Mr. Grouper and Gil waited patiently for the guppies to return. Gil still had a few bites of his steak left.

"Don't you want any dessert?" Mr. Grouper asked Gil.

"Oh sure, definitely. I just wanna finish this. It's sooo good," Gil said as he pointed to his steak with his fork.

Everybody came back. Oona had her fro-yo in a bowl with a spoon. Nonny had a small plate that contained one chocolate chip cookie and two sugar cookies, which were his favorite. Goby had a piece of cheesecake with a fork. Deema had a bowl of vanilla-chocolate swirl ice cream topped with M&M's and a plate with two brownies on it. Molly had four chocolate chip cookies on a plate and a small bowl.

"Hey, Gilly. You like banana pudding don't you? With those vanilla wafer cookies?" Molly asks.

Gil turned his head toward Molly. He had food in his mouth, so he nodded and said "mm-hmm".

"Well here you go," Molly stated as she placed the bowl of pudding next to Gil's plate.

Gil still had food in his mouth so he couldn't say thank you. Instead, he blew a kiss at Molly.

"You're welcome, honey," Molly said as she made lovey dovey eyes at the blue-haired boy.

The guppies continued to eat their desserts. While she scooped strawberry fro-yo into her mouth, Oona gave a self-satisfied sigh.

"I knew you'd like it," Nonny whispered before eating one of his sugar cookies.

"Hey, Gobes. I see you got some cheesecake," Deema replied, "trying to be like the Golden Girls?" (A/N: The main characters of The Golden Girls frequently eat cheesecake).

"You're funny, Deems, you're real funny," Goby said.