Petal: Once upon a time, there were two slightly insane fanfiction authors.

Copper: Only slightly.

Petal: Yes, only slightly. They did not own Pokemon Special. Or Legend of Zelda. Or Fullmetal Alchemist. Or Fruit Slash.

Once upon a time, there were six farmers. Well, there were a lot more than six farmers. But the farmers I'm talking about were peculiar farmers indeed. And their names were Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omega, and Grisseo. They were very good farmers. Alpha and Omega were always competing with each other. Currently, the record harvest was 1000 carrots by Omega, followed closely by Alpha's 999 carrots. Beta was an even better farmer. He farmed food for his Cubchoo named Cubby. His best harvest was 100 million carrots. Gamma threatened his crops into growing, and he had a harvest of 999,999 carrots. Delta was a very depressing person. He only grew Depressing Tea Leaves that grew on depressed-ness. Of course, since he was so depressing, he had a harvest of around 50 million every year. Grisseo was the last farmer. He stole everybody else's crops to sacrifice them to Darkrai in a shrine that he had built himself.

Of course, they'll show up later. This story is actually about a traveling hero/self-proclaimed bard named Orange.

Orange was the seventeen-year-old son of a knight and an herbalist. He had decided at a young age that he would travel the land with his rusty sword and trusty banjo, only returning when he proved himself a hero worthy of being a knight. As stated before, his sword was rusty. He probably should've gotten it de-rusted. However, he had a heart of GOLD. Well, no. He had the heart of Orange. Gold was the name of the (incapable) king of his homeland, Konton no Tochi. Everyone knew that the intelligent, wise, and hard-working queen was really running the kingdom. Many wondered why she had married the fool of a king in the first place. Some said that it was at the behest of the royal family's secret official ninja captain. But we are getting off track! Anyway, because of Orange's kind nature, he was always broke! Bandits at the sides of roads would pretend to be poor lost beggars! He would always donate his money to poor villages he passed through (which resulted in ballads being sung about him)! He would do chores for free for the sick and elderly! And besides that, his only source of income was his music, which sucked. We'll get to that in a bit after we finish waxing poetic about his fighting skills.

So! Orange was an extremely skilled fighter. The rays of the setting sun glinted off his shining blade as he beheaded his opponents-though he typically tried to let his enemies live unless they were going to mass murder innocent people (as the residents of Konton no Tochi were as chaotic and tough as their kingdom's name suggested, this was no easy task, and the housewives of the kingdom (particularly their leader, Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist reference)) were vicious, so the smart villains stayed away), and he and the practical bandits of the kingdom tended to fight during the daylight hours so they could see the fight better, and his sword was rusty in the first place. His blade's keen edge could chop through diamond as easily as butter-or it would if it wasn't rusty. The weapon had been crafted by the finest swordsmith to ever live-about a hundred million years ago. No one quite understood how a swordsmith existed in those times. His sword moved so fast it seemed to teleport-right out of his hands. To put it simply, he was better than good-but in the end, he was an idiot with a bad sword.

And a faithful sidekick! Wherever he went, a Pichu by the name of Chu followed. The faithful electric mouse would always electrocute his enemies, fighting with a terrifying silver toothpick that Orange named 'the-World's-Best-Conductor-of-Electricity'. See, he did pay attention in science class. Chu preferred to call it 'the Elexecutor'. Chu himself was a runty Pichu who loved his Elexecutor and spent every night polishing it until it shone.

Moving on to Orange's music career, he spent his whole life developing it, cultivating his musical talents. Well, no. You can't cultivate something that's nonexistent. Every time he reached a town, he would go to the tavern and sit himself down on the cleanest unoccupied seat he could find-sometimes the countertop. He was very well-known. If he sat in front of the barkeeper, the woman or man would say, "Orange, can you move over? I don't want any stray fruit to hit me." He knew many famous songs, but unfortunately, he always mixed them up. He loved to sing and had a soothing voice, but he was tone deaf, and his banjo skills were horrendous-he never quite repaired the strings after trying to play it with his sword (he later learned that banjoes were more like guitars than violins). And besides that, most everyone in Konton no Tochi abhorred the twangy instrument, almost as much as they despised accordians.

To sum things up, he was a kind-hearted, musically impaired, talented at fighting, broke idiot with a rusty sword and an 'accident-prone' banjo (many people in Konton no Tochi were rather clever. They all knew that Orange was famed as the Left-Handed Banjo-Player (Zelda reference), so they set traps specifically to target his left hand and banjo). Half his savings went to repairing his precious instrument, which he had named Jo, short for Joe, short for Joseph, short for Josephine, short for Josephinius. When he told people about this, they laughed at the 'Josephine' part. He would then whack them with the offended Jo. Jo was MANLY.

On the other side of the kingdom was a girl named Lyra. Two years Orange's junior, she was beautiful, with fiery crimson locks and keen silver eyes. Her skin was smooth and her complexion healthy unlike that of a princess of a neighboring kingdom, Snow White. She was graceful, lean, and unlike Orange, a good singer. Lyra, at this very moment, was donning a lovely, spring green tailored gown while her kind and gentle mother (the castle librarian) styled her hair into an elaborate 'do. Once done, Lyra forwent the use of cosmetics on her already beautiful face and strode regally to her balcony. Opening the door and stepping out into the chilly night air, the young woman looked down at the courtyard and saw the ninja corps' new recruits. A few of them noticed her and started waving. She drew in a deep breath and shouted:


This statement was punctuated by a large shuriken being thrown precisely into their midst but harming no one.

Oh, and we may have forgotten to tell you this, but she was about to become the assistant captain of the ninja corps. There were many vying for the position after the previous assistant captain had left to get married, but Lyra had been the only one able to dodge Captain Silver's Rain of a Thousand Shuriken on an Ice Field technique. How she managed to accomplish that is to this day still a mystery. Of course, Captain Silver just invented another one called Rain of a Million Shuriken on Water that even she could not avoid. After all, it wouldn't do for any of his subordinates to get uppity.

Particularly if that subordinate was his daughter.

Indeed, Lyra was the treasured only child of Captain Silver, but that just made him be all the harder on her. While other amateurs were learning that knives were sharp, Lyra was learning where all the vital points to stab were. While other accepted trainees who passed the exam were learning that the boomerang shuriken did not land perfectly and harmlessly back in their hands like a homing beacon, Lyra was training to hit a moving fly with a shuriken a hundred kilometers away, calculate the weapon's route so that it cleaned the gore off itself with water or leaves, maybe fell a few enemy ninja, and land in the cleaning cloth with which she would clean it and polish it back to perfection.

As you can see, Captain Silver was very strict. But he was proud of his daughter; she had grown into a powerful and beautiful young woman. A little tsundere, admittedly, but still a powerful and beautiful young woman.

The captain knocked on his daughter's door. "Lyra? Are you ready?"

The girl's mother, Soul, opened the door. The young redhead quickly snapped to attention. "Yes, sir."

Silver looked down at his daughter. She was tall for her age-perhaps that would keep the annoying suitors away-and he saw much of himself in her. The red hair, the silver eyes, the determined set of her jaw, the destructively potent death glare-all these things had been inherited from him. Even her partner Feral Sea had, in a way-it was the child of his own Feraligatr.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, these are the secrets of his shuriken techniques: First, in his Rain of a Thousand Shuriken on an Ice Field technique, he gives the ground a glare so cold that it forms a smooth sheet of ice. In his Rain of a Million Shuriken on Water technique, he freezes the ground up 5 feet before giving a somewhat heated glare to melt the ice, resulting in 5 feet of water.

Back to the point, Lyra was going to be appointed the secret ninja corps assistant captain in front of the whole court. However, the king gave them the undercover name of 'castle not-ninjas'. The queen was quite fed up with her idiot husband's stupid antics, but the court found it hilarious.

Silver smiled. "You look great, Lyra." His hand moved to ruffle her hair, but it was stopped by his wife.

"Ah-ah-ah," the brunette admonished. "Do you know how long it took to arrange that?"

Silver stared at the curls and braids on his daughter's head and said, "I can imagine."

Lyra sighed. "Please mother, can't I just have it in pigtails like usual?"

If you're wondering where Orange is since we said this story is about him, don't worry. We'll get to that soon enough.

A while later, Lyra was standing before the royal couple in the throne room, lords and ladies gathered at the sides of the red carpet and the captain of the royal guard, Sir Red, standing next to King Gold while the captain of the ninja squad stood beside Queen Crystal.

"Lyra of New Bark Village," Crystal began, "you have shown great courage and battle prowess. Do you swear to serve me-"

"Us," Gold corrected her.

She ignored him. "Do you swear to serve me faithfully?"


"Do you swear to only use your power and position for the good of the kingdom?"


"Do you swear to follow and support the orders and decisions of your captain?"


"Then by the power vested in me, I name you assistant captain of the castle's official not-ninja squad."

Both females and the captains let out long-suffering sighs while the king just grinned.

"Now that that's done, let's par-TAY!" he cheered, much to the approval of the lords and ladies who immediately began stuffing their faces with the contents of the buffet tables lining the walls.

"Lyra! Congratulations~!" cheered the young ninja's aunt, Blue. The woman was a merchant who's main base of operations was the castle town, where her husband worked as the royal advisor.

"Hn. Nice job," the aforementioned man said, a glint of approval in his eyes.

"You totally deserve this!" cheered her one of her cousins, Turquoise. The other, Aquamarine, was off with a friend of his-conspiring to get Turquoise with the friend's older brother, no doubt. Lyra's expression darkened subconciously. She had met Orange before, and he was an okay guy. Naive and dense, sure, but dependable guy. He was someone she could definitely have been friends with.

His one mistake was having a crush on Turquoise.

Just as her father was to her aunt, Lyra was very protective of her female cousin. Whenever she wasn't training, she was stalking through the streets, tracking down those who had flirted with Turquoise. In fact, it may have been part of the reason why her skills were as good as they were. But Orange was a problem. For one thing, he was the son of two people who were very important to the castle and thus the kingdom-as a ninja, she couldn't disrupt that. What was more, he was more skilled in fighting than she, and she had grown a grudging respect for him. The worst part was that if he spotted her-which he undoubtedly would-he would probably greet her with a "Long time no see!" and a song. She would do a lot to avoid hearing his off-key singing and the twang of Jo, accompanied by the triangle of Chu and the Elexecutor.

"Lyraaaaaaaaaa! Congratulatiooooooooons!" gushed Prince Ethan, Lyra's childhood one-sided friend who also happened to be madly in love with her.

Thinking quickly, she said, "Hey, is Topaz eating all the jellies over there?" She had no idea whether it was a lie or not, for her childhood frenemy did have quite the sweet tooth. She wouldn't put it past her.

"What?! NU! I'm going to stop her; any requests for when I come back?!" the young prince said, panickedly craning his head to the dessert table where his older twin sister allegedly was.

"...Strawberry," the girl said after some thought.

"Okay, BE RIGHT BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!" The prince zoomed through the crowd to the table.

Lyra stepped away from the party and a kunai immediately pierced the wall next to her. At first she thought it was Silver, but her father was still glaring at Gold. She turned around and found herself cuffed and gagged. Curse that Orange! If she hadn't been distracted by the memory of his awful music, she would never have been caught. She whipped around to face her captor but was only able to see a fuzzy shape as she drifted into unconsciousness.

Orange tuned his banjo. Everybody in the tavern groaned.

"It's Orange, the Left-Handed Banjo-Player!" they clamored.

Unfortunately, Orange was so preoccupied tuning Jo that he didn't hear them. Chu was polishing the Elexecutor again.

"So here's a song for my friends back home-Turquoise, Aqua, Prince Ethan, Lyra, and my dear little sis, Akai!" the hero announced, causing the crowd to groan again. The songs for his home were always the worst.

"Oh, I love my home, I love it very much! But the road's more exciting, bandits and monsters and such!" he began singing, twanging Jo. Chu gave perfectly timed chimes of his triangle to block out the worst of the singing. "So I left my gal, I left my sis, I left my friends for traveling bliss! I love them all, many times over! But what could be cooler than traveling in a red Land Rover!" Orange had no idea what a Land Rover was, but hey, it rhymed. "Green, blue, gold, silver, red! These colors remind me of them, it must be said!"

Unfortunately, the crowd had had enough. They motioned for the barkeeper to duck behind the counter and began throwing rotten tomatoes at the self-proclaimed bard.

"NO, JOSEPHINIUS!" Orange screeched, protecting his precious banjo from harm with his own body. Chu quietly slipped behind the counter with the barkeeper. Orange drew his rusty sword and, still standing in front of Jo, began Fruit Slashing the tomatoes, hoping to get a high score in Fever Mode. But wait-someone threw dynamite!

"WHO DID THAT?!" the crowd roared, searching the room for any outsiders other than Orange. They all knew what a moronic idea it was to throw dynamite in a bar made of wood.

And unfortunately for all of them, Orange had such a high score that he was slashing everything he saw, including the dynamite.


Petal: Isn't that such a nice cliffie?

Copper: Not really a cliffie... What I'm dying to know is who kidnapped Lyra!

Petal: ...Except it was your idea for her to be kidnapped in the first place.

Copper: Well, yeah, but we still have to think of who kidnapped her.

Petal: *sigh* I though you had that thought out already...

Lyra: Okay, stop talking before you give away any of the plot.

Petal: Okaaaaaaaay... Anyway, we need OCs! They can be good or bad, the good ones as useful plot devices to help him along his quest, the bad ones as his opponents on his quest! Oh, and hey. This might solve the kidnapper problem.

Orange: Please review!

Lyra: Or he'll sing you a song.





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