Morning had come upon the swamp and the fairytale creatures arose from their tents. Alison sat there all alone when no one was looking. Pinocchio however noticed her alone and walked over to talk to her.

"Hey Ali, something wrong?" he asked as he sat by her.

"Today's the 17th…it's also…."

She choked up and tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to finish her sentence. Pinocchio got really concerned by this matter. He took her in his arms and frowned once she started crying into his chest. He stroked her hair and rocked her as if she were a young girl. She looked up as tears were streaming and Pinocchio took her hands.

"What's happening today?" he asked quietly.

Taking in a deep breath, she shakily explained her ordeal.

"It was on this day…St. Patrick's day…that I lost my grandma. Just five weeks after I lost my grandfather in February. It has now been one whole year without my grandma and I still miss her!"

Pinocchio froze with sadness. He felt awful for what had happened to her grandmother. But then he remembered what his friend Jiminy Cricket said to him.

"You know Ali…It is hard to lose someone. You feel so hopeless that you feel no one even cares how you feel. But you know…a friend told me…to wait for miracles. And one day ali, that miracle will come to you"

Alison looked up as tears fell down her face.

"Thank you Pino" she said as he dried her tears.

He smiled and held her close as the sun rose above the forest, ready to begin another day.

A/N: This is a small chapter in honor of today. Today marks the one year anniversary of my grandma's passing and I miss her terribly. Please don't put any mean comments. There is more to come don't you worry.