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There were such things are good plans and bad plans. There were even plans that weren't even plans.

But this sort of plan itself was going to unbalance all of Good and Evil once more.

Annabeth's mind raced as she calculated the possibilities of what would happen if or if not Kronos's terrible plan would succeed. At most, he would definitely rewrite the story so that he won in the Titan War against the legendary Greek gods. Annabeth shuddered at the thought, then turned to Percy, hoping to see reassurance.

But all she saw was mass confusion.

"Annabeth?" he whispered uncertainly. He gestured to Kronos, who was inspecting the books like Annabeth used to do in Gavaldon. "What is he doing?" Annabeth mentally smacked herself in the head. She had thought that Percy was less ignorant. Apparently not.

"He's changing his own fairy tale!" she hissed urgently. Percy still looked confused. Annabeth groaned. "He came out as the villain! He wants to change it so that he lives!" Percy's eyes widened, and he made for his pen/sword. Annabeth waited until he took it out, then snatched it from him. He looked at her in surprise and urgency. Quickly, she lit her finger and motioned for Percy to light his, too.

Can you hear me? she sent out, hoping that Percy would hear. Yeah, Percy's voice floated in her ear. This is bizarre. Annabeth slapped him on the arm before looking serious again. It's just a spell that I learned from the queen. She can hear wishes and thought that I can do the same. Not exactly, but it's still good. Percy racked his head, apparently thinking. Okay. Give my sword back.

No, Annabeth thought back. She pocketed the pen in her own pocket. We can't risk him noticing us. Percy stared at her. Do you have a plan?

A bad one, she admitted. She concentrated on her flickering bronze fingerglow, slowly rising the glow, not the finger, but the glow itself slowly, carefully, surely, to her sweaty forehead.

She grunted with pain as the small energy orb began to spin- her finger was now prickling white-hot. Percy was just gazing at the glowing bronze orb with growing confusion, then understanding. Annabeth, stop! he pleaded. You'll kill yourself doing it!

Annabeth merely swallowed and shook her head. The pain was becoming unbearable now, her finger- no, her entire arm- on fire. Annabeth! It's not going to work! thought Percy, his expression becoming panicked. Annabeth nearly whimpered with fear and concentrated even more, raising the bronze orb towards her head even more. Then let me do it! he thought frantically back to Annabeth. Annabeth shook her head and began to shake with the incoming threat of a howl as her entire body racked with paining warmth and heat.

I can't do it, she thought, not caring if Percy or anyone heard. She heard the low moan of Percy's panic out of his mouth. There was stars dancing in front of her wet, tear-spilling eyes. her head ached with the threat of combustion, then a memory flood jolted her back into the world.

It was filled with the good times that she and Percy ever had together, even counting the ones in Gavaldon. In her mind's eye, she saw herself and Percy laughing and licking an ice-cream cone was was as big as Percy's face. She saw herself sobbing against him as he carried her to the Healer's office, her broken ankle held firmly in his hand.

She saw recent times, too. Them kissing in an abandoned hallway, literally five minutes after he dumped Calypso, those rare moments where she had found herself against Percy's warm chest inside either his or her bedroom, alone, the two lovers kissing deeply in the Hall of Mirrors, them roaring with laughter at Calypso' and Leo's straining faces.

Slowly, even before she had realized it, the swirling orb had reached to her temple and her head exploded with light, momentarily wiping all memories that she had recalled from Percy. Then they all came back… all with every single memory that she had in her entire life.

It would have taken years just to find one memory that didn't matter, but she found it in a matter of seconds, a swirling glass-like substance with pictured her with another person- another person that wasn't Percy.

She snatched it and watched it, mesmerizingly, at the image of her and Luke kissing deeply on top of the Valor tower, and then shook her head and put it down. She needed the one just before that- the one that he had pledged to her for.

She slowly walked over to the bronze orb, now magnified a hundred times, to slide in a small point in the center. Immediately, the entire orb lit up, and Annabeth charged into it to be teleported back into the present…

To be greeted by the twisted, sneering face of a sandy-haired, blue-eyed someone.

Percy watched with increasing desperation as Kronos licked his lips and moved closer to Annabeth, not noticing her palm slowly slinking into her pocket to drop the tiny orb that now lay inside. He was bound from head to toe, and whatever happened, he just needed Annabeth to help him- then he could actually think.

Suddenly there was a strange scratching noise. Percy turned to see something that they really needed-

The Storian was once again scratching against the faded papers of the Tale of Percabeth.

He watched, mesmerized, as the Storian drew everything that it missed in the past few hours- Percy and Annabeth slashing, stabbing, kicking, yelling at the monsters that had crowded their horde, Lancelot falling with a scream at his attacker's feet, Annabeth and Percy noticing the Titan of time, Annabeth nearly killing herself as she tried to take the chosen memory, Kronos striding over to Percy's frozen self and Annabeth's blank-eyed stare, and the Titan bounding Percy from head to toe.

Think. Think. Think, he thought desperately, when Annabeth's woozy voice appeared in his head.

Seaweed Brain, Annabeth thought to him.

What can I do? Percy asked.

I don't know. I'm a captive, remember?

What were you doing in, um… seriously, what were you doing?

Getting my memory, Annabeth practically whispered back.

Of what?

Of something that will help us win.

Percy just shut out and thought. He just needed to know what memory that she had chosen… to think up a plan… he really wasn't cut out for that stuff…

Unconsciously he felt for his pen that he was sure wasn't there, but to his surprise, it was. He eased it out and stared at it for a moment.

My pen always comes back, he thought, not letting Annabeth in.

He barely clicked it with his thumb, and the sword grew, releasing him from his bounds. Kronos was standing opposite from him, back turned.

He snuck up to him, carefully handing the sword so that its point was facing Kronos's back. He was mumbling to himself, while flipping the pages of Tale of Percabeth with Storian in hand. Annabeth was watching, eyes wide…

He swung and struck- the edged blade of the sword hitting Luke's body with a satisfying whoosh, but something was wrong…

The sound that was made was nothing like the sound that Percy expected. He had expected a sickening shlock! but all that was heard was, unfamiliarly, the clang of another sword, but Riptide was still firmly on top of Kronos's back.

And another thing. The sword wasn't inside Luke's body, in fact, no blood was spilled, no cuts were found…

There wasn't even a dent on his shirt.

Kronos turned with a sneering leer, the ice-blue eyes sharpening with unfamiliar madness. He studied Percy for a bit, then whizzed, in a flash out of sight. Percy ducked as a ball of darkness flew past his ear, then crouched, moving towards the wall. He thought it was all clear when he turned to face Annabeth. He searched her face, sensing fear. He stood up, ready to kill Kronos once and for all.

Pain suddenly sheared his lower back, below his ribs. He didn't feel anything at first, just liquid trickling down his spine, dropping onto the floor, red and wet. The he felt the pain. It felt quick and effortless. He buckled his knees as Kronos's sword point jutted through his shirt. Percy gasped and fell limp, eyes open and a burning hole below his diaphragm.

His face was etched with pain, his eyes slowly faded to a misty dangerous blue. He slowed his breathing, and soon his heart barely beat.

All Percy could remember was Annabeth screaming uselessly against her gag, a bloody mess, and the sinking feeling that this was supposed to be Kronos's ending.

Annabeth couldn't think. She supposed that this was how Percy felt when she got stabbed from that dirty, no-good child. At least they had the love bracelets to save them

They had nothing now.

Annabeth watched, just watched, as Kronos kicked Percy's half-dead body across the room, skidding blood. She watched his blank eyes, blank, sea-green eyes that was clouded over and was sure to never be seen again-

When a faint voice, a very faint voice, shook her out of her misery.


She nearly jumped with surprise as she heard Percy's weak thoughts, pain in every syllable and in every tone of his voice. Annabeth. She heard him again, but was alarmed at the faintness of his voice- or whatever it was. Thoughts?

Percy! she thought back desperately, and for one torturing moment, silence awaited her. Uh, Percy moaned. She looked at his body for one moment, sure that it had twitched. When she saw nothing but a huge stab in his back, however, she swallowed and closed her eyes. Percy. Can you hear me? she asked. Yeah, Percy answered. Then he let out a huge thought-groan. Are you okay? Annabeth asked, then immediately wanted to slap herself. Of course he wasn't okay. Annabeth, Percy groaned, but this time with a hint of exasperation. What do you think? Okay, Annabeth thought back, then looked at the orb. She gasped as an idea struck her so hard, she rocked in her seat. Quickly she lit her finger and stopped the thinking spell. True love's kiss with break the spell, she thought. She had to get to Percy.

As she thought, Kronos suddenly jumped up from his less-than cozy position on the floor. "Aha!" he exclaimed, plucking a leather-bound book from the bookcase. She could just about make out the title- Myths of the Greek Gods - and she knew exactly what Kronos was going to do.

She frantically thought up about a plan- a plan to break her bonds. She thought and thought, her brains racking. Finally she gave up, tears welling in her eyes once more. She slumped against the wall, out of ideas. Suddenly, she felt something glow white-hot in her pocket.

The orb was wiggling and shaking in her pocket.

Desperate for hope, desperate for a plan, she stretched her rope-burned arm into her pocket, ignoring the paining burn of the flame-hot orb. She brought it against her bonds, and they sizzled and broke. Eyes wide, she put it back into her pocket and whispered the spell against her hand, turning her skin and her charred clothes into the skin of a chameleon's. She snuck over to Percy's bleeding side, when she froze when she heard something that would most certainly write out her doom.

"I, Kronos, master of time, conquerer of the mortal Luke Castellan, and future destroyer of Mount Olympus," he declared, fingering the bloody sword in its sheath. His eyes sharpened. His mouth turned into its usual twisted leer. "And Evil's final hero."

Annabeth let out a shaky breath, reminding herself that one thing mattered for now- Percy.

She took a step to find her finger dimming as her panic grew. "No," she whispered, then immediately covered her mouth.

But the damage was done. Kronos turned from his chant to find Annabeth, unbound and free, bent over her prince with a small hand clasped on his.

He bellowed with rage, and nearly overturned the Storian, which was describing Annabeth's exact motion and Kronos's savage chant. If Annabeth agreed on one thing, it was that The End was going to happen on that day.

Before Kronos could do anything, she locked her eyes into his and pressed her lips to Percy's, her head exploding with light not unlike any supernovae explosion. She heard Kronos bellowing with rage, and the last thing that she did was stretch her hand out and grab the Storian away from Kronos. She could live without her stupid fairy tale. She couldn't live with the fact that she left the world to save her prince.

Percy couldn't breathe. He couldn't see. All he felt was paining oblivion.

He was sure that he was dead. He knew it. He wasn't sure how he knew, but he knew that he was dead.

But something woke him up from the death sleep. A soft feather on his lips. A soft feather that tasted like Annabeth's balmed honey lips…

He woke, panting, with Annabeth right next to him, sure that he was dead. After all, they were not in the School Master's tower, they were not grimy and covered in blood, and Percy's stomach was most definitely not ripped through.

In fact, they were in- was that Gavaldon?

And it was, the shining copper bricks, the ridiculous street names, the familiar children laughing and prancing around…

He turned to Annabeth, shocked. "What happened?"

Slowly, with tears welling in her eyes, she told him all that happened in the School Master's tower. She told him about the Storian, she told him of the helping orb, and she told him about Kronos's piercing roar as they shimmered into their Happily Ever After- Gavaldon.

"No!" he exclaimed, looking around. "We can't just leave them! We can't leave Kronos with the Storian!" Annabeth hesitated. "About that…" She showed Percy the limp pen in her palm. Percy recoiled, and for once he knew exactly what he had to do. "Annabeth, we need to go back. No, I need to go back," said Percy. "No," Annabeth said through her tears. "Both of us."

They headed back to the Woods, in the same place where children disappeared every four years. "Ready?" Annabeth whispered tentatively. "Yeah," Percy murmured back.

Eyes closed, heads bowed, they tightened their face and concentrated. Slowly, their fingers glowed blue and bronze. "How do we get back?" Annabeth wavered. Percy creased his brow. "We… I have an idea," he said, leading Annabeth.

They arrived in an abandoned graveyard, spiderwebs and vines crawling and decorating the clearly empty place. Percy led her to the grave itself, looking at one particular grave.



"Isn't- isn't that the princess's name?" Annabeth whispered, afraid. Percy nodded. "Do you trust me?" he whispered back, after placing a gentle kiss on Annabeth's quivering lips. Annabeth nodded. "Then don't hate me."

They plunged into the grave, turning them upside-down as the fell through nothingness, but not one of them screaming. Dirt spilled into their throats, into their ears, and they shut their eyes tight. Both couldn't breathe, and still they held their breaths. They just held on to each other as they plunged, eventually finding the place that they wished to go most-

Kronos was standing feet from them, blood caked on his used blade.

Annabeth shook her head, horrified. Just one plan, she thought desperately. Just one plan that will help us through.

Kronos leered. "So," he said, slinking towards them. It was enchanting and horrifying, really, as Luke's handsome face was plastered into an Evil grin. "You dare to get freed. You dare to kiss and leave this torturous tale. And you dare to steal my Never After!"

Kronos smirked and stepped towards Percy. He dropped his sword and rolled up his sleeves. His eyes glinted gold, with a hint of blue. "Fight me, hero," he said with a smirk. Percy eyed Annabeth, their eyes interlocking.




I feel like it's my destiny.

Well I said no. Annabeth slapped Percy's arm. Percy restrained her next incoming slap.

It's my choice.

Percy kept Riptide in his pocket, and rubbed his arms. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt.

"Aha. You made the right choice. For your doom. Let's play it the old-fashioned way. No swords, no weapons, just your bare hands," Kronos made a fist. "Percy, don't do i"- Kronos's finger was glowing black with red swirls. "Save your voice for our Never After. I'll deal with you later," Kronos shushed Annabeth. She was wrapped in tight black briar vines. Annabeth muffled a scream.

Kronos hit first. It was a bull's-eye. Percy readied his fist, but right when he was about to strike, Kronos hit him hard in the guts. Percy gurgled. That was the spot where I was impaled! He thought furiously. He leaned over, doubling. When he recovered, which was about 3 seconds, Kronos started to punch. Percy dodged, Kronos missed. He took out Riptide and swung, only to clang against Kronos's arm.

Like before, it wasn't even dented.

Smiling evilly, smiling winningly, Kronos yanked the arm off the blade and flung the blade across the room, then punched Percy right in the head. All he thought was, Why me? as he sunk into Annabeth's shaking arms, the last vision of Kronos's very alive grin.

Annabeth placed Percy, who was unconscious, gently on the floor. Annabeth approached Kronos and put her hands up, revealing any knives that would have shown. "Luke," she began, her voice threatening to break, "I know you're in there." "Move, girl!" Kronos snarled, grabbing the Storian. Annabeth whipped out her hidden knife, her body shaking. "I know that you're still fighting," Annabeth shuddered, then steadied herself, her eyes locking with the eyes that once charmed and both failed her, the eyes that would appear once the plan was complete. "I know it, Luke."

Kronos snarled. "Well, since you will continue to appear and ruin my plans, I will have to finish you first!" He turned to the Tale of Percabeth and drew a slash across Annabeth's legs. In real life, Annabeth stumbled and fell as a deep gash cut out of nowhere on her calves. Kronos lifted the pen, ready to deliver the final blow. Annabeth lifted her eyes that would eventually spill tears. "You promised."

Kronos froze, his mind registering what she had just said, a hidden conscience stirring. "You promised, Luke," Annabeth pressed, taking out the orb that she had taken from her own memory. "See?"

She waved her hand over the tiny orb, then Luke's and Annabeth's voices rang through the silent air.

"Luke… do you promise to treat me well?" Annabeth had said. Kronos stared at the orb, eyes flickering through blue and gold. "I do." Now Kronos turned his neck sharply, his eyes melting into cobalt. "Do you promise to never make me cry?" Annabeth's voice said. "I do." Kronos's eyes were getting wider and wider, a trace of gold still wavering. "Do you promise that you will never hurt me?" "I…" Kronos had a tear tracing his cheek, gold aura fading indefinitely. "I do."

Immediately, the orb melted and vanished, leaving a sobbing Annabeth and a shell-shocked Luke, restored. "Luke," Annabeth laughed through her tears. "You're back." Luke merely stared, as Percy began to stir. "What- huh? Annabeth? What are you- HEY!" He jumped up and nearly knocked over the Storian, which was released from Kronos's grip, which was scribbling the scene, copying the words that had sealed the Ever After that Luke had made for Annabeth. "Get- get away…" he seemed to realize what was happening. "Annabeth?" Annabeth searched into Luke's sparkling blue eyes that had taken her just months before. "Luke." She held out her arms, her knife clattering to the floor. "It's me," she half-smiled. She shuddered out a shaky breath, stumbling across her cut legs towards the prince that had changed her life. "Annabeth," she pressed, looking for the dashing prince that had so taken her before. In the Tale of Percabeth, the Storian drew Luke, yet a gold glow was slowly drawn in. Luke gasped. "Annabeth…" he gasped, clawing at what wasn't supposed to be alive. "He's taking over… I don't know if you will agree, but…" he faltered and lifted his head to Annabeth. "Do you trust me?" Annabeth nodded.

Luke seized the Storian, which was making the glow more pronounced, and just before Luke's body was covered in gold, he grabbed it and shakily, drew a sword that was sitting in the corner straight into the gold light's core.

As the sword flew to join the picture, it plunged itself into Luke's side, making his eyes glow gold and howl with agony. White light exploded out of nowhere, blasting Annabeth and Percy off their feet.

When the blinding light stopped, the blood-splattered Storian wrote Luke, on the floor, shuddering out his last breaths, and Annabeth and Percy, hands together.

"Just… needed… a… good.. life…" Luke gasped, swallowing his bloody lips. "Annabeth… you can change it… please…" Understanding, Annabeth took the quivering Storian and scribbled over the picture of dying Luke, replacing it with a picture of Luke in prince's clothing, but all in black… like beautiful Evil.

Doing its bidding, Luke vanished and reappeared, no longer on the floor, but standing up straight, no trace of Riptide anywhere. "Thank you," Luke said quietly, and that was all that Annabeth needed.

Percy felt like he wasn't supposed to watch this.

He felt as if he was intruding on something private, secret, as Annabeth and Luke hugged. Annabeth was half-sobbing with relief as she crumpled in Percy's waiting arms.

They headed towards the battlefield. The School had won, but there were a few heavy losses. Frank had an arrow sticking through his arm, Jason literally had a golden sword not unlike his own going one end and out the other, and Leo-

Both Percy and Annabeth inhaled sharply. Leo, fun and joking Leo, was dead? No, it couldn't be, it just couldn't, as Calypso was sobbing over his motionless body while Professor Dovey stood over, looking grim-

Percy ran over to her. "Leo!" he yelled, shaking his friend's pale face. "LEO!" "Stop," Dovey instructed, then turned to Calypso. "You may go, my dear." But when Calypso stood up, her face wasn't what Percy had expected. She was grinning, yet tear tracks still lined her beautiful face. "He got hit in the face with Poison Powder," she explained to a mouth-opened Percy. "Dovey cured him in half a second. He's just asleep," she cried, then hugged him, though Percy didn't sense anything romantic about the gesture. He turned, beaming, to Annabeth, who was beaming from ear to ear. "Well, there's only one thing left, right?" she asked, while they waded through the pools of blood. "What?" Percy asked. She had a glint in her storm-gray eyes. "Why, we need a Ball, of course.

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