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"Tadashi, no!" I scream, dashing after him.BOOM! I'm thrown onto my back from the sheer force of the explosion.

I gasp, jolting upright as cold sweat trickles down my brow. Focusing on simply breathing, I take deep, shuddering breaths. Two weeks. Dashi's been dead for two weeks. How... Will this searing pain in my chest never end? Running a hand through my hair, I let myself fall back into the flimsy pillow. Everyone, even his so-called friends have moved on, but I just... They haven't lost what I have. They watch me with confused, sad eyes, pretending to understand. But their very facade convicts them as surely as a bloody knife convicts... a slashing killer.

Suddenly it dawns on me. Last week, the blade... Cass hasn't noticed the tiny scar I left, she didn't even question the little bit of blood I got on my pants. Heh, why would she? Not like she would care, anyways. Hell, she'd probably be glad to be rid of me. One less mouth to feed. Rolling out of bed, I carefully avoid the squeaky boards out of habit. Grabbing the razor, I slip the blade out far more easily this time, pausing to admire the glint from the soft bathroom lights. 3:57 AM. I chuckle mirthlessly; I had already finished cutting by now exactly a week ago. Slipping off my boxers, I move the blade a few centimeters from the edge of my other scar. Can't risk getting it infected or something. I suck in a breath, biting my lip hard enough to bleed as that fresh sensation of pain, yet a measure of peace, washes over me. Lifting the blade, I watch the blood pool before starting to clot. I smile weakly, putting away the razor and putting a large plaster over my cut. I check the clock again.

4:05. Almost ironic, I suppose, how I only seem to do this at night. Or perhaps not so ironic after all. I didn't stop Tadashi, I distracted mum and dad, I can't escape the nightmares. A cowardly time for a worthless coward.