Chapter 21 – Remembrance


Her eyes opened to rain, its slow gentle drops falling softly on her face. She blinked, as her vision became blurry. A frown formed at her lips as she struggled to make sense of her surroundings. The ash on the ground seemed to melt, returning to the soil beneath it, grass sprouting and growing rapidly around her. Tendrils of liquid gemstones erupted from their blades, the sunlight reflecting off of the shimmering glass. Her own body felt revitalized, as if woken anew. She felt young again, not just physically, but spiritually as well. It was as if life itself had returned to her, and given her new hope.

The air was dense with magic, a cloud of emotion hung in the air. The scent of pain, the taste of sorrow, the quiet sound of regret. Firnen nudged her shoulder with his snout, attempting to reach out to her mentally. Arya. Look.

A beam of iridescent light seemed to dance in the distance, condensing into the radiant form of a dragon. Larger and more beautiful than any that she had ever seen before, the mighty beast let out a roar of agony, as if crying for its loved one. The piercing cry made Arya's heart ache, as she realized she was alone, her companion's life force out of her senses, as if he no longer existed. Yet the energy and magic humming around her was unmistakable, carrying Arucanes unique signature.

The dragon glistened, light streaking through the sky, briefly brighter than the sun. She closed her eyes as the intensity grew, the power burning her mind. Saphira?!

Darkness. The light seemed to have been snuffed out, like a candle being blown. The glistening dragon had vanished. My eyes deceive. It could not have been Bjartskular.

There was another familiar yet distant sensation that crept up her spine, clutching at her heart and leaving her with a great sadness, as if she could not remember why this feeling clung to her.

Mairon. The cause of all this. She could not help but feel a twinge of guilt clinging to her conscience like a leech. It had been her blindness towards his emotions that had caused this resentment. However, it was not her obligation to reciprocate his love for her. She had not given any indication of ever doing so. To be held responsible for the events that transpired would have forced her to make crude, irrational leaps in logic. But why? Why could I not have simply allowed myself a political marriage. A powerful union of riders that would rule the Elves in an era of peace and prosperity. Instead, I cowered and hid for centuries. An ETERNITY.

Bitterness took her heart as it searched for someone to blame. She found no one.

Arucane had given her that brief spark of hope. Of joy again. Companionship. Understanding.

Maybe more.

But he was gone now. As quickly as he came, he vanished.

The world is changed, forever. I feel it in the water. In the air. Balance is restored and Alagaesia has a new lease on life.

Her breath hitched as she looked at the ground at her feet. A single blue lily had sprung from the ground.

A solitary tear rolled down her face, clinging to her skin. The rain fell, and the tear fell with it. The blue lily glowed, and its petals turned golden.

I remember you.


A place beyond thought. Beyond Time. Beyond the understanding of mortal reality. A light that encompasses all. Outside of magic, power and the physical realm. Void.

Stars cycle through the sky in front of me. I see creation itself, the birth and death of the universe. The fibers of reality weave in front of me, rippling like a curtain of light. I see it all. Stars are born, burn and explode, supernovae that shred the fabric of miniscule islands in the ocean of space. I feel time itself stream through me, erasing my memory of who I am and what my existence implies. Contentment and peace flow through me as I freedom is all I wish for. Who am I?


The name of names. My name of names. It means nothing. I bear witness to my sins, that mean nothing to an indifferent universe. A choice has been presented to me. To accept the fate I chose, I bear witness, to these series of events that have happened. Will happen? Are happening? I broke the laws. I forced my will upon reality, and it birthed a monster to bring balance. Too far. I've gone…too far. There is no answer to my existence. For what purpose was I given this power? Perhaps nothing is given, nor taken. Perhaps it is as it has always been. We exist alone. Eragon. Arucane. Shadeslayer. Kingkiller. God. I glance into the infinity before me and I see worlds within worlds, an endless cycle of life and death and rebirth.

This is my choice. Understanding, liberation, slavery to the cycle of what is and what has always been…or…



Her fingers intertwine with mine, calling me back to the living. Her form sparkles with golden radiance, and it burns my skin, as if binding me to reality.

I have restored the balance that I disturbed. My debt has been paid.

I see spirits, radiant beings of mirth and laughter, beckoning me towards them. They call me to the halls of paradise, where I am to remain.

I turn towards Arya, only to see her fade, falling into the abyss that surrounds us.

I remember you. I remember you, Arya Svit-kona. I remember you and I am not ready to give you up just yet. I waited a thousand years for you, so long that I no longer remembered I was waiting.

My fate was intertwined with the fate of Alagaesia itself, and my sacrifice would usher in a new age of peace as the world is reborn. It was not my destiny to be reborn with it.

But I will forsake destiny itself.

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