Star Wars

The Chaotic Three


Rising into a kneeling position, wiping sand from his armour Finn looked up at the near cloudless sky and sighed. "I've been here before."

There was a certain noticeable sense of déjà vu he would admit as he knelt there, in the middle of a desert with nothing even close to civilisation no matter which direction he looked. All that was left was the wreckage of a smouldering TIE fighter being claimed by the burning sands and he'd say something, probably the force, had thrown him back in time.

He snorted at that, rising to his feet and looking around. There were several inconsistencies around that outlandish theory. One was that he wasn't wearing Stormtrooper armour, second was that his friends were scattered around the dune he was standing on. Rey was just getting to her feet, shaking the sand from her dark hair, and Poe was slowly sinking into some quicksand at the foot of the dune.


"Ah shit!" Finn cursed as he activated his jetpack in a short three second burst, sailing from his perch down the steep side of the dune and landing roughly onto the ground a few meters away from the pilot.

He stumbled a few steps, regained his footing and rushed to his side, encumbered somewhat by the armour he wore and the not so solid ground underneath his feet. He reached Poe easily enough, grabbed his hand but then realised a little too late that he had sunk up to just above his kneecaps.

He took a moment to admit that, yeah, that might not have been such a good idea.

"Rey, a little help please!" He called, pulling his friend up at a little expense to himself which sunk even further. "Anytime will be great!"

He was up to his waist and the pilot to his shoulders when they were grabbed by an invisible power and pushed upwards. Rey approached them, hand outstretched as she called upon the force. She lifted them up and out of the quicksand with little effort other than a slight furrowing of her brow, they floated to her side and were unceremoniously dropped back to the ground.

"Really?" She asked, continuing to dust herself off as Finn jumped to his feet, grimacing as he felt sand in his boots. "You didn't stop to think, did you?"

"Yeah that's me," the former Stormtrooper replied with a hint of sarcasm. "I never look before I leap."

"Putting it mildly but okay." She allowed before looking around, completely unfazed. "Where are we?"

"I thought you'd know." Finn replied as he knelt beside Poe and studied him for a moment. The fighter ace didn't look badly hurt.

An unladylike snort was his answer. "Just because I'm a Jedi doesn't mean I know everything."

That's right. She was a Jedi now. In many ways she was that same orphaned scavenger he met on Jakku all those years ago. She still wore the same skin tight bindings, forearms and forelegs wrapped tightly in gauze-wrappings, travellers boots on her feet. It was basic desert clothing made to protect as much as possible from the sun but it was also the clothing Rey felt the most comfortable in. The only real change was the utility belt strapped tightly to her waist, a lightsaber hilt clipped and a blaster pistol holstered, the NN-14 Han gave her on Takodana what seemed like a lifetime ago.

And to think she was a Skywalker as well, go figure. What a difference a few years training to under the gaze of an estranged father could do.

A groan brought his attention away from the Jedi and back to their pilot. Poe Dameron slowly sat up, hand reaching up to rub the back of his head. "I feel like I was hit by a landspeeder."

"Sounds about right." Finn allowed, offering his friend a hand which he took.

The pilot squinted at the sunlight, then looked around with a thoughtful frown. "Am I getting a serious dose of déjà vu or is it just me?"

"Nope, it isn't just you." The former Stormtrooper replied. "All we need is the burnt out remains of a TIE fighter and we'll have the perfect little eulogy to our meeting over Jakku, don't you think?"

"Yeah, sounds about right."

"Boys," Rey chastised lightly, taking a pair of macrobinoculars from her backpack to look around. "Focus."

"Yes, lady Jedi." Poe replied, smiling despite his obviously uncomfortable headache. The three of them may be battle hardened veterans, but when it came to fighting in the desert they always fell back upon Rey and her own experience of living in one for most of her adolescent life.

"Does anyone remember how we got here?" Finn asked.

Poe was about to respond, but stopped short, brow furrowing as he tried to think. Come to think of it he had no idea how they got here. He knew who he was, who Finn and Rey were. He knew he was a pilot in the Resistance fighting the Imperial successors The First Order. But other than that he couldn't remember how he came to be here, or anything that happened before.

His thoughts were shared with the other two, all three knew who they were, who each other were and everything except how they came to be here. There was going to be a great battle. The forces of the Resistance, backed by what was left of the New Republic navy were about to start a huge operation against the capital world of the First Order, to defeat the Knights of Ren and their Supreme Leader once and for all.

Then nothing.

"Right, we go that way." Rey said at last, beginning to walk.

"How can you tell."

"Animal tracks, looks like a well used trail." She replied, pointing at a point in the distance as she passed the macorbinoculars to Finn for him to look through. "There, you see?"

The former Stormtrooper fiddled around for a few minutes before seeing what the Jedi was pointing too. "Oh yeah, now I see it."

"We take that trail and we should come across a settlement." Rey continued, the two boys moving to catch up with her as she walked. "From there we can get supplies, water, food and information."

"Like where we are." Finn agreed.

"And where we can go to get off this rock." Poe added. "Nice thinking little miss Jedi."

"Come on."Rey sighed before trudging through the sand towards the track. Her two friends following behind her.

And so the travelling began. They kept to the shade of the towering dunes, rationed their water and continued to wonder how they got here in the first place. They walked until the sun dipped over the horizon and darkness threatened before making camp in the shadow of a dune. The temperature dropped dramatically, and where once they were smoldering now they had no choice but to get a fire going to keep warm. They took shifts on watch, deciding to keep to the side of caution in a place they knew little off.

By dawn they were on the move again, keeping to the shadows of the dunes, finding a crevice to take shelter under by midday when the sun was at its most unforgivable and continuing on again when the shadows stretched enough to give them shade. Rey stopped an hour into their renewed trek, looking up at the sun with a frown.

"What?" Finn asked, just stopping himself from walking into her.

"I can't believe I didn't notice this until now." Rey sighed, pushing back the folds of her headgear and shaking her head. The heat must be getting to her, and that was saying something.

"What do you mean?" Poe asked, raising his hand to shade his eyes as he too looked up at the sky. "Wow."

"What?" Finn asked, then looked up himself and understood. "Well I'll be a Sith's uncle."

High in the sky there wasn't a single sun like they had assumed, but two suns close together. Suddenly it became a little clearer. The almost unbearable heat even compared to Jakku where the three of them originally started this journey. The huge sand dunes and well used animal tracks. Everything started to make a little more sense, but at the same time less sense.

"Two suns. A binary star." Poe grimaced. "No wonder it's so damn hot."

"So, not Jakku?" Finn speculated.

"No, not Jakku." Rey agreed, brow furrowed as she thought. "There's only a handful of systems in the galaxy with two suns. The most well known is Tatoo."

"Then that means were on Tatooine. The home of your father and grandfather?" Poe asked.

She nodded.

"That's halfway across the galaxy from where I remember us being." Poe frowned as he turned his attention back to the Jedi of the group. They had been in orbit around Bakura in the Shiritoku Spur, and as he stated it was close to halfway across the known galaxy. "Something is seriously wrong here."

"Yeah, I agree." she replied. "No time for that now though. We'll have plenty of time to figure this out once we find a settlement."

Poe and Finn nodded in agreement before once again letting her take the lead. They continued walking, keeping to the shadows and following the animal trail with a little more caution. Even though they had never set foot on Tatooine before they had heard of the planets indigenous inhabitants the Tusken Raiders, tribes of cutthroats and raiders who you didn't want to run into alone.

They trekked across the desert for a full two days, finding their water running dangerously low despite their best attempts to salvage it. Rey was doing better than the other two. She could call upon the Jedi techniques Luke had taught her, but the boys didn't have those skills to fall back on and they were beginning to struggle.

They were going in the right direction. She felt it and they were close, but she didn't know how close. Were they a few hours away or a few days, because that could mean the difference between the three of them walking in together or her dragging them in.

Fortunately their fortunes were good. They reached the summit of a huge sand dune to be greeted with the unmistakable sight of a settlement, a series of stone structures etched into the sand, forming a wheel shaped design which stretched across the flat valley. They could even see the odd ship taking off and landing in the centre, a spaceport town. If they were right and they were on Tatooine that could only mean a few ports.

"Mos Eisley, or Mos Espa." Poe said as he looked over the town. "Either way we're in luck. The place is a haven for smugglers and lowlifes."

"Explain to me how that constitutes as good luck?" Finn frowned.

"Because smugglers and mercenaries know everything going on in the galaxy and not just the censored stuff you hear about on the holonet channels." Poe explained, looking down at the settlement. "We find a cantina that these types of people frequent and I guarantee you we'll know everything major going on in the galaxy."

"That part I get, only remember the last time we took Rey to a smugglers haven?"

Poe thought for a moment, then remembered with a groan. "Oh yeah, that little number on Nar Shaddaa. I can't believe I forgot about that."

"She was ratted out to Imperial agents before we got past the first cantina!" Finn pointed out. "The number of bodies we left in our wake made sure we wouldn't be welcome there ever again!"

Rey was silent as she watched the town with a calculating gaze, measuring, feeling something through the force but not sure what it was. She felt something strong, powerful and familiar. Pursing her lip she began walking down towards the settlement, following her senses even as Poe and Finn exchanged words behind her.

"Hey, you see that over there?" Finn spoke up. "Doesn't that look like a ship to you."

She followed his gaze to just make out a silver vessel, hull glimmering under the sun, parked in the shadows of a few small sand dunes. It was a J-type 327 Nubian Starship, favoured among royalty for many years up until the proclamation of the Empire and the dissolution of the Old Republic. It caught her attention, mainly because such vessels were considered extremely rare and their parts even more so.

"I think the Naboo have a few in a museum somewhere," Poe muttered as he took the macrobinoculars from Rey and looked through the lenses. "But I never thought there were still a few flying. Those things are considered works of art."

"Suppose that explains why they aren't parking it in a landing bay." Finn muttered, acknowledging that unlike Rey and Poe he wasn't a big connoisseur on Starships. "Come on, information and supplies first. We can check out the ship later."

Poe, being the best fighter pilot in a generation was understandably a fanatic when it came to starship design, and Rey could be considered part of a milder category considering since leaving her backwater home of Jakku she had absorbed Starship design and engineering like a sponge, but to him a ship was a ship. It was a very pretty ship, no doubt, but it was still just a ship.

Rey and Poe shared knowing smiles before turning to follow their companion into the spaceport town.

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On another note, Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens is the best movie on Star Wars since the originals and I won't hear any opinion otherwise. Everything just seemed to be perfect, from the new characters to the old to the passing of the torch to freaking X-wings dog fighting with TIE fighters! Everything just seemed to push all the right buttons with me.

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