Story takes place sometime after episode 13 but is based on "What Remains". I do not own Terra Nova (if I did, it would still be in production … somewhere). Though I accept criticisms, please be polite in your reviews. Thank you.

"You wanted to see me, Malcolm?" Jim Shannon, the only law enforcement officer in Terra Nova, had been asked by Malcolm Wallace, head of the Science Division and ex-boyfriend of Jim's wife, to join him in Tom Boylan's bar while Josh was off shift.

"Yeah, Jim. You need a drink?" Malcolm asked.

"No, I'm good," Jim replied. "What's this about?"

Malcolm hesitated, clearly wishing he were anywhere else right now. He took another drink of his beer, hoping to calm his nerves. It didn't work. Finally, he looked back at Jim. "A few weeks ago … maybe a lifetime ago, you accused me of bringing Elizabeth here so I could 'have another shot with her.' That's only partly true. I would have attempted to recruit her on her resume alone. Having known her, her compassion, her dedication, I knew she'd be a fantastic candidate." He paused. "I also knew that her husband had been arrested …"

"HA! I knew it" said Jim.

Malcolm put up his hand saying, "don't. Don't interrupt me. Just let me finish what I want to say."

Jim, more curious than when he had first entered the bar, nodded.

"I'd heard that you were arrested, but that you had died in prison. I'd hoped to give Elizabeth another chance. I didn't know until after you got here that you had three children or that they wouldn't have let the little one come. I don't know what I would have done had I known that, but I know that Elizabeth would never have left the little one…"


"…Zoe, behind. Had her interest turned to me after she was done grieving your death, that would have been nice. But I didn't count on it happening. It is unlikely that she'd ever find another man if something happens to you. 'Dedication.'"

Jim looked skeptical. The only thing he could manage to say was, "uh…"

Exasperated, Malcolm demanded, "have you seen the way she LOOKS at you?!" There's not another man alive! in this world or the one we left behind! It's only you." Malcolm's voice softened. "Treasure that." After a moment, Malcolm continued. "Did she ever tell you why we broke up?"

Jim shook his head.

"'It isn't right.' That's all she said. The first time, the only time, I kissed her, she said 'it isn't right' Shortly after that, she left for medical school and I never saw her again. Until Terra Nova." Malcolm looked up at Jim, meeting his eyes. "Even if you had died in jail and Elizabeth had figured out how to get all three of her children here, I still wouldn't stand a chance at a romantic relationship with her. She's still a beautiful woman. She always will be. But she's YOUR beautiful woman. You own her heart. And, by the way you look at her, she owns yours. I hope your children will find that same love that you and Elizabeth have. You're a good man, Jim. A pain in my ass, but a good man." Malcolm smiled.

Jim laughed. Malcolm didn't have the same type of courage that Jim did, but he had stood up to the Sixers and the Phoenix group in his own way. It took courage to damage the portal the way Malcolm had. If he had been caught, it would have meant his life, and the Phoenix group didn't believe in easy deaths.

Though Jim Shannon and Malcolm Wallace would never be close friends, a new understanding arose between them that day. They could still annoy each other, both being the stubborn men that they were, but they knew that they both had the good of the colony at heart, even if they disagreed what that was.

Eventually Malcolm did find love, but that's a story for another time.