FULL SUMMARY: Roxas and his best friend Ryon are just two normal teens living in Twilight Town. Yet the dreams they have been having are anything but ordinary. Dreams of two other boys named Sora and Aryon: Powerful keyblade wielders whom have journied through different worlds, combating against the darkest of enemies. Roxas and Ryon have always believed they knew themselves better than anyone...but do they really?


Do I live in a fantasy realm? Or is there another world for me? Everything is so still unclear…I know I'll find the answers I'm looking for. Through my dreams and imagination-Ryon

A scattered dream like a far off memory. A far off memory is like a scattered dream. I want to line the pieces up-yours and mine ~Sora

The dream had been like that of a scattered film from a movie unable to follow what was happening. Jumping from one scene to the next and to the next. Characters that seemed recognizable yet weren't all the same.

Sora, his white haired friend, another young man and Kai-racing behind trying to keep up.

"Giving up already?" Their white haired friend had asked.


The sunset hits the ocean's surface sparkling under its warm glow. Sora, Aryon, their white haired friend and Kai-all sitting on the beach together. "If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one?" asked his white haired friend. Sora and Aryon glance at him.

"I'm not-." Aryon begins but it skips to the next scene.


They're in a cave now with chalk drawings. Of them and their friend Kai- and other artwork drawn on the grey rocks around. Aryon places his hand on one when he jumps back with Sora out of fright at a strange, hooded figure.

"This world has been connected."

"Who're you?" Aryon demands boldly. Clenching his fist tight at his side.

"Tied to the darkness..." said the figure.


The sky is a bright orange and yellow when Ryon opens his eyes, a soft smile on his face sitting on one of the many rooftops in Twilight Town early that morning. The train station bells ringing about through the morning air his legs lazily swinging over the edge.

His light blue hair ruffles in the breeze.

"Ryon? You up there?!"


Looking down his eyes brighten almost instantly at the sight of his childhood friend Roxas smiling up at him. That's right. How could he forget? "Oh! Roxas: Yeah hang on a sec alright? I'll be right down." He called to the brown haired boy quickly making no haste getting into his bedroom through the window.

A few hours later.

At the Usual Place that was just under the train tracks Hayner, Olette, Pence and Ryon were talking among each other. Olette looks over to where Roxas is seeming to be deep in thought. Even Ryon, as talkative as the guy could be seemed quiet today.

"Man, doesn't that tick you off?" Hayner questioned looking at his gang with his fists clenched.

"Yeah, that's just wrong." Pence agreed.

"Seifer's gone too far this time." Olette nodded kicking her foot.

The trio glance over at Ryon and Roxas who merely nod. Looking down at their shoes. "…You had that dream again. Didn't you?" Ryon mouthed as the other male nods lowly mouthing back a 'Yeah' in response. This had been going on for as long as either could remember. When they thought they had it figured out it seemed they would only run into another brick wall.

"I mean, it's true that stuff's been stolen around town. And we've got a score to settle with Seifer and everything. So if he wants to think we did it, I can't really blame him. See...that's not what really bugs me. What really bugs me is that he's goin' around tellin' everybody we're the thieves!

Now the whole town and their mothers are treating us like the Klepto Club! Have you ever been this ticked off before in your life? 'Cause I haven't. Nuh-uh, never. Now...what to do?" Hayner asked.

Olette, not sure what she should say when Roxas speaks up. "Uh...well... We could find the real thieves. That would set the record straight."

"Hey that sounds like fun!" Pence said with eyes lighting up running off to get something.

Ryon crossed his arms over his chest. "To be honest I wouldn't mind giving the guy a good slug in the face."

"What about Seifer?" asked Hayner his arms across his chest.

Roxas stands and explains "First, we gotta clear our names. Once we find the real culprit, everyone will get off our backs."

Hayner growled in response and Ryon rolls his eyes at his friend's temper. "Oh no! They're gone!" yelled Pence alarmed.

Everyone looked over to see him staring at his camera with a worried expression. "What is it Pence?" Ryon asked walking over with the others.

"Our -! They're gone." He exclaimed, having a hand over his throat with the inability to speak the word aloud.

"All our -, gone? Huh?" said Hayner as he does the same.

"Huh? You can't say -? Why not?" Olette said with a gasp.

"But you do understand what I'm saying, right? Our - are gone!" Pence exclaimed.

"Stolen... And not just the -. The word -! They stole it too!" said Roxas.

Ryon shook his head in disbelief. Not even someone like Seifer could pull this one off. "I don't like this. Not one bit."

"All right, time for some recon!"


The teenagers ran off yet the minute they try Roxas and Ryon are overcome with a dizzy feeling falling to their knees. "Roxas? What's-?" Ryon tries but darkness soon becomes his vision after he collapses beside an already knocked out Roxas.

"His heart is returning. Doubtless he will wake soon."

Roxas is the first of the two to awake, standing up and brushing himself off glancing back at the doorway. "Huh? Ah! Ryon!" He gasped watching the other male pick himself back on his feet rubbing his head tenderly looking at his friend with a wide-eyed expression. "Are you alright?"

"Think so…This has been happening way too much for my liking though." Ryon declared with a wince.

"Roxas? Ryon?"

They looked up to see Pence and Olette still waiting for them. "Are you guys coming?" Olette asked as the boys give a nod assuring her that they were.


After they talked to numerous shop owners around the area, the group ran towards the Sandlot. Vivi, Rai and Fuu were talking with their backs turned. Vivi notices them putting his hat in his hands looking at Ryon with a narrow of his yellow eyes making him wince. "Vivi…Let us explain-."

"Thieves!" Fuu declared.

"That was low, y'know!" said Rai holding his fist up.

Vivi put his hat in his hands wringing it in his hands.

"Oh yeah?" said Hayner getting in a fighting stance.

"Nice come back Blondie." Olette has to hold Hayner back from jumping at Seifer now in the front of his group. "You can give us back the - now" commanded Sefier.

"Yeah! You're the only ones who would take it, y'know?" Rai says with his hands on his waist.

"That was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamers. So what did you do? Burn it? Ha, not that we need some - to prove that you're losers." Seifer did a little circle around the group, smirking at Ryon who wants nothing more than to punch his jaw and break it but holds himself back.


Seifer laughs after Fuu calls it out. "Now you're talking!" He, Vivi, Fuu and Rai soon get into position as do Roxas, Ryon and Hayner. "I guess if you get on your knees and beg, maybe I'll let it slide." Roxas makes a move forward only to be stopped by Ryon.

"Ryon don't." Hayner hisses.

"You can't be serious." Roxas tries but their words are deaf to his ears.

The blue haired male gets down on both of his knees, pursing his lips in a thin line as he hears Seifer and his group laugh before the slyest of smirks graces his face. He grabs a Struggle bat preparing to duel with their old 'enemy' tossing another to Roxas who quickly joins his friend as back up.

"You ready to take this lamer down Rox?" Ryon questioned.

"Oh yeah."

Seifer gritted his teeth of having his nickname for them used against him, going in for the attack first. "Kneel losers!" He'd forgotten what a great team Roxas and Ryon were-in duo Struggle Battles they always came out on top. It were as if they were in perfect sync with one another. "Come on... quit playin' around and fight!" Seifer demanded as they begin to feel dizzy again.

"Oh you better believe we-whoa!" Ryon almost stumbles forward, holding his head tenderly. His vision was becoming disoriented.

It's happening again. But why?

Roxas is the first to snap out of the 'dizzy spell', going after Seifer with all he's got seeing as Ryon's down for the count. Much to their rival's annoyance Seifer eventually has to admit defeat. "Tournament decides!" Fuu calls out.

Pence had taken out his camera ready to take a picture of Roxas and Ryon when a bizarre white thing snatches the photo just as it snapped out moving through the air. The thief flees toward the Market Street: Tram Common.

"The thief?" Pence asked.

"C'mon!" Ryon called.

Roxas and Ryon had to go through the wooded area that lead to an old mansion out in the woods far ahead of the others. The strange white creature was dancing around the trees looking over its shoulder at them. "Weird. Almost like it wants us to follow it." Roxas muttered loud enough for Ryon to hear.

The other gave a nod of agreement, hopping over a tree root. "Exactly what I was thinking."

The creature had been waiting for them at the mansion gates. Seeming to grin-although Ryon knew that was impossible for the thing didn't have a mouth/lips on its face. Words soon flashed in Roxas's head.

"We have come for you, my liege."

"Huh?" Wondered Roxas.

"Yo Roxas! I could use a little help here!"

Blue eyes widen in shock seeing Ryon struggle against the white zipper mouthed creature, not at all phased by Ryon's barrage of attacks with his Struggle Bat. Despite Roxas teaming up they were still no match much to their frustration. "It's no use…" Roxas began.

"Rox…Your bat."

The other teen looked down as his bat swirls with data before turning into that of a key. Ryon's eyes widen at the sight of it, looking down to see that his two appeared to be some type of key as well. "What…What is this?" Roxas could feel the key pull him towards the creature as Ryon's had with him.

This time using the mysterious keys do they take the creature down.

Ryon covered his ears from its scream before it vanished into nothing along with his and Roxas's keys.

"….What was that all about?" Ryon questioned, helping Roxas in gathering the photos the creature left. "? Roxas!"

The last thing Roxas saw was Ryon racing towards his fallen form before his vision blackens.


Restoration at 12%

Roxas did not know how long he was out for until his eyes blink open, sitting up on the couch inside the Usual Spot with his concerned friends around. Ryon practically tackled him in a hug-before quickly pulling away hearing Olette giggle due to his flushed face and seeing Hayner grin deviously.

"Just uh…glad you're alright. You are alright. Right?"

"Yeah I'm fine." Roxas assures him with a grin of his own.

"So tell us about the Picture thief." Hayner questioned them.

In all honesty neither of them were sure what to say. It was bizarre that much they knew. Not what you would see on as an everyday occurrence. "Not much to say," Roxas finally spoke. "The photos were just laying there."

Hayner picked up one photo and chuckled. It was of Roxas, Ryon and the shop keeper Shen. "It's a girl."

"You look happy Roxas…Ryon."

"Olette." Ryon warned.

"We do not." Roxas rolled his eyes.

Pence went through the photos with a tilt of his head. "Have you noticed that these photos are mostly of Roxas, Ryon or both of them together?" When Hayner asked if he was serious Pence showed him the proof. "You see? Every single one! Wouldn't it be weird if someone wanted to steal the real Roxas or Ryon?"

"C'mon get serious. Who'd wanna steal a bone head like Roxas?"

"Gee thanks Hayner. What about Ryon?"

Ryon grinned and flipped his hair like a famous celebrity would for a photo shoot. His chest puffed out. "Well who wouldn't want to steal me? I'm just that amazing."

The group shared a laugh at his statement. Yet as they walk out Hayner's eyes widen seeing a rather 'offending' photo of Ryon with Seifer. "Hang on…What the heck were you doing with Seifer?!"

Oh crap! Ryon how are you going to get yourself outta this one? He laughed sheepishly as his friends crowded around demanding to know. "You guys really! It was nothing…He uh, well he…this girl was kinda harassing me to date her so he uh, he stepped in and told her the reason why I couldn't date her was due to the fact I was…with…him."

His four other friends looked as if he had grown two heads.

"…Seifer saved you then?" Pence arched a brow.

Ryon nodded vigorously. Shifting his feet in an awkward manner.

"…This day is getting weirder and weirder." Hayner muttered, scratching the back of his head with the group walking out.

Aryn looked at the three before him with an equally confused expression on his face mirroring their exact ones. "What?! I thought I was the only Keyblade wielder!" Sora exclaimed.

"Well looks like you're not." Aryn tells him bluntly.

He made his move to leave when the dog called out to him. "Hey wait! Why don't ya come with us?"

A dark haired man nods at the blue haired boy. "You should go with them, Aryn."

"Huh? But Leo-."

The scene changes again.

"I'm Donald."

"Name's Goofy."

"I'm Sora."

"And…my name's Aryn." Aryn says with a little grin beaming over his face.

Ryon falls from his bed the next morning, holding onto his head after it hits the end of his table gritting his teeth from the impact hoping he didn't get a concussion. "That boy…looks almost like me. And he had the Keyblade to…"