A/N: Hi fanfic lovers! This is a dtmg story! And well I got this au from Karuworks from tumblr! And this idea is half from My cousin!

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"So I changed my friend spencer half into a dog! SO now I have to bath him,walk him and feed him!URGGGG!"

Billy's PoV

"So this is how it started!"

"Hi billy" Spence said.

"Hi! Can you help me cook peanut butter?" I asked eagerly.

"Umm, sure I guess."Spencer said cautionly. So me and Spencer stired the peanut butter with a knife. Then, i put the peanut butter in the microwave. But I didn't know the knife was still in the jar. Then Spencer's new puppy walked in the kitchen and sat next to Spencer. Just then a huge spark hit Spencer and the puppy. Then with a flash of light Spencer's puppy was gone. So I looked around(not giving a deal about spencer) the dog was no were in sight. Then I looked at Spencer in shock.(pun)* nud nud* ;). He had lots of fur on his head, he had ears that were fluffy, and a fury tail! I floated there with a smile.

" awww, so cute! Can I call u James?" I asked. Spencer sat their with a growl. I got scared.

"Now look what u done!" He growled.

"Sorry, but I made I cute!"I screeched.

"Shut up! SO mister smarty-pants how do i tell this to mom and dad?" he said with a smirk.

"Oh shit, what I am going to do. Ok going to kill my self for good!" I yelled.

"Wait what!?" He exclaimledd.

" jk, hahahahahahahaha!"I laugh. Then Spencer got furious and bit me I yelled in pain! Then his parents walked in and...they... Yelled at spencer.

"Puppy u dumbass get out here and clean up the cake!" Mom yelled.

"What!"He yelled(lol)

Then Spencer went to the the freaky tiki room and...picked up the cake and put it on the plate.( spencer was voting to kill me if i said ate it off the floor). Then we heard the doorbell rang. Spencer sprinted to the door and answered it. Regevee came in and He made fun of Spencer in his squeaky ass voice.

" Dude! U look like a pup daddy!" Regevee said. Right after he said that I floated over to that jerk and smacked the fuck out of him. He had teary eyes and ran home crying like a baby.

" Thanks Billy.." Spencer said

" No prob bro! Only I can make fun you!" I said. Spencer responded with a lie warning growl. "Hee hee..."


We walked to school.

Principle Ponzi said "Get in my office dickweed!"

"Cock sucker, ass kick ,motherfucker!" Spencer whispered.

"What was that Mr. Asswipe." principle Ponzi yelled.

Spencer growled loudly.I mean really loudly. Like really REALLY LOUDLY!

A/N: The end for now! Hope u enjoy!