It's Nigris, here with a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT for you all.

Ok, you guys don't know (I didn't have the chance to tell you) but for some time my computer has been "frazzled" for a lack of a better term. I don't know what happened to it really, it turned but that's as far as it could go before it shut down. I brought it in to Best Buy thinking it was the battery but apparently it had something to do with the motherboard short circuiting. That was why I haven't been posting anything until now; I don't have any other source that i could really use to post chapters. Again, I apologize for not telling you all, it's how it is.

But I have a new computer now. One that works. And I'll be posting chapters... soon... -ish.

In reality I won't-I'm going on hiatus for a bit. My computer had some stuff on it that couldn't transfer over like chapters and much spent blood, tears and anxiety. There are real life problems that I need to solve that I can't fix on my chair, no matter how comfy it may be, and I got college to worry about. So until then I won't be posting any new chapters or stories.

And I know-I know, that you guys might be a little cranky after so long without me posting anything, because I've been in that situation before.

Now, that isn't to say I won't be posting anything. Don't expect anything big, but I will be posting maybe a one-shot or two-just some story ideas that I'm not too sure if I want to make into full-fledged things. If all goes well and you like them-and it is crucial that you at least leave a comment or favorite it, I'll get to work on them as soon as my hiatus is over. I might post something for shits and giggle too.

During this hiatus I'll also be working on the dog shit grammar in the beginning of my story, Faker. Let's be honest here everyone, the grammar in the first beginning chapters of Faker are doo-doo, The kind your dog leaves behind on the carpet, and it's to wet and juicy to pick up so you have to wait for it to dry out. Well... it's dried out, and I'm ready to pick it up. I've been saying that I'd be fixing up chapters for months on end but I never took the initiative-sorry, so I'll be using this time to actually do that. You'll see that the chapter has been revised and reviewed in two separate ways:

1. [REVISION DATE: XX/XX/XXXX] will be posted somewhere around that top of the chapter.

2. (Rewrite) will be posted next to the chapter number.

That's all I have to say. I'll be posting this on both stories, and before I leave you all allow me to make a recommendation on what you can read in the mean time. If you like the anime Overlord, then I suggest the story Godsfall, by the talented Honore with Shurpuff. And if you like Persona and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, check A Different Kind of Truth by The Infamous Man. If you want a One-Punch Man crossover, there's a new one called Daily life with Saitama Oh and a Monster Girl too, it's a good read for a new story, and it's made by Meanjojo. Or if you're looking for a good insert-fanfic, there's Normal Life? Yeah, Right by Writer With Bad Grammar T-T. And lastly, and my favorite, there's Prytaneum a Danmachi/Percy Jackson crossover. If you're sceptical about it don't be, this is written by the same guy who made that RWBY fanfic, The Games We Play, Ryuugi. It's on SpaceBattles forum, not Fanfiction.

Ok that's all I have to say. I'll hopefully see you all later, with new chapters, new stories, and fixed grammar.