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Here is the sequel to Travels of the Mangekyo I: Harry Potter.

Itachi groaned as he woke up. He looked around and saw that he was in his mind.

"What happened" thought Itachi

"Why am I here" he thought

"I see that you are awake Itachi" said Orochi

"What happened" asked Itachi

"Instead of going home, the same thing happened again" said Orochi

"So we are in another dimension and I took the place of someone who died" asked Itachi

"Yes" said Orochi nodding her head

"What happened to Ginny, Padma, Parvati, and Gabrielle" asked Itachi

"They are over there" said Orochi pointing over to them

Itachi turned around and saw them on the lying on the ground unconscious.

"I take it they are here since they don't belong in the dimension we are in" asked Itachi

"Yes" said Orochi nodding her head

"I think it is so you can take over his life easier" she said

"The people he is close too might think something is up if four unknown girls are around him and close to him all of a sudden" said Itachi

He walked over to them as he saw they were starting to wake up.

Ginny groaned as she woke up. She looked around and saw Padma, Parvati, and Gabrielle on the ground near her waking up. But she didn't recognize where they were.

"What happened" asked Ginny

"Where are we" she asked

"All of you are in my mind" said Itachi

They all turned around and saw Itachi standing in front of them.

"Harry" shouted Gabrielle

"What do you mean we are in your mind" asked Padma

"What happened" she asked

"It appears that instead of going home, the same thing has happened again" said Itachi

"Since you all don't belong there, you wound up in here" he said

"So you can blend into his life easier" said Ginny

"Yes" said Itachi nodding his head

"Does that mean we are stuck in here" asked Parvati looking down

"No" said Itachi shaking his head

"Not all the time" he said

"I can most likely summon you out like Orochi" he said pointing behind him

All four girls looked behind Itachi and saw a large cage.

"That cage represents Orochi's seal" asked Padma

"Yes it does" said Itachi nodding his head

"Why don't you join me in watching my new memories" he asked

"Sure" said Gabrielle smiling

"It's not like we have anything better to do" said Parvati

A big couch appeared in front of a big screen TV on the wall. They all sat down and started watching the memories of Kira Yamato.

They saw him become friends with Athrun, the mess that happened at Heliopolis, their escape to Artemis and what happened there, his rescue and first meeting Lacus Clyne before bringing her back to ZAFT, what happened to the Eight Fleet and its advance fleet, crash landing in the Sahara Desert and meeting Cagalli again, escaping to Orb, and finally the battles after leaving Orb leading up to the big fight with Athrun.

"Wow" said Gabrielle in awe

"Everything is so advanced here" said Padma

"It looks like there is no magic here" said Ginny

"I can't believe that he fell for that girl's tricks so easily" said Parvati with a huff

"But he did eventually figure out what was going on and break up with her" said Ginny

"I guess so" said Parvati

"Those machines do look interesting to pilot" said Itachi

"Is one of those two girls going to join us" asked Gabrielle

"We will see" said Itachi

"Where am I now" he asked looking at Orochi

"You are currently resting outside of Lacus Clyne's home in the PLANTs" said Orochi

Itachi nodded his head as he disappeared from his mind when he started waking up. He groaned as he woke up. He sat up and looked around seeing that he was on a bed in a gazebo and that he was wrapped up in bandages.

"Good morning" said Lacus smiling

"I see that you are finally awake" she said

Itachi turned towards the voice and saw Lacus standing near the bed.

"Lacus" said Itachi

"Where am I" he asked

"You are outside of my home" said Lacus

"I thought you would like it much better to wake up outside than inside" she said smiling

"How did I get here" asked Itachi

"Reverend Malchio found you and brought you here to get treatment" said Lacus

"I'm glad to see that you are finally awake" she said smiling

"I will go get you something to eat" she said leaving

Once she was gone, Itachi tried to use Kamui but found out he couldn't remember how to do it.

"I don't remember how I got here" exclaimed Itachi

"WHAT" yelled everyone

"You said…" began Padma

But she stopped since she couldn't remember it either.

"I don't remember either" said Padma

"I heard you say…" began Ginny

But she found out she couldn't remember it either.

"I can't remember it" exclaimed Ginny

"Something must be affecting your memoires" said Orochi

"It was…" began Orochi

But even she couldn't remember how they got here.

"There is something seriously wrong here if it is even affecting me" said Orochi

"Maybe Harry has to do something here first" said Parvati

"He didn't find out about it until after he killed Tom" she said

"Maybe you are right" said Itachi

Lacus came back with some food and gave him some.

"I can feed myself" said Itachi after eating what was given to him

"Are you sure" asked Lacus

"I heal fast" said Itachi

"Alright then" said Lacus giving him the tray

The next morning Lacus brought out Kira's breakfast only to see that he wasn't in bed.

"Kira" asked Lacus looking around

She set the tray down and went looking for him. She found him on the patio exercising without having any of his bandages on.

"Kira" exclaimed Lacus

"You should be resting" she said with a huff

"I'm fine" said Itachi waving his hand

"I told you that I heal fast" he said

"See" he said turning around

Lacus' eyes widen as she saw he was fully healed before she turned away quickly blushing madly.

"I brought you your breakfast" she said

"Thank you" said Itachi

"I'm glad I have such a beautiful angel watching over me" he said

Lacus started blushing even harder as Itachi went up the stairs.

"Kira" exclaimed Lacus chasing after him

After breakfast, since he fully healed, she brought him into the house to get cleaned up and get dressed. While he was in the bathroom Itachi saw in the mirror that he still looked the same.

"How does she think that I am Kira" thought Itachi

"We don't look that much alike with different color of hair and eyes" he thought

"At least Harry had the same hair color and the eyes could be explained away with contacts" he thought

"Maybe it has to do with the same thing that made us forget about how we got here" said Orochi

"I guess so" said Itachi

"I wonder what would happen if I told her the truth" he asked

"Maybe it will be like the Fidelius charm" said Padma

"That she will notice the difference after I tell her" said Itachi

"Yes" said Padma nodding her head

A few days later, after he finished training for the day, Lacus gave him something to drink.

"Thanks" said Itachi taking it

"You are really good" said Lacus

"Where did you learn it" she asked

"It's just something that I picked up" said Itachi

"I mainly do it now to stay in shape" he said

"Thank you for letting me stay here" he said

"It's no problem" said Lacus smiling

"You can stay here as long as you like" she said

She then started looking out over the PLANT.

"I just wish we could always stay this peaceful" said Lacus with a sigh

"I do too" said Itachi

"That is always what I wanted" he thought

"What do you mean" asked Parvati

"All I wanted to do was live a peaceful life" said Itachi

"But I knew that wasn't possible being the heir of the Uchiha Clan and especially after finding out about Orochi" he said

"That is why I started training so hard to become as strong as possible so that I could do what was necessary to bring peace to everyone else's lives" he said

"Just like you did with the Magical World" said Ginny smiling

"Maybe that is what I need to do here" said Itachi

"How are you going to stop this war" asked Padma

"I don't know" said Itachi

"But I do know that I am going to need a mobile suit" he said