Summary: Harry potter had thought that now when he'd destroyed voldemort, he'd live happily ever after in an isolation from everyone. However, a new prophecy and then a mysterious incident leads him to the world of WESTEROS after earth's destruction. How will he cope in this world which is itself rife with corruption, treachery, betrayal and manipulation? MoD harry, occasionally-selfish, exceptionaly-rich harry. This will be a Harry/Daenerys pairing.


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Chapter 5

The Kingslayer


Riverrun was a strong as well as a beautiful castle, Hadrian thought as he walked towards his quarters for the night. The walls were high enough to prevent any spitfires from getting in and were also surrounded by large trenches and in most places river streams, which definitely proved any attempts at scaling difficult, if not impossible. Apart from the outer strengths, Hadrian saw that rivermen (as the men of Riverlands were called, Hadrian found) were tall, healthy and strapping soldiers who were obviously quite skilled.

Apart from the strength, the castle had an inherent beauty about it, with all the flowerbeds, gardens and fountains he'd seen so far. Not to mention, the presence of rivers nearby gave the atmosphere a pleasant earthen smell that seemed to scream "fertile". All in all, it looked just the place where the just and loyal Tullys would call home.

He'd met Lord Hoster Tully who'd been personally waiting for the king and his good-son to arrive on the gates of the castle. Robert had told him how Hoster had both his daughters married to the two powerful men of westeros. Catelyn and Lysa, had married Lord Eddard Stark and Lord Jon Arryn respectively, who were both in turn, Wardens and Lord paramounts of North and the Vale (east). Jon Arryn is Robert's hand of the king, a position which allows him to run the kingdoms on king's behalf. 'A powerful man, Jon Arryn is surely, whom I'll meet, among others sooner or later.' Hadrian thought.

Robert had called for a meeting right after dinner, which will be served in just two hours. Lord Tully had asked Hadrian to go take a bed in the barracks. However, Robert had boisterously asked him to give a proper room to the one who saved not just his good-son, but also his king. Lord Tully had obviously done as was 'asked' of him, by the king. So, Hadrian was shown his way by a guard who obviously served the Tully's, judging by the same coloured fish embossed on the armour, as was there on a large flag (banners, people call them here,he thought). The guard led him into a small but comfortable looking room with a bed, something like a toilet, a basin and a table with two chairs. After the guard left, Hadrian kept his sword on the table, took off his armour (by thinking), and then fell on the bed, tears finally finding their way out.

"They're gone. They're all gone. The whole planet is dead. And I couldn't do anything. Nothing!" he thought as sobs wracked his body.



He woke up from the light slumber he seemed to have fallen in. Sitting up, he was momentarily confused about his surroundings, but then the memories of the day returned to him. He had only meant to take a short rest before going exploring, but apparently his grieving had tired him out not just emotionally but also physically. 'It's no use now. No point in whining, Potter. You've lost them all. They're all up there now. Probably cursing you for being an idiot and not saving them. Or just cursing your continued existence while they were all destroyed.', he thought. But then he remembered dumbledore's words about what is right and what is easy. "No. I'll not let the horrors and blunders of my past, stop me from doing what is right. So what if I couldn't save those that it left behind. I'll save these people from whatever dangers lie ahead. I'll do my best to stop anymore friends from going the same way.", he spoke aloud in the silent room.

Deciding to distract himself from the terrible memories of all the faces he knew, he moved towards the windows and looked outside. The night had fallen. It must be dinner time now, he thought. From the window, he could see the armies camped outside the walls. Soldiers. They were the men who actually fought. The men who actually died for the causes. And were only remembered collectively. And yet these actually brave men were camped outside and ate in tents or under the skies. And the Lord's and leaders...well, he'd soon find out what sort of a fancy hall, Lord Tully feasted his noble guests in.

Speaking of feasts, there was a knock on the door. 'Right on cue', Hadrian thought. As he opened the door, he found a man in the same golden armour with a white cloak. The man had long golden hair and green eyes, very similar to Hadrian's. The face had lines above the whiskers on his cheeks, but it was obvious the man was much younger than he looked.

The man seemed to be analysing Hadrian too. Hadrian had found that he was wearing a simple loose fitting black tunic, when he took off the armour (probably death transfigured my clothing).He had "re-worn" his armour after waking up. The man seemed to notice that and Hadrian's lack of weapons as he smirked and said somewhat condescendingly, "A sellsword without a sword I see. A man should never be without a weapon, boy".

Hadrian smirked and replied back in the same tone, "True, but I believe that only applies for men who NEED weapons to defend themselves, because their hands are not strong enough. I however, proud myself to be different from those men, kingsguard".

The man's smirk lessened as he fell in thought on Hadrian's words. Then he seemingly seemed to regain his careless demeanour and said," The king has 'requested' his SAVIOR to join him for dinner. So, ...", he finished by stepping aside and doing a hand motion of 'after you'.

Hadrian nodded indifferently and then said," Sure, I can't deny the king's order,...oops...his request I mean". Picking up his sword, he followed the man after closing his door. Immediately, the man's eyes fell on the jewelled hilt of the greatsword. He whistled and then asked as they moved down a set of stairs towards the hall, "A fancy blade surely, where did you nick it from?"

Hadrian's ire was raised at the question, but then he thought it as anyone's natural reaction on seeing an obviously wealthy blade in hands of a sellsword. So, he evenly replied, "Actually, it's a family heirloom. My family were quite well off, apparently. And before you ask about my family, I know nothing but the last name, so I also don't know the sword's origins or that of my wealth."

"Whoah! Easy. I wasn't going to ask that. But Really! What's your name, by the way? Robe...the king, was going on and on about you to the whole hall, after just one drink. But he failed to mention that little detail. ", the kingsguard asked puzzled.

"Hadrian Peverell. Though I also mentioned my name to Ser Selmy and Lord Stark.", Hadrian replied with a question.

"Lord Eddard Stark, answering my questions would be like winter never coming", the kingsguard laughingly said." And it always does. His words say so. As for Ser Barristan, he was mighty tired, the king noticed, and relieved his watch for today."

"You didn't mention your name". I asked. This seemed to stop the man and then he turned to stare at me. As we neared the doors from behind which loud noises of music and men were coming from, he said, "I thought everyone knew the 'Kingslayer'". The last word was said hatefully. At that moment, I looked him in the eyes and saw a small memory.

A younger version of this man, near a monstrous throne of swords, pushing his sword into an older man with a crown. The old man continued to say," kill them! Kill them all!"

So, this man killed his king. Probably the one, before Robert. The death did tell that Robert's rebellion ended with Prince Rhaegar's and the mad king Aerys's deaths.

The man looked away as I said," A good title, but not a name, I notice. I asked the latter, not the former".

"You can use it for both. Everybody does so, it doesn't matter to me anymore", he said. But his tone of voice clearly suggested what he thought of those who did do so.

"Apparently, correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember myself saying that I'm different from most men and like to keep it so.", I countered smilingly.

Just as the guards on the door opened it for us, the man looked at me with irritation and yet a hint of wonder in his eyes and spoke in a frustrated tone," Fine! Ser Jaime Lannister, kingsguard to king Robert and elder son of Lord Tywin Lannister, who is the Lord paramount of Casterly Rock and warden of the west. Happy?"

"Very", I said and then smirked victoriously as I looked at him. Then without a backward glance at him I moved inside the room towards the king who seemed to be drunk and calling me loudly.



Just as the young man moved towards that loud drinking and whoring excuse of a king, I made my way towards the back of that same king, resuming my duty, to guard the king. A stalwart shield, I always was. A shining knight in white cloak. However, nearly everybody can see the black spots on my cloak. The invisible ones. Large invisible black spots of kingslaying, oath-breaking etc. It's good they don't know about my other misdeeds, or my black-cloaked headless body would be lying near one of the chopping blocks and my blackened head would adorn the pikes of the red keep. That's if Robert didn't bludgeon me with his warhammer first, for fucking his wife and siring his children", I thought smirking.

Speaking of the king, he was already calling the attention of all the nobles present and started recounting the tale of him being saved by Hadrian from a lion, for the umpteenth time. From my position, I clearly saw that a few lower lords, the lickspittles that they were, immediately started groveling to the king about his health. While some of them, including the few high-lords that were present looked at Hadrian as if analysing him for all he was worth.

I'd already heard the whole thing when Ser Barristan had arrived in the quarters given to kingsguard, and asked Ser Preston to take his watch by the king. He'd of course told me everything about the man who saved not just the King's, but also his own and Lord Stark's life as well. He'd been intrigued by what he heard, and at the start of his watch, when the king had requested for the man's presence in his drunken haze, he'd volunteered to go get the man.

He'd been inwardly shocked when the man opened the door, for he'd expected someone much older. "This was just a boy, for seven's sake, "he'd thought and had tried to jest him for not carrying a weapon. However, that smirk of the boy! That smirk can never grace on a green boy's face. And that reply of 'not needing weapons to defend', well, Jaime had no doubts that the the young man, had meant every word of it. The look in Hadrian's eyes had only served to unnerve Jaime a little.

He noticed that his father's eyes seemed to rest on Peverell's sword every now and then. 'Yes! A most beautifully crafted and obviously expensive weapon. Intriguing was the presence of such a weapon, with a sellsword.' Jaime wondered, but then he remembered Hadrian's reply of it being a family heirloom and how he doesn't even know about the origin of the sword and his family's obvious riches. Curious, really.



Robert had already introduced him in his loud merry voice when he'd invited (called) harry to sit on the high table where he sat with all other present lords. Apparently the king had made sure that his reputation preceded him and so had already mentioned Hadrian's tales of valour and Harry had been met with grateful, analysing and hostile looks from the various lords depending on their nature.

Eddard Stark was sitting with Lord Roose Bolton of the Dreadfort and Lord Wyman Manderly of White Harbor. While the first lord was cold, cunning and calculative, the other one was jovial, fat, happening and yet shrewd and intelligent. While they were both, in their minds, judging him for all his worth, yet both had a strong sense of loyalty and grudging admiration towards their liege lord.

The reactions of the various riverlords sitting around Lord Tully were mostly mixed. He'd have tried to see their thoughts, but his eyes were drawn towards another man. The man was wearing golden coloured attire with a sash of crimson. He had long golden hair and hard green eyes. The resemblance of this man with Jaime Lannister was uncanny. 'This is Jaime's father. This man is Tywin Lannister.' I thought.

Tywin Lannister's eyes which were just a moment ago, fixed on his sword, changed their course and instead met his own gaze, but then moved away without any emotion. Harry noticed where his gaze has moved and saw that the king was shouting at an unresponsive and obviously distracted Jaime Lannister. When the king failed to gain Jaime's attention, mamy of the other lords tried to call him without any luck. "What is he thinking?" with that thought I extended a Legilimency probe towards the kingsguard.



But it was neither the green eyes, nor the expensive and beautiful sword and nor the tales of his bravery, as sung by a now thankfully silent and sober(?) king, that had Jaime's mind transfixed on the thoughts of Hadrian Peverell.

Kingslayer. The oath-breaking man who killed the king, the same king whom he vowed to protect. That's all he's been since the day he did it. That's how most people called him. Be it the king (new one), some of the other guards and knights he knew and even the commoners. Heck, he was famous, in the whole of westeros, if not the whole word, for a cursed deed. An obviously highest honour, from the low side of the spectrum.

And yet, Hadrian Peverell neither knew, nor it appears, cared about his title. Never, since his own family's acceptance of his deed, had Jaime cared about what the people thought of him. He had his family. The Lannisters always stick together and pay their debts.He had his family's support, that's all that had mattered.

His father, the shrewd cunning bastard that he is, had thought that Jaime had killed 'dear mad Aerys' to finish the rebellion and earn favours from the new king. Even after Jaime had explained his reasons, his father seemed not to care. For him the odds have met the ends, irrespective of the ways or means.

Cersei, the love of his life, and the mother of 'Robert's' children, had never seemed to bother asking the reasons and had been just as happy with the outcome rather than motives. There was only one man until now, one who seemed to care not just for the reason that he, Jaime Lannister, became a kingslayer, but had also cared about the inner turmoil, pain and anguish that he'd gone through.

Tyrion. His 'small' brother. His younger brother may be a dwarf for the world, but he'd always be just a smaller man in height for Jaime. His brother had always been an understanding and intelligent man caring more for books and knowledge, than for weapons and politics. Though ofcourse Tyrion's love for knowledge was equally matched by his proclivity for wine and women, habits he seemed to have in common with the king. Habits, that always had him at odds with their father. Among other things.

And Hadrian Peverell reminded him of his brother with his dry humor and his radical approach to life. His green eyes only seemed to add to one more similarity between the two. They'll get along handsomely.

But he, Jaime, got along well with Tyrion. Could it mean, he too may get along well with this Peverell guy? Nah! My requirements are too high. Good skills in swordsmanship for a start. Hmm. Maybe if I have a spar or a practice with him?What the heck? One meeting! Just one single meeting and I am already considering Peverell for a friend. Am I that much of a friendless jerk, to act so hopelessly desperate? Well I am. But one meeting doesn't mean anything. I'll have to carefully observe him.

Just then something very small hit his face. It was a small piece of corn. I looked around for the source angrily only to come face-to-face with a completely silent hall. Oh! It appears that I lost track of time in my thoughts.

"Who the hell were you fucking in your thoughts, to have not heard me call you seven times in a row, kingslayer? The whole hall must have called you nearly twice." the king asked irately.

Damn! That much? I'd have to give an excuse quickly."My sincere apologies, your grace! It appears that the heat inside here hasn't been good to me. I've been unwell since the road. No worthy excuses, I know, but that's the only reason for my slip-in. It shall never be repeated, I assure you." I said even as I noticed, from the corner of my eyes Peverell smirking looking directly at me, as if he knew the real reason.

"Alright! It better not. And the reason I was 'requesting' your attention was, to dismiss you for now so that you can go have your meal and then fetch Ser Barristan to the hall for the meeting.", the king said as if he was repeating it for the umpteenth time. Maybe he was.

I thanked and bowed to the king and then moved towards the gates of the hall. On my way, my eyes landed on Peverell's and a thought appeared in my mind randomly 'You'll have that spar'.I stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth hanging open but then the king shouted from behind me to hurry up. I controlled myself and started moving again.

'Must have been a trick of my mind. I've been thinking way too much about Peverell, that my mind did this. Yes! That's it. It's not as if Hadrian Peverell has some magical tricks up his sleeve.' I thought. But that doesn't change the fact that Hadrian Peverell was a most intriguing person. Different, the man has called himself, from most men. Well, he certainly is. For not many people in this realm think that the title of Kingslayer, was less important to know than my name. That, and Hadrian was definitely a man who required careful observation. And Jaime was more than willing to do so.

And maybe, just maybe, he'll have that damn spar.



'Hmm. This is interesting. But certainly not unwelcome.', Hadrian thought even as he watched Jaime Lannister leave the hall. Though, he'd long since finished with his dinner like many of the lords and men on the high table, he didn't rise or leave and was just sipping some more wine now. It was apparently not good manners to rise before the king. So, with nothing better to do before the meeting, Harry was free to think and analyse on what he'd seen so far.

'Jaime Lannister wants to become my friend. Good. But I'll have to find what sort of a person he is. True, his thoughts revealed that he was a man with a good heart that is yearning for acceptance and redemption. I can certainly use an alley within the house of the wealthiest man of westeros (after myself). But I can't approach him myself. It'll look weak. Hmm. Then I'll have to go with the man's idea just as I had promised him. Very well Jaime Lannister. We'll have that spar." Hadrian finished thinking just as the king rose and Lord Tully ordered his servants to clear the tables.

'But now it is time to discuss a war'


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