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Chapter 1

.The little boy ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. He had to find them as fast as possible and escape this scary futuristic ship. Steven Universe still in his slippers ran as fast as his slightly chubby but strong legs could carry him despite the poor choice of foot wear.

. The little boy ran past what seemed like hundreds of empty cells. A turn to the left. straight past another corridor. A right. Keep running. Finally he skidded to a stop in the middle of another containment room. There trapped in adjacent cells were Pearl and Amethyst. The two Crystal Gems looked up with their sad faces hearing footsteps but immediately were suprised at the sight.

"Steven!" said the two gems.

"Pearl! Amethyst! I'm here to break you out!" said Steven pulling of a hero's pose


Steven stumbled and fell on his bottom as the entire ship shook.

"Steven! How did you get out! And your eye!" Pearl said

"Yeah! It looks great Steven! Now help us get out!" Amethyst said.

"Amethyst!" said Pearl

"What? We're still trapped yah know." said Amethyst.

"Don't worry! I'll get you out!" said Steven as he reached his hand towards the light barrier.

"No! Steven wait!" shouted out Pearl.

However, Steven's arm instead created an opening which Amethyst happily dashed through.

"Wha..." said Pearl as she tried it herself. Instead, the light barrier gaver her hardlight hologram form a painful shock.


"Here let me," said Steven creating an opening in Pearl's cell. Yellow lines creeped down Steven's body with no harmful effect fortunately.

Pearl hesitantly but quickly slid through and Steven stepped out of the light shivering off the tingling feeling.

"Steven. Wheres Garnet?" asked Pearl grabbing him by the shoulders.


All three gems fell over.

"Uh... that was her," said Steven.

"Well then what are we waiting for!? We can't let her have all the fun!" said Amethyst with a teethy grin. And ran off.

"Amethyst! Wait!" Pearl said running after her.

"Ahh! Guys! wait for me!" said Steven running to catch up.

"Amethyst do you even know where you're going!?" shouted Pearl

"Yeah!" said Amethyst ", Just follow the explosion noise!"

"Guuuuuys! Wait uuuup!" shouted Steven to no result.


"Huh?" said Steven suddenly stopping.

"...Heeeeelp me..."

"Guys! Do you hear that?" said Steven until he noticed that Pearl and Amethyst were long gone.


Steven Hesitantly considered it but then put on his serious face.

"Steven Universe never leaves a soul in trouble alone!" he said before following the source of the voice. He didn't know where he was going but the voice called out to him as if it where guiding him.

.Steven finally reached an empty room save for a cell in the wall. He approached the cell and gasped in suprise at what he saw inside.

Inside the cell chained to the wall not by light but solid material was a tall grey skin alien. The alien wore elogant golden armor with blue circuits stemming from a crystal in the chest of its armor. On its arms were two other unknown golden devices. The alien had an eloganted head with a very long braid of what seemed to be hair stemming from the back of it's head. It had four sharp claws on each hand and had long backward bent legs. But what scared Steven the most was its eyes. Violently glowing blue eyes that seemed to be on fire.

.Steven was so struck by suprise that it took him a moment to realize that the alien was heavily wounded. It's armor was cracked in multiple places and it had cuts and gashes on multiple spots on its body stained with dried purple blood.


.The boy snapped back to reality. The voice now booming seemed as if it were coming from the inside of his head.

"Oh! Um..." said Steven looking around until he saw a switch on the wall.

"Here you go!" said Steven as he flipped the switch.

. The clamps on the alien's arms released letting the alien fall to the ground.

"Urgh!... You have my thanks Terran."

"No Problem!" smiled Steven "Oh wait! I still gotta let you outta this cell!"

Steven made a reach for the light barrier but stopped and stepped back when he saw what the alien did. The alien stood up and only then did Steven realize that it was TALL! Even atleast 6 inches taller than Garnet.

Steven gasped as the alien raised it's arm and sprouted out a long glowing blue blade from its device on its arm.


Steven could feel the force of the battlecry even though he could not see a visible mouth on the alien's mouth. The alien lunged foward raised it's arm and slashed the blade right into the light barrier. The two mysterious energies fused and the light barrier exploded blasting Steven back onto his bottom.

"Oompf!" said Steven while coughing from the smoke. When the smoke finally cleared, standing before Steven was the tall alien at full height looking down upon him. The alien took a step foward but collapsed onto all fours. Steven could finally get a good look at all the injuries on it's body. more cuts, bruises, and breakings in its armor were now visible. However, the alien disregarded them and stood to full height once more and looked at it's surroundings.


The alien stumbled a bit but remained its footing. It narrowed it's eyes and stared in the direction of the explosion.

"I sense their presence..." The alien turned to Steven ", Run while you can young Terran...I must begone now... your actions are appreciated."

And with that thought the alien ran in the direction.

"W-wait!" shouted Steven ", Who are you!? And what are you doing here!?"

The alien stopped and turned around ", My name is Alinar. I am a proud zealot warrior of the Protoss race. I was captured during the Gems' invasion on one of our colony worlds. Now go young Terran! Do not share my same fate!"

The one named Alinar turned and ran off in amazing speeds even faster than any of the Crystal Gems' speeds.

"WAAAAAIT! Where are you going!? And Whats a Terran!? My name isn't Terran! Its Steven! Steven Universe!"

To Be Continued...