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Hey! So this is our first story, the HowAboutTeam's first-ever attempt to write our first mashup. This is about the Seven in the Prophecy in Rick Riordan's best selling series, the Heroes of Olympus going to the School for Good and Evil. Happy reading! :)

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Chapter One

Annabeth was going to catch Percy if her life depended on it.

She still couldn't believe that she let those adorable, puppy-sweet eyes seduce her into giving him the time- and the satisfaction- to take the smartest girl in town to give her a detour. And not just any detour. A detour to the exact same spot where children were kidnapped.

Needless to say, it wasn't a very good trip.

Annabeth's mother had dragged her out of the brim of the Woods, yelling and red-faced. When Annabeth had explained what had happened, her mother's dark gray eyes stormed with anger. "When I get my hands on him..."

Annabeth knew that it wasn't Percy that her mother was so angry at. Well, yeah, but she was mad at somebody else. The local fisherman who managed to find them fish in a village that was surrounded in a magical Wood. The local fisherman that was the only fisherman. The only fisherman that was Percy Jackson's father.

Annabeth knew that her mother hated Percy and his father. Oh, his mother was nice. She ran the sweet-shop around the corner. It was just that "dratted" Poseidon that really got her mother steaming.

Poseidon and Annabeth's mom, Athena, had an eye on the same shop once. Poseidon thought that it made a good shack for his fishing supplies. Athena thought it would make a good space for a bookstore. Athena won, of course. Mr. Deauville forever had his debts to Athena.

Still, you couldn't mention his father without getting a sore spot. He almost won, but Annabeth's mom saved it by announcing she would re-paint it olive. Just one push, and she won.

Annabeth took one look that the sun and yelped. The sun was already going down.

"Annabeth! Why are you so late?" her mother crabbed when she finally arrived. "I was trying to show Percy my gratitude for yesterday," Annabeth said. She grabbed a cookie from the kitchen table. "Oh, that boy? Yes, you were right to do that," Athena muttered. She kept shooting dark looks toward the fishing rod that Poseidon had given her for her birthday. His idea of a practical joke.

"Hi, dad," Annabeth said, giving her father a small smile. He barely looked up. "Good to see you too, Annie," her dad muttered. He turned a page in his book. "Annabeth, tell Malcolm to come downstairs and help me build a fire. Pork roast tonight," Athena added. Annabeth exhaled. Now that her mother was back to her usual busy self, she was safe.

Annabeth opened the door to find Malcolm counting and polishing his Spelling Bee awards again. "Malcolm! Why do you polish those certificates every day?" Annabeth snapped. Malcolm looked up. "Oh, hi," her big brother said, then slid his eyes from her to his first-ever award. Annabeth rolled her eyes. She grabbed the award. "Hey!" Malcolm protested. "Mom wants you downstairs. Fire," She called behind him. She heard Malcolm stomping downstairs. She placed his award on his desk, then headed up to her own room.

She kicked aside the chair and sat heavily down onto her own bed. She decided to let go of her anger of Percy. There was only so much you could do to a crazy boyfriend like that.

Annabeth yawned and got up. It was the day when all of the villagers would try to be as ordinary as possible. Athena didn't believe all that hogwash, of course. "It's just a story to keep children good," She would say, and just leave conversation.

She usually didn't care about the things. She figured that if someone kidnapped her, she would fight, and fight it hard.

"Annabeth!" Athena's sharp voice called out. Annabeth pulled on some clothes, then hurried downstairs. "What took you so long?" her mother snapped. Annabeth shrugged.

She headed out.

Children, big and small, were doing unbelievable things. The best behaved kids were kicking cats. The troublemakers were praying for forgiveness in the church.

It was dumb, in Annabeth's opinion.

How that changed when the phantom took her the next night.

Professor Dovey overlooked her two schools of Good and Evil. Tall, spiraling towers sprouted from the uneven ground. A deep watery moat was slain between them. A small and narrow bridge, enchanted with a mirror, was a barrier. The Godmother slipped on a silver white cloak, her wand in hand. She jumped off of the glowing white tower, and fell down and down, through seventy-five feet of the atmosphere. Then, she waved her wand after the last fifteen feet, and with a zoom she flew over the Schools, over the enchanted gates, over the Blue Forest, and into the woods.

"Perhaps I should wait until the second the stymphs wake up…" She muttered. She stopped mid air, and waved her wand again. A golden coin appeared in thin air, where she muttered a spell and water sprouted from the tip of her wand.

"O' Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, please accept my offering." Professor Dovey then threw the golden drachma into the mist, and it disappeared.

"Sophie, School for Good and Evil," She said. The mist morphed into a picture.

"Oh, hello Professor Dovey." Sophie's sweet figures and honey replied. Professor Dovey turned to look at Sophie, in her dark purple dress, and flowing cape.

"Do you happen to have the phantom mask?" She asked.

"Oh! Right here." Sophie held up an old silver decaying mask. It was once belonged to the School Master.

"Oh, good!" Professor Dovey smiled. "Perhaps you can teleport it to-"- Dovey's words were cut short by a large growling.-"Dean Sophie, I can't seem to find the-" A deep growling echoed through the air. Professor Dovey coughed hard. "-torture list-" She coughed again. "It's next to the iron chains, darling." Sophie said. "I'm kind of busy, Professor…" Sophie frantically replied. Dovey stared. Sophie threw the mask through the message as soon as it disappeared.

"Don't torture them too much." Dovey whispered to no one. In her mind she remembered Leonora, Evil's former Dean. Snap out of it, She told herself. She put on the mask and formally dusted the wisps off of her cloak. She turned transparent. Then she flew into Galvadon.

Clarissa Dovey walked- no, glided down the Woods. She had never been inside the Woods before. Only now she began to appreciate the power of the Woods. She checked the list. "Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque…" For the School of Good and Evil was so in need that they needed more than two Readers. They needed seven. "... Leo Valdez. Done!" the Professor smiled, then swept to the first victim- uh, student-'s house. "Jason Grace."

She gazed at his perfect features. This is how Sophie looked like before- She mentally slapped herself in the head. This was no time to daydream.

Slowly, carefully, she reached over and sprinkled of what was dandruff dust over Jason's nose. Jason sighed heavily. She slowly grabbed at Jason's back, and he magically floated up, up, up, and to the entrance to the School for Good and Evil. She wished with all of her heart that Jason would be in Good. That guy looked like the next Tedros.

She did the same procedure over each of the soon-to-be students, sprinkling dandruff over their noses, magically levitating them out of their houses. When all of the children were gathered up, She called for the stymphs to pick them up. I'm sorry, the Good Dean thought desperately, and took the innocent to the mysterious School of Good… and Evil.

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