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Chris looked at Kim. He looked at Ellen. He had a hard decision to make. He loved both of those women. His eyes darted to Tam and he knew what he had to do.
He took Ellen's hand.

"Ellen," he said, "I love you. I've loved you since the first time we met and I will always love you. I also love Kim. It would be hard enough for me to decide if it were just you and Kim but this is an easy decision. I love Tam and I have to do what's right for him.
Ellen had tears in her eyes. Her husband was leaving her for his first wife.

"Look," Chris said, "That boy needs to grow up with both his mother and father. Kim was willing to sacrifice herself for Tam. I can't... I won't sacrifice Tam's future for anyone."
I could have cared for Tam, Ellen thought to herself.
She looked at Chris with pleading eyes but he was unwavering.

"Ellen you are beautiful. You are smart. You are loving.
"You will find someone who is worthy of you."
You are worthy of me, Ellen thought, And you're the only one I want.
Kim had survived the bullet wound. When Chris had asked her why she tried to kill herself she said that Tam needed to grow up in America and NOT in Bangkok. Saigon was no place to raise a child.

He didn't realize how he felt about Kim until he saw her again. That feeling of love came rushing back. It was as though they never parted. The only thing different was now he love Ellen too. Tam was the deciding factor.

Chris knocked on the door to Kim's hospital room.

"Come in," Kim said.
Chris entered.

"It's you," he said.

"What's me," she asked confused.

"I choose you," he said.
Tears filled Kim's eyes but it was very different then the ones that filled Ellen's. Her tears were tears of joy. She was thrilled that she had won Chris's heart again. She was thrilled that Tam would have a good life.
Both of them knew this was just the beginning. There was much they still needed to talk about. There was much they needed to figure out. For now Kim needed to rest. She had to recover.
Kim closed her eyes with a smile on her face. She slept with Chris by her side. He climbed into the bed with her. He fell asleep spooning her. Life was good.
Officially Kim and Chris got remarried sixteen months later. They found ways to combine their two worlds together. When Tam turned 7 Kim gave birth to a baby she and Chris named Hao Ana Scott. They were an all American family.
Ellen went on and remarried again. She married John. They had twins they named Ellen Marie Thomas Jr. and John Anthony Thomas Jr. When the twins were 3 they had Elisa Rose Thomas. Ellen thought she could never find happiness again. She found happiness again.