Day 20

"So there are rivers underground." I awed as we started to cross the large stone bridge.

"Where do you think we get the water? We dug out paths to lead the rivers to the capital. Looks like this is one of them." Derek explained.

"Careful, it seems the darkspawn did not want us to cross." Leliana said as she shot arrows into a few of the traps that were laid out on the path.

"There are more across." Talen did a spell on all of us that made us feel more energized.

"Then let's kill them." Oghren sadistically smiled. Talen looked behind us and hissed.

"Ambush!" He yelled before an arrow got him on the shoulder. An Alpha sprinted towards our group while there was another fleet of darkspawn with bows behind us.

"Priss!" Derek yelled before the alpha nearly knocked him with the large axe. Leliana crouched low to avoid a few arrows and Jowan looked lost.

"Get over here." I grabbed Jowan and made him follow Zevran and I.

"But I can barely-"

"Just shut up and do it! There is no time for second guessing on a battle field!" I shouted at him before tackling a hurlock and stabbing it through the eye. I jumped to avoid another arrow and a large piece of rock came out of nowhere and squished the remaining two Hurlocks. Jowan was shaking but he gave me a small smile.

"About time he found a spine." Zevran panted.

"Let's go. There's going to be more on the other side I'm sure." I ran back to the group who were done with the alpha but there was another darkspawn group waiting for us. Talen had taken out the arrow from his arm and was following the others. We came down the bridge and a team of genlocks were waiting for us, two that were armored with large shields.

"How are we going to get passed them?" I wondered.

"Priss, Blood mage, any ideas?" Derek wondered. Neither side were making their move.

"Talen, I can make your spells stronger if…" Jowan looked at his hand.

"Tch, fine. Let's do it." Talen said. Jowan took out his small knife and cut himself on his wrist. Blood formed all around him and glowed. It transferred to Talen then to his staff.

"I'm ready." Talen said.

"The power won't last long." Jowan wrapped his wrist up.

"That'll do." Derek said. Talen raised his staff and sent off a large fireball from the get go. The genlocks screeched and the ones with the shields ran towards us. Oghren and Derek went up. They both gave out roars and did two well timed attacks, pushing both of the genlocks into the river below.

We all went down the stone bridge where we saw a darkspawn camp ahead. I heard a screech behind us and Talen put up a barrier before the shrieks were able to backstab us. Zevran and I went ahead and started to get them. They kept on swinging their daggers around but I crouched and stabbed it in its stomach area. I blocked another slash and cut its throat. I evaded another attack and stabbed deep into the sternum of another, rolling through the ground. The wound bled profusely and I wondered if the poison that Zevran gave me was the cause of that.

Leliana took out the last of the shrieks as another wave of Hurlocks centered on our group. I wiped the sweat from my forehead, already starting to get tired from the battle. Derek and Oghren went off to fight off the small horde with Zevran, Jowan, and I running towards them. I jumped onto a back of the Hurlock and cut its throat. I came off it and stabbed another in it's lower back. Things were going well until the earth started to shake.

"Another earthquake?" Oghren wondered.

"Worse! An Ogre!" Derek shouted as we killed the last Hurlock only for an ogre to take a stance.

"It's gonna tackle, run!" I shouted and we all jumped away from its attack.

"Priss!" Derek shouted as he went to intercept the ogre.

"I'm working on it!" Talen cut his hand.

The ogre rampage and we couldn't get near it at all. I saw a large goopy sphere hovering over Talen. He was in deep concentration until he opened his hands. The sphere turned into large clawed hands and it grabbed the Ogre. It roared and spat saliva all around. Talen shouted and the hands sunk into the Ogre before it was able to rend the ogre in half. This took too much out of Talen and he fell unconscious. Leliana was there to grab him before he fell.

"Andraste's sword…" Jowan couldn't stand anymore. He kneeled on the ground then promptly threw up.

"You did good, mage. You did good." Derek patted his back before going over to Talen.

"He's still alive but I believe that spell pushed him to his limits." Leliana said.

"Yeah, I understand. We can't regroup with the others so we'll rest here for now." Derek said. "Anyone that isn't spent, help me gather the bodies. We're burning them." Derek grabbed a hurlock and tossed it into the bonfire of their camp.

"Oh boy, burning darkspawn, my favorite." I deadpanned.

"It's going to smell horrible, isn't it?" Jowan stopped from throwing up with a pale face.

"Worse than leather making." Zevran commented. The adrenaline from the battle wore off and my body hurt. I still help drag the bodies though. Jowan dry heaved when the bodies started to smoke. We did a small camp in another part of the cavern. I drank some water but there was no way I was going to eat with the slight smell around.

"How are you feeling now that we have felt the mighty force of the darkspawn?" Zevran sat next to me.

"Tired and nauseous." I stated.

"That does seem to be the case no?" Zevran laughed. I looked to where Leliana was tending to Talen. He seemed to be in a restless sleep.

"I hope he's doing ok." I said.

"I was surprised that he used a…technique like that." Zevran cleared his throat.

"A little squeamish with blood magic?" I wondered.

"I am one of the faithful as much as I don't recite the Chant, I do believe that blood magic is…taboo." Zevran said.

"Blood magic is just magic. It can help and be used responsibly. Talen isn't going to be possessed or taken over. I'm more worried about him constantly pushing himself. Talen keeps on saving us but does it beyond his limits. He's going to hurt himself eventually." I said and Zevran gave me a smirk.

"Perhaps just like you?" Zevran bumped my shoulder.

"Yeah, I know right? Pot calling the kettle black." I put away my water skin. "Ugh, I wish I had a bath. I hate darkspawn blood on me."

"We need to conserve all the water we have for now." Zevran said.

"Yeah." I saw that Jowan got up from where he was laying and sat next to me.

"That was…harrowing." Jowan's face was pale.

"Is that supposed to be a joke?" I wondered.

"It can be?" Jowan raised his eyebrow. Zevran and I laughed. "How can you both deal with this? More and more I'm regretting ever leaving the circle."

"Well it wasn't much of a choice for him." I chuckled, pointing at Zevran.

"I was at the will of a beautiful and dangerous woman." Zevran winked but I ignored him.

"I wanted to come along to protect Eren. There is no other place that I can go to. The darkspawn just came with the deal. At least we're fighting monsters and not people." I said.

"You'd rather deal with darkspawn than with others?" Jowan wondered.

"Taking someone's life is a heavier burden than you realize. I wasn't meant for this life but I'm here now. Of course when it comes down to it I have to take a life but if it was my choice, I wouldn't. Darkspawn are the culmination of evil. They live to destroy, to corrupt, and we are making a difference by cutting them down." I explained.

"I do not share the same views. I enjoy killing others, it is almost an art form for me." Zevran chimed in.

"Well you're an assassin, it's kinda your job to kill people." I chuckled.

"True but it would have been so dreadful if I had the same sympathies as you. Death comes for us all and some come for it much quicker than usual. It is where I come in. Do you see me doing anything else?" Zevran wondered.

"Hmm…I could peddle you to lonely noble woman for a few gold coins. You'd probably get a good following." I laughed.

"Very funny mi niña." Zevran bumped into my shoulder.

"What would you have done in the Circle anyway? Didn't Talen say you were about to become Tranquil?" I wondered. Jowan sat up straighter.

"Yes. I saw the order form. I wasn't progressing as quickly as they wanted me to. I was an apprentice for many years and I was one of the older students as well. I just had no potential and instead of getting rid of me they wanted to tranquil me. After seeing them, how they work, how they are…it was too much to bear. Still I was warm, I wasn't in danger, I had food when I wanted to. Now that I think of it, the Circle was better than the outside world." Jowan sighed.

"A gilded cage, pretty but you were still their captive." Zevran said.

"Perhaps but even if it was a cage, I'd rather be there than here." Jowan said.

"I think everyone would rather be somewhere besides the deep roads." I chuckled. I saw Talen getting up.

"Oh my head." Talen groaned.

"Priss! Good thing you're up. We were about to leave you." Derek guffawed.

"No we weren't. How are you feeling?" Leliana wondered.

"Like someone punched me in the back of my head." Talen smacked his lips. "And thirsty." He took out his water skin and drank.

"Try not to do that next time. We can't have you falling over in battle." Derek suggested.

"Yeah." Talen rubbed his head. Leliana gave him a small potion and he drank it. "Thank you."

"Of course." Leliana smiled.

"Come on, I'm sure Eren's group is probably wondering where we are." I said, getting up. We regrouped and headed out through the only exit out of the cavern. We followed the tunnel that was a little dark as there wasn't as much torches around and we found ourselves back on the road.

"If we take that bend there, I'm sure we'll be coming across Eren's group." Jowan said. We took the bend only to have to jump to the floor as a Bronto charged straight at us, a few Hurlocks right in front.

"They've corrupted it! Don't get in front!" Derek shouted. The bronto was huge and towered over all of us. I was staring at it. It was beautiful in an odd and powerful way. Still we can't have it around. I went over to Leliana.

"What's the best way to take it down?" I wondered.

"The bronto's heart lies around the middle of it's front right leg. Get me a clear shot and I can at least have it to where it wouldn't be able to fight." Leliana said, getting rid of a hurlock while explaining it to me.

"Got it." I sucked in a breath and went toward the animal. I got in front of it and kicked its face. It bellowed loudly and I jumped out of the way of another charge.

"Nia!" Zevran shouted.

"Keep away! Get the darkspawn instead!" I shouted right as the bronto tried swinging its horn at me. I rolled on the ground to get away but the road wasn't as big as it was. I found myself with my back to the wall but with that came the opportunity for Leliana. She shot an arrow true and it found itself digging deep into the Bronto's flesh. The bronto roared in pain and began to buck wildly around. I ran away from it and the others were done with the darkspawn.

Soon the Bronto laid on its side, blood pouring out from the arrow. Derek came over and grinned.

"Not bad. Unfortunately we won't be able to harvest anything from this beast. Not that it would be tasty. We got some more darkspawn ahead. Looks like Eren's group might be over there too." Derek said. We continued on the road until we heard fighting. We all started to run and there were spells being thrown across what seemed to be a large camp of darkspawn. I saw Morrigan in her bear form, running after Eren that was chasing a running darkspawn.

"Derek! Zevran! Oghren! Help me! The rest get to the others!" Eren shouted before going through a tunnel.

"You heard the man!" Derek, Zevran and Oghren followed them while we went up the road. It was a confined space but there was a medium sized hoard of darkspawn. Wynne was surrounded by icicles while Sten, Shale, and Alistair were keeping the darkspawn busy. Alfred was next to Wynne and biting down on a Genlock. Talen went and did a quick fire glyph surrounding him and Wynne as a precaution.

Leliana started shooting off arrows and I backstabbed a Hurlock before kicking it over to Shale who did good work in squishing it. Jowan came by and started to use his mace, as much as he could at least. More Hurlocks were coming around and then a genlock tackled right into Shale. Sten went over and stabbed into the Genlock and Shale crushed its head. She really likes doing that.

I cut into another Hurlock and evaded another as it froze in front of me and Alistair shattered the body. I heard a few shrieks coming into play and we were back to back, dodging, evading, side stepping. I was nearly frigging dancing with these slash happy darkspawn. The poison worked wonders in making them bleed. Soon, the camp was littered in darkspawn bodies with us as the victors.

"Jesus Christ, I feel so dirty." I moaned but I didn't have a lot of darkspawn blood on me, thankfully.

"Haven't seen you in a minute. Darkspawn camps?" Alistair wondered.

"Darkspawn camps." I nodded.

"We had to fight against an ogre. It was crazy." Jowan mentioned but chuckled.

"We had to deal with a mess of deep stalkers. I even ruined parts of my armor to those little buggers, melted a part of my armor." Alistair pouted.

"Those stalkers tried to mess with my stones. I killed all of them." Shale growled.

"Ah right, that happened too." Alistair nodded.

"Talen!" I heard Eren shout and my heart sank. He was in rough shape, blood coming from his head. He was carrying a passed out Morrigan who was covered in small cuts around her body. The light heartedness was replaced with tension as Talen and Wynne went towards him.

"What happened?" Wynne demanded.

"Ambush. That runner led us into one with an emissary." Eren wiped the blood from his temple.

"Got another one Wynne." Derek came right behind, Zevran leaning on him for support.

"It is my ankle." Zevran grunted in pain.

"Let's clear a space for a-" I started until all of the Grey Warden's heads shot up.

"Camp is going to have to wait." Derek growled.

"How many?" Oghren took out his axe.

"A lot." Alistair took out his sword.

"Good. This is starting to get fun." Shale chuckled with Sten taking out his sword next to her.

"It's going to be difficult. I sense about 12 darkspawn." Talen said. "Wynne, can you make a shelter for Zevran and Morrigan?"

"Of course." Wynne conjured up some earth and Derek went to put Zevran down and Eren followed suit.

"Don't let them through! Warriors up front! Mages and Leliana in the back." Eren barked and we all went to the front. The camp gave us a choke point. They'll have to get past us to our injured. I saw that Wynne summoned a small barrier for all of us. Talen was ready for a few battle-ready spells. I sneaked back to where Jowan was.

"Hey, what can your blood magic do?" I asked.

"I can amplify magic, make a blood mist, a bit of mind control though I'm not really good at that-"

"Try your hand at mind control. Darkspawn can be intelligent to a point but only so. Give us a leg up." I patted his back before going back to the others and good thing as the earth shook. An ogre came over with a gang of darkspawn behind it.

"Hmph, one ogre? I was expecting something exciting." Shale got her crystals ready. Eren raised a hand. Wynne telekinetically controlled some of the large debris around us and set it off as an avalanche, followed by a slew of small fireballs coming from Talen. The ogre did a roar and Hurlocks, genlocks, and an emissary followed. I saw a mist of some kind from my periphery and a few of the Genlocks started to hold their head and scream

"Alistair!" Eren and Alistair formed a shield wall to protect from nature spells of the emissary. Derek, Oghren, and Sten were able to form a sword wall which took care of the first few Hurlocks that came running through. The few genlocks that didn't get hit by the blood mist came tumbling after. Alfred got one in the nose and I sidestepped on to do a few stabs in the lower back. I jumped away as Shale took to wrestling two more genlocks.

It was hard trying to keep track of all the bodies. Spells were exploding everywhere, Leliana's arrows were flying so near us that I was sure that one of us would be accidentally hit. Blood was spilling everywhere and I was running around to find the best and ample opportunity to try to kill or at least get a darkspawn where it hurt the most. The emissary's magic was stopped by Alistair as he ran his sword through its chest.

That made him the unfortunate target of the Ogre. It reared back its head for a charge. Shale threw Alistair over her shoulder and he landed near me with a really loud groan. Shale grabbed the Ogre by its horns as it crashed into her with a loud roar.

"Now!" Eren shouted and everyone ganged up on the Ogre, landing blow after blow. It roared out in pain and grabbed Shale like a doll and pounded her into the ground, with enough power to leave a large crack underneath. The Ogre was readying its next attack before that same blood mist entered where we attacked it. The Ogre roared and Derek took that as his cue.

Derek let out a battle roar and jumped, his hammer held high. He made a devastating blow against the Ogre's chest, a squishy sound echoing in the hallway. This caused the ogre to fall down. Derek climbed on top and then completely crushed its head. I wasn't sure how long we were fighting for but everyone was winded by the end.

"Are there any more?" Oghren wondered, wiping the darkspawn blood from his beard.

"None so far." Alistair panted, getting up from where he was thrown.

"For now, we'll make a fortified camp." Eren let out a long breath. He walked over to Jowan whos hand was freshly bleeding. "I'm not one to agree to your methods but you are useful." He squeezed Jowan's shoulder.

"I…of course." Jowan nodded.

"I can't believe I allowed myself to be thrown like a common stone. I must work on my strength." Shale huffed as she helped us move away the darkspawn bodies.

"You are strong, kadan. The Ogre towered over you and calls upon a strength that is not humanly possible." Sten reassured her.

"What I need are larger crystals. Now that we are in the Deep Roads, I am sure there will be more than what that old mage found in his meager adventures. I must have them so that I can become powerful." Shale made a fist.

"Heh, if you think we'll find something that valuable, you can throw me as hard as you can and call me a bronto!" Oghren laughed.

"I will keep that in mind, dwarf." Shale huffed.

From there, we worked on clearing away an area that wasn't so saturated with darkspawn blood. Wynne and Talen went back to the large river and magically delivered us some water to clean. From there, we were able to leave them to heal Morrigan and Zevran.

Eren kept on looking back to Morrigan as we cleaned our armor. I noticed his gaze but decided not to say anything. Derek and Oghren were both whispering to each other.

"Boss, Oghren and I are going to go further down the path. The nug licker says that he saw a marker left by Branka!" Derek explained.

"May the Ancestors let you rot!" Oghren yelled back. Eren face palmed.

"You can go but you come right back once you find what you're looking for, do you understand?" Eren explained.

"'Course boss. Come on, drunk!"

"Right after you old man!" They both left the group.

"Why do they talk to each other like that? I can't tell if they want to hug each other or kill each other." Alistair scrubbed down his armor.

"I'm guessing it's a dude thing, right?" I looked at Alfred who was busy napping from the big fight. I went to go get more water for my armor to find Eren thumbing a few healing bottles. I went to sit by him as my boots were the only thing left. I could tell that he wanted to say something. I had time.

"I was careless." Eren whispered. He smeared a poultice on the wound over his head and drank a little of the potion in his hands. "I shouldn't have followed that darkspawn. Those monsters aren't mindless and I forgot about that. Morrigan is hurt because of me." Eren hissed and held his head in his hands.

"You made a mistake Eren. Now you have to live with it. Morrigan is still alive. Wynne and Talen are the best at healing. She'll be fine." I said, finishing off my boots.

"This shouldn't have happened in the first place. If anything happens to her, if anything happens then-"

"Eren." I put my hand on his shoulder. He looked at me. "We have to be prepared for the worst. Hell, we just got through about three or four camps of darkspawn. We should be grateful that no one got poisoned and that we're all still here in one place. You fucked up, Morrigan and Zevran got hurt but we got them back in time. Don't beat yourself up for something that might happen or else we'd be wallowing in guilt all day."

"You're right. Morrigan will be fine." Eren let out a shuddering breath.

"So…does this mean you like her?" I gave him a side long glance. Eren stared out in the roads, his brow furrowing. We sat in silence for a moment.

"I…I don't know." Eren confessed. "The idea of her and I is confusing to say the least."

"That's for sure." I chuckled.

"But…it's not like I'd push her away." Eren mumbled. I gave him a smirk.

"Well she is kinda all over you, usually." I mentioned. "I remember a time when you wouldn't hesitate taking her to bed."

"Those times are gone." Eren scoffed.

"True but you are attracted to her, right?" I said. Eren looked away. "I'm going to check on Zevran. Alfred, make him smile at least."

Alfred barked.

I went over to where Morrigan and Zevran were. Morrigan was still out cold but she was healed from her injuries and was merely sleeping. Zevran had his leg raised and was resting against the wall. He gave me a soft smile.

"I will have to be careful with my steps but otherwise I am unharmed." Zevran chuckled.

"Good because if you died, I would have brought you back just to kill you for breaking your promise." I sat next to him. "You sure you're alright?"

"I am fine mi niña. A broken bone is not a death sentence. Are you so worried for me?" Zevran wondered.

"I worry about everyone not just you." I huffed.

"Ah you're so cruel." Zevran chuckled.

"I'm just…worried if someone gets darkspawn blood in them. That's a real death sentence there." I looked down.

"Ah yes. I do not find that path enjoyable. Living as a ghoul sounds incredibly depressing." Zevran chuckled. "Are you not worried about yourself?"

"…Huh, I should be right?" I rubbed my head.

"It is ok to be a little selfish mi niña." Zevran said softly.

"You're right about that." I chuckled. "I guess we'll be staying here for a bit until Morrigan wakes up."

"Then it means that I can spend more time with you! Shall I regale you with stories of my youth? Living in a brothel means I was shown many-"

"No way, I am so not interested in that." I waved my hand.

"Ah you are no fun." Zevran pouted.

"Do you have other stories to share then?" I looked at him.

"Well my assassinations have carried me all over Antiva. Which one would you like to hear about first?" Zevran wondered.

"You choose, I'll listen." I said.

He chose one of his early assassinations about a man that owed them but was unwilling to pay. He was a noble and had plenty of money to hire other mercenaries but refused to pay for their services. I had to admit, Zevran's voice was incredibly calming. I listened to him before having to be called over to set up camp. Oghren had come back and explained that he found the path to Orta n Thaig.

"She was here! I found her markings! Hah! Brank won't know what hit her once we find her." Oghren chuckled.

"You think she's still alive?" Alistair wondered.

"I know she's still alive! She took the whole house! That's a small army right there. Besides, I know Branka. She'd never let the darkspawn claim her." Oghren answered.

"And this relic she's looking for, the Anvil of the Stone, what exactly is it?" Leliana wondered.

"It's the secret to make more of that." Oghren pointed at Shale.

"A golem maker? Is it certain?" Shale said.

"Of course I am! The secret to make Golems was lost when we were run over by the darkspawn. Since then, our people have been dwindling. If we are about to find the anvil, then we can finally push back the darkspawn. A golden age for dwarves all around or, you know, a few more battering rams. You're not bad golem." Oghren laughed.

"If it calls me a golem one more time, I will crush it's skull in its sleep." Shale retorted.

"Huh, I'd like to see you try." Oghren barked back.

"Enough, let's just rest for now." Derek said. Wynne and Talen were still hovering around Morrigan and I helped put a few cots together. I had to help Zevran to his and Talen came over to look at his foot.

"Tell me healer, will I be able to walk again?" Zevran moaned.

"Shut up, you're fine." Talen rolled his eyes and had his hands over his foot, green energy emitted for healing. "The bone has set and the only thing you'll have is soreness. I'd like to say not to use your foot for much but we don't have that luxury. If you find it hurting again, just come to me or Wynne."

"Of course Talen. Thank you." Zevran said sincerely.

"It's what I do best." Talen smirked before going over to sit by Leliana and taking out some of his food. Zevran got up to stretch out his foot and I laid down on my cot, taking out my journal to write in it some more. For our first trip into the Deep Roads, we got off pretty lucky. As we venture in deeper into the bowels of the tunnels, it's going to get more difficult.

"Such a poet." Zevran smirked as he looked at my handwriting.

"Sod off, Zevran."

Day 21

Morrigan woke up earlier than most of us. I was awake because I kept on dozing on and off, not feeling comfortable. She was near the fire we set up. Eren was on watch this time around. I saw her sit next to him and, since it was really quiet, I was able to overhear their conversation.

"I assume that the emissary was able to overpower me." Morrigan said softly.

"Yes. He had resurrected the bronto we defeated earlier. It knocked you out of your shapeshifter ability and nearly crushed you. If it wasn't for Derek's help then…you could have died, Morrigan." Eren explained. I was taken aback by how much emotion he had in his voice. I know I shouldn't have been listening but…well…it was so interesting!

"Well the dangers of the Deep Roads have been explained most thoroughly in our preparations. Should I have fallen, 'twould not be much of a surprise." Morrigan shrugged.

"If that happened, I'd probably find a way to bring you back." Eren said.

"And for what? To ease a guilty conscience because you have this odd responsibility for my wellbeing? I would not welcome it." Morrigan scoffed.

"I promised that you wouldn't come to any harm." Eren said.

"To an old woman who you have killed already. I do not need your protection." Morrigan snapped.

"I promised it to myself Morrigan, not to her." Eren looked at her.

"Why is that?" Morrigan looked away.

"Because…I have grown fond of you. You say you are not my responsibility but I am the leader of this group. Everyone is my responsibility. Their lives are in my hands as is yours. I would feel pain for anyone that falls but…your death would affect me the most." Eren confessed.

"What nonsense. Do not even think that I hold a flame for you. If anything, I only feel physical desire from you." Morrigan said.

"That's fine with me too." Eren chuckled.

"You are-"

Then I saw Eren kiss her and looked away. I hate second hand embarrassment. Eventually I heard Morrigan scoff again.

"You are a despicable man."

"You didn't push me away."

I heard some ruffling and was pretty sure that Morrigan had gone back to sleep. I can feel my ears turning red just by listening to them. A part of me felt happy but another part of me felt that Eren is going to get himself hurt. Morrigan is not an easy partner but Eren is not one to back down from a challenge. This is going to get interesting.

I ended up falling asleep and then getting woken up by Alistair. It was time to pack up and leave for the Ortan Thaig.

"Ortan Thaig, no one has stepped in there for decades. Can't believe I'll be seeing it. Brank has put up a number of markers. So long as we follow those, then we'll get to the Thaig." Oghren explained.

"How long will it take to get there?" Eren asked.

"Not sure. The map only took us as far as Caridin's Cross. This is all new to me or old or something." Oghren mumbled. Either way, he led the group.

"Morrigan, are you ok?" I wandered over to where she was.

"Do not fret over my health. I am fine." Morrigan scoffed. "I do not need you to be hovering over me like a fragile item." She glared at me.

"I'm not saying you're fragile but you took a bad hit. I'm just making sure that you're good all around. Since you told me that, I feel better." I gave her a thumbs up.

"You should be focusing on your elven lover." Morrigan gave me a smirk.

"You rang?" Zevran leaned on my shoulder.

"First off, he's not my lover." I pushed him away. "Second, I already made sure that he was ok yesterday."

"Oh my, a lover's quarrel already?" Morrigan chuckled.

"Uh huh. I've heard it all already." I shrugged.

"Is that so? Perhaps I should inform you of another. I have to say, our fearless leader has the famous Grey Warden stamina." Morrigan smiled.

"I beg your pardon?" Wynne chimed in.

"Andraste's sword, I really don't want to hear this." Alistair covered his ears.

"Morrigan." Eren pinched his nose.

"I'm really sure you're lying. There's no way you and Eren had sex." I shook my head.

"And how can you be so sure that I haven't seduced him?" Morrigan said.

"Ok, now I'm listening." Oghren creepily chuckled.

"I was awake." I said and stared at her. It wasn't long before Morrigan's face turned red.

"How dare you overhear something private." Morrigan snapped.

"We tent next to each other and sleep next to each other. Hell, we've been discretely going to the bathroom on our journey. We don't have privacy in our group." I said bluntly.

"Another advantage when you are a golem. No need for any unnecessary bodily functions." Shale commented.

"Rightly so." Sten huffed.

"Is there a point to all this?" Jowan asked Leliana.

"Don't worry. We all have our moments." Leliana giggled.

"Tch, I am not speaking to you from now on." Morrigan walked further.

"Does this mean I won?" I laughed.

"I will turn you into a toad if you keep it up." Morrigan snapped and then kept quiet.

"Are you both done?" Alistair wondered.

"Boy, you are the purest man I've ever seen and that's not a compliment." Oghren shook his head in disapproval.


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