Hey, I just wanted to let you all know I will be posting another Saints row story, this one will be diffrent and take place from one of the Gat outta hell endings...You guessed it, Police universe.

I Saw Johnny in that ending and said "Cuff me." So fuck it I'm going to make a first person semi smut featuring my Bae, and for probably giving false hope I will have a gift for my loyal followers.

Johnny is my addiction right now so yeah, expect seeing him until he's out of my system...or as dulled as he can get, also warning this story will legit be my own dirty mind at play just spoken through a Oc and my mind is VERY and I mean VERY dirty.

If I could rate this story rated R I would so I'm gonna have to purify it a drip, I'm still a nice girl but...My head is a Johnny porn.

Hope you all still can tolorate me after this confession, Thanks for your love, I give mine's right back ten fold.