Sparks of Magic: Riddikulus of Wizards

If you have not read Sparks of Magic, do not read this until you do otherwise confusion is sure to follow.

Hello everybody! I have decided to make a series of mini chapters for my Sparks of Magic story for events that I can't seem to fit into the original one. Most of this will be humour (about 95% of it) but there are going to be some cute moments as I do plan to put Sirius' proposal in this.

Once again, I do not own Harry Potter, Transformers Bayverse or any of their characters (Unfortunately).










In Between Chapters 1 and 2

Chapter 1: The Toaster Incident

Fred and George had not slept that night. Why you ask? Because they had to recreate all the hard work they had done for their Skiving Snack Boxes. Their ever so lovely mother had destroyed all their work before they had left, but they were lucky that they always made copies of their work so they only had to redo the final pieces that they had yet to write up. It was still tiring however, so by the time they had managed to make a complete box, it was 5 o'clock in the morning and they both saw no point trying to sleep now.

A loud grumble emanated from Fred's stomach, making him clutch it and for his head to hit the table in front of him in exhaustion.

"Brother mine, I'm hungry" he whined.

George was currently placing the now empty and clean vials away so they were ready for their next experiment when he looked at his brother "Go make some food then"

Groaning could be heard alongside another rumble "We're out of cereal and I don't know how to use the kitchen stuff, Harry or Remus usually does it"

There was another rumble but instead of coming from Fred, it came from George who looked sheepishly at his brother that was now glaring at him. Trying to act innocent, George chuckled out "Well seems I'm a bit hungry as well"

Fred scoffed at that "Nice try, I know you were just trying to make me go it alone in the dreaded domain, allowing myself to be tortured and then steal my spoils once I returned"

George looked scandalised at that, adding on to the dramatics by gripping the fabric of his top over his heart as if in pain "Why I never, how could you ever think of such a thing? Your own flesh and blood would never do anything of the sort"

Both laughed spontaneously, not having to worry about waking up the other residents because of the silencing charms placed around the attic, until another and much louder protest of their stomach had them coming back to the problem at hand.

Sighs escaped both of them as they thought about what they were going to have to do "We can't wake Harry or Remus up, Harry needs all the rest he can get and if we tried to wake Remus up, both Harry and Sirius will wake and I do not want to face Sirius wrath at waking Hare-bear up" George told his brother.

"Then there is nothing left for it. We'll have to figure out how to use the dreaded non-magical contraptions" Fred concluded.

Both of them stood up tiredly, knowing not to risk a Pepper Up potion on an empty stomach "You know this would be so much easier if Harry would just let us use magic to make it" Fred complained.

The ladder to the attic unfolded on its own the closer the pair got to it and went back to its original position, hidden in the ceiling so it looked like there was no entrance at all, when they stepped off "Hare-bear made it quite clear that there was to be no magic in his kitchen, unless there is an emergency. Besides, it shouldn't be that hard to use them"

"Famous last words" snorted Fred.

When they got to the kitchen, they decided to just make a couple of pieces of toast, a simple thing to make. Now if they could only remember how Harry had used the toaster.

"So what now? We've put the bread where they are supposed to go so what do we do next"

George scratched his head in thought "I think we are meant to push that lever down"

Fred did just that only for the bread to keep popping back up. His eyes narrowed when he pushed it back down again, only to get the same result.

"Maybe it's broken" Fred commented in frustration.

"Let me have a try" George asked, letting Fred push the toaster to him. George repeated the action of his brother except he used a bit more force only to end up snapping the lever in half.

"Shit" George cursed, dropping the broken part to the counter and staring at the toaster in thought.

"There must be something wrong with it" he thought to himself. He decided to bring out his wand to cast a Reparo on the item "I'm sure Hare-bear won't mind magic in the kitchen just this once" he continued to think.

It was then that Fred noticed the wire connected to the toaster, leading to the wall where he saw that the switch was turned off. He mentally face palmed at that, remembering that they were no longer in the Wizarding World and that they need electricity to turn things on. With the problem solved he flipped the switch and pushed the rest of the lever, only to regret it a second later.

It just so happened that when Fred had turned the toaster on, George had not noticed him and had cast a Reparo the exact same time in an attempt to fix the, what he thought to be damaged, toaster. Harry had grown up cooking the non-magical way and found the action very relaxing, so he made it a rule not to use magic in the kitchen because it was his domain and he liked it the way it was, without any magic whatsoever. It also made it a lot easier if they had any guests because then they wouldn't notice that none of the electronics did not connect anywhere, taking the natural amounts of magic in the air to power them. He bought the regular kind and knew that as long as no one fired a direct spell at any of the devices, they would not overload. He did not however, account that the twins would not know this.

The toaster began to overheat with the mixture of magic and technology going against each other, sparks shot out of it and it was soon shaking, ready to explode.

The two wizards backed away, that was until their backs hit the opposite counter and both shouted "Fire in the hole!" They then leaped over the counter, just in time to miss the loud BOOM that followed them, only a second after they made it to the safety of the other side. When they felt the coast was clear, they looked over the counter top to find the remains of the toaster scattered around the kitchen and the area where it had been, slightly charred and blacked from the explosion.

"Shit" they both thought, futilely hoping that no one had heard it, but alas, it was not meant to be.


Harry looked between the sheepish looking, red headed twins in front of him and the blackened area where the toaster had been. The other three wizards of the house had started to get up when they smelt burning, but immediately shot out of said bed at the sound of the explosion, it was a surprise that none of them had managed to fall over each other in their haste to get there.


"Well you see..."

They jumped apart from each other and mirrored each other's movements when they both pointed a finger at each other accusingly and shouted "HE DID IT!"

Not being able to deal with such nonsense this early in the morning, Harry sent them both a glare that could rival Snape's making them back away in fear "For the safety of everyone living here, you are to NEVER, touch the toaster again. Understand?"

The nodded quickly at their brother who looked murderous when he surveyed the mess that his beloved kitchen had become, they were going to have to watch him closely, it was never a good idea to anger the child of a prankster "Understood"

So this was the first chapter, made me laugh as I wrote it. Also, for those who read my What Was Once Forgotten and Ultimate Justice stories, I should be updating them soon. Anyway rate and review I love to know what you think of this.