It was a typical Friday morning in Bubbletucky. Gil was waiting patiently for Molly so they can go to school together. When she arrived, she gave Gil a big hug.

"Good morning, Gilly. Happy Friday," Molly greeted happily.

"Is today Friday?! Awesome!" Gil cried happily as he raised his fist in the air.

"Wow, you're pretty happy. What's the occasion?" Molly wonders.

"Mr. Grouper said he has a surprise for us today. I've been waiting all week for it," Gil squealed.

"Really? I don't remember him saying anything about a surprise," Molly said as she rubs her head in confusion.

"Seriously? He must've mentioned it every day this week. C'mon, Molls, get with the program," Gil teased while playfully pushing Molly's shoulder.

The two of them continued to swim to school. When they got there, they sat down with the rest of the guppies.

"Hey you guys," Goby greeted.

It was then that Mr. Grouper came into the room.

"Good morning, Mr. Grouper," the guppies said.

"Well, good morning everyone," the teacher greeted back.

"So, Mr. G, what's the big surprise?" Deema asked.

The teacher grinned and looked at his students.

"I'm taking you guys some place special today," Mr. Grouper said.

"Is it the Amusement Parking Lot?" Molly asks.

"Nope," Mr. Grouper said.

"Big Bubble City?" Goby wonders.

"Uh-uh," Mr. Grouper replied while shaking his head.

"The museum?" asked Nonny.

"(chuckle) No. It's a place I haven't taken you before," Mr. Grouper explained.

"Well come on Mr. G, spill it. The suspense is maddening," Deema said.

"I'm taking you to...a buffet!" Mr. Grouper exclaimed.

"What's a buffet?" Oona asks.

"A buffet is a special type of restaurant. Instead of waiting for a waiter or waitress to bring you food, you go and get your own food," Nonny explains.

Being quite big eaters, Deema and Gil were very excited that they will get to eat whatever they want.

"Yay! An endless assortment of food!" the two blue eyed guppies exclaimed, unexpectedly in unison.

Goby, on the other hand, started to remember the last time he and Gil went to a restaurant together.

The guppies went about their daily routine while eagerly waiting for the school day to end so they can go to the buffet. Goby came up to Gil.

" ready to go to the buffet?" Goby asks his bff.

"You bet I am!" Gil said. He started to pat his stomach, "I brought my appetite."

"Don't try to outdo yourself. Remember that time you went with my family to that burger place? You spent about five minutes in the bathroom throwing up," Goby warned.

"I'm telling you, the food didn't taste right," Gil claimed.

"Didn't taste right? No, the reason you got so sick was because you stuffed your food in your mouth by the pound," Goby accused.

Goby put his hands in front of his mouth.

"You literally went like this: NOM, NOM, NOM."

Gil didn't say anything and simply glared at his dark-skinned friend.