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This chapter contains a mild lemon at the end.

Harry Potter and the Shadow Legion

Part 2

Chapter 39

Neville was losing it, He was a werewolf, how could this be. He had heard the stories of course, his gran had often told them to him when he was younger, and he had read about them in the family histories. But never, ever, had he believed that he could be one of those, if they had ever even been true to begin with.

Suddenly he felt something soft stroke his head between his ears and when he looked up, he saw Hannah. She wore a hesitant look and seemed ready to bolt at any moment, but she was stroking his head.

Looking up at her fully, Neville, moaned softly as the sensation of being petted just felt so good and he slowly felt a calm come over him. After a minute or so he once again felt a shiver go through his body before the searing pain returned as well. As he squirmed and howled in pain, Hannah stayed at his side but stopped petting as he twisted around too much.

When the pain stopped, Hannah embraced him closely and whispered, "It's okay, you're safe now."


Tears began to fall as Neville felt Hannah's arms around him. "I'm a monster." He sniffed as he buried his face in her shoulder.

"Shhh," Hannah whispered softly as she gently rocked him, "You are not a monster Neville, you're a hero. Can't you see it, this is a good thing, you saved my live, and Starlight's too. We'd all be dead if not for you."

"But how can this be good?" Neville cried, "I'm a werewolf, I'm a monster."

"NO." Hannah said resolutely, "You are not a werewolf and you are not a monster."

Without looking up Neville asked, "How can you be sure about that, we don't know that."

"Yes we do Neville," Hannah replied after lifting his head and forcing him to look at her. "look around you, it is still daylight, and the full moon isn't until another two weeks. And besides, if you truly were a werewolf you would have turned on me and Starlight as soon as you had dealt with those trolls. You are something else Neville, something unique, and I don't think this is a curse at all, this is a blessing."

"Having calmed down a bit Neville looked her in the eyes and asked, "Do you really think so?"

"Yes Neville. Trust me on this, this is not as bad as you think. During my lessons from the Order, I have learned about a lot of magical animals and creatures and I can tell you this, if you were a werewolf, you would have been smaller by half and not as incredibly muscled. Also you looked far more humanoid than a werewolf should."

"Have you ever heard of others like me?"

Hannah shook her head at Neville's question but said with a smile, "No I haven't Neville, but I'm sure that if we check all our sources, we can find out exactly what is going on with you. Seeing as you haven't been bitten, I'm guessing it is hereditary, or otherwise related to your family. Is there anything in your family history that could explain this?"

Neville nodded slowly, a bit hesitant to bring up the subject. "There might be, but I'm not really sure. My gran has told me stories, family legends if you will, about my distant ancestors who were 'blessed by spirits', but I can't really remember them."

"Well then we have to go to your gran and ask her. I'm sure she'll remember them and if not, there must be books in your family library, books about this if it has happened before in your family."

"That'll have to wait till Christmas break then," Neville replied with a downcast expression. "

"Yes," Hannah nodded, "But in the meantime I might have a temporary solution."

"You do?" Neville asked hopefully.

"I might," Hannah repeated, "But we'll have to get back to the castle for that, after we clean up this place, Starlight can't live here like this."

"Well then what are we waiting for," Neville stood back up and headed for the nearest troll when Hannah stopped him with a giggle.

"Ehm, Neville, you might want to put on some clothes before we get started, seeing as you're a bit naked." As if in sudden realization, Neville went first pale white before almost immediately turning bright red as he covered his crotch with his hands. Thanks to the enchantment laid over the clearing the weather was always nice and sunny, so he hadn't realized he was naked until she said it.

With another giggle Hannah added, "Don't worry Neville, you have nothing I haven't seen before. My family have been naturalists for generations, most of the Order are in fact, as it is a way to be closer to nature. If you want me to, I could undress as well whilst we clean up the clearing. It might help you relax a bit." That last part she added with a little blush although she was being completely sincere.

"You… you would, but why?" Neville asked, as he looked down in shame as he was not able to ignore the fact that something was growing beneath his hands at the thought of seeing the gorgeous blonde before him in her birthday suit.

Hannah softly placed her hand on Neville's cheek and forced him to look her in the eyes. "Neville, it is just our bodies, there is nothing to be ashamed about, and besides, you look good when you're naked." Neville blushed heavily as she said this and he froze when she removed her hand, only to move both towards the buttons of her blouse.

Neville watched as in a trance as Hannah opened the buttons of her blouse one-by-one. When she undid the last one, she shrugged her shoulders and let the soft cotton slide down to the ground leaving her in a white undershirt. Next she opened the zipper of her skirt, and dropped it to the ground, as she stepped out of the garment she loosened her shoestrings and removed her shoes and socks as well. Standing up again she pulled her undershirt up and over her head, leaving her in a matching set of a yellow bra and panties decorated with small black badgers.

As she moved to open the clasp of her bra, Neville found his voice again and said, "You.. don't have to do this you know." After a second in which Hannah merely smiled gently at him he added, "I'm not ready for this yet. I mean, I love you, I do, but I'm not ready."

Hannah placed her right index finger on his lips and said softly, "I know I don't have to Neville, but I want this. And don't worry, I'm not ready yet either. I'm not doing this to have sex with you Neville, I'm doing this because I want you to see me as I am, just as I see you as you are."

Neville nodded slowly and Hannah brought her hands back to the clasp between her small breasts, opened it, and allowed the piece to drop to the ground, baring her chest to Neville's eyes. Quickly after she dropped her panties as well and then held her arms besides her body, baring herself for him to see her as she was, bare, safe for a simple necklace with a wooden ravens head on it.

"You're… you're beautiful," was all Neville managed to say before Hannah threw herself into his arms and kissed him with such passion that Neville forgot they were both naked, standing in a blood-soaked meadow in the forbidden forest with three dead trolls and a very curious unicorn.

For what seemed to be several glorious, wonderful hours they stood there with their eyes closed and thinking only of their lips, and those of the other. Neither felt the urge to break the moment to explore the other and they simply basked in their closeness and the comfort they found in each other.

After a minute or two, Starlight gently nudged Hannah's back with his nose and whinnied softly, as if to remind them that he had been injured and wanted some attention as well.

With a soft snort of laughter Hannah finally broke the kiss and reluctantly released Neville from her embrace. With a hint of a blush on her cheeks, Hannah said, "We can do this again whenever you want Neville, but we really should get going. If you clean up, I'll look after Starlight."

Neville nodded and quickly stepping forward, he pecked her on the lips before walking over to where he had changed to go look for his wand amongst his ruined clothes. Once he had found it, he used one of the first charms they had ever learned to slowly lift the trolls a bit from the ground and float them through the heavily enchanted gate of the clearing. The effort of removing all three corpses and dropping them 40 yards beyond the edges of the clearing left him tired and panting, but the occasional glances he could throw at Hannah's naked body as she was bent over Starlight more than made up for it.

When the trolls were gone he used a wooden pail to throw water from the stream over the blood in an effort to wash it away, but it would take a good downpour to remove it completely.

Once done he turned back to Hannah and knelt beside her as she was still bowed over Starlight. "How is he doing?"

Hannah looked up to him and smiled tiredly. "He'll be fine, he had a few broken ribs and some superficial wounds but I managed to heal most of it. It would have been a lot easier if I had been further along in my training with the order, but I have only finished the first two volumes of my textbooks, out of ten."

"He looks better," Neville said with a smile as he and Hannah stood up. As they both took a long look at the other, Neville was amazed by the fact that he could look at her nude body without feeling aroused, only appreciating the beauty of her natural form. "We should get back to the castle," he finally managed to say with reluctance, "It'll be dinner time soon and I need to mend my clothes before we head out."

Hannah nodded and walked towards where her own cloths lay on the ground as Neville moved to his torn ones and started to mend them with the Reparo charm. Once they were both dressed again, they said goodbye to Starlight and walked hand-in-hand back towards the castle, feeling a lot better than they had just after Neville's transformation.


After dinner, Neville and Hannah went together to a deserted classroom where Hannah, after locking the door, placed a thick book on one of the tables and sat down next to Neville. She removed the wooden hanger from her neck and placed it on the cover of the book. To Neville's surprise, as soon as the hanger rested on the black leather, small wooden roots spread out from the hanger onto the book until they covered the leather in a Celtic knot with the hanger as the center.

"What did you do?" Neville asked with amazement as Hannah very carefully picked up the book.

"There exists a book which is guarded by the Order, known as The Book of Rubeon. In it is contained all of the knowledge the order has ever gathered about nature, from plants to animals and weather patterns, both muggle and magical. Only the Keeper of the Book is allowed to add knowledge to the book, or even touch it, but by placing these pendants upon a random book, every member of the order can access the knowledge within, if they have a high enough rank that is. So I'm not sure if this will work, seeing as I'm still just an acolyte, but it is worth a shot."

Neville nodded and Hannah turned her attention back to the book. Holding it in her hands, she touched her forehead to the pendant and said softly, "Magical creatures related to the wolf." She lowered the book again and opened it. The first pages were filled with images of all kinds of wolf like creatures, but none of them looked like what Neville had become, until they reached the fifth page.

Beneath an image of an enormous wolf which was devouring a horse smaller than itself was written, 'Fenrir, Guardian Spirits of Norse mythology, extinct since the 11th century after the Great Northern Crusade.'

Directly beneath it was a second image of an equally as massive creature which stood on two legs and was fighting a group of muggle swordsmen, with beneath the image the words, 'Lycan, blessed champion of the Fenrirs. Origin of the werewolf before their kind was cursed as punishment for aiding in the extinction of the Fenrirs."

Neville's eyes nearly popped out as he read this and he looked at Hannah who shared his expression. "If this is true," Neville asked, "Then how can I be one, if they were cursed since the 11th century then there is no way I can be one, and since I'm not bitten, I'm not an ordinary werewolf either."

"Let's see if the book can tell us more," Hannah said before she closed the tome and repeated the previous maneuver, only now she said, "Everything about Lycans."

When she opened the book again, she let out a disappointed sigh as all it said was exactly the same as it did in the overview page. There was a lot more text, but all of it was blurry and utterly impossible to read.

"What does that mean?" Neville asked as he motioned towards the blurred out text.

"It means that this information is above my level of access, so we'll have to wait and see what your grandmother knows, unless you know someone else who might know?"

Neville hesitated a long while about whether he should mention Aurora and Gabrielle, but eventually he decided against it saying, "I might know some people, but I'm not comfortable telling them about this just yet. I think I'd like for us to research it a bit further on our own before we tell anyone else about this."

Hannah smiled brightly at this and whispered, "If you want, I could come to your room tonight so we can study this more in private, and we won't even need our clothes for that." Neville blushed at that last part but nodded enthusiastically nonetheless, before realizing a problem.

"But how would you come to my room, the Fat Lady won't allow any non-Gryffindor to enter our common room."

"A girl has her ways," Hannah said with a not-so-innocent smile, "Just leave your window open and bring any book you might want to study." Neville nodded and after Hannah gave him a tender kiss, she removed the pendant from the book and hung it back around her neck, causing the roots it had spread to quickly die and turn to dust. She put the book back in her bag and stood up to leave the room. "I'll see you tonight Neville," she added just before closing the door behind her.


That night Neville sat on his bed in the room he used to share with Harry, but which had been only his since Harry and the girls had gotten their own dormitory. He had left the window open as Hannah had asked, but he still had no idea about how she was going to enter through it.

Suddenly he was alerted as the sound of wings was heard just outside his window. Looking up he saw a beautiful white raven land onto his windowsill and hop inside the room. The first thing that sprung out to him where the beautiful blue eyes of the bird, which were the exact same as Hannah's. When the bird jumped down from the window and onto Harry's old bed, he suddenly realized something as it looked at him with what could almost be described as a smile.

"Hanna?" he asked amazed, almost feeling stupid for talking to bird, but he was reassured when the bird suddenly grew exponentially and in a few seconds he was looking at his girlfriend laying on the empty bed. She was wearing only her pendant and a holster with her wand on her right arm, but nothing else.

"Hey Neville," Hannah greeted him with a smile and a wink.

"You're an animagus," Neville managed to say as he overcame the shock of suddenly seeing his girlfriend appear naked in his room.

"Eh not quite," Hannah replied as she sat up on the bed. "It's an ability that is granted by the pendant as a raven is the symbol of Rubeon. Most members are normal black ravens, but a handful are white ravens, which is an indication that, according to Rubeon, they have the potential for a future leading position with the Order."

"But what if you should lose your pendant?" Neville asked curious for any information he could get.

"That's not a problem Neville," Hannah answered with a smile. "When an acolyte receives the pendant, it is bound to their magical core so that only they can use it, and it can only be seen by those we want to see it."

"Wow," was all Neville managed to say, "So you're going to be a leading member of the order when you are older."

Hannah shrugged as she replied, "Maybe, it only means I have a bigger chance of becoming a leading figure, it doesn't guarantee anything. But we should get studying, shouldn't we."

Neville nodded and after looking over Hannah's body once more, he started to undress himself before joining her on the bed with two of the books on extinct magical species he had taken from the library, this was going to be a good night.


Over the next few weeks Neville and Hannah felt closer together than they ever had. They spent almost every night together in Neville's room researching lycans or simply talking as they lay on one of the beds. Neville was getting used to Hannah's habit of appearing naked in his room at night and more than once he had already undressed himself as well before she arrived.

The added benefit this had for Neville, as Hannah had told him was her intention when she had first suggested that she undress as well, was that Neville had become a lot more self-confident and proud of himself. This was an effect that had not gone unnoticed by others though.

One evening during the first week of December there was a soft cough as Dan entered the sitting room of Emrys tower where Aurora and Gabrielle were grading papers as the kids were in the library working on their homework.

Both women looked up at their visitor and smiled at him. "What can we do for you Dan?" Gabrielle asked after inviting him to take a seat.

"I need to talk to you, about Neville." Dan replied with a serious face after he had accepted a cup of tea from Aurora.

With a sad sigh both women shared a look and Gabrielle asked, "Is he still doubting himself? I thought his self-assuredness had grown impressively since Hallowe'en."

"Quite the contrary actually," Dan said with a small smile, "He has made a very impressive leap in his abilities. I don't know if you have seen him without his school robes recently, but he is burning fat and gaining muscle faster than anyone I have ever seen."

"What," Both women said with surprise on their faces.

"Yea, I wouldn't have mentioned it to you until Christmas as I wanted to see how far I could get him by then, but something happened during training today."

When the ladies looked at him in anticipation, Dan said, "Fredrick, could you bring the dummy please." A soft POP, sounded and Fredrick appeared, holding a wooden training dummy with a shattered torso.

"Neville did this," Aurora asked perplexed after she and Gabrielle had inspected the dummy.

Dan nodded and replied, "He did, I tried doing what you did with the kids when training them with their animagus forms, just to see what he could do when he was angry. He hit the dummy so hard it shattered the torso, and the axe handle as well." At those last words Fredrick handed Aurora the two pieces of the now broken training axe, which was the same as they themselves broke occasionally.

"This is worrisome," Gabrielle said softly. "I know I told Neville to tap into the power of his bloodline but he shouldn't be able to do this. I have seen Ivan break steel swords on those dummies, even Harry and the girls shouldn't be able to do this before they are fully grown.

"I think you two should talk to Neville about this, preferably when he is alone, as when I asked him about it he looked quickly towards the kids before avoiding my eyes and saying he didn't know what happened."

"We'll talk to him right away, thank you for informing us Dan, we'll try to find out what happened."

"Thank you," Dan nodded with gratitude, "I'm worried about him, he seems to be doing very well, but I can see he's struggling with something."

Dan left shortly after and when they were alone again, the two women shared a look and Gabrielle speculated, "Do you think Hannah has something to do with this? They do appear to be remarkably close as of late."

"Could be," Aurora shrugged before looking toward the paintings above the fireplace. "Sarah, have you noticed anything about Neville or Hannah lately?"

The blonde haired painting shook her head and answered, "Not really, besides the fact that she manages to sneak into his room almost every evening for a late night study session."

Both ladies looked up in surprise about hearing this and Aurora asked, "Eh Sarah, why haven't you told us about that?"

"Why should I," Sarah countered, "It is not my job to spy on the students, I am just monitoring their whereabouts in case of an emergency."

Both Aurora and Gabrielle were forced to admit the truth of that statement, but Aurora couldn't help but ask, "Sarah, you don't think they are…., well you know." She made a rather crude motion with her hands and Sarah burst out in laughter.

"Get your mind out of the gutter will you, they're thirteen years old and besides, not everyone in this castle are such perverts as the two of you. No, my wards would have alerted me if something more than kissing and light cuddling occurred behind the closed doors of underage students. They appear to be really just studying, and I do recall Neville taking a lot of books from the library lately, though about what subject I do not know."

"Thank you Sarah," Aurora nodded before looking towards the clock, it was a quarter to eight, so there was still more than an hour until curfew. They put a simple teachers robe over their clothes and Aurora quickly penned a letter to Neville, before sending it off with a snap of her fingers in a burst of red fire. They headed out the door, just as the kids entered the tower.

"You're early?" Aurora said as she looked at the clock on the wall which now read ten minutes to eight."

"Yes mom," Harry said as he hugged his mothers, "But we were already done with professor Flitwick's latest essay."

Aurora smiled, "You guys go do your evening workout, we just need to have a quick word with someone, we'll see you later." The kids nodded and headed inside while the adults went across the hall towards the room of requirement.


Neville was already undressed and waiting for their nightly study session when Hannah arrived. As usual she flew into his room and changed back to her naked human form on Harry's old bed. As she looked at Neville she could immediately see that something was bothering him and so she asked him about it.

"What's wrong Neville? Did something happen today"?

Neville nodded and let out a deep sigh as he sat down beside her and gave her a one-armed hug while she laid her head on his shoulder. "There is something I need to tell you about, which I have kept from you until now. I … "

When he fell silent, Hannah turned to face him and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. "What is it Neville, it can't be so terrible that you can't tell me about it."

"It,… it's not terrible really, it's just that… well,… I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tell you. I…"

"Is someone threatening you Neville?" Hannah looked him straight in the eyes as she asked it and Neville blushed but shook his head rigorously.

"No, it's not that, but it involves a secret that is not really mine to tell, a secret about people that have enormous power both here in the castle, as in the wider world and I .."

Neville was interrupted by a flash of fire as a scroll appeared on his bedside table. Opening it curiously he read

Hello Neville,

Please meat us in the Room of Requirement as soon as you can.

Professors Emrys.

As Hannah had read along over his shoulder she asked, "What could they possibly want and where is that room, I have never heard of it."

She could feel Neville begin to tremble next to her and when she turned to him she could see the panic in his eyes. "Neville what's wrong?"

"T… they… they must have heard."

"Heard what? Neville please talk to me. What happened today, what are you afraid of?"

"They are teaching me and Harry, Hermione, Fleur, Ginny and Luna, how to fight."

"To fight?!" Hannah nearly jelled, "But why, you're all still children. Why on earth should you learn how to fight." Her anger seemed to have a calming effect on Neville as he managed to calm down a bit and explained.

"For the same reason as you are training to be a member of the Knights of Rubeon, it's our heritage, our destiny if you will. Our bloodlines chose for us this path, and it is our responsibility to learn and control our paths

"Of course you have a choice Neville, no one can force you to do this."

"You don't get it Hannah," Neville shook his head, "No one is forcing us to do this, we chose to do this ourselves. We have been given certain… gifts, but we need training to fully understand and use those gifts."

"I see." Was all Hannah managed to say before Neville turned back to the scroll in his hands. "What is it that you fear so much Neville?"

Neville shook his head slowly as he reread the scroll again and again. "Today I did something in training which should have been impossible, and I fear they will want to know how I was able to do it. I worry about how I will react if they pressure me and you're not with me."

"Then don't go without me Neville," at his confused look she smiled and added, "I think you should introduce the rest of the castle to your new 'familiar' a very pretty white raven."

Neville's face suddenly brightened and he kissed her passionately on the lips in thanks. "That is amazing, why didn't I think of that." Hannah merely smiled as she watched Neville hurriedly dress in simple clothes. When he was ready, she changed into her raven form and flew onto his shoulder. As such he walked into the common area, down the stairs, out of the tower and towards the seventh floor.

When they arrived, Neville found the door already visible and after taking a deep breath, he entered the room. Just as with their training, the room had the appearance of the coliseum, and as Neville feared, both adults were inspecting the dummy he had broken a few hours ago

"P.. p… professors," he stuttered as he entered the room. "Y… you wanted m… me to come h… here."

"Hello Neville," Gabrielle smiled gently at him, "sorry for the late time but we needed to talk to you about something, in private." Neville hesitated for a second before he moved further into the room.

As he entered he saw their eyes go to the white raven on his shoulder. As they saw the bird, Neville saw their eyes widen a bit before Aurora grinned and said, "I see the fondness of exotic birds runs in the family." When Neville looked confused she added, "I remember when your grandmother went to school she brought that vulture everywhere. I believe she stuffed it when it died, though I don't know where it is now."

"She put it on her favorite hat and still wears it regularly," Neville managed to joke and the two adults grinned along with him.

"Well I'm glad you got a more interesting familiar than that toad, no offence Neville but it was a bit boring, what did you do with him anyway?"

Neville nodded at Aurora's remark and replied, "He joined the Frog Choir and seams much happier there, as he hasn't tried to escape from their pond even once."

"I'm glad to hear that," Aurora said with a smile as she motioned him to join the two of them.

Once Neville had joined them around the dummy, Gabrielle began with a lot more seriousness in her voice than before. "Neville, we asked you to come here because we are worried about you."

"Worried?" Neville looked confused.

"Yes, Neville, worried." Aurora continued as she motioned towards the dummy, "Dan told us what happened today during training, you did something that should have been impossible."

"Impossible," Neville continued to feign ignorance, "Why impossible, I broke a dummy yes, but I'm sure others have done that as well."

"Yes, others have Neville," Aurora replied with a face of such seriousness Neville had never seen it before. "But that list is limited to me and Gabrielle, and a few handfuls of our strongest Legionnaires wearing EXO-suits."

At this point Gabrielle took over again and said, "Those dummies are made of magically reinforced wood, it would take an impact similar to the club of troll to damage them the way you did. So I'm going to ask you something, and we'll know if you are lying. You don't have to answer us, if you don't want to, but here it is." She and Aurora bend their knees a bit to Neville's level and looked him in the eyes. "Is there anything you want to tell us about this?"

He was silent for several minutes until Gabrielle added, "Please Neville, you know who we are, you know the wealth of information and resources we have access to. We can help you, we only want to help you, this strength, this anger, it could be dangerous, if you can't control it. The same happened with Harry, Hermione, Fleur and Ginny, they nearly killed fellow students because they could not control their own anger. We don't want you to have to live with that guilt."

At first Neville shook his head but then the raven made a soft cawing noise and looked him straight in the eyes and nodded it's head once.

Looking up, Neville nodded his head and said, "Something happened to me at Hallowe'en, something impossible, yet it did." Closing his eyes, he focused on a book and the Room provided, a table appeared next to him with a very old leather-bound tome on it. He picked the book up and showed it to them, they knew it, they had one themselves in their own library. It was Eaque Creaturae, or Mythical Creatures, a book from the 12th century written by Svigga, a Danish magical zoologist.

He opened the book and leafed through it for a while until he found what he was looking for. He held it against his chest as he explained what had happened at Hallowe'en, leaving out Starlight and everything about the Order, instead making it as if they were just walking through the forest. As they listened silently, he finished and handed them the book with the words, "From what Hannah and I could find, this is what I have become."

When they saw the page Neville had opened, he had a privilege very few had ever had. Both Aurora and Gabrielle stared dumbfounded between Neville and the book. "That's impossible." Aurora finally managed to say. "We personally laid a curse on every Lycan in Scandinavia and Europe for their betrayal of the Fenrirs."

For several minutes none said a word until Gabrielle asked, "Neville, have you tried changing since then?"

Neville shook his head and said, "No, Hannah and I didn't dare risk it until we knew more."

Both adults nodded in understanding but Aurora said carefully, "Neville, would you try to change for us now."

Neville's eyes went wide at this, "Right here, right now? But what if I lose control?"

Aurora nodded softly with a smile on her lips, "Yes Neville, right here, right now. I promise you that nothing bad will happen. Even if you are a pureblood Lycan of old, the two of us are more than able to contain you if you lose control, which a true Lycan can't anyway. So please try."

Neville nodded hesitantly and after the white raven flew of and landed on a nearby training dummy, he moved a bit away from them before he asked, "How do I change?"

Try to feel the way you did when trying to protect Hannah, let that urge to protect her at any cost fill your entire being. Focus on nothing but that and let all else fade away.

Neville did as said and after a few minutes of silence, he felt the crippling pain that tore apart every bone, muscle and sinew in his body as he fell to the sand on the arena floor. When the pain was gone he rose again until he looked down at Aurora and Gabrielle. The grin that split their faces could only be described as draconic when they began to chuckle.

"This is good Neville, this is very good." Gabrielle said when she and Aurora had calmed down a bit. "We still don't know how this could have happened, but I promise you, this is a blessing."

Aurora nodded and added, "To change back, you just have to clear your mind again. Like Hannah helped you do the first time."

For several minutes nothing happened until the raven landed on his shoulder and cawed softly at him, this seemed to calm him and he changed back, after which Gabrielle gave him a blanket the Room made appear out of nowhere.

"That's something you're going to have to get used to Neville," Aurora chuckled as Neville blushed. "The transformations will become easier and less painful the more you do it, I would suggest you learn a spell to conjure some robes, or give some to Hannah to keep close by."

Gabrielle added, "Also, try to practice changing with Hannah present, she obviously helps you calm down, and it will help to keep your focus later if you practice it. If you want, we can take you and the kids into the forest so that you can learn how to fight in your Lycan form, as there are plenty of pests in there that could do with some culling of their numbers."

"I.. I'll think about it professor."

"You do that Neville," Gabrielle patted him gently on the shoulder and added, "Maybe next training you bring Hannah along and show your new ability to the others, Harry and the girls will have something to show you as well."

Neville nodded and Aurora and Gabrielle stood up with the former adding, "If you want, I can take you and Hannah to see your grandmother tomorrow, maybe she knows some family history that could explain this."

"Thank you professor," Neville smiled in gratitude of the offer, "that would be nice."

"Very well Neville," Aurora nodded, "I'll arrange with professor McGonagall and Flitwick that you two are to be excused for lessons tomorrow for personal reasons. Will you tell Hannah?"

"Yes professor, good night."

"You to Neville, good night"

Aurora and Gabrielle left the room after that and Neville was left alone with Hannah in her raven form. He quickly moved to the door and looking out it, he saw the two professors enter a door at the opposite end of the hallway.

Closing the door, Neville made sure to lock it and turning back to the Room, he saw Hannah already sitting in a comfy couch in her human form with a very worried look on her face. Neville sat down beside her and wrapped the blanket around her as well.

"What were they talking about Neville, what kind of resources did they mean what information do they have access to? How can they know about lycans and how to do the change?"

"I can't tell you that Hannah," at seeing her face turn to a frown he quickly added, "Not because I don't want to, really. I just literally can't tell you, I have given a magical oath not to tell anyone. You'd have to ask them yourself tomorrow if you want answers."

"All right," Hannah nodded before getting a wicked grin on her face. "You know Neville, I'm not allowed to stay the night in your room, or you in mine, but I'm pretty sure this room isn't mentioned anywhere in the rules. As she reclined backwards on the couch it turned into a king-size four-poster-bed and she stretched herself out on the silk sheets, spreading her limbs out alluringly and motioning with her hand for Neville to join her.

XXX Lemon ahead XXX

Not needing anymore encouragement, Neville immediately started undressing to join her on the bed. In the weeks since Halloween they had not done more than kissing and naked cuddling, but Neville had given up on hiding his arousal when she had one of her flirtatious moods, like she did now, and had even initiated a few of the more heated moments they had shared since that night in the clearing.

As soon as his last piece of clothing had been dropped to the floor, Neville quickly jumped on the bed and cuddled close to Hannah's side. Putting his left arm on her belly he slowly began to draw circles on her skin as he brought his lips to hers and gave her a heated kiss. They had agreed to wait with having sex until they were older, but as Hannah had put it, there are a lot of other fun things we can do together until we are ready.

As Neville was engrossed with kissing her soft lips, Hannah softly grasped his left hand and slowly dragged it upwards until it reached her right breast and she gently folded his hand over the still small but growing mound. Pressing his thumb to her nipple, she urged him to rub the pink nub and softly moaned his name as the pleasure of his gentle touch traveled through her body.

"Oooohhhhhhh Nev," Hannah sighed as he pressed his thumb a bit harder on her nipple. After a minute of the gentle caresses, Hannah brought her own left hand up and moved it under Neville's hand, increasing the pressure on her breast. Her right hand brought Neville's downwards until he reached the folds of her womanhood and she felt her own wetness stick to his hand. Moving his fingers up through her lower lips, she brought his index finger to her clit and gently started rubbing it, increasing her pleasure tenfold.

Neville quickly took over her movements and after about a minute, the combination of her own hand on her breast and Neville's gentle touches brought her to climax with a shudder that tore through her body and forced her lips to leave Neville's and utter a moan of pure pleasure.

Neville, not expecting the sudden sound and movement opened his eyes and looked into hers with a question on his face. "Did you just….?" He didn't dare speak the word yet, fearing it would shatter the moment they were sharing right now.

With a blissful smile Hannah nodded and after giving him a peck on the lips she said, "Yes Neville, you just gave me an orgasm." With a small blush she added after a few seconds, "My first orgasm to be honest."

"Really?" Neville asked as he was surprised by this, her confidence had made him think she was more experienced than him. "You've never before…. Eh…"

"Helped myself," Hannah supplied, still with a heavy blush on her face. Neville nodded whilst he turned bright red himself. Hannah shook her head softly and said, "No, it's sort of an unofficial tradition within the Order."

At this Neville looked confused but as he saw a shiver go through Hannah's sweat drenched body, he moved a bit and after fishing the silk sheets from beneath them, he brought them up and covered them as he turned on his side and spooned around her smaller body. As she pressed herself into him, eager for the shared warmth, Hannah explained her previous statement.

"Sex is something beautiful that is shared between two people who love each other. Bringing another to climax is the purest expression of love and nature has always intended it to be shared with a lover. As such, the Order believes that someone's first climax should not be done by your own hands but by those of the one you love."

"But what if you never find the one you love, or even if you only find them when you're in your thirties or forties?"

"That is the reason why it was never made a rule and only an unofficial tradition. Members are allowed to do as they please, no one is forcing them to completely abstain from… euh… helping themselves. It is simply held as something for young members to strive for in an attempt to have them find love."

"I'm glad you didn't have to wait," Neville muttered softly as he hugged Hannah closer and closed his eyes, feeling the exhaustion of the eventful day slowly overtake him.

"Me to Neville," Hannah sighed as she too closed her eyes, and began to drift off, "Me to."

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