District One - Reaping, Goodbyes & Train Rides

Kent Castell, 17;

District One Citizen

''G-Guys... I really d-don't think that we should be doing this,'' says Amar, his gaze locked on the Peacekeeper truck. Earlier today, just for this special occasion, I wrapped plastic all around the vehicle, just to see how they would react. And on top of that, I throw a trash bag on top of the vehicle and strapped it to the truck in some tight rope. The only thing with this trash bag, though, is that it's in shape of a human body – this will for sure freak those damn Peacekeepers out.

''Oh, shut up, Amar!'' Oxford – the leader in our group – growls and turns his head back to me, smiling. ''I said that we would follow what Kent wanted to do today, and we are. Got a problem with it, then get out, got that?'' Just as Amar's about to reply, Oxford cuts him off. ''Ah! Just be quiet and watch!''

''Yeah!'' shouts Angie. That spitfire girl is always in for some type of devious act – I don't think anybody should be surprised by now. She's practically infamous around the District – and when she's with Oxford, they're like an unstoppable duo. Just the type of people I can use to my advantage... I'm... I hate thinking about things like that...

There was nothing better than scaring Peacekeepers, though. The ones in this District – whenever scared – always lost all rationality and became monsters who would do anything they wanted. Unless you were to, um, give them favors of some sort. But nobody does that except for those desperate trainees. Fucking pigs.

As soon as the two main Peacekeepers – Castine and Jules – approached the van, they both jumped back in fear, even though it was stupid of them to be scared. The only problem here was that they always overthought everything, and because of that, they both pull out their rifles as quick as lightning and start shooting in all directions.

I swear to God that one of the bullets hit a tree right next to the bushes that all four of us were hiding in. ''Holy shit,'' Amar whispers, his body quivering with fear, and his face losing all color. Quickly, I turn around and press my hands against his lips.

''Who's there?!'' Castine yells out, and now I can't hold it in any longer. It was laughter that I could feel in my lungs, so hard that it nearly took my breath away. The lack of oxygen didn't matter, though. It was all so worth it. My laughter, when Amar hears it, dismays all the feelings of distress that was in his brain.

I lost tightness in my chest, and suddenly, everyone else around me started laughing – just how I planned it to go. Immediately, I stop, now letting everyone else attract the attention. Castine and Jules come rushing through the bushes, automatically pointing their rifles at all four of us – somehow. Smiling to myself, I look straight into Castine's eyes and ask, ''How are you?''

He doesn't respond, a serious look on his face. Instead of giving up like any normal person would do, I quickly step back and grab Amar by his collar, push him right in front of the rifle, and push him into Castine, which knocks them both off balance. Now running away, the wind gushing against my hair, I listen to the noise going on in the background. I take a look over my shoulder, observing the mayhem going on.

''DON'T TOUCH ME, YOU BASTARD!'' Angie yells, swinging a left hook straight into Jules's jaw. Jules stumbles back, and Angie jumps on top of him, letting out a combo of punches.

You know, on a regular day I wouldn't be betraying them – but everyone else is easily an option to leave – but I had to today. It's Reaping day, and I can't leave any regrets back. If I needed to use them in order to get away, then I needed to do so. This world isn't easy – it's survival of the fittest, and I'll do what I have to do in order to survive.

Although I hate that side of myself... I can't help it, but it doesn't matter. Whatever happens happens, and I'll deal with it. I don't know why I found myself laughing so hard, but all of a sudden, I couldn't stop. My breath came in quick gasps between my unstoppable giggles. Tears gathered in the corners of my eyes, threatening to spill over.

This is just too much fun. And with that, I head to the Reaping.

Grace Orita, 12;

District One Citizen

I wake up to the same thing I see each day; a rickety, old bedpost and walls with peeling paper and mysterious stains. The fragile floors creak when I walk, echoing around my empty room eerily. Halfway across the house, I hear one of my parents turn on the faucet through the thin, hollow walls. It's kind of hard to think that this house would suffice for seven years.

It's a common stereotype that District One citizens have the absolute best of everything, like money, a house, and a reputation - but no one cares enough to find out for themselves, and instead nod along blindly. But there is always the few exceptions that come along with each generalization, and my family is a category by itself.

We... lost everything. An incident happened seven years ago, and since then we were known as the outcast family. Failures. The snow in the center of lush, green grass. The looks get kind of tiring after a while, but what's really sad is that I've gotten used to it after all these years…

Instead of a dress like all the girls my age wear, I force my feet through a beaten pair of jeans and a thick, gray sweater. It's perhaps one of the few intact outfits I own, and often I get jealous of the other girls and how well-off they are. I told myself there was nothing to be jealous of, but sometimes you get tired of telling yourself things. And so you just give up altogether.

I finish changing in a matter of seconds, shoving my feet into my worn sneakers in a defiant fashion. I'd never show rebellion out in public, but with the privacy of my home it is possible to do anything.

Facing the door, I head outside to join the citizens of District One in my first Reaping. The prospect of the Reaping itself seems so terrifying, but perhaps the real thing isn't so petrifying…


I was wrong. Completely and utterly wrong.

The escort has just finished delivering the speech, and is making her stride towards the female Reaping pool. The click of her heels threatens me with each step, like every second was a knife stab to the ribs. I felt my heart pummeling in my chest, as if I was going to get Reaped. I wasn't, and even if I was, someone would volunteer... right?

The volunteer this year was a girl named Emireld Dashes. The girl was 17 years old, and was partly the reason for my family's poverty, as her parents had made the bet with my parents that ruined our lives. She was taught to gloat at us, and so she did. She despises me, and the feeling is mutual… at least, I try.

Out here I feel like a child, like a coward - both of which I am. My parents are horrified at the thought of losing me, and despite of the loss of money, they had hope for a future because of me. But what happens if I am Reaped? What will become of them?

A cold, menacing hand tightens its grip on my heart. It absolutely tears me to think of my family going through more pain than they already have. My parents have enough troubles other than my risk of being called to a death match. I don't need to confront them with another of my problems, and I surely need not create more.

There is absolutely no time to continue this, though, because at that moment Grace Orita is called.

Grace Orita.

It's me, I think hazily to myself.

An ice-cold quiver skips down my spine, and my head hurts. A lot… but this is Emireld's year to volunteer. I'm not going to really die, will I? She wouldn't give up her chance for glory just to relish my death, would she? Unless, she really hates me that much… but I've never done anything to her!

However, apparently I've done something to her parents. And parents are one of the most influential beings in the world. They could've trained their precious pup Emireld to believe anything.

I've tried to be kind to everyone, but because of my family's reputation, no one cared. No one gave me a second look. But now, of all times, each one of their stares are pinpointed towards me, making me feel unworthy and miniscule. I don't want this kind of attention…! I-I don't believe for one second this is really going on right now.

Emireld crosses her arms, a smug look crossing her face. Weirdly enough, the pose seems… unnatural. She holds her gaze on me, occasionally looking back to threaten anyone to volunteer. Her eyes hover like laser beams over me, and she says nothing. The silence is absolutely deafening.

Without warning, I burst into tears. The water streaking down my face is absolutely quiet, but soon turns into muffled sobs. I try as best as I can to lower my cries, but no matter what I do my voice is persistent to match the pitch of a siren. The sound echoes over the crevices of the streets, and into the stores surrounding Town Square. It brings an ache to my ears, but I can't stop.

Is this Fate's version of a joke? A cruel, heartless joke?

Kent Castell, 17;

District One Citizen

I stand in the aisle, between all these other surrounding kids. Surprisingly, a tribute got Reaped. Yeah, in District One… How? I don't know, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Emireld Dashes was supposed to volunteer, but then when I see the girl who walks up - Grace Orita - I know why she didn't volunteer. There's a small grin on her face, one that shows how amusing this is to her. From what I can tell, she despises this little girl.

She's such a fraud - such a charlatan. I don't understand the point in doing that, but it's her call. Now turning my attention back to our escort, I don't even realize as a small boy begins mounting the stage, and I'm snapped back into reality. ''I VOLUNTEER!'' I yell out, my voice hoarse and my hands raised high above my head, my shoulders broad and standing tall. Everyone turns their gazes towards me, and I gulp.

Slowly, I step out of the aisle and jitter incessantly. For some reason, though, my body begins to feel relaxed and I smile, nodding my head as I walk up. The boy quickly steps down and runs back to his spot, while I stand and think about what's going on. Our escort begins speaking, but I'm too much in thought to realize what she's saying. Suddenly, the little crying girl grabs my hand and hesitantly shakes it.

Our escort asks me for my name, after how many times now, and I finally answer. ''Kent,'' I smile. ''Kent Castell.'' The idea of volunteering really bothered me at first, but maybe backstabbing can get me places. I know that I won't get far without taking advantage of what I want, and with all these skills that I've learned, I can win.

Turning my head away from Grace, I feel my a strong grip grab my hand and throw me inside the Justice Building. In no time, my family barges into the room and the smile on my face dissipates. I slowly look up while taking off my bandana - the one that I used to hide my face from the Peacekeepers.

My father looks down at me, his gaze capturing my face. I stare into his green eyes, and he says, ''You did it, Kent. Good job, I couldn't have asked for more.'' Ignoring his words, I turn away, trying not to let anger get over me. I just can't stand him. Both him and my mom are both annoying.

''You know what would've happened if you didn't,'' my mother brings up. Looking up at her, I shake my head, just to tease the both of them. She frowns, placing a serious look on her face. ''You would've been kicked out and disowned, Kent. And we don't want to do it. This is best for you, I hope you understand that.''

Best for me? 'You don't know what's best for me,'' I place my hands on my knees, sighing and shaking my head. ''Only I do, and I do what I think is best for me. You guys can't control me, and no matter how much you think I'll listen to you, I won't.''

My mother grits her teeth, and my father shows a bit of anger as well. Good. I know that this isn't time for joking, because this is serious, but everytime they open their mouth, I want to scream. I love them, I truly do, but they annoy the crap out of me. Now, my mom starts yelling at me, shouting all sorts of insults. ''Don't you understand, you rebellious child?! We're trying to help you, but you won't listen! What is wrong with you?! We don't want you to end up like Riley - failing to find a job! If she listened, maybe you wouldn't have to be in this situation. You insolent-''

''Who raised her, mom?'' I quickly stand up, shouting at her. She steps back, staring at me. Every word stung, only fueling the fire that was inside me. Every single violated phase was like gasoline, and it kept on pouring and pouring. I clenched my fist and rooted my jaw, but then it quickly dissipates, and I smile at her cheekily. I don't think she understand the disingenuous insult that I just lied out, though, but I get it - and Riley does, too.

''Kent, don't say-'' Riley starts, but I quickly cut her off.

''Riley, don't even say anything!'' I hate myself for doing this. I love Riley, she's my sister, but I can't help but feel resentment towards both her and my parents. This is how I treat her now, ever since they took her away from me. My best friend, my favorite person in the world. I adore them all, want to make up with them, but I can't. My hate overpowers my love, and I can't deal with them anymore. ''You're no better than them, so why don't you all just leave? That'd be better for everyone else here.''


''Get out!'' Like I demanded, all three of them walk out without saying a final word. Riley turns around one more time, sparing me a last peep before walking out the Justice Building door. When she leaves, Amar, Oxford and Angie all walk in. Angie and Oxford keep their eyes on me while Amar darts his eyes left and right, leaving his hands behind his back.

''Why'd you do it?'' Amar says in a banal way. I stare up at him, a faltering smile on my face, my lips quivering just a little bit. When he looks up, I watch as tears flow unchecked down his cheeks and drip from his chin. He didn't wail, he just stood there as still as a statue while the magnitude of his sadness swept over him. ''Y-Y-You p-pushed me into C-Castine, a-and w-we're a-all g-g-getting wh-whipped l-later…''

''Listen, Amar,'' I say, passing by Angie and Oxford to reach Amar, and stand right in front of him, my hand placed comfortably on his shoulder. ''I don't think I've ever told you this, but from time-to-time, I usually have random spaz attacks and I don't know why they happen. My family has never mentioned it, and I've always kept it a secret,'' I lie, wanting to use this to my advantage. After all, it is my last day in District One - even for good, maybe. ''So I'm sorry that I might have gotten you guys in trouble. I tried calling out for you, but I guess none of you heard me.''

''I-It's okay,'' Amar smiles. ''I believe you, and even if we do get whipped, at least you're safe.''

Yeah. Safe. Sure.

''Hey, kick some ass in the Arena for me, okay?'' Angie demands, punching my shoulder lightly. Oxford smiles and pumps his fist along with her, and we all just kinda stare at each other for a moment's notice.

''Yeah, and you better come back, too,'' Oxford sighs, just a small and meek threat with no real value. ''If you don't, who will be my second-in-command? Angie? Amar?''

''Yeah, we wouldn't want either of those two getting to be in charge, now would we?'' I joke, and Oxford and I begin laughing together. Amar joins in, but his laughter is quite faint and nervous-sounding; while Angie, on the other hand, has a serious look on her face, and she looks like she's about to tear this place up.

''What's wrong with me being second-in-command?'' She grits her teeth and tightens her jaw. Her eyes flashed heat waves at me, making me chuckle nervously. The words now erupted from her mouth, ''I will beat your ass, Kent. Say something else about me not being able to be in charge again and I'll mess you up!'' The final hiss in her voice warned me about her feelings.

Slowly, I bring my hand up to the back of my head and scratch it. I honestly don't see how some people can be so serious. I guess my joking personality is blinded by their seriousness. ''I was just kidding, Angie, calm down.'' She's not going to calm down yet, if I know Angie correctly. And when people are feeling sad or pitiful or angry or whatever, I like to make them smile.

Cautiously walking back now, I observe my surroundings and manage to fall back against the wall and grab a hold of the luxurious curtains, ripping them from their holders and send cloth flying throughout the air. As soon as I land on the ground, my hand slaps the small desk beside the wall and knocks a vase off of it, sending a loud crash emitting through the air.

Instantly, Angie, Oxford and Amar all begin dying of laughter, the corner of their eyes covered with small tears. If I'm being honest, you could hear their sweet, joyful laughter from a mile away. The sound echoed and bounced across the room, and my little stunt seemed to be cheering everyone up. It's times like these where I love making people happy.

Carefully listening to the pounding on the floor, I watch as the door flies open and in comes rushing two Peacekeepers. They grab all three of my friends forcefully without a word and begin pulling them out of the room. ''Hey!'' Angie screams, and I shake my head, knowing that she's gonna get them into more trouble. ''Get your filthy hands off of me!''

A loud crunch sound is heard, and one of the Peacekeeper's scream from outside the hallway. ''I'll beat your ass!'' Angie's voice rings once again, and this time I can't help but chuckle to myself. Oh, what a lovely group of friends I have.

Though I still hate myself for using them the way that I did. But I can't feel this way now. Those skills that I've picked up - betraying people and using them as my own personal toys, throwing them away whenever I have no more use for their company - will be useful for the Games, and I intend on them taking full effect.

It might take some time, but it'll work. All I have to do is get them to like me, and soon enough I can be home free, where I can live my life how I want to live it.

Not how my parents want me to live it. Not how my friends do. And definitely not how Riley does.

How I want to.

Grace Orita, 12;

District One Tribute

Since the Reaping that happened roughly ten minutes ago, I've been in a state of passiveness. I didn't struggle. I didn't sob. Everything was done in small, careful movements that involved in the least bit of thinking. Things like sitting. Lying down. Sniffing. Breathing.

But even breathing seemed hard. I was going to die in the Games anyway - what was the point of it? Why didn't I just… die? Right here? There was absolutely nothing stopping me; I could do it.

But how could I even think of that? I'm too much of a coward to even attempt to hurt myself. I wouldn't. I could never.

I didn't dare let a single thought of my family enter my mind, because I knew that if I did, I would start bawling. My heart was in too much of a weak state to handle that. My hands were just starting to dry from wiping my eyes; I didn't need anymore tear stains, at least not until my family comes in for real.

Oh, crap! I'm thinking about them right now. No no no no no no no no. Not now. Think of -

The room!

My mind rapidly tracks down the nearest enhancement I could find - the walls. They were richly colored, with all different shades of burgundy, red, and mauve. The pattern was of elegant seashells and other various ornaments. I liked it quite a lot, actually. It made me feel very serene inside, despite the lethal tension that was hanging in the air.

I was about to go to the next piece of furniture until a click at the door was heard, revealing none other than my parents.

My family can do nothing but cry, especially my father. He believes that the gods have put our family in this situation because of his sins and his impulsiveness.

"I'm so, so sorry, Grace," he stutters, gripping my thin, pale arms with grief. "This is… this is all my fault. And you're getting punishe-"

"Father! No, don't say that!" I cry, but he seems to be oblivious to my words. "That was long ago. It has absolutely nothing to do with m-my… Reaping." I want to scream as I say the word - it was because of this simple event that I was being sent to my death!

He doesn't seem to understand in the slightest. "Grace, will you ever forgive me?"

"Yes, of course! You didn't do anything wrong to begin with…!"

"Your death and our misfortune will always be grave burden to carry. I-It's all because of my rash behavior, down at the betting station. All because of that District Five girl winning, instead of the District Seven male, I risked this family's life on."

I nod understandingly, like he wasn't the reason for our poverty. Maybe he was to blame for the family's misfortune, but it's not like he had rigged the Reapings so that I would be gone from his life.

But I might have a chance. At survival, I mean. Perhaps I'll be able to win…

N-No! I can't even afford the cost of giving myself false hope. My family couldn't even buy a training membership for me, and I have no weapon knowledge. I'm a complete goner.

"Oh, it really is my fault. That girl… that girl was supposed to volunteer, no? She didn't. She's always hated this family, because of her dad and his pride. Her dad was the one we lost the bet to."

"What are you saying, Father? I already know about this. This doesn't relate to me being Rea- oh." Realization dawns on me as if someone had poured liquid truth onto my shoulders. Holy shi- no…

Just like earlier today, I burst into tears but instead of the raging waterfalls from the Reaping, they're mild and trickling down my cheeks deliberately. It's - it was rather unnatural for the way I usually behaved, but this time I was shocked. Father really had played a small part in my soon-to-be death. This couldn't be happening!

Mother must've sensed the fear in my eyes. "I'm sorry, dear…" she choked, and her eyes brimmed with tears. "But there's nothing to do now. Just… just enjoy your last time with us, in the Capitol, okay? Enjoy it for us."

Nodding, the lump in my throat begins to stop swelling. My mother was usually so strong, and I've never seen her tear up before. But there's a first time for everything.

I didn't want my mother to cry. I didn't want my father to keep blaming himself. I certainly didn't want my parents to be depressed about me forever. But I never wanted to be Reaped to begin with. We'd just have to live with these challenges, no? I can't… I can't change it. But maybe some things are meant to be. Like this last, blissful family moment. If I'm going to die, I'd want to do it thinking about all the things I love.

Train Rides

Third Person (because Brooke loves their third person…)

The two mentors that year were on edge. Aiden Petrova had nothing to worry about - at least, he wouldn't have to worry if the second mentor from last year hadn't been replaced. Lee Sinclair was forced to give up her job of mentoring to support her sister.

Normally, it wouldn't have been a big deal if she left. There was an abundance of Victors in District One - at least, there used to be. Ever since District Seven had been added automatically to the Career selection, the number of District One Victors dropped immensely. The District still won every few years, but the gap was at an average of four years to eight in a matter of decades.

And yet still, one would think that at least one person was willing to take up the spot of the other mentor? No. The remaining problem wasn't fixed because the whole of District One Victors were lazy, patronizing assholes. Not a single person came forward to take up the job as Mentor; no one except Allister Jule.

The problem with Allister is that he wasn't technically a Victor. Well-trained, yes - intelligent, yes - but not anywhere near the high status of a Victor. The boy was chosen to volunteer two years ago at age eighteen, but instead of doing so, his supposed best friend decided to claim fame for himself.

He had died in the Bloodbath, and placed 21st. Oddly enough, Allister seemed like he couldn't care less. He went about his life as if he never missed the chance to volunteer.

It wasn't fair that Allister was permitted to even give these tributes advice when he had no experience himself. Aiden had killed four children in cold-blood, and yet this Allister was considered equal to him. He was too weak to volunteer! Too weak to kill! And yet, in a few charming moves, he gained Aiden's position in a heartbeat.

It was infuriating, but Aiden didn't care. At least, he tried not to. Aiden had a reputation to hold, and being pettily jealous over another boy was only going to cause unnecessary drama.

So when Allister entered the train five minutes after the tributes had boarded, Aiden only put on a nonchalant expression, as if to say, "You're a peasant. You don't bother me."

Allister shot back with a glare equivalent to him that read, "I don't give a fuck. I'm a king, bitch."

So there he was. Allister was officially a mentor, despite never winning the Games.

The boy came in half an hour late for his new job and even dared to insult Aiden, the obviously more respectable mentor. What a wonderful impression, Aiden thought bitterly to himself. His killing days were over, but he was willing to change that in order to rid the world of Allister Jule.

"Sorry I'm late," he said boredly, and proceeded to whistle a melody under his breath as if he had no care in the world.

The two tributes on the couch, Kent and Grace, watched the two mentors as if they were a play waiting to unfold. Kent chuckled under his breath, his legs dangling off the couch. Grace sniffed loudly.

Aiden had mixed feelings about his tributes. Kent seemed full of surprises - careless, even, but something about him put Aiden at unease. Kent might've been less strong than the average District One male, but his mental state was as strong as a metal coil. Flexible, and unbreakable.

Grace, however, was… rather peculiar. She was possibly the first ever Reaped tribute from District One in centuries. It was alarming, how much the people of District One despised her and her family. Aiden briefly wondered how she coped, but decided it wasn't important - what was significant was the strategy needed to get one of these tributes out alive.

"Let's get started," Aiden announced, clapping his hands together loudly. "Do you two want to train together or separately?"

Kent stared at Grace for a while, and after a few seconds he responded. "Together."

Grace glanced at him, utterly shocked. "R-Really?"

The lanky boy nodded. "'Course! I can teach you lots of things, too. I've always wanted a younger sister."

Grace beamed at him. Aiden had to admit he was surprised as well. He flared his brows upwards, but nodded. Kent had something up his sleeves. "Very well," Aiden declared. He took a pen and wrote Kent's answer. "You'll be trai-"

Aiden was rudely interrupted by a deafening snort coming from besides him.

"Holy shit!" Allister cackled, a jolt of mirth running down his body and contorting his face. "You want to train with… with her?!"

Kent glared at him. "Yeah, what if I do?" He protested, although it seemed fake. "It's not illegal, is it?"

The younger mentor smirked, still snickering like an immature toddler. "It might as well be. Look at her, she's so goddamn weak. She's gonna die in the Bloodbath - wait, no! She's going to place 25th!" Another laugh racked through his spine despite the fact that what he said was nowhere near funny.

However, the 17 year-old had a spark of amusement in his eyes. In a flash it disappeared and the boy turned to argue with the mentor yet again.

Aiden decided it was time to cut the debate. "Allister, it's his choice. The tributes decide what they want to do with their time, and it's up to them to count on their own survival."

Allister rolled his eyes. "No. The truth is that the tributes can't do squat to fix their lives. It's the mentor's job to keep the tributes alive, because it's obvious they can't do it themselves. I'm Kent's mentor, and he's going to live, thanks to me."

Aiden tried to laugh, but it came out as a violent howl. "That's-" he began, but ceased. "Look. It says that I'm Kent's Mentor," he said, as he thrusted a piece of paper in the brainless boy's hand.

The younger mentor rolled his eyes. "This is some major bullshit," he announced, and tore up the paper in half.

Aiden stared, gape-mouthed at the deceased paper as Kent laughed brightly. Allister stood smug, his arms crossed in a moment of defiance.

Deciding he'd had enough, Aiden poised his mouth to yell as soon as Grace bawled. "I knew it - nobody wants me!" She exclaimed tearfully as she barreled down the hallway, and into her room.

What did I ever do to deserve this? Aiden thought to himself, fuming. He crumpled up the mentor sheet until it turned into small bits of paper, shredded from his fingernails.


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A: NO, I WILL. WAROFVIRTUES. BLOGSPOT ansleyiskindofstupid (true), HA! Dude, I owe so many people money xD I still owe this kid ten bucks for a bet that happened last year, and everytime we see each other in the school courtyard, he eyes me and I'm like. ''._.''

B: Hah people owe ME money xD

A: Only two people owe me money xD This one kid owes me 50, because he's just… He asked me to give him one page of homework, so I was just joking and said you need to give me fifty, and he said okay and gave me 20 on the spot, and 10 a couple of days ago. I… I feel bad, but hey… Money is money. The world revolves around money. Money revolves around Money. Our solar system revolves around Money. After all, how was the sun made? Exactly, Zues threw one dollar bills for millions of years until that giant gas giant thing filled with gas and solar flares got somewhere into the earth and the earth is now made and only a couple of things are left and now I'm just… I'm happy. HEY! Wait, in 2024…. I'm gonna make a spaceship c: So then, I can travel to Uranus. And Neptune ;D

B: I… I can't even deal with this right now xD I'M SO bleh TODAY

A: Yo, this other kid owes me money. -.- So we live in the same neighborhood, and he calls me to pick him up so I hop in some random stranger's car real quick, since he left the engine running, and I go to pick him up. This man makes me drop him off to two houses down, and he says he was lazy. So he also had an aux cord, so he blasted music with literally five seconds to spare. And he was yelling at me because I took more than two minutes so I was like, ''I'M HERE NOW! I'M HERE NOW! I'M HERE NOW, OMG!'' And then I asked him for gas money, and we were like IJHGOASHIOGHAIOHIOGHIOAH and he was like, ''YOU LITERALLY TOOK ME FIFTEEN FEET, HOW IS THAT 20 DOLLARS?! THIS ISN'T EVEN YOUR CAR!'' So then we came to an agreement, and now he owes me 20 ;u


A: Wait, but why ;-;

B: Because world domination is fun, obviously.

A: Lol nah, you're crazy. You can plot out your world domination scheme while I'll be in the background, relaxing and drinking orange juice while trying to figure out how I can meet up with 20+ celebrity females and go on random dates, buy them coffee, and somehow get digits, only to end up being friendzoned becaused, ''You're 15 and look like you're 8, honey.'' :U Life is so… so rough, maine.

B: Fine ;U I'll just gather up Reader and Wizard and we can blow up stuff. We are the Russian/Reptilian Mafia.

A: o.o I'm gonna… Yeah, okay xD

B: Ending the A/N? XD IT'S BEEN 6360 WORDS WUT

A: You will not talk to your moms like that.

B: Mom(s). Who's the other one, Mom #1? AM I SERIOUSLY ADOPTED?! Sorry I has to go

A: ._- I… I thought.. That ain't got nothing to do with you! WAIT, OMG NO UPDATE IT! FORGET IT, IF YOU HAVE TO LEAVE UPDATE IT!






BYE ! :)