the transformations the girls took.

"Digital Web," Techna launched beams of green light from both her hands.

The attack struck the ogre and imprisoned him in a net like sphere of green light.

"Sonic Blast," two purple speakers formed on either side of the sphere and blasted the imprisoned ogre with sound. The sphere wavered and became unstable.

"Blossom Storm," cried Sakura and a bunch of sakura petals appeared and spun around the trapped ogre. He kept crying out "Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow," as he was getting cut all over.

"Ivy Rope," Flora blew several streaks of dust from her hand. They landed at the feet of the ogre and entangled him with vines and launched him into the distance.

"Ugh, what a blockhead," Icy said. The three witches turned to face the five determined fairy. Icy launched several more ice crystals at them.

"Get behind me," Techna yelled. "Fire wall." A green shield sprouted from her arm, blocking the icicles.

"Sisters, leave them to me," Stormy extended her index finger towards the shield and fired a bolt of purple lightning at them. The attack blasted all the fairies back. Icy gather energy to freeze the whole area. Stella had her specter out and gathered energy as well. As Icy lunched her attack, Stella teleported everyone, even the frozen Bloom away from there. The whole area was frozen but the fairies were gone.

The genin and academy students cheered at the fairies escaping. The jonin on the other hand took note of how strong the witches were, especially how the white haired one was able to summon ice, reminding Kakashi as the young Hyoton teen that fought alongside Zabuza at his teams's first C-rank mission.

Stella was warming Bloom up with her sun magic away from the witches, still in fairy form.

"It's okay. You could've survived at least another fifteen minutes. You know, considering you're from Earth and all you did splendidly outstanding Bloom." Stella said while the other girls were still there.

Many of the group face palmed at the blowing the redhead's cover. "Smooth move, sun girl." Anko muttered.

"Stella!" The four girls said in unison as Stella nervously turned around.

"Why did you just call her Bloom and say she was from planet Earth?" Flora asked with her hands on her hips looking over them.

"Um, right. There are some tiny minor details that we need to go over. I'll tell you on the way back to Alfea."

"You better Stella! You lied to the school about Bloom's identity, and we're breaking curfew! Mom's gonna be so mad at us." Sakura was angry as she said it. They went back to Alfea and got the whole story from Stella, from her ambush up to her little scheme to smuggle the red headed earth girl in as someone else. Once they got to Alfea all of them we're being quiet.

"I wanna tell Ms. Faragonda the truth." Bloom said as they made their way across the courtyard. Stella's reply to it was, "We'll talk about it later. For now just follow me."

"Freeze!" came the voice of Ms. Griselda as she and the others stopped.

"Where in trouble." Sakura said as she looked at her mother and the head of discipline.

"Do you ladies have any idea what time it is?" Griselda said looking at all of them in a very stern manner.

"We were worried about you girls. Now go to bed right away and we'll talk about this tomorrow morning." Faragonda said as they walked up, but Bloom was stopped when Griselda said, "Stop right there Princess Victoria vi Valisto, what did you want to tell Miss Faragonda." Everyone stopped there as Bloom mustered her courage and replied, "My name's not really Victoria, and I'm not from Valisto."

"You lied to us!" Griselda said as Bloom apologized, but continued, "You have broken two rules in one day on the first day here!"

"She did, but she must be a magical creature or the barrier wouldn't let her into Magix. So tell us who are you, and why did you lie to us?" Faragonda interrupted softly, but Stella spoke up, "Don't blame her! It was my idea to begin with!"

"It's okay Stella. My name is Bloom and I come from Earth."

"Earth as in planet Earth? How could that be possible?" Griselda said interrupting Bloom, but the red head continued after that, "Please don't send me away! I know I belong here! This is the most amazing place with the most amazing people ever!"

"Well you must be punished. Turned into something slimy."

"Hold on Griselda! It must have taken a lot of courage for her to tell the truth. I believe she deserves a chance at least, and Princess Victoria is absent leaving a vacancy in classes." Faragonda said with a knowing look in her eyes.

"It's true Miss Griselda. Since Victoria of Valisto is being home schooled this year we have at least one vacancy, and it wouldn't hurt if someone else filled the void." Sakura said, and Griselda resigned from punishing them with one last word to them from Faragonda, "Now go to bed, and please try to be good."

"Yes maam/mom!" was the simultaneous reply from the girls as they went to the dorms to get some sleep for tomorrow the hard work of learning magic would begin.

Soon the area went back to its former white location. "So ends part one." Shin commented. Ino looked at Sakura.

"Hey Sakura, it looked like the headmistress is you mother in that world!" She said. Sakura blinked in surprise at that.

"Hey, yeah!" She said, it surprised her. How could that be? Were her parents dead in that world? Or something else? Still, she kinda liked Ms. Faragonda. She looked just as nice as her blonde mother. She wondered how her relationship with the head of the school was.

"Wow, that sure was epic." Naruto commented as he crossed his arms behind his head. "So I go to this awesome school and be a hero? Cool! Though, I wonder if I'm still a shinobi, or was just born in another world." He said, making his teammates wonder the same thing about their counterparts.

Iruka shrugged. "Guess we'll just have to see."

Shin looked at them. "So you want to continue seeing this world?" He asked, getting nods. "Alright then." With a wave of his hand, the area shifted once more, and the group found themselves back in Alfea.

Done with part one. Let me know your thoughts on how I was or any errors I made.

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