Why can't Ezra just have a plain lightsabers?

Author's note: considering that my pen name on this site used to be Vader's Palace 1234 I have never wrote a Star Wars based story until now. Weird.

I don't own Star Wars Rebels that belongs to Disney.

The ghost crew minus Ezra and plus Rex and Ahsoka were sat in the common room waiting for Ezra to return.

"Hey guys, guess what I found?" Ezra said pulling out a Handel for a cross guard lightsaber and activating it, the blades emitting an emerald hue.

While most of the gathered looked on in amazement, Kanan was not take no it well. "Oh for force sakes why can't anyone just use a standard single bladed lightsaber anymore, first there was the inquisitors with their spinning lightsabers then Ezra with his blaster lightsaber. And then Ahsoka with her white lightsabers! Seriously!" Kanan raved as he stomped out of the room with the crew just looking confused.

"I reckon that thing would look even cooler if the blades were red and the power matrix was unstable." Sabine input from where she was sitting.

Author's note: I have just seen the new rebels trailer and besides the fact that Vader and Ahsoka fought and a lot of really cool stuff. Ezra turning on a cross guard lightsaber that was green was shown. So I thought in season one Kanan was asked if his lightsaber could do some of the more unique tricks that the inquisitor's lightsabers did and he even complained that his lightsaber couldn't be used as a blaster.

So this had to be done.