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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Boston's witch burnings: Side story Prequel of sorts to explain the family relationships and how Maura and Jane got together finally.

By: Fire Wolfe
A/N: 'Telepathy or thoughts', "Speech"

A/N: Alternate ending to the problem of Charles Hoyt

The End of Hoyt

Part 1

Jane Rozzoli was shaken. Hoyt had once more escaped from prison. He was once more targeting her and her family. She was rather upset to be staying with Maura Isles her best friend and the Chief Medical Examiner however Maura had pointed out that Hoyt might well target her as they had been seen together often and their last visit to the prison had been together. Jane cursed herself for making the mistake of allowing that to happen. She should have known that Hoyt would get out and be a problem again. However when they had been chasing his apprentice the only thing that had mattered was stopping the killer. She had not even considered that doing so would endanger the woman she cared for. Even now she pushed aside her feelings because Maura deserved so much more. Once more her best friend was at risk because of her and her job. The only good thing was she had convinced her mother Angela Rozzoli to go visit her aunt Carmen in New York for a few days. Then there was the fact that Tommy had taken Lydia and T.J. to visit her father in Florida and for the first time ever she was glad he was far away and that Tommy at least was still semi-close to him. Frankie was a cop and he had to take his own chances not that Jane liked it but it was part of the job. Thinking back to her mother Jane was Thankful for the fact that her Aunt fell and broke her foot was a God send it that would get her mother out of town and out of the range of fire without having to tell her that Hoyt was out again. She got up and looked out the window not that she expected to see the bastard who had made her life a living hell but it calmed her to at least check.

Maura Isles watched her detective pace and worried. She knew that Hoyt was the one person one thing that her beloved Jane feared. It was not irrational as Hoyt was truly dangerous but Jane was to honorable to just out and out kill him. She should have. Jane should have shot and killed the bastard the last time he had taken her but she was too decent to do so. Even as a medical doctor Maura understood that sometimes evil had to be destroyed. She called out to Jane. "Jane I will be right back I am going to get a sweater. I am getting kind of chilly."

"I can get it for you. " Jane said and she sprinted up the stairs to grab the sweater Maura had on her bed.

Maura smiled mission accomplished. She pulled out a phone and dialed a number. She knew Jane would only be gone minutes but it was enough.

"It's me. Do it." She then hung up the phone and quickly put it back into the hidden drawer in the kitchen.

Jane came down and carefully put the sweater over her shoulders.

Maura looked up into her eyes reveling in the intimacy they shared so causally. It still astounded her that Jane had no idea how she felt about her or about where this was going. However she was patient and would not push or rush.


Charles Hoyt and his latest apprentice were working diligently to set up their latest fun house for his newest game with his favorite prey Detective Jane Rizzoli. He could admit to himself that hunting her had become his favorite pass time even if it was relatively frustrating at times. He hummed a rather morbid tune strangely in time with his apprentice never realizing that this time he was the hunted.


The four short words had made his day. He hung up the phone hid it once more. For the first time in years he had hope. Hope that perhaps his beloved daughter might come to understand his motivations and perhaps if he was truly lucky come to see he truly did love and care for her more than anyone in the world even more than her mother whom he loved deeply and forever. He loved her as much as her mother Hope and had truly tried to do what was best for her. However he had panicked when Colin was killed and he had made a mistake in grabbing her. It had drawn attention to the only good thing he had ever really done or made in his life. Patrick Doyle pushed that thought away and decided that he was what he was and right now it was time to show Charles Hoyt that he was not the top of the food chain in Boston. While Paddy Doyle disliked the police he did respect and oddly enough trust a few and Jane Rizzoli was on the top of that very rare list. He trusted her to keep Maura Isles safe and loved. It was something that for all the wealth and power his daughter and her adopted family had she had missed. However the detective had befriended his eldest and her influence had been very positive. Maura was now truly alive and happy. It something Paddy had given up on ever seeing. He respected the detective because she go to hell and back for those she loved and cared about. He seen and heard that first hand on many occasions. Going back to when he taken Maura to protect her. He still could hear Jane's worlds "Anything you want or need I can get!" She had meant it too. So to keep Maura safe and Happy he would protect her detective.

"Jimmy, David let's go we have to deal with someone who does not respect our claims to Boston."

His men looked up and rose pulling their weapons out and checking them. They all been praying this call would come. While it was true they were all criminals and were in fact killers they had a code. They only killed others in their own line of work or who broke their codes and rules. A true Irish Mobster or even and Italian one would no more harm an innocent then they would slap their wives or curse out their mothers. They were old school and it made them happy that the boss was finally deciding to take back his city. Of course both men knew it was because of his daughter and her cop friend but it would make the city safe and that pleased them well enough.

Part 2

It had only taken them a few hours to find out where Hoyt was hiding out. The serial killer believed he was untouchable and that no one would dare bother or disturb his work. That was very foolish. It was even more so when you one realized he had set up right smack in the middle of the Italian Mob's home grounds and only a few miles from the church most attended on a regular basis. When Paddy Doyle had learned this he had made a call to his rival crime boss and requested permission to hunt the Hoyt. While he could have easily done so without permission Doyle did not want a gang war. He also felt that since Rizzoli was Italian that the Italian Mob might wish to do the deed themselves. Sure Rizzoli was a cop but she was an honest one and one that proudly wore her heritage. She would show respect to the elders of her community even if she did not like some of their lines of work. This had earned her respect in turn. The Oldest most powerful families were not happy Hoyt had targeted one of their own. Cop or not she was theirs. There was also the fact that Doyle had been polite had offered favors and was willing to share. That intrigued the Leaders. Don Marco joined Patrick across the street from where Hoyt was staying.

"Good Evening Patrick. I was rather surprised to take your call and request."

Doyle nodded and said. "Good evening to you as well Don Marco. I intended to hunt and end Mr. Hoyt but he is in your territory and I thought it best to not start a war over a piece of garbage like him. The way I see it he is a blight on all of Boston. He kills for pleasure and harms innocent families. We all know that happy families are rare enough these days without idiots like Hoyt killing them off. It's just not good for business."

Don Marco nodded. "Yes, I agree he is giving Boston a bad name. Then there is the fact that he is hunting Rizzoli. I do not think that one deserves to be ended by a man such as Hoyt. She is a fine officer of the law and she deserves to go out a hero not a victim. As annoying as she is she is honorable."

Doyle nodded at that. He pulled out a cigar and offered one to Don Marco who took it and lit it with ease. "Then there the fact that she is your granddaughter as well." Doyle said with a grin.

The elderly Don glared. His Eldest son had once dated Angela and he had given her a child before he was killed in train wreck. A wreck he was certain that had been organized by the Russian Mob in N.Y. where Alexander had been visiting his uncles. Alexander the son who was an Enigma, he took a puff on his cigar. "Yes there is that. I suppose I should not be surprised that you know."

Doyle shrugged. "She is a woman to be proud of. If she was a male I would have tried to get her and Maura together. What children they would make and it could unite our territories."

The Don chuckled. "It still could, I may not agree with the type of relationship they are heading to but I am an old man. I do however wish her happiness and if your beloved Maura can give her that and a chance to stay out of our line of work so much the better. Marco is a decent enough man and my heir. I love my second son dearly and frankly he is more suited to the role of leader of the family when the time comes then Alexander ever was. My eldest was far more like your daughter a man who served. Sometimes I think he should have been a priest the way he served."

"Alexander was a fine soldier and man Don Marco. It is a shame he was killed visiting your family. I can honestly say I would have been glad to have him take your place. Marco however is also a good man and leader. On the plus side we all know Jane won't cause problems as even if she knew who she was she would not want to rule your family any more then Maura wishes to rule mine. That brings us back to our mutual issue Hoyt, since we now both accept this is about family which of us will end him and his damned games?"

Don Marco chuckled at that. "Well given the fact that he has harmed my eldest grandchild several times I want a part of ending him. That being said the last time he went after your daughter as well. So since you were kind enough to let me know the bastard was in my area I suggest we share the kill. Well our families that is. I would also suggest given the fact that you are a known family member to Dr. Isles we leave his body either in my territory or neutral ground. I spoke to Hector Ramerez of the Gato's and he agrees that Hoyt must be ended for Boston's good. The same with several other groups, he has offered to let us drop the body in his territory to throw off the police. He suggested making it look like a gang shooting but personally I want there to be no doubt that the bastard is dead because he dared hunt in our city."

Doyle nodded. He had hoped the Don would reach out to the other gangs in the city. It would be so much simpler not to have this come back on him. He grinned. "Share it is then."