So here's the actual first chapter….

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Persey's POV:

I sigh as I lean back against the elevator wall, tuning out the horrible music. I bet Apollo does this on purpose just to annoy people I think snidely. Ya, Hermes and him would definitely do that, bastards. Finally, the doors open with a ding, and I walk out into the busy streets of Olympus, the novelty has worn off with the number of times I've been here. Although Annie…I wince slightly in my head…did a really good job redesigning, it just gets old. I smile slightly and wave at some of the minor gods and other people I know as I make my way to the throne room. I'm already in a bit of a dark mood, it's the anniversary of the final battle and the gods planned a meeting during my 'celebratory' time. Hopefully my dark clothes will give them a small warning of my mood, and Zeus won't be a complete jerk today. I snort at that thought. Ya, and I'm going to date Ares. I shudder at that thought.

I knock on the door and it magically opens and I'm faced with my lovely, level-headed (ya right) relatives. I walk in and bow my head to Zeus, Hades, and my father "Hello Uncles, hey dad, is there a reason this had to be today, because I'm not sure if you noticed but I'm not in the mood to fuck around with pleasantries today" I see my dad wince slightly and the others take in my demeanor and outfit choice with a new sense of "Oh shit" my dark black combat boots with dark ripped jeans, a black leather jacket and a batman t-shirt underneath, with my dark look at the gods/goddesses around the room it's a wonder they don't all go running. I can see Apollo trying to get up, but Artemis shoves him back in his seat. Hmph at least one of them has sense.

My dad looks at me apologetically but says "I'm sorry Persey about the inconvenient time, but this really needs to be discussed today." I sigh but nod at him to continue. "We received a message this morning from a different pantheon" I raise an eyebrow when he says that but at the final bit I'm confused "from another world" "Another world?" I question curiously and slightly disbelievingly. Athena interrupts "Yes, another world or another dimension would be a better way to say it" I cut her off before she gets rolling "Okay fine I don't really care either way" she looks at me sternly for that but I continue "What did they want?" I see all of them get a little nervous at this and sad too. I sigh in exasperated resignation "Let me guess" I cut off Artemis from speaking "Their world is ending, they don't have demigods or they do but need help and since you guys say I'm the most powerful one they want me to go help them save the world" I say in a monotone deadpan. Hermes smirks slightly and says "That about sums it up"

"Do I get any say in this?" I ask slightly annoyed and starting to get a migraine. My dad cuts Zeus off "Yes you do, you don't have to go, but they asked for the best and well you're are best" he says the last bit both proudly and sadly. I look down slightly embarrassed at the compliment but look around the room and huff out a breath slowly "I really don't have a choice do I? I wouldn't feel right about it, and you guys knew I would accept" I sigh exasperatedly. Zeus finally speaks up and speaks in the gentlest tone I've ever heard come out of his mouth "The thing is if you go, you can't come back, the path for mortals is only one way." He looks at me in a silent apology.

I run my hand through my hair and stare at the ground for a while. I turn to look at Hades "When I die will I come here or will I go to their underworld?" I ask ignoring many of the gods/goddesses winces on the word die. He looks at me sadly and I already know the answer "They have their own underworld, you will stay there as much as I'd like you to come back here, it just wouldn't work" he says and I nod looking down again. I stand there for a couple minutes rolling around the decision in my head while the others wait for my response. Finally, after what seems like an eternity I croak out an "Alright" and I look up and around the room, I then say more determined "I'll go"

The others nod respectfully, but there's a sadness there too. Huh, I didn't know they liked me this much. My dad has his face in his hand, and Hermes looks like he wants to do the same. I turn to Zeus "When am I leaving?" I ask curious to know my deadline. "You have one week to get your affairs in order and to say good-bye to your friends and then come back here, and we'll send you through" I nod in acceptance "I'll see you guys soon then" I call out behind me and I make my way back to my apartment knowing that it's going to be a long week.