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After Fitz's absolutely disgusting result in the last game of roulette the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. played, he was wasn't exactly excited when Jemma had suggested to play another round. This time, it was going to be popcorn.

So you ask, how on earth can you play roulette with popcorn? Well, Jemma, used her science-y brain to conjure up something fantastic. She divided her engineered popcorn into six different cups. But one cup contained special popcorn. Popcorn that contained an almost lethal dose of popping candy. Let's just say she enjoyed their game of cupcake roulette waaay too much.

Jemma grabbed all of the cups, some in her hands, while some wedged between her arm and body while she carried the cups out to the bar. She placed them all down and shuffled them, completely losing track of which cup had the rigged popcorn.

Once she had done so, she whistled loudly and everyone came rushing in. Their lips turned to frowns when they realised why Jemma had called them. Another game of roulette.

Ward peeked into one of the cups and said, "It's just popcorn."

"Yes, and we're playing popcorn roulette," Jemma confirmed. Everybody groaned.

Every agent in the team sat around the bar and glared at the cups while Jemma clapped her hands together and grinned.

"Okay, let's get this over with," May said, picking out a cup at random and emptying its contents into her mouth, tapping the butt of the cup to speed up the process.

She chewed, and nothing happened. May slammed the cup on the table and gestured to Skye to choose next.

"No! Knowing my luck, I should pick next!" Fitz exclaimed, snatching a cup at random and pouring the popcorn in his mouth. Nothing happened, no explosions in his mouth. He threw up his arms and did a little victory dance.

Skye rolled her eyes and chose a cup. She poured it into her hand and then put the popcorn in her mouth. She waited, but nothing happened. She began to chew when she suddenly scrunched up her nose. She spat out the popcorn and let out a scream. You could literally hear the popping candy as it danced on her tongue like a five year old on Halloween. She ran to the sink as quickly as she could and shovelled water in her mouth repeatedly, while Simmons jogged after her, trying to tell Skye that the popping candy doesn't react well with water, but Skye didn't hear, and she only realised when the popping got louder and more violent.

"Simmons!" she tried to scream, but she wasn't too successful since pieces of the candy ricocheted between the walls of her mouth. Jemma shoved a piece of bread in Skye's mouth and the popping died down.

"Thank you," Skye tried to say, but her words were muffled by the bread. She glanced over at the team who all, apart from May, were on the ground, laughing their heads off. Grant was the loudest.

Skye glared at him, her eyes telling him that he'll be next. She'll make sure of it.