It was the "Celebrate Duloc" festival and all the fairytale creatures were helping out in some way with the celebration. Some of them were doing entertainment purposes, some did food (especially the three pigs), and a couple did rides. And the one person who became annoyed with it was Pinocchio. Whenever he found a kid too small that couldn't go on the ride, he was either kicked in the shin, threatened by their parents, or sometimes, even tased. The only upside to him was that right across from his ride, was the elf of a former shoemaker, who did amazing and beautiful ribbon dancing. He smiled every single time he watched her curly blonde hair stay in one place without going everywhere.

Pinocchio's P.O.V.

She was such an amazing ribbon dancer. My eyes widened the first day I met her at the palace. I had never seen a more beautiful elf in my lifetime. I suddenly came back to reality when I saw a young girl who wanted on the ride.

I measured her and sadly, she was short for the ride.

"Sweetheart, I'm sorry but I don't want you to get hurt on the ride" I said as kindly as I could.

I could see her face stare at me with a blank expression. My eyes shut close in fear of what would happen next. I was prepared to hear her screaming, crying, and possibly feeling pain in my shin. Suddenly, my eyes bolted open as I felt the arms of the little girl hug my leg. I looked down at her surprised that she understood this reasoning. I knelt down so I was at her level and she gave me an even bigger hug. I smiled as tears welled up in my eyes as I stroked her hair. She looked at me and wiped my tears. I gave a small laugh and put my finger under her chin. What she said next really made me choke up.

"Thank you for protecting me" she said with a smile.

I couldn't help but let a few more tears fall down my face. She hugged me again and went with her waiting mother who looked a bit angry with him. I then saw her stomp off for the castle, making me really worried.

A couple girls that were amazing friends had watched the scene in front of them and they had wide smile on their faces. Their names were Ali, Liza, and Ashley. They went over to Pinocchio and saw him smile at the one girl.

"Hello girls, how can I help you?" he asked as he removed his hat in respect.

"We just wanted to say that we loved how that little girl hugged you and you hugged back" said Ali

Pinocchio blushed and put his hat back on, laughing a bit.

"It's no big deal really….ummmm…."

"Oh! My name is Ali! And these are my friends Liza and Ashley" She said smiling widely.

"Well Enchantee ma Cherie" he said in a suave and sophisticated manner.

She blushed as Pinocchio grabbed her hand and started kissing it over and over, causing the girls to laugh. Suddenly, there were screams coming from everywhere. Pinocchio bolted his head to see all the fairytale creatures, including that sweet elf, getting kidnapped by guards. He was suddenly tackled by two guards as he struggled to get up. The three girl's tried to make a run for it but they were caught too. The next thing they knew, they were headed deep into a forest. And there, at the edge of the trees, was a stinky, disgusting, and nasty swamp.