11. Part 11 An other annoying Brother.

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January 24, 2016

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Part 11

Carrie Harper back peddled. She had absolutely no tolerance for anyone in authority who was dirty. She had been assigned this investigation because of her reputation as incorruptible. However she realized she may have overreacted. It was just the vibe she was getting from these people was strange. There was definitely a history here between them all. "I'm sorry I was out of line."

"Yes you were Special Agent Harper." Maura said. "However I do understand that this must have come as surprise. It did to me. I have always been aware that I was adopted. However it was not until the death of my half brother Collin that I learned the truth about who my biological father was and many years later that I leaned about my mother. I met Patrick Doyle when he came to identify Colin. He introduced himself as Mr. Selsi I had already learned Colin was my brother but I had no idea of who he was in the criminal sense until the DNA testing came back from CODUS. He later kidnapped me to protect me from the man who had murdered Colin. It did cause some issues here at the Boston Police Department. However they cleared me of any wrong doing."

"I understand Doctor, as I said I apologize for overreacting. I just was shocked at all the connections between you all."

"Yes well Agent Dean was looking for Doyle. He also helped us find Hoyt the first time." Jane explained."Joey and I went to school together and have been in the BPD together before he went to Washington D. C. we don't even think about it anymore. Joey may be a pain but he is family and Dean well he's a close collage/friend it simply is."

"Yes I suppose that makes sense, I've just been bitten in the ass to many times by corruption." Carrie said trying to make nice. There was no doubt in her mind these people were compromised but she would need to play it close to her vest to prove it.

"I suppose that this can seem a little confusing." Jane said. "So would you like to follow us to the warehouse?" She offered an olive branch because Maura gave her puppy dog eyes.

Joey laughed and leaned over to Dean and said. "Maura has her so whipped."

"Yeah whipped and now I don't feel so bad." Dean said with a grin. "It so explains why none of us stood a chance. I wonder if we should clue Casey in?"

Jane head shot up and she glared at them. She and Maura were not even official yet and their secret was out. She folded her arms and glared at the men. Both chuckled amused.

This time it was Maura who smacked Joey. "Stop teasing Jane. You to agent Dean or do I need to smack you as well?"

He raised his hands in surrender. "What it's a compliment to your doctor?"

Maura glared. She had no idea why the men were so amused at the idea of her and Jane in a relationship. She did not seem to understand that the men were both impressed and jealous and that both thought that she and Jane were some of the most beautiful women they had ever seen.

"Really that is what you to Neanderthals are honing in on?" Jane said.

They laughed. Clearly amused at her annoyance.

"Jane both Agent Dean and Grant are members of the Homo Sapien species." Maura said.

"Come on Maura I'll explain in the car. You three can come but I am so not driving you. I am sure you know the way Joey."

"Yeah Janie I do."

She rolled her eyes and decided Joey really was the annoying brother she never wanted.


12. Part 12

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January 24, 2016

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Part 12

Maura could not quite believe Jane was letting Agent Grant get off so easily. However she knew Jane was not quite certain about agent Harper so perhaps that had something to do with it. She climbed into her Prius and buckled up. She waited until Jane pushed the seat back. They had a substantial height difference. She smiled at the look of annoyance that crossed Jane's face. However she said nothing. She was still trying to figure out the Neanderthal comment. Jane settled in and turned on the car. She carefully backed out and headed toward the docks. It was clear she was thinking deeply.

"Maura I never knew Paddy worked with Don Marco. It seems like that a strange mix to me. When I was younger the Irish and Italian mobs seemed to be rivals. I don't understand any of this."

"Perhaps it is as Paddy said Jane. He simply did not want to have an issue with Don Marco and Don Marco does not like that Hoyt tried to use his territory for his hideout. Perhaps that type of activity goes against his code of conduct." Maura said she seemed to be thinking it through.

"I don't know. I mean I'd like to think that. I also have to admit Don Marco a decent enough sort. I mean he looked out for the kids in his area. He would not let pushers come in. I guess in someways he's old school mob. But he is mob and not a good man."

"Maybe Jane but let's face it Hoyt makes most criminals uneasy. I understand Paddy is going to hunt him to protect me and perhaps even you and I suppose he could have worked out a deal with the Italians but it seems strange to me that the head of the Italian mob is dealing with this. He does have a son who is by all accounts set to succeed him. Maybe this is his last act. Perhaps he wishes to redeem his name a little by helping save a police officer and in doing so gain some good will?"

"I don't know Maura but you know I almost hope they find Hoyt first. Because If I find the son of a bitch he is dead, I am not taking him back in this time." Jane said."I can't do it Maura."

Maura covered her hand with her own. "I would never ask you to. Frankly I am hoping for the same. Hoyt's used up his last chance with us. I never thought I would be grateful my biological father was a stone cold killer but in this case…..I'll not find any proof he did it."

Jane nodded. "I'll help burry the bodies. No in this case Paddy gets a pass hell I'll even buy the first round and dinner."

Maura nodded. Jane was an honest cop but everyone had their limits and Hoyt had pushed them both past their own.

"So did you see that coming?" Joey asked.

"Nope, never in a million years though I suppose it does make sense. Maura been tied to her side since Hoyt." Gabriel Dean said."I never expected it though. I mean Maura dated a lot of different men."

Carrie sat in the back and listened to the two men talk. She had a lot of catching up to do if she was to make her cases. She still had to find Charles Hoyt and save him. She needed him to testify and her gut told her none of the other officers of the law cared if he was caught alive and healthy. If she did not miss her guess she would say all three were hoping one of the mobsters would kill him. That she could not allow. Though catching them trying would be a feather in her cap. She listened and realized that the men seemed to think Rizzoli and Isles were in a relationship. She sat back and wondered what that would mean for the case? Were the women compromised? Her gut said yes but she was still concerned that this whole department controlled by the Irish Mob and that the city of Boston was at risk. That was not something she was going to allow.


13. Part 13

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Part 13

Charles Hoyt leaned back and watched the news. It was interesting to see the authorities run around like chicken with their heads cut off. He sipped his tea and ate the scone his partner had brought in. It was not bad actually.

He listened as the BPD went on about how the public would be safe if they just followed some simple safety rules. He could not believe how naïve the public were. As if they were ever really safe. There were killers out there. He nibbled his scone and considered his plans. His new apprentice was different. He was far more independent then those he had mentored in the past. It was a little annoying.

However he was skilled with a blade and ruthless when needed. Hoyt decided he would keep him around for a bit even if the bastard had the gall to keep a woman. Upon consideration his plan had merit but it left him alone for far too long. Hoyt hated being alone. He had not really minded being confined all that much other than being alone. He had hated that part a lot. He was used to interacting with others if only on a superficial way.

Oh well he could still have that. Thank god for the internet. He set his scone down and pulled out the tablet he had found. A few minutes later he logged into Fifty Lashes on a Red Rose. It was a bondage dating site.

He knew he would soon find his next play things. Perhaps he would not even bother taking his student. After all the fool was off banging his whore if he wanted to be in on the fun he should be here.

The house was nicer than anything she had ever lived in. It was a dream come true and it scared her. She had never met someone like him before. Even before her life as a Whore she had never really believed in fairytales. Once in the life any such dreams faded away.

The most one could hope for was half decent jons and a pimp who would protect you if only for the profit end of it. However she had been lucky so far. Now maybe she met a guy she could spend time with. Dixie hoped so.

Pete came into the house. He was carrying several bags of groceries. "Hey baby how are you settling in?"

"This place is great. I've never been to a place so nice. My folks are just regular folks. We never had anything this fancy and nice." Dixie said as she took the bags from Pete's arms.

"Let me help you. Wow there a lot of stuff here. I can cook; nothing all fancy but I can make some simple meals. Mum insisted we all learn how to cook a little she said we needed to be able to feed ourselves."

"It sounds like your mums a wise lady. I have to admit I am glad. I can cook and I intended to take a cooking class one day but so far I've not had the time. I do like slicing and dicing veggies though. I saw this show once where the chef made all these fancy designs made me actually want to eat the veggies at least with some dip. I'm normally a meat and potatoes type guy. I don't like all that fancy crap."

Dixie smiled and it made Pete grin. It was so genuine and real. He could see she was excited by the simple groceries he had brought home. She so did not want that fancy French crap his ex-wife had been so into nor did she seem to want to eat that raw fish stuff. Dixie was real and he was glad he had decided to keep her.

"So how does fried chicken sound for dinner?"
Dixie asked as she set a package of chicken down.

"Southern styled I hope."

"Well Peter I don't know how to make anything else." Dixie said. "I hope you don't mind. I can learn to make other things for you if you have favorites?" She sounded unsure and scared.

Her innocence touched him. Pete walked over and pulled her into his arms. "Hey baby girl just do your best and be honest with me. That is all I want ok."

"Sure Pete, so fried chicken, biscuits and gravy with maybe some home fries to go with and corn on the cob?"

"Sounds like a meal made in heaven." Pete said and he put the thought of killing aside as he helped Dixie get ready to make dinner. Hoyt could just stay in. He really should lay low for a while anyway.


Sean Cavanah knew this case was going to be a bitch. He was glad Rizzoli had not taken the Fed's head off but he was under no illusions that this would not blow up eventually. He cursed the brain trust at headquarters that wanted the feds involved. It never went well or worked out. It was going to be complicated because of Doyle and Marco's involvement. He cursed at that. He would love nothing more than to shoot Doyle but he would hold off for now. Damn it the mobster might actually prove useful and he hated that idea. One day however, one day there would be a reckoning.


Paddy and Don Marco were waiting for a report from their seconds. They had people out searching the city for any trace of Hoyt and his partner. Both men were not known to be patient however they waited sipping drinks with the Master of the city.

"I have feelers out we will find these mad men."
"We appreciate your assistance Lucas. I know that this is a human concern but it is worrying that such men are out and endangering the public as well as our families." Don Marco said.

The master of the city leaned back. "I am pleased that you brought this to my attention Don Marco, your majesty. While these men are human as far as we know it could draw the Council's attention if it escalates. I am sure none of us with to deal with those British pricks."

He sipped a hot mug of blood. "They would likely make a mess and blame our kind. Something I would be most annoyed with. I find it ironic that these humans are always calling us monsters. "

"Yes the council does not see the human evil." Paddy agreed. "I often think they hunt our kind because it excuses their own evil."

Lucas snorted and then went set his mug down. He rose and paced a moment. "What will you do with Hoyt and his apprentice? I do not think capturing them and returning them to the police is a wise course of action."

"I don't care about his apprentice accept that he got Hoyt out. In a way I am glad because it gives me a chance to end the bastard. He had endangered my daughter and Detective Rizzoli for far too long."

"Why did you not have him killed in prison?" Lucas asked.

"I could not reach him. The guards were not willing to look the other way. They had become very circumspect because of the last apprentice." Paddy said looking very concerned.

"That was a very big problem because they would not even help us end that sick monster." Don Marco said.

"Yes I can see them being more careful. Ironic when ending that man would be in the entire world's best interest." Lucas said.

"Yes it would and we won't be returning Hoyt to the police. The apprentice is not really our concern unless he harms our family. He may survive to be put into jail." Paddy said.

"Yes I can work with that." Lucas said. "With luck we will find them and keep the council out of our city."

"I can drink to that." Don Marco said sipping his scotch.


14. Part 14

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Hoyt's Last Mistake
Part 14

Hoyt slipped out. He was bored. He understood that his apprentice was setting up his own alibi and while it annoyed him he did understand. His newest apprentice was seen as a law abiding citizen and it did give them room to maneuver.

He was really angry at the fact that the boy had taken in a woman. That could and likely would complicate matters. Hoyt did not understand why Peter did not just fuck the bitch then kill her. It would have easily muddied the waters a bit and made it easier for them to taunt the detective and the medical examiner.

One more thing that annoyed him deeply Jane was happy. It had been clear for sometime that the BPD detective was not thinking about him. That was unacceptable to Hoyt.

He was the SURGEN the best at what he did and he wanted no demanded that the one who got away thought about him at all times.

While he knew Jane had saved his other plaything he did not really care about her. She was one of the sheep.

Hunting her had been no real challenge and he really did not care she escaped. In time he would hunt her and end her but it would be at a time of his choosing.

No he was pissed that Rizzoli had moved on. Detective First Class Jane C. Rizzoli was no mere sheep. She was a wolf and Alpha and he wanted her as his ultimate trophy.

Charles Hoyt had also been deeply impressed with Doctor Maura D. Isles. That one had brains and guts. It also annoyed him that a woman had become a doctor while he was refused that honor. He had done all he was supposed to do. So what if he liked corpses. It was not as if he fondled a living patient.

Who cared about the dead? He also had not liked she was calm and competent and almost as unemotional as he was. If ever there was a female version of himself it was Maura Isles and it pissed him off that Jane Rizzoli chose her over him. It was as if she did not see that the so called "Good Doctor" was merely a pale female imitation of himself.

He wondered down toward the seedier side of Boston. The night life here was not considered all that respectable and it was simple enough to lose oneself.

There were also the demon bars and dives and no human would enter that willingly. He knew he was safe enough there. He slipped into a local "Billies" which was a knock off version of the main demon franchise "Willies" he could use a drink and maybe a bit of love.

Vampires of the female persuasion were always fun to play with. Not to mention they dusted easily and then there was no muss no fuss. He just wanted a quiet uncomplicated evening.

He did not even need to worry about being turned or killed as Boston's Master had a catch and release policy. Too bad it only applied to the vampires. He laughed at that as he boldly walked into Billies. He followed no one's rules but his own and no one not even a Master Vampire would be allowed to tell him what to do.

The news was not good.

Jane tossed the remote down with some frustration.

Maura came over and wrapped her arms around her beloved detective. "You and the boys will catch Hoyt. Let it go for now come sit down I have heated up dinner. Your mother sent over some spaghetti and meat balls. It smells divine and I have a very nice bottle to go with it along with some homemade bread sticks. There is even a nice salad to help with digestion. Jane worrying yourself sick and not eating will only let that bastard win."

Jane spun around and kissed her beloved hard on the mouth. Food was the last thing on her mind. She was so scared that this time Hoyt and his apprentice would somehow get to her family, get to and hurt Maura.

That thought made her livid and she so wanted to kill the bastard. She broke the kiss breathing hard. "I'm sorry I was so rough, it's just, I can't lose you. I just found you and this is to important to me to lose to Hoyt."

Maura rested her head against Jane's and sighed content. Yes the kiss was harsh and yes dinner was getting cold but damn what a kiss. She pulled Jane closer and gave her the comfort of her arms.

She was so very vital to Maura's sanity and life.

"I know but worrying about what has not happened will do us no good. Baby we will find and stop Hoyt or Doyle will. Do not forget he has Don Marco's aid. Now I will be the first to admit I don't know why the Italian Mob is working with the Irish Mob but for once I am not going to question it. I am going to thank God and hope that between all of us we can stop Hoyt and his apprentice and move on with our lives."

"I hope Maura but I am so worried he will come after you or Ma, Frankie, Tommy and Lydia or the rest of the people we love. He is a sick bastard and I so don't want him to keep popping up and disrupting our lives." Jane said. "I know we sent them away but still...he could chase them."

"He won't, we will stop him." Maura said as she made a mental not to call Paddy and Don Marco and see what she could do to help them. She also made a note to call her mother and Hope to warn them to be careful. It was simply bad timing that all were in the city now.

She knew Jane had a point Hoyt would try to mess with their minds and their family and friends could well become his prey. Her father and mother as well would be at the most risk. Perhaps she could get them all out of town and have body guards hired? At least Angela and Tommy and Lydia were safe with little T.J.

Hoyt sipped his drink and watched as several female vampires wandered in. He winked at them and motioned for them to come on over. They were clearly looking for someone to play with. Well he was in a mood to oblige.

Vincent Korsak fed his animals and headed back inside his house. He wondered how this latest case was going to affect the squad. He still could not believe that the Feds had allowed Hoyt out and that he had once more escaped.

He sighed as he set down the bag of dog food and headed inside. In his mud room he pulled off his shoes and dirty work cloths and headed for the shower.

He still could not believe he had found this house. While it still needed work it and the property it was on was perfect for his rescue. He showered quickly and grabbed his clean cloths dressing and heading into his kitchen.

There he was shocked to find Don Marco and Paddy Doyle setting up five plates of food.

"Hello Detective. I know we were not invited but we did bring dinner. We thought it best to discuss this here away from prying eyes." Doyle said.

Korsak sighed and said. "Give me a beer then." While he was not happy to find them in his home he was not so foolish as to risk a confrontation.

Besides in this case he was actually glad the mobsters were here. They had eyes and ears in parts of the city that no cop could get information from. He wanted Hoyt enough not to care that they were criminals.

He still cursed himself for not double tapping Hoyt back when he first saved Jane. He took the beer and a stool. "So what's for dinner?"

Don Marco chuckled and decided he liked this detective. He could see why Doyle respected him so. He was a good honest caring officer of the law but he had balls and common sense something very rare in the present day BPD.
"Just some subs I am afraid. We did not want to bring to much food in."

Korsak nodded. "Well thanks anyway. So what brings you gentlemen to my home?" He took a drink. He figured he was going to need it.

The four men laughed and Korsak wondered why his life had gotten so insane that he was actually thinking of working with the top Mobs of Boston for the good of his friends and family hell for the good of the whole city?


15. Part 15

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Part 15

Vincent Korsak believed himself to be a good man and an honest cop. He had never taken a bribe nor had he traded favors all that much. He had been with the BPD for over 25 years and loved every insane minute of the job. In all that time he had never been the kind of officer who believed in shooting first and asking questions later. He had always done his level best to follow department policies when dealing with those men and women he had to bring in. He was a kind man who never tried to belittle or hurt the suspects. He tried to follow the idea that all people were innocent until proven guilty even when he knew damned well they did the crime. He even tried to help some rehabilitate and go on to be productive citizens.

However this case was different it always had been. Charles Hoyt was one of the most prolific and evil serial killers Boston had ever seen. Even the Boston Strangler did not make Vince want to shoot him on sight. However Hoyt was his definition of un-redeemable and evil.

Korsak knew full well he would gladly shoot the bastard in the middle of the Boston Commons and never blink an eye over it. He would gladly spend the rest of his life behind bars to end the bastard and he had a feeling his partner Barry Frost felt the same way. He knew Jane and Frankie Rizzoli did.

It was why he did not get angry or attempt to remove the mobsters and their guests from his home. It was why he accepted the meal they brought and the beer. Hell it was a damned fine beer but he had to wonder how Paddy and Don Marco knew his favorite brand. He drank it at home because it was expensive and the Dirty Robber rarely carried it. Instead he usually had a more common brand. He chuckled at that. Jane would so tease him if she ever learned he liked the custom made brew.

"Ok so now that we all have a plate why don't you gentlemen let me know what you have found."

Don Marco smiled at this and Doyle laughed outright. Marco Franco glared not liking the lack of respect the cop was giving his father however he said nothing as he could see his father and Paddy Doyle were merely amused at this detective's guts.

He supposed that Vincent Korsak got a pass as he had saved his niece's life and because he had been willing to bend the rules to keep Maura Isles safe. He was a good man who was willing to meet with them to save those he considered family. That was a code Marco could respect.

"We have been tearing up the city. However Hoyt is not in any of the normal places we would expect to find him." Doyle said. "Don Marco and Marco have been very intent on getting information and we along with our ally Mitchell have all posted 25,000 dollar reward that makes it an even 75,000 dollar reward for information on the bastard. Plus we have also offered on favor to be collected at a later date."

Vincent was stunned the money was impressive but. "I see, why? I understand why you might wish to post such a reward Paddy but why would Marco and Don Marco and Mitchell match your funds and a favor I have never heard of that happening before."

Doyle looked at Don Marco and his son. Both nodded and then looked at Mitchell who sighed and said. "Go ahead tell him. It might come out and it would be best if someone close to the investigation in the know. Korsak can be trusted."

"Tell me what?" Vince asked as he took a long drink having a very bad feeling that he was going to need it.

"Well detective you have a favor to call one day from me already." Marco said. "I believe my father and Doyle also would give you one and probably Mitchell?"

The tall dark man nodded. "Yes of course he saved Janie for us. That worth a favor or three she is a spirited young lady and Alexander would be very proud of her."
Korsak nearly choked on his drink. "Alexander, as in Alexander Roman Marco, what does your dead son have to do with this?"

"Alexander was Jane's biological father. He and Angela were very close once upon a time. I had high hopes that she would marry my son who was trying to court her. However he was killed by the Russians before that could happen and Frank Rizzoli stepped in and claimed her hand and my Niece."

Korsak almost fell flat on his face at this news. It had been shocking enough for Maura to be connected to Paddy but Jane being a Franco and the first born grandchild was big. He looked at the men and realized this was why they were working together. Of course Mitchell was a wild card. The man had lots of connections and often went by several alias' but he was clean as far as the BPD knew. However his connections ran as high as the Isles. This was going to be an issue. "So what is Jane to you Lucas?" He still could not believe the so called Master of the city had his face covered. That made no sense. Then again he had heard the man was allergic to the sun. So maybe that was why?

"Family detective not that I am going to explain how but I will say my connection runs through Angela."

Korsak looked at Mitchell, Lucas whatever he called himself and knew he was not trying to lie. However he was not being totally forth coming either. However given his age he could not be Angela's father but maybe he was a brother or something. It hardly mattered. What did matter was that Janie and Maura were now very connected to some very powerful people who were not exactly on the side of angels. Of course given Hoyt was the devil maybe it was a good thing. Sometimes it took a devil to track and end one.

"Fair enough one thing we can all agree on is Hoyt and his damned apprentice must be found and dealt with."

"We agree detective which is why we are here. We understand the FBI has poked its crooked nose into this. Worse yet you have a Carrie Harper involved. She is not what she seems and she is hell bent on making a name for her-self and is not above walking over bodies to do so." Marco said.

"Yeah that's Janie's impression as well. We will try to keep the Feds out of it but no promises. I think it would be best if Marco and Don Marco came in to be interviewed as it was your warehouse. I wish you could come in too Paddy but they arrest you for certain."

"I know Vince and if I have to I will turn myself in but for now I can do more good free. Marco and Mitchell are going to be speaking with the other families and gangs about this no one wants this animal to have free run of the city. It is bad for business and will likely draw some unwanted attention as well."

"What kind?" Vince asked.

"The kind that would turn the city inside out to find him," Mitchell explained. "It would not be a peaceful search and let me tell you I so don't want to have to go to New York to avoid them."

"Yeah, I so agree." Marco said. "I mean I'd so rather deal with the Russians."

Vince froze and knew whatever or whoever the mob feared might come was dangerous enough that they all thought of relocating at least for a bit and that was a scary thought. He resolved to help the men sitting in his home. He might not like their business or their ethics but they were Janie and Maura's family and one did what one had to for family.

They were stepping up and with luck they could and would end Hoyt. Something Korsak wished he had done all those years ago. However he do what he had to and to hell with the consequences. Jane was the daughter he wished he had and Maura was fast joining that place.

He loved them both dearly. Never in all of his service as a soldier or police officer had he cared so deeply for his partners or their mates. Yes he knew the two were together or at least on the way to being a couple. No way was he letting Hoyt ruin their chances of happiness and if working with the mob was the price well then so be it. He knew his partners felt the same and in this one case only so did Sean. So Doyle was a dead man waking.

Carrie Harper tossed her suit jacket on the second bed. She was just glad the other two agents on this case were male. She so hated sharing rooms.

She kicked off her shoes and loosened her top button as she sat on the bed. She pulled the room phone to her and called for a late meal. She would eat while she reviewed the files.

Clearly not doing so was a big mistake. She had stepped in it big time and now had to back pedal not something she liked to do. So now she was playing catch up and with luck she find a way to prove the allegations that had been made as well as catch Hoyt and the various mobsters. She was also hoping to find the Master of the city.

Her great uncle had reminded her of the dangers on their last phone call and he hoped she find news on the Master of the city so a team could come in and end the bastard. Carrie was also supposed to scout out the local slayers and coven. However that would need to wait for the moment. Of course if she could find a way to point Hoyt at them and have him deal with the slayers and witches all the better. If only he hunted single young women it would be so much simpler. At least she gotten through that packet before arriving in Boston. Who knew the one her partners gave her was just as important. Oh well what was done was done and she make it work.


16. Part 16

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Part 16

Maura watched as Jane nibbled her dinner. At least I got her to come over and eat something. Her best friend was clearly not going to be taking very good care of herself for the foreseeable future something that was worrying to the good doctor. Fortunately for Jane she had Maura to look out for her. Well Maura and her mother.

Not that Maura would not have made dinner herself but given the situation she spent as much time at the department as Jane had. So cooking was not a priority.

However Angela Rizzoli had once more saved them when she dropped off dinner. Also for once she had beaten a hasty retreat. Perhaps she was finally learning to give her daughter space or maybe it was because Jane had mentioned Doyle and Don Marco.

A topic that for some odd reason made Angela uncomfortable and eager to escape to the guest house for the night, whatever reason it was just the two of them. Maura wondered if there would be more intimacy. It was very enjoyable and as much as she hated the idea of it she thank Hoyt for that just before she killed the bastard.

"Hey Maur you look a million miles away?" Jane said. "Are you ok?"

"Yes of course Jane I was just thinking."
Jane grinned at that. "Oh what about, it seemed so serious. If I have to put Hoyt aside for dinner so do you."

"Well yes, that would help our digestion I am sure, I was just thinking how surprising it was that Angela did not try to stay." Maura explained no way was she admitting her desire for more kisses. Well at least not yet.

Jane nodded and said. "Yeah, it was strange. Ma never runs out like that. I was sure she'd be doing the helicopter thing but she just dropped dinner and skedaddled. I mean I just mentioned Doyle and the Franco's and she was off. Weird. I mean she was willing to go catch that plane no questions asked and to take Lydia and Tommy with her. When does she ever do what I want so easily? Then again she is probably scared."

"Well I suppose we should eat before this wonderful food gets cold. We can discuss Angela's running out later." Maura said. "The food to good to let go cold because we are trying to puzzle that out, pour me a glass of wine please? With luck we will catch the bastard and move on."

"Yeah sure, in fact I think I'd like one too." Jane said forgoing her normal beer.
Now that was a sure sign something was amiss. Maura thought.

The police escorted the Rizzoli's out of the city to the airport. They flew out on a private plane chartered by the Doctor.

It was a testament to how seriously they were all taking the threat that none of them questioned the request to relocate or the cost of the flight.

Normally they would always insist on paying their own way but this time safety of Lydia and the baby had to come first. Tommy watched his ma and could tell she was worried. However he not question her on it.

She tell him what it was in her own good time. He was not the best of the family nor the smartest but he could listen and he could offer unconditional support. It was what he was good at. He loved his family and seeing his mum and family safe and being a sounding board was something he could and would do.

Hell he done it for his pops and that one deserved support far less than his mum.

Angela looked out the plane's window. She could not believe that her past had caught up to her.

She sighed. I should tell Janie she thought. No Frank been an ass lately but he was a good father for most of her childhood and to be fair he tried. He did all he promised. How can I tell Janie that her father was a mobster?

How can I tell her that I always loved Alexander and that Frank was always my second choice and that he finally got tired of that fact? How can I tell her she is really a Franco and that she is the heiress to the Don? I wonder if Don Marco would have let me keep Janie if he knew that his son and I really were married and that Alexander had been going to see about moving them away from Boston?

No best they never learn that. Best to remember Janie is a police officer and not a member of the Italian Mob. Though I suppose if she was then the two families could unite. Angela grinned at that and wondered what the two top mob families would make of Janie and Maura finally figuring it out and getting together. Well at least Hoyt was good for something. Oh Alex I wish you were here. Janie needs you so.I need you I miss you.

Charles Hoyt let the two vampires take him to their room. He was looking forward to this. He felt the one nibble on his neck and he smiled. Yes blood would flow and he did not even mind some might be his.

Then again that would make this all the sweeter. Perhaps he would not stake the vamps. Maybe Pete had a point there was no way they needed to be celibate and he had been locked up a long time.

Something to think on and consider after he was done playing with the vampires, no point in rushing his choices was there.

The two vampires led the human away. He reeked of evil and was charming. He eagerly bared his neck. Maybe he would be some fun and maybe they could consider turning him. Hoyt was almost dark enough to be a vampire.

Denise and Mono were both bored with their normal clients and both desired a childe. Besides the Master of the city would never know if they left after, they were both kind of sick of his rules anyway.

Twenty minutes later they were both crying out in pleasure. Yep they were definitely going to see about keeping this one. He was a dark bastard just the kind of lover they both loved and best yet he liked to watch as well. He was perfect.

Sean Cavanah poured himself a large drink. He tossed his tie on the couch and sat down. He had a long hard day.

Made worse by the fact that he actually wanted to have Doyle's help. When had that happened? Hell he lost one family maybe if Doyle saved Jane and Maura ….maybe he could finally forgive the evil prick. Nope never happening but maybe he not shoot him. If he saved the two women he thought of as his own family.

Of course Doyle hooking up and partnering with the Italian mob was going to complicate matters as were the Feds. He took a long drink. Those bastards are so going to be a pain in our ass he thought. I wonder if I could get them sent back to D.C.?

Nope they were here to stay now if only he could keep Rizzoli from killing them. He drank his drink and poured another. Rizzoli was not the only one with nightmares.


17. Part 16

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Part 17

Agent Gabriel Dean was not overly thrilled with having to share a room with Joey Grant. The two men had been rivals for a long time. However both had lost out to Maura Isles and oddly enough that was a bonding moment. While they might never become the best of friends that event changed things up. It also did not hurt that Jane had treated them both like family. Ok it was a weird dysfunctional family but it was ok with them. They sat down in their suite and sipped their coffee as they worked out how to proceed. Carrie Harper had most certainly fouled the waters a bit. Of course that made them both seem reasonable and given Dean had shot Doyle that was a good thing.

Gabriel Dean knew he had screwed up when he followed Jane Rizzoli to that warehouse and he knew he had lost her as a romantic interest by that action. However he still felt it had been justified. He had been cleared in the shooting though he was the first to admit he fucked up. There was no way Paddy would have shot Jane. No he made a big mistake and the only worst one was Carrie's in letting Hoyt get away. He knew that to fix his relationship such as it was he had to help put the serial killer away or look the other way when Doyle or Marco ended him. Dean found he really had no problem with either option though the later would hardly bother him; not that he would not take in Doyle if given a chance but hey he was so not violating Jane or Maura's trust again to do so. He looked over at Joey who was setting up their plates. The Chinese they ordered looked great. He could hardly wait to eat. It had been a long day.

"So Joey what do you think is going on with the Mob bosses? I never knew they step up and help the police or the FBI." Dean said.

"Yeah well the mob in Boston well its old school Dean. The Irish and Italians don't get along. I am not gonna lie and say I get it or even approve of them working with us on this but it is better than if they tried to cause issues or if they were looking for Hoyt and his apprentice on their own. This is going to be difficult and messy enough. Frankly I almost pity Hoyt if either Don Marco, Marco or Doyle get him first. We might just shoot the bastard but those men well it won't be pretty."
"I not sure I understand their interest. I mean yeah I told Carrie it was about being possessive of the city but somehow that doesn't quite ring true."

"Well it's about family." Joey said. "Whatever else you can say about the mob they value family. Doyle showed Don Marco and Marco respect by asking to look for Hoyt in their territory and he invoked parlay to do so. So the old timers they respect that. While Maura and Jane are not Don Marco's family the Rizzoli's have been in Boston a long time. I know Nonna Rizzoli and Nonna Marcella were friends with the elder Don.

He went to our parish and he has done a lot for the community in recent years. Since his eldest son Alexander was killed he has been out of the business for the most part." Joey said. "Marco too over and frankly he is going to skin Hoyt alive for this mess. He always seemed to look out for Janie. I think he was sweet on her or something no maybe he saw her as a little sister. I don't know but ever since Janie broke his car window with a baseball he always liked her."Joey said hoping to throw Dean off. No way he wanted the other agent to figure out Jane was related to the Mob.

"That makes a weird kind of sense. Rizzoli does grow on you." Gabriel said.
"Yeah like a fungus." Joey replied as he grabbed some fortune cookies. He cracked on open. "Be ready be strong be true for fortune favors those loyal to family."

He sighed and Dean laughed well until he opened his own. "One mistake is forgiven a second shall prove fatal."

"Ok now that is just freaky." He said as he looked at Joey who merely laughed. "Yeah well freaky and Rizzoli and Isles go hand in hand."
"Yeah think." Dean said as he tossed down the fortune cookie. Joey looked at the Numbers on both and decided what the hell he was getting a lottery ticket as they both almost mirrored each other.

Dixie and Peter ate dinner chatting as they sat in their new home. Dixie was smiling as Peter complimented her.

"Well it's my mama's chicken and its simple enough. It's more basq then southern but we liked it growing up. Daddy was basq and mama a southern bell. She adopted the chicken to fit daddy tastes."

Peter nodded. "Well it was a fine dinner Dixie." He got up and moved to her side. He pulled her up and kissed her lips gently. "Thank you it feels real."
"Yeah sir it does." Dixie said smiling. Peter grinned enjoying her respect and the joy she had at the simple home he provided.

"Hey I was at work today and the local gym people came in. They handed out some flyers. I am thinking of joining and I thought you might like too as well. No pressure but hey if I keep eating like this I will weigh a ton. So I'll need to work out. I thought we could do it together. They also have Yoga classes. I'd like to learn that as my back sometimes hurts."

"Sure Pete. I like that. Ah when are the classes?" Dixie asked. "It would be nice to be able to spend time together in them. Plus I want to stay nice looking for you."
Peter smiled as his plan began to fall in place. Soon he and Dixie would be seen as a couple. Respectable and normal, he gave her a quick kiss. "We can start whenever you wish. Now I think you wanted to call your folks today?"

"I can really?"

"Sure you need to stay in touch or they will worry. I don't want your pa coming after me with a shot gun now do I?"

Dixie giggled and wondered if maybe she wish that in time. After all her ma and pa had married by way of a shotgun as her grandpa was so not letting her pa slip away from her ma. "I'll call them in a little while." She said as she kissed Pete they could wait she so wanted to reward him for making her life seem like a dream.


18. Part 18

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Part 18

The two vampires woke. The sun would rise soon and it would be unwise to be in this dwelling when that happened so they woke their human companion.
Hoyt rolled over and smiled. It was a real smile because he had fun. Who knew fucking a vampire would be so rewarding. He grinned and said. "Ladies that was the best night of my life."
They giggled like school girls and not the vampires they were.

"Glad you enjoyed yourself. So care to give us some breakfast or do you need to eat first we would not want you to get sick now?"

"Well I could do with a bite but I think it is far more vital you two eat. After all I can always go eat someplace later. So have a nibble." He offered a wrist to each and they grinned faces morphing out. They both loved the smile on his face and took long sips not too much however.

"So can I see you ladies again?" Hoyt asked. "Maybe I can even bring you something young and sweet to eat."

They laughed and said. "Of course darling we would like that. Now off with you Mr. Hoyt and get a nice big breakfast and lunch. You need to recharge the blood. You may be mortal but you are fun and we would hate to have you perish just yet."

He laughed and said "I can so do that. Maybe we can find a companion to play with. Not my apprentice or his woman though I'd love to be rid of her but someone young and sweet. I will see who I can find. The Russians are trying to move in so perhaps they will have someone young you can eat."

"Well if you are taking orders I'd love a nice young Mexican. Someone strong and handsome, someone we could break but not too soon." Denise said with a grin.
"Maybe a pair so you both could play and I could watch. I am told your people are very skilled in the darker forms of pleasure.

"Oh we are baby, I learned from Angelus himself. Fortunately he got bored and left me in Dublin. I learned a lot but I'd have not lasted overly long." Denise said. "He was a handsome fellow but he was hard on his lovers."

Hoyt grinned this could be educational after all. He would not dust the vampires just yet. He leaned forward and kissed each on the forehead not caring their game faces were out. He then rose and gathered his clothing. He pulled out a few hundred Peter had left him and said. "Ladies I love to buy you something really nice but I am horrible at gift giving so please use this to find something or someone you like."

The vampire Denise grinned and nodded. "We will and you had best not be late Charles."

"I shall endeavor to meet you same time same place however the police do seem to be underfoot."

They nodded and took his burn phone and tapped in a number. "Call if you will be late."

He nodded and slipped out knowing they would leave soon to slumber. He left whistling happy and content. 'I so should have tried vampires a long time ago. Oh well it's not just the sex but the fun in playing as well.'

Jane and Maura woke wrapped in each other's peaceful and content.

The darkness held at bay by being together. Jane rolled over and sighed. She so did not want to get up. However she did and stumbled to the bathroom. Some matters had to be attended to. She came out ten minutes later freshly showered and noted Maura was up.

She must have used the other bathroom. For a moment she felt bad but shrugged it off. She had to pee and then there was no point in not showering and dressing. Besides if she hadn't well they never get off to work.

Jane headed down stairs and found Maura cooking some turkey bacon and egg whites. It was not her favorite breakfast but it would do she was starving. Besides if she ate a healthy breakfast maybe Maura go to the Robber for lunch with her and the guys.

Charles Hoyt felt refreshed. He was actually happy. Who knew Vampires could satisfy all his needs. He hummed as he headed home careful to avoid the various traffic cameras.

No point in getting caught. He was not so foolish as to believe that the BPD would try to take him in alive. Well that was half the fun anyway the chase. He headed to the house his apprentice had secured and decided he would stay for a while. Perhaps order take out. Who knows maybe the driver would be worth taking to his new lovers.

The news media were all over the escape. The FBI was dodging a lot of uncomfortable questions. However they would not pretend that their case had not been important. Jane listened to the news as she and Maura drove in.

Idiots as if any drug case no matter how big or how wide spread was worth Hoyt being out and killing again.
Joey listened to the news and knew Janie was so going to be rubbing this in their faces well at least this time he was not facing the press, perhaps Carrie Harper would be of some use after all?

If only to take the blame and deflect the anger of one Jane Rizzoli something Joey was not too eager to deal with. Little did Joey know but Gabriel Dean shared his thoughts.

Both men were dressed and ready to go try to find a mad man and hopefully not get shot. Neither was certain that the Mob would not choose to make them pay for this stupid mistake. Joey looked at Gabriel and said.

"You know Don Marco and Doyle are so not happy with us."

"Yeah, I am hoping they don't blame us for this screw up. FBI or not I don't think we'd make it out alive if something happens to the doctor or even one of the Rizzoli's." Dean pulled his tie tight not really understanding how precarious their positions really were.

Joey snorted at that. "Yeah, Doyle a bastard but he loves his daughter and as odd as it seems respects Rizzoli and her team. I am almost hoping….he takes the bastard out for us."

"It would certainly solve things but be careful not to say that around Carrie she sees conspiracies and dirty cops and feds everywhere, I can almost guarantee she'd have you investigated in heart beat if it even looks like you are dirty."

"Yeah she makes the BPD IAB look like fluffy kittens. What's up with that anyway?"

"Well Grant her uncle was killed by a dirty cop and it was covered up by some judges. Ever since she learned that….well she has a thing about dirty cops." Agent Dean said.

"Yeah well I guess I can respect that but not everything is black and white. She needs to learn that. I mean sometimes we need to use our snitches and sometimes…its not all clean like." Joey said.

"Yes, I know but she is young and new and eager. She will learn if she survives this that is."

"One could hope. Come on Dean you can drive, we should stop for coffee though as the precincts is basically batter acid unless we hit the café. However Angela not in and Stanley coffee is worse than tar."

"Fair point, we can grab some breakfast to." Dean said as they headed out. Neither man realizing they were being tailed by Doyle's men. Doyle sent them to keep the agents safe. They were important to his daughter and her lover so they get protection if they liked it or not.


19. Part 19

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Part 19

Carrie Harper sat down at the café. She did not feel in the least bit guilty for leaving her fellow agents behind. She had a job to do and frankly she did not quite trust the men she been assigned to work with. Her gut told her that they were as embroiled in this mess as the local police. However that being said she would work with them.

She had texted them both saying she was checking on a family friend before work. Hoping that maybe they had heard something. She sipped the coffee and smiled it was absolutely fabulous. She relaxed in the booth and waited for the meal to arrive.

She had her lap top out and was working grateful for the free wifi connection. The food was very good and it gave her the bonus of being able to check up on the local coven for her great Uncle Virgil. He had was concerned that the so called coven was fully in bed with those that had destroyed the concil and that woudl not be tolerated they would be dealt with most harshly.

That was confirmed ten minutes later when the local slayers came bounding in and hugged two of the local witches. Yep this coven was compromised. She have to let Uncle Virgil know. Travers and Post would need a heads up. Without looking their way she sent an email to her uncle. The survivors of the council had to know the truth. Too bad because the food here was really good one of the Irish girls came over and refilled her cup. It was very good coffee. She would have to get a cup to go or maybe a thermos would be better lord knew like all police stations the BPD served tar for coffee. She ate quickly and headed in glad she gotten a rental from Enterprise.

Lucas kicked over a trash can as he entered the sewers. It was not his normal haunt but he was keeping his end of the bargain with Don Marco and Paddy Doyle. He was also cleaning up a few nests. He could not believe any of his kind dared not follow his rules. He dusted the new comers and moved on. At least Hoyt was not taking refuge underground.

He moved through the sewers and debated on something. If he should or could let his best friend know what was happening. Of course if he told him then everything would change and it would also cause him some issues. While he had a good relationship with Don Marco he was certain that did the old man learn the truth well he might well end up as a dust ball. He had much to think of but he also knew that if something happened to Angela or Jane well. He be lucky to be dust. Damn it was never easy to keep secrets.

Marco kissed his wife lips as pulled her to him. He was lucky bastard and he knew it. She leaned into his kiss and hugged him back.

"Ok what gives Marco?"

"You just look so beautiful Anya."

"Ah huh really, tell me another one babe. I am six month pregnant and am hardly the thing of beauty."

"OH honey you never look lovelier then when you carry our baby."

There was a gagging sound and he turned to see his twin son Roman and Raphael gagging and his daughter Julie giggling as she clung to her older sister Theresa hand.

"See I told you the stork did not bring you Tessa." Julie said teasing her younger sister.
"What your mother and I love each other dearly and children tend to be the result of that love." Marco said grinning.

"Dad that is way too much information, I mean we know you are a couple but…parents and sex…eck." Rafe said laughing.

"Yeah I mean you are old." Roman agreed.

"We are not that old." Anya said laughing. "and for your information we plan on at least two more siblings."

"Ah hell we will get stuck babysitting even more." Rafe said. "Come on Roman lets grab some toast I want to throw the ball some coach says we need to work on catching distance throws."

Roman nodded as his sister said.

"Cool more money for us." Julie said ever the budding business woman.
Lord I am so Lucky I just wish Alex had gotten this…thought Marco. Well at least Janie grew up safe and secure. I just wish...wish she could have been raised with kids however given the age differences she would have been more of an aunt then a cousin. Oh well he would end the threat to Jane and he would see she had a chance at her own happily ever after and maybe his grand children and her children could be friends. Stranger things had happened. He grinned as he recalled one of his legitimate companies had recently hired Tommy Rizzoli as a driver. Maybe he could find a way to reconnect with his niece and her family if only superficially. After all they all went to the same church and were all part of the community.

Dixie and Pete walked out of the gym hand in hand. Dixie was very excited and was talking a mile a minute about the upcoming Yoga classes. Pete just smiled and agreed she could attend as many as she wished and maybe make some friends too. He then lead her to a local electronicss store to get her a computer and cell phone. He wanted her to be able to call and skpe her folks whenever she wanted. He explained that his computer was for work and he had to keep it for that alone as it had restricted files on it. But he get them one for her to use. Dixie had given him a kiss that curled his toes and he was glad he'd distracted her from using his computer and phone. Better she have her own and it also kept his files secure.


20. Part 20

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Part 20

Charles Hoyt showered and went to make himself some breakfast. He had decided against eating out as he was wary of drawing undo attention to himself. Besides if he was honest he was feeling a bit peaked. While he had enjoyed himself immensely with his vampire lovers he was a little drained from feeding them and he was not going to be out and about until his strength returned no point in tempting fate.

He poured himself a large glass of orange juice mixed with grapefruit. It was wise to restore the sugars in the body.

He snorted as he considered how clinical he was being. He briefly wondered what type of women his lovers had been before being turned?

They were wild and dark as vampires so he had to assume they had been young and naïve before they got changed. At least their sire was dead and dust. Frankly he had no desire to run into Spike, Drucilla or Angelus if such creatures still walked the world which he was not sure of. He was annoyed to learn that the master of the city had a no kill policy not that he intended to follow it.

He was amused when he suggested he kill and feed his lovers thus they would not break the law. That had amused them and had lead to his current predicament.

Oh well he would survive and perhaps play more in the evening. Who knew vampires could be so much fun. He had even managed to kill one or two demons. Who said Serial Killers were not civic minded. He laughed at that. Killing as a good deed. He'd gain wings if he was not careful.

Angela called the Maura's house and got no answer she then called Jane's cell. Still no answer it was annoying and worry some. Janie if you forgot to charge your phone again….I swear that girl will make me old and gray. She texted Maura and got a reply.

We are at work Angela and early case.

She sighed damn could the girls never catch a break? How were they supposed to realize they loved each other if work kept getting in the way?

She sighed and texted back.
Call you tonight.

"Maura mom Texted she is calling tonight."

"Well we should be home. With luck she will still be there for a few weeks."

"Maybe but it will depend. My aunt's a lot like Ma and she will want to be up and about as soon as possible. She is stubborn like that."
Maura's brow rose at that. Pot calling kettle she thought.

Fortunately for Maura Jane was still looking at her phone and did not notice the looks. "So are you coming to Yoga today?"

Jane sighed and pushed back her hair. The last thing she wanted was a yoga class however the idea of Maura being out there on her own was not good at all. "Yeah I could do with some exercise. So we should go now. Korsak will cut us some slack given our late night working but we need to be in by 11 or there will be hell to pay. We will also only get away with that if we bring lunch so we need to swing by the Dirty Robber on the way in."

Maura was not happy about that but Jane had a valid point the team needed to eat and while she was slowly improving on everyone nutritional intake cases like this needed lots of calories as the detectives often only got to eat sporadically.

It was a sad fact of life. Also with Angela gone the Robber was the one pace she knew at least semi decent food could be found it was a far better choice than any local fast food joint. At least the ingredients were fresh and organic. "All right but lunch is on me."

Jane would have protested but her friends look did not bode well and she did not wish to argue. So Maura get to buy lunch. She would get drinks and dinner later.

Maura was surprised Jane did not argue but glad as they gathered their gear and headed to the gym.


21. Part 21 New and old players

Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own Rizzoli and Isles, they belong to their wonderful creator and the corporations.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Part 21

Alexander Marco looked up as the Master of the city came into his lair. He looked over at his long time friend. Shocked he had come to visit him. He had just returned from Chicago and had not even checked in yet.

However he had seen the news. He supposed it was only natural that he was going to be briefed on the situation as he had no doubt Lucas Mitchell would not want him running around trying to kill Hoyt.

Yeah like he was going to sit down and idly by while that bastard hunted his only human offspring that was so never going to happen, not ever, he may be undead but he loved his daughter and her mother still. He may have stayed away for their own good but he would not let them be hurt. Hell he had even let that piece of shit Francisco Rizzoli live after he broke his Angel's heart.

"I know about Hoyt and I will deal with him if you and the family doesn't Janie is at risk."

"You be seen Don Marco would dust me."

Alexander laughed. "Really that is your concern that my father would dust you, he would likely end me as well. He does seem to have become far more connected to the church since I died."

Lucas snorted at that. It had been a fluke that he had been in New York when Alexander had been attacked and injured. He had been dying and Lucas had turned him then allowed him to be buried and rise. He had been his friend no way he was losing him. He sighed. This was going to get complicated again. "Alex we got this. I mean Janie does not even know the truth."

"Yes, I know and that has worked out so well, in any case I will help you search. No one will tell me no. Besides she never has to know. She's my kid I won't lose her to a mad man."

Lucas sighed Alex was even more feared then he was in their world. He was the Master of Chicago and one of the few Vampires he trusted implicitly. Childe or no, he was also a master far sooner than most even William the Bloody had taken almost a hundred years to reach that point but his childe had done so in less than twenty.

"Just stay out of sight."
Alexander snorted. "As if they would recognize me, I am not exactly the same handsome fellow I once was."

"Perhaps but Luna's blood did help."
"Yes, I suppose it did but I am still hardly recognizable by any that do not know the truth. I could probably walk up to Marco and he'd not know. Father might…but still I will try not to complicate it. However I do wish I could look in on Angel. I suppose I should be happy she leaving again."

"She's a good woman a woman of faith Alexander, she's had it hard but I don't think you can be her knight."

The prince of the city laughed. "No I suppose not sire. One could wish….."

Lucas sighed he dodge a stake maybe. Of course if the Don Marco did not stake him Angela Rizzoli might because he had a feeling she would not have cared that Alexander had been turned. This was so going to complicate things. Hopefully his friend would never finsh that wishes were bad. All they needed was that to throw a monkey wrench into things. Some demons were bad news.

Maura and Jane found their places and were kind of surprised to see a new couple joining the group. It was rare that a male joined their class. However it was more than clear to both that the couple were deeply in love. The protective way the male hovered amused Maura. It reminded her of Jane.

Jane watched the new comers and could tell that they were newly together but the cuteness was enough to make her want to gag. At least the guy was not hitting on Maura. She could like him for that at least.

Giovanni winked at them but wisely did not flirt. Jane had a feeling flirting with the new student Dixie would not be wise her boyfriend seemed to be the possessive type. She resolved to check him out as Dixie seemed kind of sweet and innocent.

Peter watched and smiled doing his best to be charming and unassuming however he did glare at the one younger male student in the class. He was clearly the type who flirted with anything in a skirt. Of course his Dixie was a looker and he could almost not blame the Italian for wanting to get to know her but she was his.

The Italian Stallion would have to look elsewhere. One thing however was certain Rizzoli and Isles were a couple as Giovanni made a point to ask to be invited to their wedding. Now wonder Hoyt had a hard on to kill Dr. Isles. He'd feel the same if someone moved in on his chose kill.
Thirty minutes later the women headed to the locker room and chatted with Dixie.

Maura as ever was eager to meet new people. Jane rolled her eyes and made a point to note the name. Maura was a great woman and person but all too often to kind and welcoming.

Korsack was glad Janie had chosen to take Maura to Yoga it gave him a chance to speak to Frost. He quickly filled in the last member of his team.

"Damn, this could be complicated." Frost said. "But it be so much simpler…."

"Yeah, but still we have to be careful with that Harper woman in the mix."

"Yeah, Feds are a problem, what about Janie's exs?" Frost ask.
Korsak snorted. "They let it go I think, hell they end the bastard if only to protect her," He paused. Then said. "Same as we would or Frankie would he's coming for family and you do what you have to for family."

"Yeah, we do, ok I'll see if I can find anything, maybe there a connection someplace we are missing. I mean this apprentice has to come from someplace right?"

"Yeah, I'll go make some coffee, don't worry I bought some good stuff and a new coffee maker all set up. I figured we need it."

Frost snorted that was an understatement if ever he heard one. As Korsak went to do that he ordered some snacks to be delivered. Thank god for 24 hour deliver service it might cost a bit but it would save them time and that was far more valuable than money right not.

Who was he kidding he would spend every last dime he had to end Hoyt. "Go on then I got this. Make it strong."

Korsak snorted what use was weak coffee.


22. Part 21

Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own Rizzoli and Isles or Buffy the vampire slayer, they belong to their wonderful creator and the corporations.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hoyt's Last Mistake

Part 21

The delivery arrived and Korsak was glad to eat he was starving. It was also a good time to pause. He knew Jane and Maura would be coming in soon. He did not really blame the ladies for taking the morning. They had both worked late the night before and it was clear that this case was getting to both women. Korsak approved because he knew the women needed to recharge to be able to deal with the stress. Korsak knew full well that Hoyt was the very devil for the Jane the darkest beast of her nightmares. Maura was Jane's rock and sanity and if she pulled Jane away for a few hours of yoga and a work out then it was all good to his mind. The last thing he needed was for Jane to break or go off the deep end. He needed Jane relaxed and focused to do this investigation. With luck they would soon be in and they could start fresh and relaxed.

Jane was pleased that Maura seemed to be relaxing. She hated that her life and past were now interfering with her best friend. She worried that Hoyt would somehow focus on Maura or her family now. However right now they were relaxing and enjoying a morning workout. While Yoga was not her favorite type of exercise she loved watching her work out. She was absolutely stunning in her ability to pull off the moves. Yoga had given Maura Isles a body to die for. She was slim and strong without being overly muscled and Jane had grown to respect this kind of physical activity. It was also relaxing not that she would ever admit that to Maura. She might complain but she had grown to enjoy the work out it was just habit to grumble. Of course they had met a very nice couple that she seemed interesting in socializing with and that would be ok. If Jane's gut was not screaming that something was off. She check them out but still be friendly. Maybe this case and life in general was just making her wary. Then again maybe it was just her own desire not to share Maura with anyone not family Jane knew herself well and she could be possessive and the idea of sharing her made her crazy. She opened the car door for her beloved and prepared to too face their day. The yoga was very relaxing and she was ready to face the investigation once more. This time she would end Hoyt and if his apprentice got in the way then he was going down as well.

Recharged Jane was ready to go. Maura watched Jane she had clearly relaxed and was feeling better. It was a relief to see her smile. Maybe they would be able to make progress without being absolutely fearful and depressed. She smiled at Jane and said. "We should grab some food for the team."

"Ok, but I am sure Frost ordered something in."

"Perhaps but some fruit and juice would help keep our energy up throughout the day."

Jane made a face but nodded. It would be easy to eat as they worked. "Ok we can swing by the market on our way in."

Maura smiled she knew Jane was not the greatest fan of eating healthy but she was going along maybe there was hope to improve her health and well being in do time. She loved Jane but her eating habits were going to lead her to an early grave and that was not acceptable to Maura she wanted a long healthy happy life with her. Her phone beeped and she looked down. There was a text message from Paddy. She read it and smiled well they had lead. They had found someone who had seen Hoyt slip away when he had killed that John.

"Jane Paddy sent a text they spotted Hoyt when he left after killing that John. He was driving a late model Honda that was dark blue or black. The first letters on the Plate were XL."Maura explained as she read the text.

"It was probably stolen but maybe it will give us an area to start looking. Has he sent the data to Frost?"Jane asked hoping that this lead was being looked into. If anyone could find a car it would be Frost he was a wizard on the computer.
"Yes, and hopefully by the time we get in we will be able to have some idea of where the car was stolen from and maybe with luck Hoyt will be in the area."
"Well if not at least it is something. I don't like the idea that Hoyt could just disappear. I don't like the idea he could hide in plain sight."

"We will get him Jane." Maura said. "He can not hide forever."

"Maybe but will it be before he hurts or kills someone else. I still cannot believe the FBI was so stupid as to let Hoyt out. No drug case was worth him being out and killing again."

"Yes they did show a lack of forethought with that action. One must wonder why they considered it worth doing?"

"Yeah I was wondering that myself. We should perhaps look into that. You know maybe we could get some information out of Joey. He maybe a pain but he is family sort of."Jane said. "I mean is it just me or does that Harper woman set you off as well?"

"No she does seem a little off for a federal officer." Maura said."I do wonder what her angle is. She seems determined to protect Hoyt and it does not seem like it is merely about a drug case. She seems particularly invested in him for some reason."

"Yeah I noticed that. Yet I wonder why? If it were some other serial killer I would say he charmed her but Hoyt's not like that."Jane said her face showing her distaste at the idea.

"He is highly intelligent perhaps he appeals to her mind?" Maura said.

"Maybe, then again maybe she thinks he can solve her case and the drug cartel is a big case." Jane said as she pulled into the market. She parked the car and they both headed in. Eager to get the shopping done so they could head to the station. Neither spoke more of the case as they picked out the fruits and veggies Maura wanted as snack. Jane slipped away and went to grab some fresh squeezed juice. She never admit it but this market's juice was to die for. She almost did not mind drinking healthy when it came to these juices. She hated the prices but, it was almost worth it. Maura smiled as she watched Jane stock up on juices. She knew that Jane considered them over priced but she thought that it was well worth it. Eating right and staying healthy was vital if one was to be a very effective officer of the law. It was that argument as well as the taste that had won Jane over. Maura also noticed that the slight changes she had helped Jane make had improved her energy level and her body. She grinned at that Jane Rizzoli was smoking hot. She loved her lean and athletic form.

"So Pineapple and Apple ok with you Maura or do you want something else."
"It sounds great but maybe some Kiwi and carrot too. I think we should also grab some orange as Korsak tends not to be too adventurous."

Jane chuckled at that and grabbed a few more bottles. "Yeah he is kind of set in his ways. OK I'll grab a few more bottles we should stock up. What we don't use at the office we can take home. I mean to your house."

Maura smiled. "Jane, I have been thinking."

"Yes, what going on in that brilliant mind of yours," Jane asked as she put the drinks into her basket and grabbed some bags of dried fruit to carry with her.
"Oh banana chips that looks wonderful."

"Yeah I like them a lot. They are kind of sweet." Jane said. "I love the chocolate covered ones."

"Well at least it is Dark Chocolate."

Jane chuckled. "What were you thinking Maura?"

"I think you should stay with me."

Jane looked up and said."Why?"

"Well as we discussed I would feel safe. Not to mention we both sleep better when the other is there." Maura blushed at that.

"Yeah good point, I guess, ok we will do that. I will have to bring Joe Friday over though."

"That is ok Bass likes her." Maura said never admitting she was fond on the little dog herself. Her beloved Bass like the dog as well they were oddly friends of a sort.

"I just hope this ends soon. I hate to be in your way."

Maura moved over to her and took her hand and said. "We are friends and you are always welcome."

Jane swallowed hard and nodded. "Let's go or we will be late."

Maura nodded.

Lucas Mitchell was not happy as he listened to his vampire minion. He could not believe that Hoyt had dared to entered his territory. Worse yet he had not been take out by any of the demons. He supposed it made sense as Hoyt radiated evil. He probably could even pass as a demon in the right conditions. That was just wrong. Because generally speaking it was demons who tried to pass as humans. On the positive side he had an idea of where the bastard had gone. This one time his catch and release policy was biting him in the ass. Oh well at least he had some news for Paddy and Don Marco. He picked up the phone and called them. They would let Jane and the others in on the news. He just hoped his team could find the vampires who took Hoyt home. With luck he would still be with them.