Aryon could feel his feet slide seeing Riku and Sora looking down into the darkness that lay before the world. He tightens his grip on either of their jackets. They were going to fall into pure oblivion.

"Jump!" Riku shouted. And now they were falling. His hair stood straight up as he fell, holding on tight to Riku and Sora as they with him. A bright light soon consume the trio catching them off guard greatly.

"Where are we?" Sora asked.

White. Nothing but white all around. Aryon's eyes narrow when the white haired Nobody finally makes his grand appearance.

"Keybearers…please lend me your strength," Xemnas started.

"We already said no," Riku answered firmly.

"I thought you might reconsider…" Xemnas replied coldly back.

"There's no way!" Sora snapped stopping his foot forward.

"Then I cannot allow you to leave again. Not let it end this way." Xemnas raised his arm forward. He was the one who closed the portal. If he was going to be taken down he was going to take them along with him.

"You will be ended!" Riku shot out, swinging his arm. Sora and Aryon copied the gesture.

Xemnas shoots his palms forward with a wave of thorns thrusting out. "I will end it MY way!" Aryon danced around out of the way, the black long wave of vines slicing across the ground.

Aryon had swung Riku's Keyblade slicing at each vine that tried to grab him. He looked to his right finding Sora and Riku rotating themselves through the vines making their way quick to Xemnas striking against him. Aryon gritted his teeth, maneuvering the vines as much as possible not daring to slow down.

Sora and Riku took the offensive giving Xemnas no time to recover or teleport away. He let out a growl of disdain, striking his arms out blocking the Keyblade's heads with his palm. Then in a flash he was gone.

Once the vines had finally died down Aryon proceeded rushing towards Sora and Riku.

"Aryon!" Sora called out in warning running to him.

Aryon cried out as he was tugged harshly by the hood of his shirt. Xemnas gives him a toss straight up into the air, shooting his arms up towards the Keybarer. A black orb formed around Aryon, a terrifying electrical power surging through him causing him to cringe in a frenzy. Sora and Riku rush to give him aid only to be halted from a punch by…Xemnas? There were two?!

"Riku help Aryon!" Sora commanded which Riku obeys quickly while Sora deals with the clone Xemnas. Sora felt his arm being gripped tight in which he yelps at the pain, fearful of his shoulder becoming dislocated before he slams his heel into the ground. Whipping out his Keyblade with his free hand, he slams the sharp end into clone Xemnas's hand that's in an iron grip around his arm.

The clone hollers upon the piercing giving Aryon time to break free of his hold, slashing madly away at the fake Xemnas.

Meanwhile the real Xemnas was taken aback greatly by Riku's onslaught. Finally ridding of that orb that kept Aryon trapped. Riku rushed quickly to catch Aryon preventing what could have been a back breaking fall.

He gave a light pat against Aryon's face to wake him.

"What happened?" Aryon asked groggily after Riku sets him carefully down.

"Why do you insist on fighting? Just give up!" Xemnas shouted. His eyes were re-directing back between Riku and the duo.

"No way!" Sora hollered back. He took out his Keyblade. "Aryon let's go!" Aryon nodded following Sora's lead with Riku on his right. "Riku! Aryon!"

Xemnas let out an enraged howl of anger. Letting all know that he would not be defeated. Ethereal Lasers began to rain down upon the trio. Sora, Riku and Aryon deflected the lasers in a fury watching as the beams of light bounce into darkness never to return ever again. The trio eventually collapse in a heap on the ground, eyes still partially blinded by the intense light show.

But Xemnas wasn't going to allow them any rest.

Sora offered his Kingdom Key to Riku and Aryon. Aryon placed his hand over Sora's as Riku had done with Aryon. Light began to gather at the very tip of the Keyblade. Aiming directly at Xemnas.

"This ends here…you're finished, Xehanort."

The trio lunged forward together, plunging the blade straight into Xemnas's chest. Where his heart would be. He raised one hand weakly, stumbling back before slowly and finally beginning to fade away.

"We did it!" Sora cried.

Aryon felt like dancing. He couldn't believe it…was it really, truly finally over?

Yet both were beginning to regret their happiness for an ocean of Dusks surrounded them.

"…Not quite." Aryon spat. Readying his Kingdom Key.

Riku collapsed on his knees. His friends on either side. "Sora…Aryon. I don't think I-."

"Don't say another word." Sora said trying to encourage him. "C'mon Riku, you've been in that darkness for too long. Ya need to have some positivity!"

"Sora's right. The light will always find us." Aryon said helping Riku back up.

The other two boys nodded thoughtfully. Beginning to make their way through the corridor.

"You know…" Riku began to Sora. "I always figured I was better at stuff than you?"

"Really?" Sora chuckled. Aryon gave a roll of his eyes.

"Are you mad?"

"No…I kinda always thought you were better than me to."

Aryon snickered softly. A warmth spread throughout the castle. "Riku…Aryon-! What's that light?"

They followed Sora's gaze to a line of light leading to a portal. Walking into it without hesitation.


A bright, white light engulfed him when Aryon finally swims up to the surface. Taking a deep breath of air he looked around with wide and worried eyes. Sora and Riku. Where were-?



He cried out. A massive black force tackles him when he reaches the shoreline. Believing it to be a Heartless at first when he cracks one eye open, smiling wide realizing whom it truly was. Arms surrounded him. Leaving it almost impossible for him to breathe.

"Donald, Goofy, your majesty, Syao!"

A laugh escaped his lips as his friends nestled their faces against his.

"Aw c'mon. What am I? Chop liver?"

Axel! Aryon's eyes light up at the sound of the former Organization member's playful tone. Wrapping his arms tight around a chuckling Axel's waist no longer in his Organization cloak but an entirely different outfit. Aryon's face fell soon after however.

"Hang on…Where are-?"

They soon appear. Walking side by side like curtains pulling apart on the stage. And he's leading them.


Almost immediately does he run into Sora's opened and waiting arms. Chuckling when Sora gives an eskimo kiss. "We're home now, Aryon. We're finally home."

"Yeah," Aryon breathed out chuckling while leaning against Sora. "Home…"

Aryon pulls himself a way and lets out a gasp seeing Roxas take Sora's place. Namine stood where Kairi had. Slowly, he raised his hand running it through his slightly longer and spikier hair. A darker shade of blue. His skin pale. Looking into Roxas's blue eyes, Aryon did not see himself in their reflection.

But Ryon.

Wiping his eyes, he grins faintly as they soon disappear. Letting out a deep breath he had no idea he had been holding.

And smiles.


The crystal blue water lapped at his bare feet trudging lazily along the sandy shores. He could see the sun shining in the distance, causing the beautiful ocean surface to glisten under its powerful rays. Walking alongside him, together hand in hand was Sora.

"This place really hasn't changed at all." Sora commented while looking around.

Aryon nodded in agreement. "It's like we never left…"

It was at that moment when Aryon swore he heard the sound of something like that of a lock clicking shut. Something had washed over him and Sora both as the Keybarer wrapped his arms around Aryon and kissed him.

It was a magical moment. More than any firework grand finale as cheesy as Aryon knew it sounded but he didn't care.

Aryon began to feel something he had not felt in such a long time.


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