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After all the mobile suits launched, GENESIS fired again.

"What's its target" shouted Itachi

"The moon" said Lacus

"The lunar base" exclaimed Murrue

GENESIS hit the lunar base destroying it and taking out the reinforcements along the way.

"They took out the Alliance reinforcements as well" said Lacus

"Which must have been the plan all along" said Itachi

"I need to find him now" he thought

He looked around until he found the Justice slashing though Alliance mobile suits. He activated his Sharingan as a purple seed exploded in his mind.

The Freedom drew its beam saber and charged at the Justice. The Justice turned its attention towards the Freedom and started dueling it. As they were dueling the Justice detached its backpack to attack the Freedom only for it to destroy it with its cannons.

As they continued dueling, the Freedom fired its rail cannons at the Justice's legs. That distracted it enough for the Freedom to take out its head. It then cut off the Justice's arms and legs.

Itachi changed into a phoenix and flamed away. He appeared in the Justice's cockpit and took the self-destruct code from Athrun's mind before stabbing him in the neck with his beak killing him. He then flamed back to the Freedom's cockpit and changed back.

"The bomb is ready" said Itachi

"You carry it Cagalli" he said

"Ok" said Cagalli

The Strike Rouge flew over to the disabled Justice and grabbed it.

"Everyone, form up on me" said Itachi

"We are going to blast our way through to GENESIS" he said

"This would be so much easier if we had Mirage Colloid" he thought

The Strike and Buster formed up on the Freedom's wings while the M1s surrounded the Strike Rouge. They flew though the battle taking out any mobile suits that got in their way. The Archangel and Kusanagi followed behind them taking out any ship in their way. They made their way to where there was the highest concentration of mobile suits on GENESIS.

As they got closer more ZAFT mobile suits came after them.

"It looks like they caught on to what we are doing" said Mu

"Keep them off of us" said Itachi

"Why are you protecting this damn thing" shouted Cagalli

"This is for Junius Seven" shouted a ZAFT pilot

"Don't you know that the PLANTs won't survive the Earth's destruction" shouted Cagalli

"We don't need them" shouted a ZAFT pilot

"Idiots" growled Cagalli

They arrived at GENESIS where the Freedom blew open a maintenance hatch.

"We will be right back" said Itachi

"Let's go Cagalli" he said

"Right" said Cagalli

Both the Freedom and Strike Rouge flew down the maintenance tunnel.

Along the way, Cagalli asked "How are we going to blow up the Justice"

"I stole the self-destruct code and going to leave a Kage Bunshin behind to set it off" explained Itachi

They came out of the maintenance tunnel into the core of GENESIS.

"Look at the size of it" said Parvati in awe

"It's huge" exclaimed Gabrielle

"Are you sure this is going to work" asked Padma

"It will" thought Itachi

The Strike Rouge let go of the disabled Justice and went back to the entrance to the maintenance tunnel.

Itachi changed into a phoenix and flamed into the Justice's cockpit. He quickly changed back, created a Kage Bunshin, changed back into a phoenix, and flamed away. He flamed into the Freedom's cockpit and changed back.

"Let's get out of here" said Itachi

The Freedom and Strike Rouge flew back down the maintenance tunnel. Once they were gone the Kage Bunshin started the self-destruct and dispelled itself.

The Freedom and Strike Rouge flew out of GENESIS and flew away.

"It's all set" shouted Itachi

The rest of the mobile suits joined them in flying away from GENESIS.

Once they all joined back up with the Archangel and Kusanagi they noticed they weren't attacked on the way back.

"Why weren't we attacked on the way back" asked Cagalli

"Because they are evacuating Jachin Due" said Lacus

Soon after that GENESIS blew up followed shortly by Jachin Due blowing up.

"Was that supposed to happen" asked Ginny

"I don't think so" thought Itachi

"What just happened" asked Cagalli

"They must have realized what we were doing and gave up" said Kisaka

"But that still doesn't explain why they blew up Jachin Due" said Dearka

Soon an announcement went out on all channels declaring a ceasefire and peace talks will soon begin.

"It's over" said Itachi

"Finally, peace talks are beginning" said Lacus sighing in relief

The Strike and Buster returned to the Archangel and the Freedom and Strike Rouge along with all the M1s returned to the Kusanagi.

Once they all landed back on Earth, new information entered Itachi's mind.

"I remember what it is now" thought Itachi

"I do too" said Orochi

"I do as well" said Padma

"I still want to get Lacus and Cagalli up to an acceptable level before leaving" thought Itachi

While training Lacus and Cagalli, Itachi got pilot suits for Ginny, Padma, Parvati, and Gabrielle along with multiple extras. He also started working on how to charm guns to be self-cleaning and never running out of ammo. He finally figured it out by the time he got Lacus and Cagalli up to an acceptable level. He made sure everyone has an assault rifle and a pistol and got multiple extras as well. He also figured out a way to charge a mobile suit's battery using lightning chakra.

After training finished for the day, Itachi gave Lacus and Cagalli a scroll. They both unsealed them and ANBU armor came out.

"We're ready" asked Cagalli

"Yes" said Itachi nodding his head

"While you would still be Genin back home, no one else should bother you" he said

"Now go put them on so that I can seal them away like your pilot suits" he said

Lacus and Cagalli nodded their heads and grabbed their armor before running away. They soon came back wearing their ANBU armor.

"Very good" said Itachi seeing them

"What animal do you want you mask to be" he asked

"Just know they will also be your code names when wearing them" he added

Lacus and Cagalli thought about it for a few moments before they came up with what they wanted.

"Dove" said Lacus

"Lion" said Cagalli

Itachi nodded his head as he conjured dove and lion masks and gave them to Lacus and Cagalli. He then created a seal on the shoulders under the pilot suit one to seal the armor into.

"Now go seal everything up since we are leaving soon" said Itachi

Lacus and Cagalli nodded their heads and ran off. While they were gone Itachi sealed away the Freedom, Strike Rouge, and a M1 for Lacus. A while later Lacus and Cagalli came back.

"Are you ready to go" asked Itachi

"Yes" said Lacus and Cagalli

"This is your last chance to back out" said Itachi

"You aren't getting rid of me that easily" said Cagalli huffing

"I will follow you wherever you go" said Lacus smiling

"Let's go then" said Itachi

He activated his Mangekyo Sharingan and said "Kamui"

They all disappeared into a swirling vortex.