Hey guys, this one's the last chapter :( I've decided to end it because I just don't have anymore roulette ideas, and it's getting a little hard to handle two stories at once with school and tennis taking up all my time so yeah :) I might decide to continue this story in the future during like holidays and stuff if you guys can give me some ideas :) Anyhoo, thanks for favouriting, following and reviewing!

Jemma was a scientist, and a damn good one at that. Ever since the team started their tradition of Roulette, she's been spending time down in the lab, secretly perfecting the ultimate roulette poison. And eventually, she did it. She was able to make a piece of chocolate taste like poop.

So when the team all came up to the bar for yet another game of roulette, none of them knew that it would be the last.

"Everybody pick a piece," Jemma ordered gleefully. She knew which one was the poo one, and she made sure not to get it. She wasn't going to gamble with her tastebuds like that.

First went May, who was honestly sick of playing the stupid game, despite being the ultimate champion. By the expression on her face, she was clear, but the rest of the team couldn't be too sure.

Ward was next, and he slowly placed the little piece of chocolate on his tongue. He let out a sigh of relief as he indulged in the sweet, sweet chocolate.

Fitz didn't waste time when it was his go. He pushed it into his mouth and chewed at the speed of lightning. The chocolate was swallowed before he could even taste it.

Agent Coulson came next. He held his piece up to eye-level and examined it carefully. After a few moments, he shrugged and tossed to piece into his mouth. The team watched him as his face contorted into an expression of absolute disgust.

"Jemma! That tastes like shit!" he tried to shout, but that proved difficult from the foul taste on his tongue. He spat out the chocolate instantly and ran to the sink, splashing his mouth with water until the taste was gone.

"That's it!" he shouted. "Roulette is now banned on this BUS."

The agents' faces had instantly fallen as they watched their boss storm off, but the sullen expressions didn't last long, replaced by laughter almost immediately as they recalled Coulson's reaction.

"I'm sorry, guys," Jemma said but she couldn't resist giggling.

"No, that was totally worth it," Skye responded with a grin. And worth it, it was.