Gilbert looked at the small black box and bouquet in both his hands as he was leaving the boutique in the town. It was the same shop in which he had bought Elizabeta's precious accessory. He whistled as he proceeded his walking. It was a warm day and people were gladly presenting themselves outside. The Prussian man reflected on the night four weeks ago, when he had confessed his love to the woman he intended to marry. His eyes fell on the object in his hand again as he thought of his speech he would present Elizabeta if he would ask her to do him the honour of marrying him. Of course he would tell her that he would wait for her whenever she felt ready being engaged to him; after the ball, they had decided to secretly meet, far away from prying eyes. And from then on their love had blossomed in a way that Gilbert was certain that she would accept his offer. Before they could officially marry, he had to attend his English friend's marriage. Arthur and his fiancée had put all their energy in their plans. It would be a beautiful day, the Prussian was certain of it and he would like to attend it with Elizabeta – who was invited as a guest, not a servant, due to her and Sakura's friendship.

He smiled again as he recalled the moment he had met the woman of his life – angry and offended by his words. It was love at first sight and he was musing over the story he would tell his future children if they would ever ask how he and their Hungarian mother had met. She would probably tell them that Gilbert had been insufferable, causing her to throw food at him. But he was certain that they would take it as a good sign and mimic their mother's way of solving a conflict. Elizabeta would be a good mother, he knew, but he did not want his ego to be depicted as weak in front of his children. He wanted to be an inspiring father – to fulfil his task in parenting. The white-haired General decided that he would tell his children that they had met at Arthur's house – she having cooked a great meal for him. It was not untrue, because she had made him a meal after all. The children did not need to know further details of the rest of the evening.

Gilbert's mind was occupied with those things, as his feet took him to the Kirkland mansion. Only as he stood in front of the main door, did he notice how fast his heart was beating, nervous from his next step that would probably change his life. After knocking on the door, he was brought to the drawing room, where he waited for the owner of the house to greet him.

It did not take Arthur too long to enter the room. During the last two weeks he had been completely in stress, having organised a wedding with his cousins, his fiancée and her God father. Even if it was an exhausting step, the blonde gentleman was excited to plan his marriage – with the woman he came to love the last few months. As his butler had told him that they had a visitor, Arthur had expected the presence of the man that was responsible for their flower arrangement. He was surprised to see his Prussian friend in his house – although it was not the first time he was sitting there alone with a bouquet in his hand. The man's demeanour was nervous and Arthur knew immediately whom Gilbert intended to see.

"Miss Héderváry is in the kitchen, if you wish to speak with her."

Gilbert's blush was enough for Arthur to confirm his assumption.

"Well . . . I wanted to speak to you first," Gilbert confessed as he stood up.

Arthur raised a brow, "Me?"

His Prussian friend nodded before continuing, "Well I had not properly congratulated you upon your engagement."

Arthur smirked, shaking Gilbert's hand as a sign of respect. "Thank you . . . And I think I may congratulate you as well."

"E-eh . . . Danke," The Prussian thanked with a red face, hearing his friend's chuckle.

"I remember the day when you voiced your intention of marrying her," Arthur spoke with an amusing tone before remembering his own proposal. A dreamy expression adorned his face – it was clear that he was looking forward to be married to Miss Honda. His mouth formed a glorious smile and for the first time, Gilbert was witnessing the genuine happiness on his friend's face.

"Look at us, admiring the ones we love," Gilbert mentioned before he laughed, "What will become of us if our children would play together. My boy with –"

"I swear to God if you suggest that my daughter will even lay her eyes on your male child, I will punch you!" Arthur reprimanded, the warning gleam in his eyes were clearly piercing holes into Gilbert's body.

Sakura had heard of Gilbert's arrival just a few minutes ago, as she walked into the room. At first she was rather surprised by Arthur's gruff tone but could not prevent herself from smiling as she became aware of the topic he was discussing with his friend: their future children. Of course her future husband would be protective of their kids – especially if they would have a daughter.

"Good morning Mr Beilschmidt," she spoke softly, receiving the immediate attention of the room. While Gilbert greeted her back, Arthur was rather flustered – he knew she must have heard him.

"I did not know you were calling on us today," she commented, after having eyed her future husband with a small smile. "Elizabeta is in the kitchen."

Gilbert suspected that something along the lines as I am going to ask Elizabeta to marry me was written on his forehead; otherwise he could not explain why everyone was aware of his planned proposal.

The three had a small conversation before Arthur decided to call for his butler who could lead Gilbert to Elizabeta.

"I am glad you have spoken to him. Even if he seems confident, he was rather nervous," Sakura said after she was left alone with her fiancé.

"Yes, but I am certain she will say yes," he announced, smiling down at her before kissing her forehead.

Elizabeta was preparing the meal for the evening; she was all alone as Gilbert was standing at the doorframe in the kitchen. He was observing how she cursed herself – insulting the piece of meat that was too stubborn to be cut in one move – and the way she used the back of her hand to push a strand off her face. The picture of her cooking with their future children invaded his mind before he decided to walk towards her.

She did not notice him, as he embraced her from behind. Elizabeta did not expect him and tensed as she felt his body against her back.

"Good morning," he murmured into her hair, before she turned around in his embrace – facing him. The man had showed her a lot of affection in the latest of time.

"G-Good morning," the brunette replied, flustered by his blunt – but rather lovely – approach. He too was blushing, but smiling happily at her.

"You are so adorable."

"T-thank you," she accepted his compliment, "you too."

She was pointing at his face, which was reddened due to her comment, but he did not try to hide it – just like his great smile that was accelerating her heart. It was no secret that he was happy to be in her presence and his intentions of deepening their companionship would not be unwelcomed by her. Elizabeta was unaware that her wish would be granted that same day. The woman eyes the bouquet of flowers in his hands, something he always brought her whenever they met.

Despite Gilbert's earlier thought of popping the question, the man had to admit that he was rather unconfident to ask her in that moment – he coursed himself, thinking that he was a victorious general who had served his country well. The Prussian was a pride man who would not be insecure whenever he would be faced with various dangerous situations – and Elizabeta with a pan in her hand had the potential to be considered hazardous, which of course had not occurred once. But the way she sometimes held the metallic object was frightening him enough; it reminded him of his soldiers who were determined to win a battle. Although some would fear the Hungarian; her fierce stance had be the reason why he had fallen for her in the first place. His favourite memory of her was the night they had met, even if he had been stained with food and attacked by the servant, he could not picture a more perfect occurrence to have met her. It was the challenging glint in her beautiful green eyes, and her courage to speak her mind that had caught his heart. No other person had ever approached him in the manner she did – and that was the very beginning of a wonderful companionship he had never dared to dream of. The love he would feel whenever he was looking at her.

The Prussian man was too lost in his lovely memories to notice that his thoughts were spoken out loud by his mouth. Only as he realised Elizabeta's flushed cheeks and blinking eyes, did he question himself what had occurred.

"G-Gilbert . . . I-I don't know what to say."

With light shaking hands, the man presented her the box he had bought earlier ago and his pleading eyes were melting Elizabeta's heart. "Please say yes."

As he kneeled down, the Hungarian tackled him to the ground with a lovely laugh, tears glinting in her eyes. "Of course I will! Yes, yes,yes," she repeated happily, not caring if he had not properly formed the question – his speech from before had been more important to her.

"I am so glad," he whispered as his lips touched hers.

The Kirkland household would be in an uproar to hear about two upcoming weddings – they would need to help with the organisation – and the servants would celebrate the fact that one of their colleagues had successfully caught the heart of the Prussian they had not dared to speak against.


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